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Found 2 results

  1. Ello! I’ve been part of the Rebellion on and off for years, but one of those extras who get over dramatically laser-blasted in the background with a Wilhelm Scream that isn’t even in the credits. At first I was on the women’s Facebook group for a bit; but I quit social media a while ago- got tired of the keeping up with appearances stuff. Then I ran across the NF crew on Discord last year right before a bot started destroying it in some crazy apocalypse scene (“so anyway, I started blasting…”). A while later I found a little post-apocalypse camp out back on Discord and noticed it needed Forum approval, but didn’t get around to it lazily. This morning I saw a meme about The Rock’s legendary cheat meals and I thought, “probably would be nice to have some motivation and place to ask questions…” So, here I am. At least until I get distracted by something.
  2. Hey, there! I suppose this is the part where I introduce myself, right? Name: Camden M. From: Nevada Current Weight: 138 lbs. Physical History: I've always been a skinny kid. I was always the tall, lanky one that was never as buff as the rest. I've never weighed more than 140 lbs. However, I do run a lot, and I've been told that may play into why I can't seem to gain muscle. However, running does make me happy and I do enjoy it. Physical Goals: I want to build more muscle and gain weight. I also want to take up yoga/meditation for the relaxation aspect of it. However, my overall goal is to stop being the skinny kid and to develop a more well rounded runner's body (or at least weigh more than 145 lbs.) Side note: I'd also like to develop better eating habits. Hobbies: I really enjoy drawing, and writing. I also like to sing. I also browse Tumblr for hours on end-- If that can be considered a hobby. I'm also starting to get more into making my own cosplays and such. Interests: I'm a fan of a webcomic called Homestuck. I also enjoy Sherlock and some various anime shows. And my friend has started to get me into Marvel Comics. I suppose that'll suffice for an intro. Wish me luck. ~Cam
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