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  1. Let's see if I can get this.... Introduction: Hey! Where do I start? I'm 18 years old and I discovered Nerd Fitness three weeks ago. I signed up for the free emails and have honestly had a terrible beginning at leveling up my life. Today I noticed the fact that the new article up mentioned the six week challenge and I thought "What the heck...why not?" Why shouldn't I try again?!? So here I am...trying again. My username has a lot of meaning to it because that's who I want to be. Ever since I was in third grade, I've had the dream of living as Rowan, the champion of a billion worlds and a powerful princess. As Rowan, I can defeat all foes and laugh in the face of evil. So since I haven't quite found the key to getting to my highly preferred universe...I've decided literally right now while writing this thing that I better start now! This is the first time I've ever gone on the forums, so any help at all would be incredibly appreciated!! Like is this even where I'm suppose to introduce myself normally? So so confused... Also since I can't join the Academy quite yet (can't afford it :/) can I use the whole stat point thing? Not that I understand how to do that...well what'ere, I'll give myself RL rewards till I get it Holy crap thank you so much for even reading this far... Main Quest: Lose 10 lb, be able to do 50 proper pushups, squats, and a two minute plank (so get stronger...) BE FIT GET STRONGER BOOYAH! Quest 1: Drink two cups of water a day BESIDES what I drink for meals, I'm known for getting dehydrated... Measurement: 10 point grading system, depending on daily accomplishment each week. Reward: Uhhhhh if I actually get an average 95%+ I'll buy myself a Doctor Who merch... Quest 2: Work out four times a week for 20 min (the consecutive days being a different style workout) Measurement: 100%- = 4 that week; ~90% = 3 that week; ~80% = 2 that week; and so forth. Reward: Ehhh...anime merch...yeah.... Quest 3: Limit of 1 sweet a day...yeah this one is gonna be a problem!! Measurement: 100% = Success; 2 point deduction for each failure through that week. Reward: Suggestions? I guess I don't actually need one... Life Quest: My main goal is to become a more active, confidant person happy with my life. One quest will be practice every day for my speech competition piece and also to do my art competition pieces at least every three days. I need to have a strong drive to do 120%, especially in speech, because first I need to get through auditions, then state comp., then Nationals! Oh and practice my music... Another quest I want to give myself is that every day, I'll do something I CURRENTLY wouldn't normally do. Such as practice learning Japanese, clean my room, write in my journal, draw a picture, SOMETHING active!! I honestly don't have a lot of ideas for this one, so if anyone has a suggestion that will always be cool Motivation: I REALLY want to level up my life, its very important to me actually. For years I've had it in my head to be Rowan and have a fantastic life, and I get depressed sometimes that I don't. I always get bogged down by my seemingly incurable disease of procrastination and no motivation in my life. Well, this is my declaration of war. THE END ps. yeah I talk in cool language...deal with it.
  2. Hello all, I've recently discovered Nerd Fitness and have absolutly fallen in love with the idea. I have always struggled with keeping up my motivation and keeping myself accountable. Always doing well for a week or 2 if im lucky and then losing steam and giving in to temptation. The idea of incorporating RPG elements to my workout and diet is absolutly genius and i cant wait to begin racking up some achievments. It looks like everyone is finishing up with a 6 week challange, but in the meantime i've decided to start getting things in order so i'm ready to start the next challange with a level head. I've given myself a 1 week deadline to get my appartment in order, including mopping and the whole 9 yards. And then i am going to start making small diet changes: eliminating liquid calories, limiting grain intake, incorporating more home cooked and more natural meals. I've been looking into the Paleo diet and so far it looks promising. You guys have really sold me on the idea. The philosphy really syncs up with the rational part of me, i just worry about all the restrictions. It sound intimidating. And suggestions? When does the next challenge start up? I cant wait!
