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Found 7 results

  1. This is January 8th 2018, I have not yet thought about my "Good resolutions" for the year. I just came back from 2 weeks of vacations during which I did nothing but what I wanted, search for serenity and truth and introspected while trying to identify what I want from life. I know 2 things: - Currently my life is NOT what I want my life to be - It will NOT magically change by itself, I need to plan / think / act in order to get what I want My vacations were good to identify what I want from life (hint: less work, more TIME, the one thing no one can buy), so n
  2. Obvious joke out of the way first: Joking aside, all I really want out of the next four weeks is a recovery of my inner equilibrium. I've been firing on full burn since July, and despite my repeated efforts to slow things down, it just hasn't been happening. Mostly because, as I'm well aware, I haven't been doing enough to MAKE it happen. It's time to shed the excuses and bring my mind back into harmony. We all have busy lives, and yet I'm pretty sure most people have a higher sanity level than I do right now. I need to remember that I'm an introvert
  3. This is the last month of school (I teach middle and high school) and testing season is on full throttle. On top of that there's all the various end-of-year activities, student & teacher requirements, last minute change of plans, final grades, meetings and general craziness. In one word: stressful. Which brings me to this month's personal challenge: finding peace within the chaos. Main Quest: Inner Peace I do realize this is not as quantifiable as a specific type of exercise, but I'll do my best to assess how I'm doing throughout the month. For this I will
  4. I'm Snarkyfishguts, and I'm new to the Druids. Hi everyone! I like the Druids because after reading about the general aims of the group, I thought "that aligns with my goals!" I took some time off from nerdfitness (and a lot of my life) to take care of myself. My PCOS was out of control, I was severely depressed, and I didn't know how to fix it, I just knew I had to stop rushing forward, look around me and address what was happening in my life at that moment. Sparing you the details, I eventually got my PCOS under control, my depression is a very low level, and I'm dealing with my everyday l
  5. Coping through Hoping “What do you want out of life? That is your hope.†I've been stressing over my actions and decisions without bothering to take the time to pin down exactly what ends I hope to accomplish in life. This... is madness... and also exhausting! Time to slow down, calm down, and find my inner peace. Enter my new challenge: MAIN QUEST: Discover Hope. Goals: 1. Awaken to Hope I've scheduled a date every morning at 6:00 am for the next six weeks with God. This is where I connect with Hope and awaken to possibilities. It's time to see myself through God's eyes and ask
  6. As my sixth challenge, I'm looking to recenter and bring clarity back to my lift. I joined Nerd Fitness back in August on 2013 with a mission in mind, and I have lost the path toward that goals. The wilderness I'm wandering in isn't where I want to be, and while not all journeys are fraught with danger, this one is. I need to take some time to look inward and focus on the things that bring me happiness, strength, honor, wisdom and peace. Main Quest: Drop to 8% BF, eliminate stomach fat. Squat 1.5x Bodyweight, Deadlift 2x bodyweight. OHP, Bench and Row 1x bodyweight. This continues to be my o
  7. HAI! xo I'm fairly new to Nerd Fitness. I signed up for the Academy and was majorly confused because apparently there are two forum communities: Academy and Rebellion. I coughed up a difficult $100 for the Academy, but I like the vibe of Rebellion more so here I am! (Here's my intro "Hi, hi" post<--) I'm exhausted from work and dreading waking up at the crack of dawn tomorrow but I'm even more excited to start my challenge!! (I realize that I'm starting in the middle of a challenge already in progress but I couldn't wait until the 14th!! Sorry, administrators ) MAIN QUEST: Achieve bal
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