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Found 6 results

  1. Oh, bother. I was not planning to challenge in this round. I thought perhaps I would just lurk and cheer other folks on, because I don't really have a lot going on except "keep doing what I'm already doing." But having accountability and friends to cheer is always good and there are a few things that I ought to probably bother about Walk like Eeyore Walk for 15 minutes every day. Ideally in the evening, with dog. On days that schedule or weather makes that impractical, around the campus at lunchtime or even around the inside of the large academic building. I'm depressed, have been for a while, and I didn't even realize it until I started throwing pity parties for myself about things that simply didn't warrant them. Walking helps. And it's spring, generally nice weather (wicked humid, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ), and I have a walk-friendly neighborhood and a beautiful walking path around the campus. Bounce like Tigger Nothing fancy here. Keep doing IS 3 or 4 days a week. There's a fair bit of jumping in IS. Eat like Rabbit A salad a day. I have vegetable ... issues. I don't eat nearly enough of them. I feel much better when I do eat enough of them. There are some I even like. But the easiest and surest way for me to get a reasonable amount of vegetation into my bod is salad, which I both like and find easy and convenient to make. That's enough for now.
  2. My usual pattern: Start Day One, Zero Week with excitement! and planz! and energy! and motivation! Sometimes even with some version of the fancy tracker systems that some of my nerdfriends use so beautifully! Zero week and part of week one: ^all of the above^ still in place, doing all the things I said I was gonna do, posting regularly, keeping up with several other Nerds' challenges and cheering along, whoo-hoo look at me go!!! Week 1 / 2 ... realize that it is all just too much, scrap some of the goals, get distracted by other new ideas, ixnay the fancy tracking chart, taper off posting here and cheering for my fellow Nerds, basically completely wander off path. End of week five, wake up and say "whoa ... wow ... is that over already?!? Oops." Not optimal. Now I'm going to try something else. Just. One. Goal. One. And it is this. *** Bodyweight strength training at least 3 days/week *** I'm not even specifying a workout because it will change soon(ish). I'm up to workout 35 of 43 of GMB Elements, and when that is done I'm going to do ... something else. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The candidates (all also GMB programs, as I own them, like them, and have had success with them) Integral Strength (probable) Floor Loco Mobius We'll see. No particular theme. No fancy tracker. Just do a thing, and then accountabiliatize about it here when I've done it. (Or not done it.) My about me/intro:
  3. Lucky Fire Dragon Goes for Gold even as temptation is high, there is no time for any half-assing over the next weeks, so I might as well go for it all 1. Golden body what better way to get golden than using GMB (Gold Medal Bodies) programs so of course I will stick to Integral Strength with all the given workouts, if I manage I will finish the program within the challenge, yay keep up pole training 3x/week get that core fire burning by hula hooping 5 min daily make it all sparkle by drinking 2 liters of water daily and no alcohol on 6 days / week 2. Golden Wisdom in the brilliant story of Jim Button the evil dragon that is defeated but not killed falls into a year long magical sleep and awakens as a golden dragon of wisdom... maybe my less glorious traits could sleep like that too and more wisdom awaken with them getting out of the way... write diary dialogue with my own Larger Presence daily, time to tap into the wisdom within even if it sounds like nothing special at that moment and might not be valuable to anyone else, it makes me feel happy, open, relaxed and gives me perspective meditate early morning, tapping into that Larger Presence and setting constructive focus for each day (will get ultimate accountability on this one as I am offering my clients to join me via webinar in this they love stuff like that and I will benefit as well) keep up room wisdom with T by helping her and/or playing with her after checking her room thoroughly once a week read English with A 4x a week keep up checking A and T's homework daily 3. Golden Moments look for happy, fun, inspiring, grateful or otherwise valuable moments and treasure them. Soak them up, include in write up here or daily diary... squeeze them 1 point for each moment captured, let's see how many I can get over the challenge... Life Quest: Golden Treasures I'll be part of the Monkey Tamers United and tackle some work stuff that I still promised for my former partner and teacher plus some creative work for us that will hopefully open up new sources of income to balance what fell away when I stopped working for said teacher. It's a tricky balance here for me, I want to find my own footing, yet not be competition to her or step on her toes and I am still floating about on all of it. Therefor I am not surprised at having less client sessions at the moment - they always sense how clear I am - and know the journaling and meditation will bring me back into my creative, happy space. The walks I've done recently already got me closer to some of this, they were really happy things. Also unfulfilled promises weigh heavy on me and slow me down, so it will be good to get the updates I had still promised done and that too will open up a lot of joy. I haven't gotten to much yet, because I felt bad not working for our own income during the minutes I have free, but then the guilty feeling weighs me down and I end up doing nothing at all... new tactic: splitting up time equally on both tasks and getting them done brick by golden brick These are my main goals and I'll fill in some last details later, right now I gotta dash to pole class
  4. Annyshay was raised on stories that her Gaffer told. Folks in those stories had plenty of opportunities of turning back, only they didn’t. Annyshay wants to be like the characters in her Gaffer’s stories. Her own story started a few years ago as detailed in her Quest. She wants to be strong, wise, and compassionate. Luckily, she joined the Rebellion and is working to become the hobbit she knows she can be. For this challenge, she will focus on nourishing herself with the healthful habits that she continues to build and refine. Goal The First = Nourishing Eating 5 experiments from Eating the Moment per week No screens while eating Goal the Second = Nourishing Movement GMB Integral Strength for the second time supplement with yoga, walking, and play time Goal the Third = Nourishing Sleep 30 minutes of light in AM electronics off at 8:00 Life Goal = Keeping Track document headspace and habits in spreadsheet newly dubbed the "Red Book" weekly review of my life (more organized and structured) report intermittently on trends Also, HAPPY NEW YEAR, REBELS!!! Let's make it great!