  3. A couple of weeks ago I was doing a google for "walking to Mordor", and Nerd Fitness popped up in the results. Never one to let an interesting-looking link go unexplored, I found myself reading Steve's blog. I took a look into the forums, and quickly backed out. I've attempted to participate in fitness forums before, only to find myself intimidated and overwhelmed -- not doing that again, nope! Plus I'm not a gamer, although some of the best hours of my life have been spent on journeys through Middle Earth, Narnia, The Land, various earthlike and non-earthlike planets, and many other worlds. But the idea of a Quest to shape up my life stayed with me, and eventually I got over the forumphobia and logged on to NF for real. So perhaps an introduction is in order. I've always been overweight. I've lost weight many times before and always gained it back. Exercise always carried with it that last-kid-chosen-in-gym-class feeling. But I'm tired of the joint aches and pains of overweight and of the heath threats lurking in my path. They're really dragons and chimeras and Grendels, right? They're slayable or tamable, right? Maybe the IRL-me has a hard time with them, but Sunday the hero in training can do this! A few years ago I lost a lot of weight, and while I wasn't at my goal weight, I felt pretty good about things. I did Weight Watchers, I worked out regularly, I walked a lot. I decided to try running. I was following a walk-run-walk program and had gotten up to about 5k three times a week when a bad fall threw me off my game. I stopped running and eased off the gym to heal it. Several weeks later, when I tried to take up running again, I promptly developed bad knee pain and aggravated an old heel spur. When I asked my doctor what to do about it, he shrugged and said, "Knock off the running." Not very encouraging. Couldn't get myself back into the habit of going to the gym, and when last winter hit, with the permanent snow and ice and frigid temps, even walking fell by the wayside. I had given up. And allll that weight came back -- and brought friends with it. So here I sit at 321, cranky and disappointed in myself and achy in my joints. All the good habits I learned seem so far away. I need to get back those skills, to really earn them and make them my own, and to be sure I use them every day. What I need is a good Quest! Running will probably be right out, at least for a long time yet. Weights may come back, but not for a while yet. I want to begin by staying on-plan with Weight Watchers (real food only, not the packaged stuff), getting my walking back, beginning to bicycle in the spring, and getting back to the yoga I had just begun to enjoy. I think I'm more inclined to the Druid path, with some Scout thrown in, but that's down the road a bit. I know I belong as a Recruit in Adventurers to get my feet under me. I've posted my first Challenge with some very low-key quests and will be keeping up with those. I'm looking forward to meeting people and making friends here, and learning what I can learn. And I'm still looking for that Walk to Mordor group!
  4. Hi All, About Me: 22yr old Engineering Student and Cadet, living out of home. Numerous hobbies including gaming (masterrace style), painting miniatures, guitar (both electric and the other one) and VERY amateur photography. My sports are basketball, taekwondo, skiing and anything else really... except football; I hate football. Fitness Goals: I used to be hella fit; played sport on every day of the week. Alas, I got a job, went to uni, moved out of home and all my work was undone. In only 24months I had gained 20kg of unnecessary fat. Before finding nerdfitness I had successfully lost 10kg using myfitnesspal and curving my diet. I'm hoping nerdfitness can see me the rest of the way and further. This is just a post to say hello to everyone, a shout out to any nerds who happen to be in the Wollongong region - you'll see me at UOW gym - afternoons on most days of the week. I'll be the guy changing his shoe's halfway through, with a ipod constantly on - come say hi. TheKaiminator. P.s. I love deadlifts - thx Nerdfitness!
  5. Hi Everyone I'm a 33 year old computer guy who loves the outdoors, building things, gaming, tech, and pretty much all things nerdy. I'm originally from NYC and now living in NJ near Princeton with my lovely wife and our two pet bunnies. I have also been battling with being overweight since I can remember... Thing is, I hate excercise (boring/frustrating, childhood bullying at the hands of jocks in hyper-competitive sports-focused schools) and love food (amateur chef). This, coupled with a desk job and 2 hour commute one way has lead to my current state: 6'6" and probably close to 300lbs again (kinda scared to check). I suppose things could be worse, but I know if I don't change my ways they will be. So here's my reset! I quit my job in NYC after finding a new one about 40 minutes away. The extra time was my main motivator since it will let me have time to cook healthy meals and work out regularly. The new place has a very different atmosphere from the old one, and there's even a gym in the building. My goals to start with are simple and revolve around building good habits. Adopt a largely paleo diet - I don't think I can quit carbs cold turkey, but I can definitely start down the path. I do love a good steak...Excercise 3 times a week - The gym in the office is nice, but I'm liking what I see here around bodyweight excercises even more.Cook healthy meals 5 nights a week - I view this as a challege to my amateur-chef-hood. I suck at cooking vegies, so here's a chance to improve that, too.Figure out healthy lunches - I usually eat whatever is around. I'm thinking salads and/or bento-style meals.Past that, I have no idea. I just want to be healthy and like myself when I look in the mirror. I figure the steps above will help me get there as I start to figure out the longer-term life goals. So, again, hi all. Nice to meet you!
