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  1. Every super-person has an alter ego and I feel like this is a site where many create theirs. Whether you have one in your head or are looking to transform yourself into them I'm curious who your superhero alter egos would be. Mine is basically Kim Possible with a little Deadpool humor thrown in. I'm looking to become far better in the fields of gymnastics and general movement, but I love adventure. Please feel free to share yours as well! I'd love to know. By the way, my name is Emma. Superhero name suggestions always appreciated
  2. Hi there! I'm not really sure how to start a good introduction, but here I go! I'm a 19 year old girl who only reaches about 158cms (5'2 ish) and weighs about 53 kgs (116 ish lbs). In other words, I'm of average weight, BUT I am by NO means healthy. I spend most of my days sitting around in lectures or in front of my laptop. My diet consists of frozen meals and a disproportionate amount of carbs...so many carbs (my love for carbs is deep)!! Just recently I decided enough was enough! I needed to be healthier! Besides, I'd love to get rid of some of my excess fat and be confident in my
  3. Thank you for allowing me to join the Rebellion! Leia Cruz here, starting over my fitness journey once again...this time as a middle ager, and it is a lot harder!! Looking forward to getting some support via these forums. I need something new to motivate me and get me off the couch. I am a 46 year old educator who is a nerd at heart. I'm not a gamer, but I love a good sci fi book or movie series. My faves are Star Wars franchise and all of the Tolkien-based movies. Give me a starship or a hobbit hole, and I am a happy girl. I recently started cutting carbs and have set a goal to eat Pa
  4. A few days ago, one week shy of my fortieth birthday, I decided that I need some help on my journey… Backstory: As an adult, I've never really been fit or healthy. About 10 years ago when I moved to Mumbai, I was a UK size 20. A few stints at the gym along with portion control helped me to lose weight and get reasonably in shape, levelling out at a UK size 12. I was my lowest weight about 5 years ago, but as it was due to a combination of immense stress and illness, I was not healthy or really prepared to maintain that weight. Over a two year period, I steadily put on
  5. Hurray, introductions! After a whole 10 minutes of lurking (okay, maybe a little longer), I can tell that you folks are some awesome badass nerds. And I love you for that! Hopefully we can be badass together. A little about me: Hi! I'm Ally! I just turned 30 in December. Yep, I had that milestone like a brick wall. Coincidentally, so did my metabolism. I'm a married mom of two awesome young kids, a noisy Siamese, and a lovable oaf of a pitty. I work a desk job and live in the 'burbs. I've made some stellar milestones in my life over the past few years, like quitting smokin
  6. ...but not always confidence in me Well that is partially untrue. I am very blessed to have wonderful friends and family. I am getting a PhD. I play in a band (and am shamelessly quoting the Sound of Music in my title). I have a wonderful dog named Dougie to walk me. However, when it comes to nutrition, fitness and how I feel about myself and my body I still have room to grow. I am a 31 year old male who has been overweight (and sometimes even obese) for my whole adult life. I have generally shied away from any physical activity. I am a complete and unapologet
  7. Good morning folks. Been reading the site for awhile, never realized there was a forum section that I had completely skipped over (I don't do facebook or social media, but forums at at least alright)! I'm roughly 30 years old (I say roughly as I don't really care). I've always been a "fluffy" fellow (fans of Gabriel iglesias will understand, only been a "DAAMN!!" for a couple years). Weight has been an issue with me since roughly 4th grade (helped in football but thats about it). Even when I played competitive soccer, I was still by far the largest person on the field and still rel
  8. My fellow NF Rebels, I'm Kymberleigh, a Level 5 Rebel on her way to Level 50. I'm an Academy member with a goal to join NF Yoga soon. My Big Why is for health reasons. I'm sick of being overweight and unhealthy. I'm also battling a food addiction and Bi Polor Disorder. I've tried many times and failed because I wanted to be superwoman and change everything at once. I refuse to make the same mistake this time around. My battle inventory consists of my Fitbit Flex, the book Level Up Your Life by Steve Kamb, and a small library of workout DVDs. My Level 50 (page 91-94 of Level Up Your L
  9. Hi everyone! I'm part of the Rising Heroes program and I'm following the 4 week challenges too. I love finding like-minded people for encouragement, inspiration, resources, ideas and humor! I'm 44 and run an MMA and fitness gym. I've been boxing and practicing Muay Thai for years, and I'm a blue belt in Jiu Jitsu. I lift and do conditioning too with the goals of cross training and aging with strength and grace. As for leveling up.... I have too many directions I want to go, gotta narrow it down! I look forward to getting to know others here!
