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Found 21 results

  1. Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lives in a pineapple under the sea? Gurdris the Imbiber! Flimsy and flabby and lazy is she! Gurdris the Imbiber! If nerdical fitness be something you wish Gurdris the Imbiber! Then drop in the gym, and sweat like a bitch! GURDRIS THE IMBIBER! GURDRIS THE IMBIBER! GURDRIS THE IMBIBER! GURDRIS THE IMBIBER! GURDRIIIIIIIIS THE IMBIBER! Yarr, now that the musical number is out of the way...
  2. Leaves and sticks crunched under Achaedia's feet as she made her way through the forest. She was sure it was here. The directions she had been given would indicate she should be coming upon the rebellion any time now. After a year-long absence in which she had married the love of her life, purchased a dwelling on the outskirts of Rata Sum, and graduated from University as a Master of Synergetics, she was now ready to return to the fray. Achaedia the Warrior Part II: The Liftening Goal 01. Strengthening Achaedia will research and select a workout program as a mean
  3. I'm taking a short Discworld break, because Star Wars has finally properly crossed the streams with its martial arts origins. I'm easing back into real challenges. I need satisfying, but nothing too demanding. Step 1: Fighting Okay, not real fighting, but my super-fun kung fu conditioning workout, three times a week. Before work for preference. I want to enforce a good morning routine, and also test a good morning workout on the ADHD. The goal is partly to ease back into stuff the fun way, and partly to give everythi
  4. Well, let's give this new again 4 week challenge thing a try. In an attempt to shrink down my goals and keep things simplistic, I'm going back to what has worked for me in the past and just plugging away it rather than trying new stuff like I have for the last 12- 18 months. Diet Quests 1) No regular soda. Period. For this challenge diet soda is okay. We'll work on removing that from my diet in a later challenge. 2) No food after 9 PM more than twice/week. Why? Because I never pick something healthy that late at night and I seem to do it almost daily (or nightly if you prefer). So, there's n
  5. I was fit once. Now I am not. I hope Nerd Fitness will finally get me back on track. (literally and figuratively) Main Quest: Be fit and healthy. Like I used to be in school. (Now I'm 28) Quest 1: Do the beginner body weight workout and the interval training at least once a week. Slowly build up from there. Also try following the Paleo Diet to the best of my ability. Quest 2: Make sure I do quest 1. I have done the beginner body weight workout once. It was death. I managed only one circuit. My legs were like jelly for the next few days. Interval training tomorrow...
  6. Hi all, Tallpants here. Looking forward to my first challenge. I’ll start with my motivation. I basically have one guiding goal in life: to have a net positive impact on the world. This goal sums up a lot of underlying motivations: to be a true man, to be virtuous, to be a good husband, and to be a great father. In short, I want to live my life with the understanding that this is my only life; and in that time excel at being a human. As I near 30, I don’t find myself very far from the starting point of that journey. My life is comfortable, but, as with my workouts, it reeks of com
  7. Challenge: Lower body fat percentage to 25% Obviously this isn't going to be accomplished in 6 weeks, so this will be a continuing mission/goal/challenge for a while. I want to get some of this weight off to relieve pain in my joints, my back, and to make life and fitness easier in general. Last Friday I checked my body fat percentage with calipers and it was consistently 33.8%. I think that number is low and I should be higher than that, but it's the most consistent figure I have to work with so I'll go with that. Last challenge my goal was to do the absolute minimum, just as long as I d
  8. Hi all, I'm here because I like the philosophy and external accountability of this community. While I've generally maintained a decent level of fitness over the last 10 years (playing Ultimate frisbee, running, and bodyweight workouts), I rarely push myself to a higher level. It's basically a cycle: get fired up about being out of shape, get in shape, start making exceptions, get back out of shape. I want to break the cycle. I try to guide my life along three dimensions: 1. body - strength, mobility, flexibility, control 2. mind - focused, decisive, knowledgeable, calm 3. spirit - pursu
  9. So Steve emphasises a lot the need to stretch before a workout but he doesn't say which muscles to stretch. Can someone give me an exact list? I'm wanting to do the beginner bodyweight workout and interval training (running and stationary bike). Exactly which muscles do I need to stretch for those workouts? Thanks
  10. So I have been doing interval training for a few weeks and i feel as if I could be doing it differently. Currently, I go to my local park and do jogging and running back and forth on the green. And I wondered if there were a better way of approaching this. Any suggestions?