  6. Name: MasterContender Age: 22 Height: 160cm Weight: ~200lbs maxed at 220 Gender: Unknown Race: Unknown; Shows Bugbear attributes Location: Indeterminate; last seen razing villages and kicking a** in the mountains of Nepal Occupation: Unemployed college graduate- aka English Major Should you come across MasterContender, regard them as extremely dangerous. It has been known to have the ability to shapeshift and is trained in hand to hand combat. Rebellion Game Sheet Motivation I am joining the rebellion because I want to enjoy my body in its prime. These are the best years of my life. I want to spend them fit and strong and active. I want to go shopping with my friends without feeling self-conscious. I want to buy bras from Victoria’s Secret instead of Lane Bryant. I want to be stronger and more agile. I want to be strong enough to climb trees, buildings, and jungle gyms. I want to lift my own body weight over obstacles. I want to run without getting winded. I want to set a good example for my sisters and my mom. I want my athletic spirit to have an athletic body to live in. I want to see all the amazing things I know my body can do with proper care. I want to respect my body by strengthening and nourishing it properly. There is no difference between eating a box of donuts in one sitting and having a cigarette, and I’m crazy for convincing myself otherwise. Main Quest: Run 5k in Spring 2015Sub Quests Meet at least 45% of daily water goal 3x a weekUse “Water Your Body†application to log and trackIncrease running distanceProgress to week 3 of Couch to 5k programEat a balanced plant based breakfast and lunch 3x a weekLog meals using My Fit Pal or Noom for accountabilityLife Quest Learn to parallel park safely, efficiently, and with confidence!Fitness Side Quest Find a plant based milk alternative
  7. So I somehow missed this area where I was supposed to introduce myself. I did that in my challenge post, so I'll link that. My main goals are weight loss and strength. I want to be able to see the muscles I build, not just know that they're there. Here's the link to my "introduction"
  8. Today I got a scale. This is a Big Deal for me, because I outweigh most scales. For a long time, I was over the limit for bathroom scales, etc. And not because I was huge and ripped or anything. It was because…well, I looked like I ate John Candy. When I finally went to a doctor because I was having a hard time sleeping, I got weighed and measured and all that for the first time in, oh, ten years? More? Anyway, at the time (April of 2013) I weighed in at 475 pounds (215 kg or so). Hafthor Bjornsson weighs remarkably less than that, and he’s damn near seven feet tall. I’m six three. So. Time to get my butt in gear, I saw when I had quantified information. I also found out that I was diabetic (sugar at 350 on that visit, which is what the experts call “OMG levelâ€) and had high blood pressure (190/130, known as the “stroke out†range). I was 34 at the time. I got on the BP and sugar meds and got those things fairly well ironed out, and immediately felt better. I got on kettlebells, got on Barbarian/primitive fitness stuff, and set out to achieve my goal of “being able to stand up throughout my brother’s wedding as a groomsman.†This goal was accomplished at the start of January, and I have slacked off to damn near nothing since then. To be honest, I hadn’t really been sticking to workouts at all for the two weeks before. That puts us at about two months since I had regular workouts. For those of you keeping track at home, my sugar has started to edge upward again. So I joined NerdFitness and bought a scale that could weigh me! It’s a talking scale, but I shut that bad boy up ASAP. Today I did weighing, measuring, and took pics of myself without a shirt on (something I’ve not done before…well, ever). Currently I’m at: 463 pounds. Neck: 23†(58cm) Chest: 65.5†(166 cm) Bust (for the hell of it): 67†(171cm, and according to an online calculator, that makes me a 30AA) Right Bicep: 19†(48cm) Right Forearm: 15†(38cm) Waist: 55†(135cm) Belly: 68†(173cm) Hips: 59†(150cm) Right Calf: 22.5†(52cm) Okay, granted, I might have gotten carried away on the measurements. Mom’s a quilter; she instilled good values in me. TLDR: Fat guy finds out that he’s fat. So what do I plan to do? I’m a fan of bodyweight exercises, mostly because I have a lot of it and I believe in using what you have. That and I’m cheap, so I can’t really afford a gym right now. I have that, information about bodyweight exercising (including Convict Conditioning, aka Spark’s Fitness Bible), a set of three kettlebells, a homemade “iron mace,†and a set of 10-lb homemade clubbells. I also have a tractor tire, on which I pound said mace. Over the last week I’ve been getting back into the CC workouts with a daily routine, breaks on Sunday. I plan to add kettlebells to the daily workouts and use Sundays for the mace/clubs stuff as a full-body routine. This is probably going to be too much, and I’m okay with that. I like to know my limits. My body has always reacted well to exercise; those of you who know what all those numbers mean up there know that I have good genes to have survived this long. The goal is to survive longer, and feel better than I did growing up. I will firm this into a serious plan by the start of the next challenge cycle as I figure out what I can do and what I can’t. In addition to the weights, I plan to add walking to my routine. Three days a week. I’m still nailing the schedule down. Fortunately, I live in rural Arkansas (we do not, as they say, faff about when it comes to rural here), so I can walk wherever I want with only minimal risk of villagers running me off with pitchforks and torches. So here’s the intro to my battle log. Starting pictures of me are spoilered below, but don’t feel obligated to click on them. I’m glad to be in a place where people reading my words have some idea of what I’m joking about, and I can already tell that it’s a supportive atmosphere. Cheers.
