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  1. Hello everyone!! Last challenge I came back from a little break and rocked it the first three weeks. Then I got a cold. A big, bad cold, which tried to throw me off my path with bone-rattling cough-attacks and and make me lose my breath by stuffing my raspiratory system with evil, clingy balls of snot. But, no more!!! I'm recovering, gaining back my strength and will continue on the path I have chosen, no matter what kind of bacteria and viruses nature throws at me. Mwaahahahaha!!! ... sorry... got a bit distracted there. Anyways, the thing is, last challenge went great and I think I will
  2. I am rebelling against the current class system by being an innkeeper. I'm also rebelling against having physical fitness goals in favor of having my environment be fit. (Hey, a decent couple hours of housework are about all I can handle right now.) A lot of my goals will seem familiar because they are, but I don't think it's too unreasonable to keep trying to make them stick. The points I'm assigning now might not correlate to the xp my character gets later. Tea Goal: make tea: 9 points drink tea: 1 point I'm not sure how to score this if I end up not drinking the tea until the next d
  3. I feel like I've been drifting for quite awhile now. Keeping it simple to 2 things, so I can focus on them. Everything else I know I should be doing not going to take up challenge space for it right now. so taking inspiration from some of my new favorite shows over the next few challenges. This challenge- Lian Yu. Train 30 mins daily- this can take many forms. Stretching, core work, strength work, cardio, , practicing forms. Have quite time/meditation at least 5 mins at least 3 days a week
  4. This challenge is really just a continuation of the previous challenge, a little fine tuned. Nothing fancy. Main Quest: My main quest is spelled out in my roadmap for 2016. It encompasses my goals for 2016. All my challenges for this year will be geared toward getting me closer to those goals. This challenge's goals - simple and straightforward: Bulletproof Bracelets Manage food intake. This means stay within macros - 1600 calories, carbs less than 120g, protein at least 100g. Preferably, I'd like to leave some calories at the end of the day, 100-150 but I'll just be mindful of
  5. The new schedule is going to take some getting used to. I’m used to writing up my challenges on a morning off from work… I haven’t had one since the new forums were up. Theme, pictures, and grading scale to come a little later. As I said in my last challenge, I think much of my problem with completing my challenges is that I don’t have any real fitness goals, like weight loss or a lifting/running record. That being the case, the “one fitness, two diet, and one life goal†thing was causing me to pick sort of random goals that I had no motivation to complete. After working on my
  6. EAT eat well, I know how that goes, now I just gotta keep doing it. If it goes well slowly start reducing cheese and non-paleo snacks again. Don't stress too much if it doesn't go that well. Accountibility: post cal total per day and median macros for the week, log water too. MOVE The original plan was workout 3x yoga 5x walk 3x I'm not sure how that will hold up under pressure as I seem to forget yoga, when stressed, which is really sad, because that is the time I could really use it. Also I tried out the Crossfit Class and LOVED IT, have had the corresponding DOMs to
  7. TTZZAAPP!!! A PUFF OF SMOKE AND... Granny Nogg has turned herself into a little brown mouse. The first thought that enters her mouse brain is, "Cheese. .. I smell cheese!!" Lovely, golden, creamy, tangy cheese is going to help Granny Nogg gain some serious mouse muscles. That, and lifting heavy things to the Rocky theme song. Or Disco. Because Disco isn't Dead. Fitness: Do the BBWW 3x a week (Tue/Thu/Sat). Progression in squats, lunges, and dumbbell weight. Track workouts in spreadsheet. Track steps the other 4 days with my FitBit. Diet: Track my food daily with My Fitness Pal.
  8. Main Quest: My main quest has taken on a new form. After the end of the previous challenge, I made a roadmap for 2016. It encompasses my goals for 2016. All my challenges for this year will be geared toward getting me closer to those goals. This is the first challenge of the year and it follows a fairly undisciplined winter break. I need to get on some solid footing during this challenge. Luckily, the challenge is only 26 days long so I don't really feel like I am 'wasting' a challenge. The format for the last challenge worked really well for me. And I have found my spirit animal in
  9. Terah

    Terah - Let it go

    Challenge 9 Ready to ace this challenge! Food Stick to the No S diet. Get at least 4 500 Kcal days. strength Strength training twice a week. Konmari Konmari all the things! (for 30 min a week) Learning Spent 4 hours on the history course in the kahn academy and learning Spanish on dualingo.