  5. Annyshay was rudely awakened by Navi in July 2015 (for more details, see her battle log). She has come a long way since she was first summoned to the Great Deku tree and swept up in an adventure far bigger than herself. So far she: listened to her fairy (start days with quiet time with God) found a sword (daily movement) bought the deku shield (mindful, level 5 meals) followed the dungeon map (GMB Elements!!!!) aimed the fairy slingshot (craving control habit) used the compass (tracking nutrition) recovered gold skulltulas (meditation, studying, and recovery) cut lots of grass (5-6 vegetables per day) watched the weird egg (posted all non-paleo food) broke some pots (rewrote my “finished a task habitâ€) listened to Kaepora Gaebora (tracked on spreadsheet) Although her body composition remains far from ideal, she has made great progress on her journey towards the Triforce of Awesome (healthy, happy, look great). Her current habits work well. She doesn’t know exactly what lies in front of her - likely new cities, new dungeons, and entirely new races of people - but she continues preparations for the epic life ahead of her. Main Quest - Improve Body Composition by Easter (3/27/2016) Hylian Shield - Eat at the Table Eat at the table. Just eat. Stop doing everything else. This is a habit I need to recultivate in order to defend against mindless munching. Cucco Wrangling - Mindfulness Mental chatter and thoughts are often like cuccos. There’s a lot of cuccos running around my mental Karkariko village. Mindfulness, writing, and other introspection skillz help me to get these suckers back into their pen where they belong. This will be a free form goal where I continue to meditate and write about keeping my headspace healthy. Goron Bracelet - Integral Strength Integral Strength will make me strong enough to throw bombs, make me the bomb... or something roughly equivalent. Anybody who has been here before knows that I am WAY EXCITED for this new program from GMB after all the success I had with Elements. Also, GMB respects the triforce. Ocarina of Time - Self Love That’s right, Zelda and Shakespeare. Calm down. I know you can handle the awesome. Here are the “songs†I’ll be practicing (at least one daily) during this challenge:zelda’s lullaby = writesun’s song = natureepona’s song = animalssaria’s song = music Kaepora Gaebora - Spreadsheet I know, Kaepora Gaebora can get a little… well, annoying, long-winded, and detailed. Still, he keeps me on the right path. Much like my trusty spreadsheet. So, I’ll try to be patient and check in with him regularly. Off we go! PS... we're starting NOW!
  6. Lightning Goes Commando! What the Whaaaaaat???? It's Boss Battle Time! There is a 3-headed Hydra waiting in the wings and Lightning needs to level up her battle Paradigms before taking on this final challenge of the year. The Hydra has a Seasonal Depression head, a Holiday Food head, and a Holiday Stress head. It's an ugly beast and must be prepared for and taken down! In order to beat the boss, she needs to build her Commando paradigm, Medic, and Synergist. Commando Paradigm is all about dealing damage so Lightning will be following GMB's Integral Strength program. She will follow the program/s suggested warm ups, workouts and active rest days for a total of 5x a week. She will also practice for battle by participating in at least 4 Assassin Minis. Integral Strength - +3 STR & +1 DEX Assassin Mini - +2 STA The Medic Paradigm keeps Lightning full of HP and free from status ailments. To level up this paradigm and prepare for the Holiday Food attack from the Hydra, Lightning will continue with her low carb Banting/Paleo diet, drink water, and prep her food. Food Prep 2 main dishes and 2 vegetable side every week - +1 CON & +1 WIS Keep carbs below 75 grams 6x a week with one free day - +1 CON & +1 STA Drink 16oz of water every day - +1 CON A good Synergist Paradigm protects Lightning from status ailments using magical elements. Too keep the nasty Hydra from unleashing its Seasonal Depression attack she will Meditate or use a sun lamp 5x a week and take her medication EVERY DAY. To keep the the Holiday Stress head from hitting her too hard she will read the book :Dealing with Difficult People or the book Dealing with People you Can't Stand. Seratonin Boost (meditate/sun lamp) 5x a week - +2 CHA Medication - +1 WIS Read - +1 CHA Now... LET's ROLL!!!!
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