  9. Hey all! So I've been lurking here for a bit, ho humming about joining. Not that I don't WANT to join, but committing to things is scary. (And I'm anti-social pls.) I've browsed and tried other fitness communities only to feel a bit out of place... but then I found nerdfitness, which I have to admit, seems pretty freakin' fantastic. So I've lurked, and read, and lurked some more. A couple weeks ago I started working out more and following a more keto/paleo based diet, and yesterday the thought came to me: why haven't I joined that nerdfitness site yet? So here I am, nervous, yet excited. You all seem like supportive well-informed people, so, ya know, hi! Some quick facts about me: - I'm a well-rounded 24 year old chick, standing at a tall 5' 4" - Video games = <3 - My goal is to become a fit sexy beast - Have struggled with depression/anxiety since I was a teenager, but I'm feeling better every day - Worshiper of all things BACON - I live in Washington State - My dream home would be a hobbit hole in New Zealand
  10. It's another newbie signing up for the cause of fun, fitness and friendship! Fitness isn't entirely foreign to me as I grew up playing basketball, was into volleyball and tennis in high school, and skateboarding in college. After a broken ankle, six years of financial struggles, 1 pregnancy, and moving to a place that seems to only have two seasons (kinda hot, and redonkulously hot), my health has taken a beating. I'm here to fight back and feel better. I want to play with my goofball kid and not get worn out after 10 minutes. I want my belly to stop getting in the way of yoga poses. I want to have a good time! It's also my hope to gain more confidence so I can have the guts to keep building up my small knitting business. P.S. This is my first chat room ever since I apparently was living under a rock listening to Spice girls and the Goo Goo Dolls in the 90s
  11. Hello there! So I've been noseying about the forums for a few months and have finally decided to overcome my shyness. I'm really hoping to learn to engage in the community! I think that having a place both to give and receive support and to share information will help me step up as far as my quest for fitness goes and to really commit to some sort of regime. At the moment I mainly walk and jog, as well as intermittent running. I walk every day, and jog / run three times a week, more-or-less. I meditate regularly and enjoy yoga. Hm... losing weight isn't really my goal since I'm already very skinny but I'd like to lose a few pounds in the process - can't hurt, right? What I aim to do is increase my flexibility even more, treat my body like the 'temple' that it is by feeding it the right fuel, and, ideally, increase my stamina too. So far I've gotten a yoga DVD so that I can learn new moves and increase my technique, and I've tried to be more aware of what I'm putting in this tummy of mine. I'm trying not to grab for the chocolate quite as much, and am taking carbs in moderation. I'd actually love to give free-running a go but I'm quite shy and reserved which has always put me against it, and with my main interests like yoga at hand, I don't really have the balance/build for it. Anyway, 'druid' seems to be calling to me and I can resonate strongly with that type of fitness path so I'm hoping to join in on that somehow, but I'm feeling quite lost! I've never been on a forum site like this before and I don't know what threads to see or what I should do now. Any tips would be highly appreciated! Thank you for reading, everyone. - Lucy
  12. Background: height 5'5". Weight 129 pounds. Age 32. Looking to build muscular strength. I have been regularly working out for the last 3 months. When I started working out, it was the first time in ten years that I had started any sort of physical activity which did not involve me getting up from my desk at work to go the loo! When I first started squatting with just my body 3 months ago I could not get the form right, and kept hurting my knee in some way or the other. A NF video finally showed me how to squat and how squatting actually helps your knees by strengthening muscles that stabilize the knee. I can now squat 0.5x my body weight for 3 sets of 10 reps each. I tell myself daily that this is a battle which is won one step at a time, that I can't undo ten years of pure laziness in ten weeks, but I still wish I could see results faster. In the last three months I haven't lost a pound but I've lost 2 inches off my bust, waist and hips EACH, 6 inches in all, so something is going right somewhere. Main quest : reduce waist from 30 inches to 28.0 in 6 weeks. I workout 3x a week with weights, which I will continue. I will add 20 mins of daily cardio or HIIT 6 days a week. Side quests which I will work on daily: 1. Stop ordering junk/fast food when I have a freezer full of food I've cooked myself! I can cook. I do cook. I just need to eat my own cooking! No it's not that it tastes bad . I will reduce ordering from outside completely, except getting my fav rice n chicken on weight training days. Side note: it will save me money too! 2. Build serious empathy skills. I can be very very selfish at times, to people closest to me. The funny thing is, when I realize later on how my selfishness has hurt those near to me, I'm truly ashamed of myself. I will even promise myself not to repeat the behavior, but sometimes I do, and it kills me. Practice mindful empathy DAILY. Stop living inside my own head. Make time for those important in my life every day, and treat them like royalty. Think of what is important for them and do something to make thus important thing happen for them 3. Stop hitting the snooze button. Those ten minutes of extra sleep are not worth the risk to your life of driving like a maniac, or the embarrassment of being two minutes late to work. yeah my job demands STRICT punctuality, and even ten Years in, I hit snooze, go figure . PS. I actually love my job. Just hate the time it starts. Bonus quest: build up to 60 push-ups from my current score of ten Motivation : health, functional fitness, stamina, strength, appearance. Working out is a good way to level up in life. When nothing is going right in your life, you can look at your workouts and see how you've progressed. It shows you what you're capable of when you're only playing with the set of cards dealt to you, and surviving by pure mental grit