  10. Hello all, I actually signed up a week ago and have started a personal challenge in the Rebel area, but figured I should introduce myself. Long story, I’m a 38 year old female and I’d been able to maintain a healthy weight of about 125 to 130 my entire adult life until about a year and a half ago. That’s when the intermittent abdominal pains I’d been having stopped being so . . . intermittent and I noticed I was losing my appetite. I made a doctor’s appointment but, of course, the soonest they had available was three weeks out. About a week late
  11. Hi everyone, I first found the Nerd Fitness blog about two years ago. I have always carried a little extra weight, or body fat more accurately, and struggled to shed it. Freshman year of college I hit my unhealthiest at 6'3" and 240. I decided to make a change and started working out some and eating a little better. I dropped about 30 lbs and kept it off, but struggled to get further and became pretty apathetic about it until the year I finished undergrad. That's when I found this blog, and over about 10 months got my weight down to 175. I did not exercise like I should have, so I
  12. Hiya fellow rebels! After KICKING MAJOR BUTT in a Tug of War competition I learned that one of my biggest hurdles to better health fitness was that I hate cardio. I failed every attempt at a regular exercise regime in less than two weeks because I was focusing on cardio, not strength training. I want to beat my results from last year (SemiFinals or better! YESSS LETS DO THIS) and eventually cosplay as a badazz Lady Gaston at a Con.. or Evil Lyn from the Masters of the Universe (because I'm a not-so-secret-aging-Goth-Nerd) I hate putting myself out there like this becaus
  13. Hello, this is One Dank Medic, ....or at least, that's what I hope to become. Like him Or him But will probably end up like him at best I am a 22-year-old female, recent college graduate and working as a Lab Technician is an urgent care. My main life goal is to become an excellent physician and live life to its fullest. I found Nerdfitness about a year or so ago loved the concept. The idea of making your life into a game/adventure/quest was a childhood dream of mine! I also am nerdy ad love video games (LoZ is my favorite!)
  14. This is NOT another new year's resolution post. I resolved myself to got to gym in June (2016). Being a graduate student, it was not easy but I have been consistently working out since then. I hated my body with thin arms and a protruding belly. But after 7 months of training, I have become healthier and fitter than I have ever been in my entire life. Although I like the progress I have made, I would like to go to the next level. Earlier I have been lurking around on internet forums to gain knowledge, but now I think I need to interact with the community to gain their knowledge and experience.
