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Found 4 results

  1. "Do I have to wear a singlet?" "How can you say that's not to depth when the bottom of my thigh is below parallel?" "But I like my Superman t-shirt!" "I know this belt isn't on the approved list. Can I wear it at national level competitions?" "What do you mean I have to pause my bench press?" "But I always lift in hiking boots!" "Why was that a red light? It went up, even if it dipped a little on the way." "Someone said I could drop my deadlifts, why did that get three reds?" "Do I have to wear long socks for deadlifts?" "But I like benching on my toes." "Why can't I wear wraps in a
  2. As many of you might know, I took up a place in "Team Scotland" at the Commonwealth Powerlifting Championships in Richmond, BC, Canada at the beginning of the month. For those of you who don't know what the Commonwealth is, it's an association of 53 countries for whom Queen Elizabeth II is still head of state. Fourteen of those attended the championships at the Richmond Olympic Oval. We flew out to Vancouver four days before I was due to lift to give me a few days to recover as much as possible and booked a little AirBnB apartment with cooking facilities for the first two nights so that I cou
  3. Well, it’s finally official. I’ve waited a long time knowing but not being allowed to announce this! I started on NF having pretty much never touched a barbell but loved Spezzy’s story and was desperate to start lifting and today I have officially been selected to go to my first international powerlifting championships within the IPF. I think that makes me the first Nerd to go from newbie lifter to international competitor (Tankweazel was already international elite by the time she joined). I will be representing Scotland at the Commonwealth Powerlifting Championships in Richmond, BC,
  4. Much like Jaymul, I have a coach who does all my programming for me, so I'm not actually going to have strength goals this time. That might seem odd given the title of this challenge, but that's just about keeping on trucking. I've got Scottish Seniors on 22 August and British Classic (Nationals) on 19 September so everything is focused around keeping positive, keeping moving and keeping healthy. I don't know what my actual goals are for each competition, but I'd really like to hit 140kg squat, 80kg bench and 145kg deadlift to give me my 365kg total and (bodyweight depending) 400 Wilks. Prog
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