  13. Intro: Howdy, I’m Aeshnidae! I just joined the Academy as a Ranger and this is my first challenge. (I’ve actually been doing it for a couple of weeks on my own but just realized I could join the Rebellion. This is great, because everyone else is probably tired of hearing me talk about my fitness goals.) I’m a 38 year old lawyer and recently moved back to the DC area after 10+ years in Boulder (I also brought my wife and two dogs). It’s so much easier to be active and healthy in Colorado, where it’s basically built into the lifestyle. It’s harder now that I’m back in the DC professional scene, where it’s all about being chained to your desk for ridiculously long hours. I’m 5’3, currently 135 lbs, and around 22% body fat (not entirely sure about that number, but I’m ordering a monitor to know for sure). I’ve been pretty good about working out and eating fairly well for the past 15 years, although I go through occasional stretches where I don’t do much scheduled exercise for a couple of months. I’ve been on a 3-5 day per week exercise routine for the past year, and in the past two months I’ve been working out at least 4 days per week. I do strength and cardio 4 days per week and usually do another 1-2 days of just cardio. Even so, I’m about 8 lbs heavier than I was a year and a half ago. I know some of this is muscle weight, which is why my main quest is about body fat percentage and not pounds on the scale. Please excuse the messy room in my photos. It's our "walk in closet" room that no one ever sees and we just got back from a trip, so it's basically a suitcase explosion. Main Quest: To decrease my body fat percentage to either 19% or lose 3% of my body fat, which would put me at a lower body fat percentage. Mission 1: Perform 4 heavy lifting sessions per week (2 upper body, 2 lower body) for 30-45 minutes per session. Lift in the 4-6 rep range for 3 sets per exercise. Measurement: A = 3 weeks no exceptions; B = 2 weeks no exceptions; C = 1 week no exceptions Reward: Um…I played D&D back in high school so I understand attribute points but I’m at a loss of how best to assign them. Any advice? Mission 2: Increase cardio workouts and include high-intensity intervals. Perform 10-15 minutes of HIIT and 15-20 minutes of regular intensity cardio on the elliptical on each lifting day (i.e., 4 days per week). 1-2 days per week, perform 20-25 minutes of HIIT cardio and 15-20 minutes of regular intensity cardio of any type (e.g., elliptical, running, cycling, Focus T25). Measurement: A = 3 weeks no exceptions; B = 2 weeks no exceptions; C = 1 week no exceptions Mission 3: Limit carbohydrate intake to 125 grams per day at least 5 days per week. The majority of carbs will come from fruits and non-starchy veggies (sweet potatoes are okay). Measurement: A = 125 grams or less 5 days per week and no more than 150 grams for 1 of the 2 other days; B = 125 grams or less 5 days per week and no more than 200 grams for the other 2 days; C = Anything that doesn’t meet the stated mission goal. Motivation: Weight-bearing exercises really help me manage my fibromyalgia pain, but I easily bulk up if I lift in the 8-12 rep range and I don’t want to hulk out of my clothes, so I need to lift in a lower rep range and eat clean. I also want to fight off the love handles that have started to appear in the last year because I want to look good for myself and for my wife.
  14. Hello, everyone. I'm Steppinon D'Arrows and I first found this place while looking for ways to lose the weight I had gained back. You see, I have been on Weight Watchers for some time, my poor diet choices, sedentary habits and medical situation having made me overweight since childhood. I lost, in total, approximately 100 lbs, give or take. However, I made some bad choices when I wasn't really keeping track and gained ten pounds before I knew it. I'm back on WW but I've begun to incorporate exercise and even more healthy eating into my diet. I'm hoping to get back to how I was and less. As of this writing, I am 170 lbs and 5'4" in height. I'm a bit of a Scale Watcher and have perfectionist tendencies, so I'm trying to change that too so I can develop a healthier attitude about myself. I've also started going back to school after having tried and failed to get a job for a long time. I'm going into Culinary Arts and want to start out in back-of-the-house as a line cook and eventually find which foods I like making best and specialize. I started out in Nerd Fitness by signing up for those e-mails. I liked the way the articles on the site were written and thought I could use the motivation to keep me going. Now I want to take it a step further and I'm starting to create my alter ego, fully joining the rebellion. Old habits are hard to break, though. Hopefully, this will help.