  15. I'll be honest here... I've been apart of the academy for quite some time now.. and with this honesty.. I really haven't been doing much. I've been trying to eat better, and now I have decided to get my attempt at home workouts. Gotta start small I guess. I just re-came across the 20 minute hotel workout that I tried Level 1 in my apartment, part of me is aching a little bit, and the other part of me is glad I went through it. Now I know that rest days are important, what do I do on my rest day? and how can I mix the 20-minute hotel workout with the Level 1 body worko
  16. Hey All, New guy here (joined Tuesday) and still reading through most of the site. Spent most of my life growing up as severely underweight. People used to say I'd snap in half if I sneezed. Yeah, well, nobody says that anymore. 5'6 and 200 pounds (I'm having my bodyfat done this afternoon at DEXA). I still have a very thin frame so all that extra weight certainly isn't helping. I know this is possible 'cause I lost 40 pounds via Medifast and kept it off for a year or so. Most of it came back slowly, over the last 2 years. Blah blah depression, blah blah meds, and so on
  17. Hi everyone, I'm just starting Nerd Fitness, having discovered the site only a few days ago. I'm a 30 year old PhD student studying physiology. I'm nearly finished, and currently having something of a crisis when I realize that I don't know what I want to do next in life. There are lots of possibilities, but it's hard to not feel anxious about the future. Being honest about my inner geek/nerd seemed a good place to start, so I'm looking forward to making some friends within this community. Everyone seems friendly so far! My main reasons for wanting to get more in s
  18. Hello all! My name is Kaitee -- trying out using Kalista Fauner as an alter ego idea, to see if that helps me overcome some of my hangups. I heard about NF through a friend who volunteered at Camp Nerd Fitness this summer. I was totally enamored by the idea and have been lurking around the blog and such for a few months. Finally made a character and joined the forums today. Yay! I am a puppeteer, and have been a performing artist for most of my adult life. And though, very truly, my body is my instrument, I have not taken care of it. I'm not unhealthy, per se. How
  19. So! Finally getting back on track with fitness. I'm brand new to this site. I used to be relatively fit? And then I moved to Boston 11 years ago, hit a bunch of hurdles with depression, teaching myself to be an adult and cook right, food allergies(dammit gluten, stop being delicious) and now being on the road a lot with my band(and the crappy food challenges that comes along with that). So I'm at 216 right now, which is...not great on a dude who's only 5'7" but I guess could be worse(considering when I got married 2 years ago I was near 250). I'm trying to decide if I should set an end g
  20. Hey Everyone I'm JarmyA. I'm a university student from the UK. I've been trying to improve my life for some time now. Dieting, exercising, finding new hobbies, but it always seems to fail and I end up back at day 1 again in a mater of weeks. I've been reading through the NF articles and emails for some time now and have decided to join the forums to get some extra help. I'm hoping that starting the 4 week challenge and giving myself small but achievable goals, i can finally get to where I want to be. Gonna stick with being a rebel for now as i have no idea what I'm doi
  21. Hello, everyone! I'm otterbyte, and I'm very happy to have found this group of folks. I'm a 47-yo mother of 2, and wife to @Bighara, who introduced himself earlier. We have both been active on and off during our lives, but entered our mid-40s pretty out of shape and wanting to change before it was too late, and we ended up old and sick, wondering what happened. Six months ago we started a cardio kickboxing class, plus did a lot of work improving our diets. We're currently exercising 3-4 times a week and have gotten to our target weights. I'd like to get stronger and improve my agil
  22. Howdy all, Newbie to the academy--sort of--twelve weeks in. I'm an assassin who refuses to assassinate, so I'm not sure what they makes me. Perhaps I'll become an agile ambassador with more strength than meets the eye. Hmmm. . . . it's a start. I've jumped on the Facebook men's group, then quickly jumped back out after I jumped in way too fast sharing way too much. Now I'm back in. Slow this time, Mike, slooooow. I joined a gym because I've been working out at home, but I'm a bit of a social bug, so I like working out outside the home. Ideally I'll find a gym bud at some point, b
  23. Hello hello everyone! My name is Snack and I'm new to this forum and I'm actually tryna learn what is going around and how to function on this site. Anyways, I'll be here a lot when I have free time and such so I'd love to meet as many of you as possible. Cheers, - Snack.
  24. (( This post is meant to be in Roleplay - something I haven't typed in for ... oh... close to 20 years. I may use phrases and whatnot that are LONG outdated - like the double parentheses - those used to use used to denote a comment from someone's "mun" or "mundane" - the person behind the keyboard, and NOT the character in the story. Lines that start with a * are meant to denote actions, as this was what displayed on the screen when someone used the old /me command in IRC. Want to learn more about me, check out my character. Replies to NOT have to be In Character (IC) and I don't intend to rep
  25. Hi all! I'm 37, currently living in Chicago and determined to lose some weight. I was quite fit in my 20s but multiple health issues in my 30s have taken their toll. I have osteoarthritis in my feet, knees and spine (which I can deal with) and a herniated disc/compressed sciatic nerve that has knocked me on my ass. I've had two surgeries to repair the disc since 2014, and now it looks like I'm going to need a third in the future. The doc who did the last surgery says all he can do is a fusion. Second opinion is vehemently opposed to a fusion since my images show I'm predisposed to
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