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Found 8 results

  1. The Patellar Tendonitis Troubleshooting Quest 21 July 20 **All exercises done w/ heels up on a 45 lb bumper plate Squat: 6 x 5 @ 135 lbs Box squat: 1 x 5 @ 145 lbs Front squat: 5 x 5 @ 95 lbs Good morning: 3 x 5 @ 125 lbs 5-rep squat test: 145 lbs Observations: Right knee was sore for the 1st two sets, but after adjusting the heels to be closer towards the edge of the bumper plate, felt much better and had no issues. Definitely felt the pump in the adductors. Getting home, knee felt a little sore, but no different than previous days
  2. So things have been pretty rough the last few months. and need some focus and accountability. My only goal is to do 1 thing each day to either help physically or mentally. I know vague but I need that right now, need some wins. Some examples are: drink at least 64 oz of water do 1-2 PT exercises no sugar for a day Count calories
  3. Really wanted to find a theme for this time, but just cant find anything that seems to fit. More news on my knee: Quest 1: headspace app at least 5 days a week. Quest 2:Half hour of homework and half hour of reading before any video games/tv/etc during the week. Must do at least 2 hours of studying/reading on the weekends (doesnt have to be per day Taking a certification class for work, and Macroeconomics for my AA, 3 weeks left in the first, 4 weeks left in the latter, tired of getting my homework done on the last day.
  4. Balsquith - Dragon Slayer reloaded My last challenge was a themed dragon-slaying challenge and was great fun and went well for the first 2 weeks until I went on holiday and let it fizzle out. This challenge will be almost identical (except for the fizzling-out part) with a few minor modifications to keep things interesting. I will start this challenge on a Monday as I found the change to a Sunday start didn’t work for me at all. This challenge bases itself thematically on the book I am reading ‘Die Mächte des Feuers’ by Markus Heitz, which is set
  5. Balsquith - Dragon Slayer I love following-along with themed challenges but have never braved one myself, so this will be a themed challenge for beginners (read: slightly half-hearted). I have recently started reading an excellent book by Markus Heitz titled ‘Die Mächte des Feuers’ (something like – The powers of fire), which is set in 1925 in a world just like ours with the big difference being that Dragons have survived and are not very likeable. The book follows the dragon slayer Silena, a descendent of Saint George, who works for the church to hunt dra
  6. I fell in love with fencing. Obviously this calls for a Utena-themed challenge. So last challenge did not end so well for me. I was getting burned out on life and everything, and then tragedy hit and I just couldn't with anything anymore. After giving myself the past couple of weeks to regroup and recuperate, I have a clearer path going forward in all sorts of things, which makes my summer less panic-inducing (if you're just joining in, work is going to be crazy busy PLUS I'm going to be in rehearsals for Evita starting on May 22), and I know what I want to do with my fitness goals
  7. Ok, so we're about to run out for lunch, so maybe this isn't the best time to be posting my thread, but I'll just leave as a placeholder here. Quick note about the name change - being a mom is a really important part of who I am and while I am a huge Star Wars fan (hence original name of JK_Mom), I think Aquamom will fit me better as I rehab my two bad feet. My left ankle was sprained earlier this month and has not been healing well, while my right foot may have a stress fracture (I'll find out 11/2) or some more tendinitis. At any rate, this challenge period, I want to focus on mindfuln
  8. Hey all, I'm back. (SUDDENLY BUFFY THREAD) I abandoned my last challenge mid week 3.. I think. Things with my wrist became worse and I had a brace on which made it really difficult to do anything and I lost heart pretty easily. Since abandoning my goals, things haven't gotten happier for me. I'm feeling badly about myself for giving up. I'm tired of feeling sorry for myself, and it's about time for me to crawl out of my sad, anxious hole I put myself in. I think I finally am getting the hang of SMART goals. So, here I go, going to get myself back in line. I'm still recovering from my injury
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