  15. I'm Scott. Back in March, my doctor told me I had to either go on blood pressure medication, or change my lifestyle. I was obese, holding most of the weight in my face and my gut. I don't remember when I weighed myself in at 250, whether it was before that or after. It got to a point that I was so disgusted with my weight, that I stopped checking. I'd been trying to eat better around that time. I knew how to workout, but honestly I felt so weak I was afraid that I wasn't healthy enough. Shortly after the visit, I changed my diet (and I mean diet the way it's stated on the NF site- the stuff I put in my mouth.) I changed gradually, possibly too gradually, but they were steps I could take. Shortly after that, I began exercising. I started with swimming and weight machines at the gym (yeah, I know.) As my weight dropped and my strength improved, I graduated to more body weight and eventually to free weights as well. The change to free weights came after I discovered the NF site. I'm now 55 pounds and a whole lot stronger. My diet is paleo-light-light. I'm currently training to complete the 300 Spartan workout in under 30 minutes. (I can do 85% of the reps in under 30.) My mindset has transformed. I keep track of my weight, but I'm no longer concerned about it. Not really. Most of the belly fat has gone (I'm down 6 pants sizes) and I want to see the rest go. But my goals have shifted - they're performance based. For instance, after 300, I want to be able to do planche push-ups. And then I'll find another goal. And another. I'm too egotistical not to be concerned about my appearance, but I finally understand the quote that appearance is a consequence of fitness.
  16. Hola everyone! I've creeped around this site for awhile but I've decided to commit and strive for some real change! I'm really excited about all the great resources, articles and support NF has to offer. I saw the body weight workouts and am glad to have some easy exercises to do while travelling. I've already tried the beginners body weight work out a few times and I can definitely feel it the next day. Haha I am so weak, all my muscles ache the next day but I'm really excited to feel like I am making progress. I used to be pretty introverted and still have some weird aversions to social situations at times. I have really decided to push myself to try to grow and have literally moved to the opposite side of the world but now I want to improve myself physically too! I am excited to learn about being healthier and getting to know this super cool community. I also had a couple of quick questions about the 6 week challenges. I really think it's a great idea but it's already been going on for a couple weeks. Is it possible to sign up late? How often are they? Will the next start as soon as the current one ends? Hope to learn lots from all of you!
  17. Hello Nerdom! I've been lurking for about a week now, chatted with a few of you last week in the chat room and have decided that I am sticking around, you guys speak my language (going to college right now, mid-life carrer change so HTML/CSS and Visual Basic are my language right now). Now some background info.....I'm no stranger to fitness. In high school I was on the swim team (I was a sprinter, freestyle and butterfly) kept me in great shape. After highschool I joined the United States Marine Corps where I spent the next 6 years, running, rolling, hanging, and in general doing Marine things, I was probably at the peak of my fitness at that time in my life. I was able to do 20 dead hang pull ups, 100 crunches in 2 minutes, and had a 19 minute 3 mile run time. Well I guess the years of doing that took it's toll on my knees, I developed arthritis in my left knee at a young age (25) my surgeon (former Phoenix Cardinals team surgeon) very strongly urged me to no longer run, an activity I used to love. After that surgery I started putting on more weight, I had a sedentry job and not being able to run really took it's toll on me mentally and physically. So in around 2008 I decided to take my life back, I came across a book that I owned and actually used sucessfully to lose weight ( back in 2000 when I got out of the USMC), Body for Life by Bill Phillips. Over the next few years I participated in a group online and did back to back BFL challenges, after losing probably 30 or more pounds I started slacking off and trying different lifting programs like Chris Waterbury's Summer Program, I started putting on some mass and went from about 180ish to 190ish but with visible muscle mass added. Now somewhere in there I somehow hurt my lower back.......this was a game killer....I've never expereinced so much pain in my life. I found out that I have severly herniated discs, L4,L5,S1.......I've been told the surgery is 50/50 on pain relief and that my best bet is to lose weight. I have been dealing with this for about 3 years now, I just found out about 6 months ago that I have really bad venous reflux (vericose veins) in my legs with my right leg being the worst of the two. Needless to say I now have to wear the super cool medical style compression stockings, or have surgery, which even after I would have to wear the compression stockings. With these health problems I'm limited in what exercises I can do, which is part of the reason I'm here. I need some accountability and some advice, because I am going to give 110% of my dedication to losing weight. I absolutely need to start losing weight, it's impacting my life in more ways than one. I have six kids, I can't do squat with them, because I'm either in pain or too tired because I'm in pain....make sense? I don't feel like I'm guiding my kids into healthy decisions because I don't eat the best and I don't exercise. Right now I'm the heaviest I've ever been in my life at 235 lbs, I carry it around my middle like a tractor tire. My goals for right now are to change my eating habbits to become more Paleo like (sorry gotta have my coffee and kombucha). I already drink a ton of water, at least 96 oz daily, if not more. And just be more active, I am going to start doing the body weight exercises I saw in an article here, I'm pretty sure I can do most of them. I want to start walking with my wife, but I don't know how far I can go without my legs killing me. So that's another goal to get out and walk with my wife. **Sorry for the run-ons and wierdness, I was just trying to get the bulk of it down.