  11. Hello Adventurers! A big part of my main quest to take control of my life is to get into decent shape. I'm just barely overweight, but so sedentary and squishy that I dislike it. I've never been athletic and have a full-time desk job, so getting active in the little free time I have is top priority. My diet is mostly good, but my weakness is sweets. Homemade sweets and chocolate candy (curse you, Easter bunny!!). Besides, this long winter was the final push into full-blown depression. I'm positive that getting active in the warm sunshine will help, and motivate me to tackle my creative goals
  12. It was on 4/2/2014 that I became a member of the nerd fitness family. When I started I weighed 83kg and I was overweight for a guy who is just 5'5''(165cm) tall, I simply had enough of being out of shape and promised myself that I was going to do something about it. Back then I could barely even do a push up and my CV fitness was horrendous. After spending quite a few hours exploring the vast amount of free resources nerd fitness had to offer (and still does); plus some more research reading literature recommended by nerd fitness and its wonderful members I set myself a routine. I adopted th
  13. Okay...I am 215 lbs with no muscle and only fat..my aim is to lose 20-25 pounds of fat in 2 months and gain muscle at the same time..after doing research on this site..I have made something for myself..beginner body workout one day and interval training the other...the thing is I have made a stupid bet of doing 150 pushups in a row and 250 sit ups in a row by the end of these 2 months..and so on the day of strength training I do as many "knee pushups" i can and try my way upto the real ones..the next day is a break and then the other day at first i do beginner body workout then pushups rest o
  14. Hello my fellow rebels! I finally completed a second challenge, and am on to my third, which is spectacular (huzzah!). My main goal is to make fitness a habit. I was doing fine when I started in August, but somewhere between classes and work last month I lost my way. Ultimately with this challenge I want to get one step closer to making working out and eating right second nature. I'd love for you to join my journey and see the progress I am trying to achieve on the way Here is my Main Quest: Get fit enough to be able to wear a size 12. I want to feel more comfy in my body, have more cont
  15. Gwen Stacy has been kidnapped, Doc Ock's got her. She's over on the other side of town (approx. 3.1 miles away). You're out of web, and lately you're not able to stick to buildings (also you're up to 200 lbs...WHOA). Doc Ock's got some new invention that's gonna turn her into some red head (named Mary Jane....NO!!!) if you don't get there in 30 mins or less (what am I? Domino's?). What are you gonna do? Good thing you spent the last 6 weeks training (OR DID YOU?!?!?!?!). Goals: Overall: Run a 5k (even if not competitvely, be able to run at least 5k) With all my goals I will only get
  16. In the vast, cold emptiness of space, drifts a ship. It has a strange shape to it, like a dinosaur holding a purse. Full of scratches and chips of something that may have been paint, a friendly spectator might call the ship vintage; an honest one would just call it crappy. It's a small space vessel, capable of transporting a few people at best, not nearly enough for a full crew. Inside, a lone figure lies in a pod that closely resembles a casket. There are so few lights, but the rays shed from the few remaining ones shine on the white, paper-like skin of the figure. Long, thin fingers twitch
  17. Like probably many people, I simply cannot run without my trusty ol' MP3 player. I started C25K and have been listening to DJ Beatsmith's podcasts, because I find the change of tempo and signals when to walk/run really helpful. (Seriously, I run faster to appropriately paced music, I've tested it. ) However, I'm starting to run into a problem: C25K is designed to make you eventually run at a constant pace, and I want to keep the interval aspect. And only the podcasts for the first few weeks are suitable to this, but it gets boring listening to the same mixes over and over. So, fellow nerds!
  18. I'm not counting PE classes or other mandatory occasions here. This evening, for the first time ever, I put on my nifty new sneakers and went on a run voluntarily! Well, okay, I started the C25K program, so I was walking and jogging, but it's still both feet off the ground. I was really surprised by how well I did. I mean, I tried to monitor my form and I wasn't really hurting anywhere - when I've had to run before, my stomach's stung so badly I've had to quit. Maybe it's the body weight workouts I've been doing for the past two weeks or actually knowing how to run properly (i.e. not stompin
  19. This is my first challenge so I am really nervous and itching to kick some ass, thus I'll skip right to the important stuff 1) Get fit +4 STA +1 STR Ok, I know, 'Get fit' sounds vague and a lot like a BAD goal, but bear with me I'll elaborate. At the beginning of last year I've started doing judo again, after a 10-year break. It has been an absolute blast and I've really enjoyed it, but now I've gotten this "crazy" idea: to compete in tournaments again(quite a challenge as everyone in my age group has mostly 10+ years of competitive experience).So to this end I've started visiting other c
  20. This is my first time doing a challenge under the assassin title (2nd challenge overall). I've pretty much fallen for parkour the way I fell for NF, and I am very loyal to my loves! Here are my goals: 1. Get to level 2 on my bodyweight workout. My level two is 2 sets of 15 reps of squats, pushups, and leg lifts. 2. Do a proper landing from 3 feet off the ground. I'm just jumping off the ground and landing now. 3. I'm doing interval training (walk/run). I did 6 rounds today, so I am aiming for 8 rounds without that "I can't go anymore" feeling that I had today. 4. Pick up after myself when I
  21. Hey, everyone! I'm not really new to NF at this point, but I am new to the Ranger guild. I was previously training with the Assassins, but decided to migrate here for this Challenge in hopes that it might give me the kick in the pants that I need. I've provided the links to my previous Challenges for a little context... My First Challenge My Second Challenge Background Info (pasted from previous challenges): By day I'm a 23 year old husband and graduate student, studying to become a Family Therapist. By night I am working to grow the world's coolest beard and to become a better me.
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