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Found 5 results

  1. I fell off my workout horse months ago and just cannot seem to get back into the groove of things, so I figured I'd try to find someone near me who can help keep me accountable to myself and to them. Not sure what my odds are of succeeding in this as the NF forums seem somewhat small compared to others, but it never hurts to try. I would like to meet a fellow rebel who is at any stage of their workout goals, whether that be just starting or well established with years of steady habit building success under their belt. I just need someone to meet with two or three times a week for a run, or some circuit training, or some weightlifting, or yoga, or whatever. I don't care what. I just need to get moving and build some habits. I would appreciate the help enormously as I'm tired of being squishy and tired, and I'm already staring the beginnings of health problems in the face. I need to get on top of them while I'm young so I don't spend my life with hypertension and high cholesterol. If anyone is interested, don't hesitate to contact me or leave a post saying to contact you.
  2. Hey rebels! I'm new around here and I'm trying to get/stay in shape. I'm a picky eater so I need some one to keep me accountable with food (trying new ones and eating the good stuff). I think I'll probably fall into the Ranger category eventually because I dislike monotony, but who knows! Maybe I'll find something I love on this journey! It's unlikely I'll find someone near me (Davenport, IA). But even someone to keep tabs on me online would be nice.
  3. Hey everyone! I can't wait to meet you all and show you a couple of my fave places in my beloved Des Moines Date: Saturday, March 1st (time TBD) We will start off at: Brenton Skating Plaza 520 Robert D Ray Dr Des Moines, IA 50309-1824 We're obviously going ice skating, and Brenton is an outdoor skating arena, so wear several layers and bring plenty of gloves, hats, scarves, etc. Also, it costs $6 for admission and $3.50 for ice skate rentals. However, if there are 10 or more people, it will only cost $7 per person. This is one reason that it would be fantastic for everyone to commit as soon as possible, so I know what kind of numbers we're looking at, but either way, no big deal. For more information about Brenton, check out: http://brentonplaza.com/ We will then be going to my favorite restaurant, Zombie Burger The food's delicious, it's a really fun atmosphere and it's undoubtedly one of a kind. The restaurant is literally two blocks away from the skating plaza and has been my hangout spot since it opened in August 2011. They also have really creative shakes, spiked shakes and a full bar. For more information, here's their website, along with the menu: http://www.zombieburgerdm.com/ If everyone would like and if we had time, we could go over to UpDown (which is also a couple blocks away; all of the places we're going are in the East Village). drink beer and play arcade games http://updowndsm.com/ Or, we could just stay at Zombie Burger and drink there Either way, it's going to be a blast! As far as accommodations, I would definitely let you guys stay with me if I had my own place, but I don't yet. I would suggest finding a hotel near the airport, which is about 10 minutes away from the East Village, where we'll be spending our time. There are some very nice hotels in downtown DM, but they will be pricier. Here's a link to some airport hotels: http://www.tripadvisor.com/HotelsNear-g37835-qDSM-Des_Moines_Iowa.html Confirmed nerds so far: SnowWhite FalseAesop Wufkar SammyShark mmitchell151 Bananandrea And lastly, please reply if you are still planning on attending, and let me know if you have any questions; I'd be more than happy to answer them! I'd recommend everyone post their challenge thread or battle blog so we can get to know each other a bit before the meet up. I can't wait! Battle on, Nerds. Cheers! -SnowWhite
  4. I'm not sure how many Rebels there are in Iowa, or how many practice Parkour, but I was wondering if anybody WAS in the central Iowa area. I'm from Ames and I was looking for people who I could learn from/with.
  5. Hey all! I live in Ames, IA and if there are any Rebels in the area I'd love to have an exercise buddy! I get bored easily by myself.
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