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Found 2 results

  1. Y'all - hold my hand. I'm doing something a little scary this challenge. I'm going off-roading. I've spent the last couple days rereading my old NF challenges (which was a fun trip down memory lane) and realized that while I've done some kick ass challenges over the last 8 years, I consistently fail once I fall off the boards. And while I love the NF boards, I don't want to spend my whole life always replaying the same game: doing weight-loss challenge after weight-loss challenge. I want to win the damn game and do new things. Once upon a time, I thought that meant 1. Get to my goal weight, 2. Profit?? but I'm realizing that the challenges I do here on NF are challenging... but unsustainable for long term. I need to build organic habits and set up systems that don't come crashing down the minute I take a break. Instead of starting anything particularly new this challenge, I'm going to set myself up for success by focusing on the big things that really help: meal planning and intentionality. For possibly the first time ever, I'm not doing a paleo/primal/grain-free challenge. Instead, I'm building up my recipe book with healthy recipes (and ok yes, those tend to be paleo/primal/grain-free for me personally) and let meal planning guide my diet. That's the scary part. I worry that I'm going to binge eat and go to donut town the minute the restraints are loosened. But letting go of the diet mindset is probably the only way I'll ever really get long term success. I am going to keep myself accountable by posting more often here on NF (plus I'm kind of an awesome cook, and I want to share what I make!). Meal Plan and Share - Meal plan 6 healthy recipes per week - Add 5 recipes per week to Plan To Eat - Log meals on NF challenge thread 5x per week – ideally with pictures! I'm also going to keep running – but that's it. Rule 6 of the Rebellion is: We Don’t HAVE to exercise, we GET to exercise. And I realize I've been putting myself in a box trying out video workouts from home and ST exercises that I don't really enjoy. I'm never going to want to do that long term. For 2022 I have a goal to find some kind of active hobby I enjoy (in addition to running) in order to cross train and working more activity, but for now – when it's cold and dark and I just want to hygge and hibernate? – I'm going to take a step back and focus on what's sustainable. Run - 1 long run (Starting at 45 minutes and adding 5 minutes each week) - Run 5k 2x per week I'm going to take the habits that work and keep doing them – no point quitting something that works! This is a compilation of little habits I've been fairly consistent at over the last 3 challenges. My goal is to track here, rather than Habitica, since I'm going to be posting meals anyway (right?). Continue Healthy Habits - IF 16/8 5-6 a week - Drink 8 glasses of water daily - Floss daily - Limit alcohol to 2x a week Finally, one of my big goals for the upcoming year is to read more. I want to keep up with my monthly Book Club, I want to finish the books I've started, and I want to knock some books off my to-read list. For this challenge I'm reading Atomic Habits, which is something I think will help a lot in the year going forward, as I make healthy living more of a habit instead of a diet. Read - Read November Book Club pick, Talking to Strangers - Finish The Starless Sea - Finish Deep Work - Read Atomic Habits
  2. Hi! 0gravity here to start a battle log. This log will be filled with lots of bouldering and bodyweight training. It will also be filled with detailed food logs. Also with an account of poisons imbibed, as one of my main goals is to free myself of habitual substance use. So I'll start with yesterday because I haven't posted it here yet. Daily weigh in 195 lbs Starting measurements: height 74" neck 15.5" chest 42.5" waist 32.5" hips 38.5" thighs 22.25" calves 15.75" arms 15.5" forearms 13" body fat 12% according to US navy calculator Here is a before picture, taken with no flex or pump in not the most flattering light, will have to find a better spot for progress photos EXERCISE Ran two miles with the dogs Had a bodyweight workout - started with the lowest progressions from CC and Start Bodyweight, and a little from GMB handstand tutorial, for pushing and legs only. They were pretty easy so I went through the second level as well Wall pushups 5 sets x 8 reps Shoulderstand squat 5x8 Knnes bent low dips (on paralettes) 5x8 Kneeling plank 5x15s Kneeling side plank 5x15s each side Kneeling elbow plank 5x15s Kneeling elbow side plank 5x15s each Knees bent hollow hold 15s, 15s, 30s, 60s Short bridge 5x15s Standing calf raise 5x15 Standing reverse calf raise 5x15 Incline pushups 5x8 Jacknife squat 5x8 Straight leg low dips 5x8 Kneeling plank 5x30s Kneeling side plank 5x30s each Kneeling elbow plank 5x30s Kneeling elbow side plank 5x30s each Straight leg hollow hold 60s, 60s Straight bridge 5x15s Standing calf raise 5x15 Standing reverse calf raise 5x15 ~15 minutes of stretching including standing pike, sitting pike, active pike, standing straddle, sitting straddle, active straddle (hard), half straddle, forward lunge, forward split (working towards), wrist series, standing lat stretch Volume = high, intensity = low FOOD Breakfast 1030 (resting): Two slice bacon 3 eggs 200 g chicken 25 g cheese assorted vegetables P=92, F=38, C=low Dinner 1830 (PWO) 275g chicken 9 oz beans 5 tortillas vegetables a couple spoonfuls chocolate mousse P=111, C=108, F=16 POISON caffeine 960 mg (I'm serious) Nictoine 18 mg (again, I'm serious) Alcohol 0g Benadryl 50mg
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