  10. If there’s one thing I can say after a solid 30 minutes of googling variations of the phrase, “Last Month of My 20sâ€, it’s that people have a lot of opinions about turning 30. I saw bucket lists and lessons learned and regrets and hopes for the future. After all, turning 30 is just another milestone – like starting a new year or even a new Nerd Fitness challenge. As much as I secretly want this month to be full of awesome adventures so that I can say I left my 20s with a bang, the truth is I am way too busy for that shit. And also it’s cold out. And honestly I’m working very
  11. With Blackfathom Deeps cleansed behind her, Shatyr set off for her next adventure. Word had reached her that Huntress Jalin at Stardust Spire needed help dealing with some Horde in Stonetalon Mountains. Compared to Ashenvale, the view was a little more... beige. ~~~/|\~~~ My goals haven't changed really. I need to be stronger, more focused, and build a better Batcave. Assassin's den. Apartment. Whichever. Primary Goals: 1. Grow stronger Workout three times a week: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Starting numbers: Knee Push Up 3x6 Assisted Pull Up 3x6 Wall Squat 3x6 Sta
  12. [whitewineandcathair] " Recycling the theme from my abandoned challenge, because I got a little distracted that time around. OK. A lot distracted. To make a needlessly long story short, I've been dealing with some hormonal issues for quite a while now, and the most recent birth control pill I was put on gave me a pretty serious case of the Don't Wannas. I was dealing with depression symptoms, lack of motivation, and brain fog. All of which make these challenges, uh, extra challenging. I'm on a new pill now, and have no idea how well this will work out, but here we go... ...builds
  13. I am halfway through Brandon Sanderson's wonderful WAY OF KINGS, and I am loving it! So, even though I haven't finished it, or the sequel, I am risking spoilers and theming my challenge on it! The world created by Brandon Sanderson is a stony, harsh place, with storms so bad the grass itself hides from them. Much of the action revolves around the Shattered Plains, a broken, jagged mosaic of plateaus, surrounded by a labyrinth of chasms. The Shattered Plains Kaladin Kaladin is a slave fighting in the king's army under the Highprince Sadeas, and was assigned to a Bridge Crew. Br
  14. Main Quest: Get the Lead Out Consistency in all subquests A. Annnd we're walking... Begin the journey to Mordor (at least 10,000 steps per day) B. Get my flex on 30 days To the Splits Challenge http://www.blogilates.com/blog/2015/06/28/30-days-30-stretches-to-splits-journeytosplits/ C. Jump Around, Jump Up & Get Down 100 jump reps (25/wk) of any combo of the following: *broad jumps. *box jumps *tuck jumps. *jump squats Exercise Rotation Day 1: abs. Day 4: obliques Day 2: arms. Day 5: legs/thighs Day 3: tot
  15. Happy 2016 Everyone! It's a new year! A fresh start! And I am so very, very happy to be getting back into a new Nerd Fitness challenge. I'm Yvonne, or athousandwords, and this is my sixth challenge on NF. I've been an Adventurer for all previous challenges, but with the reorg of guilds and some soul-searching about what I want my fit-and-healthy life to look like, I've decided to make the move to Rangers. I'm happy to see some familiar faces over here, so looks like this will be a great challenge to reconnect with some old friends and make lots of new ones. 2015 was a strong year
  16. Here we go again. Challenge goals for the next 4 weeks: There are a few things that need to happen in the next few weeks. I need to keep steadily losing weight (without obsessing over it!). I need to keep the daily exercise habit rolling when school starts and "life returns to normal". As I said on my last challenge: these points of movement, they arent big. 30 min walk, 15-20 minutes yoga routine, 5-15 minutes workout at home or a 20-40 minutes workout at the gym or at the physical therapy place. They aren't big 2h sessions, they are "get started" tasks. It's like lifting, I imagine, you lift
  17. Hey you guys, remember when I became the best male wrestler in history last spring/summer and continued the Undertaker's Wrestlemania win streak? That was fun, wasn't it? So this year I am trying to achieve this: Wait, no - not the healthy butt. Although of course P:BA (achieve the best ass in England not including Greater London) is still very much a goal. My quest for this year is to beat the record for holding the Divas title. The current record belongs to Nikki Bella and her reign was 301 days. (hey, if WWE can completely forget about The Fabulous Moolah's 8 year reign then so
  18. Hi, I'm Terah, and I'm going to be an Elf Druid this challenge. It's been a year since I started here on NF, this is my 8th challenge. I've tried a lot of different things, learned a lot and met a lot of awesome people. Now I know what I want, and how to get there. I've made an epic quest that will be my guide this year. After being a recuit, a druid, an assassin, a warrior, again a warrior, an adventurer, going back to the assassins, I now decided to go back to the druids. I first left them because I didn't like that they didn't have mini's. But now the doodlies have mini's and that's
  19. Who I am: Christian, bibliophile, perpetual student (I'm always learning something) Stats: Age--48, Height--5'2", Weight--134 lbs What I like: dancing, frisbee golf, tennis, Pilates, cosplaying What I watch: Star Trek, Batman, animated movies What to know more? Ask me.
  20. Shatyr continued her journey, heading for Ashenvale. Darkshore lay behind her, broken but still free. Those who remained would continue the rebuilding, trusting in her and other heroes to keep the forces of the Horde from reaching the forests. She would not let them down. Her first stop would be Maestra's Post, where Moon Priestess Maestra was waiting for reinforcements. ~~~/|\~~~ It's been a while since I posted on the forums, so I'll go ahead and do a brief introduction. I am 32 and I work tech support for a bank. This is not exactly a high activity job and it is really hard to pace in a
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