**
  18. Greeting Fellow Nerds! My name is Jawad, but my online-name is Agon and as soon as I can change my display name on here it shall be so. (after 150 posts I beleive?). I'm almost 20 years old - one month to go! - and I'm currently studying Computer Science for my Bachelor of Science degree. I chose to study that because I love computers and technology and would love to be a part of the future someday! And ofcourse, video games, love playing them and making them even more. I've been learning programing and other similar stuff since I started my course two years ago, but nothing too special untill recently. I got a small job working as a research assistant for a professor at my university and FINALLY get to do what I really wanted to do since I started studying: working on new technologies. We've been researching and developing software for autonimous drones that'll be used for some 'futuristic sounding' purposes. I still can't beleive that half of the stuff the professor is talking about could eventually be reality and that I could be a part of it this time! Aside from my studies, which take up most of my time usually. I try to spend a lot of time with my friends, whenever I can, which doesn't happen as frequently as I would like it. I play a lot of video games but recently I've been playing almost nothing but Hearthstone, and am considering going back to WoW perhaps when WoD is released. Aside from that, I enjoy watching TV shows, anime, movies and all that awesome stuff. But most of all, I spend my time online, on the glorious internets! I've known about Nerdfitness for a while now, but never actually did anything about it, but I think the time is up and I should finally make a change in my life. Getting my eating in order, getting some exercise, losing some weight, etc, so that I can do the things I love for much longer and get to enjoy the other things that life has to offer. I've only been active on Nerdfitness for a little while now and I already love it! Thank you all for having me here and I can't wait to get started properly. I already started a thread for my 6-week challenge (although I'm a week late, oops. ;s) Anyway, this has gone on a bit too long, thank you to anyone who actually went through this and read it, you're awesome!! ^.^
  19. Heyo! I'm female, 41, live in New Orleans, and ready to get in better shape and lose some weight! This is my first challenge with nerdfitness, but I love the layout and the motivation -- it's totally working for me so far, and I'm excited to have the format of the 6 week challenge. My major goal is get into a size 12, comfortably. My quests: 1, Do a body strength circuit workout 3x/week. 2, No more sugar! (fruit is ok, and I'm going to start out allowing myself one cheat day/week. I'll judge the cheat day's effect on morale and adjust accordingly.) 3, get hydrated! Drink 2.5 - 3 24oz bottles of water every day. Also, I have several food allergies, of varying intensity, and I tend to cheat on those that aren't so bad. But I know my body would be better off without the constant drain on my immune system, so I will NOT eat anything I know I am allergic to! (You wouldn't think that would be so hard!) I'm glad to have a community with which to fight the good fight! Good luck to everyone on their quests! We'll level up before we know it. JDubs
  20. Hello Nerds! My name is JiuJitsuPatricia and I'm new here. My sister(SandyLion) told me I should join this place, since I am a nerd, and do fitnessy(is that a word? it's like a nickname for the lochness monster who's in shape) things, so I did. As you may have guessed from my very creative username, I do Jiu Jitsu (of the Brazilian variety). I've done martial arts since I was a kid. I started with Judo, but eventually got bored of that, so branched out to traditonal jiu jitsu, boxing and muay thai. From there I delved into MMA, had a few fights, and retired from that because I got to many concussions. Somewhere along the way between Judo and the end of the MMA erra I started BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) and that is what I've stuck with since. It's gentle(relatively) on my broken body, but still insanely challenging and gives me an outlet for my competitiveness. I've had a lot of injuries along my journey and my level of fitness recently hit a new all-time low. So my goals are as follows: 1. Not be in the worst shape of my life when I turn 30 2. Properly rehabilitate my injuries(primariy shoulder, but also knee and hip) 3. Once 1 and 2 are complete, compete again. 4. Maybe do one of those adventure race things like the spartan race, warrior dash, ect ect. I'm not really sure what else I should put here, so i'll stop now. Looking forward to "meeting" all you lovely nerds.
