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Found 2 results

  1. WHAT WILL YOU BECOME? Last challenge, Aeri began to accelerate through her journey, but not enough to take the leap. Now, she'll have to make a choice that will shape her destiny. The challenge is making a path towards the right wormhole. "To do awesome, be awesome, and become." CHALLENGE BRIEF MAKE A PATH Miracle Morning w/ Work out every day Practice awareness & speed throughout the day Act on priorities & joy daily Closure & Relax every night Will write thoughts and progress. Stats and HP will be shown by the end of the week. CHALLENGE IN DETAIL 0. MAKE A PATH [X] Role --[X] Character --[X] Guild --[X] Battle Requirement --[X] Ultimate rank --[X] Ultimate title --[X] Ultimate goal [_] Missions' Path --[X] Specific and measurable ultimate goal --[X] Missions at a glance ----[_] Specific Goals & Milestones --[_] Strategy & Tactics ----[_] Organization & Team Constitution ----[_] Change Control [_] Main resources --[_] Purpose --[_] Journey/story --[_] Call to action --[_] Background knowledge with authoritary sources ----[_] Applied Holistic Learning ----[_] Applied Model Building --[_] Questions & Answers [_] Skill Tree --[_] Primary Skills --[_] Skill Progression/Requirements --[_] Primary Stats --[_] Secondary Stats [_] Currencies [_] Gameplay Strategies --[_] Willpower HP --[_] Skill Rotation & Combos --[_] Stats Build --[_] Tools --[_] Complementary Team Roles Most of the next items will be integrated into a daily checklist, for simplicity: 1. Timely Items Miracle Morning --Gratitude, Water, Silence, Read & Meal --Maintenance --Work out, Affirmations, Vision Closure & Relax --Journal & Review --Listen, Sing 2. Productive Items Act on priorities --Deep Work --Growth Hacking --Finances Speed --No monkey poop 3. Clarity Items Practice awareness --Priority? Goal? Doing my best? --Death 4. Energy Items Workout --Included in Miracle Morning Joy --Flow activity
  2. A LEAP INTO THE UNKNOWN , Last challenge, Aeri met her new mentor in The Order of Intent and began to accelerate through her journey. Now she'll have to be careful about where the next leap takes her. The challenge is finding and entering the right wormhole. "To do awesome, be awesome, and become." CHALLENGE BRIEF Miracle Morning every day Power meals: 4 Work out thrice a week: lift & convict conditioning (& dance x1) Practice awareness throughout the day Act on priorities daily Track speed Bed Audiobook every night Dialogue will show goals, thoughts and progress. Stats and HP will be shown by the end of the week. CHALLENGE IN DETAIL 1. Timely Items -Miracle Morning --Love, Gratitude, Energy, Peace, and Power Meditation --Define each day's deliverables --Warm up and stretch -Bed Audiobook 2. Productive Items - 2 bricks+ per priority, try to keep it balanced -Track my speed (will post it) 3 extra bricks may be used after dinner, in case of emergency, otherwise use them to level up Declutter life Use Holistic Learning for studying 3. Clarity Items -Key questions: Priorities, Goals and Performance -Death as an ally -Fighting! Attitude -Key questions: Efficiency, Learn and Improve 4A. Energy Items -Lift & Convict Conditioning -Dance x1 -Yoga x1 when possible, instead of convict conditioning -Cardio HIIT x1 when possible, ONLY IF done early with priorities 4B. Nutrition Items -Protein every meal --Wake-up fuel: Slow shake, veggies, coffee --Post-workout: Quick shake, fruit; later fats & carbs -Veggies in all, spikey amount: _A_A_ -No sugar, no bread; more egg whites, less oatmeal
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