  21. Hello everyone, my name is Richard and I make cartoons. I'm currently taking my final class to receive my Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Animation from school and I figure as I transition out of school and into a post-college chapter of life, I should also transition into a chapter of better physical fitness. Well, I say that, but then again I've been exercising/dieting on and off for nearly 10 years now. But you know what they say; 300th time's the charm, right? My hope is some accountability will keep me from procrastination in this area (I mean heck, I've had an unfinished email draft to Steve in my email folder since I signed up 2 years ago.) WITH THAT OUT OF THE WAY. I'm a 24 year old male dude man with a height of 6'3", a weight of 250lbs and a beard of Lumberjack proportions. I figure with these numbers and my frame, I'd go down the weightlifting warrior route. I imagine I'd enjoy picking up heavy things rather than running long distances. Cardio has been my main focus whenever I try to "get healthy" and has not worked out tremendously well, so maybe it's time for a different approach. WAIT. I've signed up to a fitness site for NERDS. I should probably back up my claim to nerdiness. WHELL, I'm an animator, if that wasn't already established, so I have an unhealthy affinity for cartoons of all sort, I also have been gaming ever since I can remember (my dad got an NES just a year before I was born, so I was gaming from the womb basically.) The games I tend to gravitate to are non-military FPS type games, (like Borderlands, L4D, Killing Floor, TF2 and the like) indie platformers, and puzzle games (somewhat combined in my current addiction: Gunpoint) I hope that covers everything. Are there any other animators/artists on here? Any others who enjoy adventureously spicy foods? Thanks for taking the time to read this novel!
  22. Haaaaaaaai everyone!! Well, I used to have a profile here before, but I won't lie, I barely did anything with it So here I am, brand new start, hopefully this time I will be more active here. Anyway, my name is Scarlett, and I have come along way already, I used to weight 210 and now I am down to low 180's ... My "number" goal is 150s at 5'8" however I like weight lifting, so I don't really care for numbers as much. Also, I loveeeeeee to run <3 It's my private time where I can think about life and my goals. My problem is sugar :/ I have an addiction.. a bad one.... Hmmmm.. other than that, I can consider myself quite nerdy, I love videogames, tv series, books, crafts, I LOVE raving, and I try to go out to dance as much as I can I would love to get to know people here better and possibly make some awesome friends not only for fitness motivation but to chit chat as well I'll shut up now lol
  23. Greetings all, figured since I plan on sticking around (here and in chat) that I should probably try write an indtroduction post. Stats About Me: Male30 years old5'11" in heightCurrently over 280lbs, but started at 325+lbs back in October of 2013GingerBad lower back which makes working out more of a puzzle at timesI have a B.S. in Physics, a B.A. in Mathematics and a M.S. in Electro-OpticsI am a programming consultant (not really related to my education directly at least)Avid PC gamer (lately been focusing in on rogue-like and rpg games more but enjoy most genres)Enjoy being out in nature (some of my favorite memories as a child are on camping trips)Enjoy photography, especially nature (need a new camera though :[ )Enjoy created game based content online, such as streaming and let's play videos (been really tired lately so been slacking on it though)There is probably other things that would be good to add but I can not think of any right now. Feel free to ask though Why I decided to join this community is the information is sensical, and I enjoy the skeptic approach to the information out there. So far the people I have talked with have been awesome as well, I can tell the community is pretty tight which is a very good thing. Again, any questions or tips on what I should add let me know. <3
  24. Hi! Just wanted to introduce myself to the community! ヾ(^∇^) My name is DaisyDarkly, but you can call me Darkly. I am currently 180 lbs, with an average height which puts me at about 40 lbs overweight. Though, losing weight is not my focus so much as it would be a pleasant side affect. I am much more interested in becoming stronger and faster. You see, I've always been that slow, uncoordinated wimpy kid that lags behind the rest of the crowd and I've grown into an apathetic, still overweight, neurotic adult. I just realized one day that I am not who I wish to be. I'm ready for a change! I want to become stronger and faster! My life, in my opinion, is in desperate need of FUN. I guess that makes me an aspiring Ranger? It's nice to finally meet you guys! I've heard good things. ()
  25. Greetings, fellow rebels! The name's Megawolf. Nice to meet you! I'm a Web programmer / analyst for a small college by day and avid gamer by night. I've spent too much of my life completely ignoring fitness, but that has to stop. When I stumbled upon Nerd Fitness, something clicked in my head and I knew becoming a rebel would be the motivational push I needed to finally stop procrastinating and be the best version of me I can be. I'm a 27 year-old, 5'9" (or is it 5'10", I can never remember) guy weighing in at just over 200 lbs. My current plans are to drop that weight down to about 175 and find an exercise type I enjoy. I kind of lean toward powerlifting, but running is fun too. I would love to eventually get back into martial arts (I was with a Shoren Ryu Karate dojo for a couple years when I was younger), but I think I'm best off doing things one step at a time. As for interests, I play a lot of video games and watch a lot of anime. I have an awesome Siberian Husky who I love spending time with and I'm currently studying Japanese so I can understand the dialogue in the imported games I've been playing. I also get a kick out of putting stuff together (computers, Gundam models, etc.). Anyway, I'm glad to have found this community and look forward to leveling-up my life alongside the rest of you!
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