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  1. Cobaltsword's Journey: Chapter 9 - Back In Strength Hello my fellow assassins, how wonderfull to be back amongst you, to stand among such strong and disciplined people is really a boost to the moral. So i'm back from being away, after a super tiring summer. I mean, studying, training, taking care of animals non stop and all the stress. It's over. The sad part is I didn't really get into my third bachelor year. It's complicated, french style education complicated, so i'll spare you the head bursting explanation by stating this. I'm now half in 2nd year BA, and half in 3de year BA. I had my griefs about it, especially because i missed it by a hair's width (thank you jury for not bending!) but i've taken my peace with it (more or less) and will instead focus on making this work for the best. I can start with half the courses of third year and seeing as I don't need to go to my second year courses I can focus all my energy during the year on the new courses and ace those. Minor bump in the road, but I think that every aspiring (great) politician had minor bumps So onto the new challenge, and this one is going to be an epic one. I've reinvested my time in the martial arts, sadly I can't attend classes so right now i'm contending myself by learning some basics via the Youtube channel of Sifu Jake Mace (ShaolinCenter). It's a great page and during the summer I already taught myself: 4 ways of spinning the Bo staff (thank you Nym for the additional info), 2 kata's with the Bo staff, 1 fist kata and i've practiced the Si Lum Tao (first form) of Wing Chun Kung Fu. So it's safe to say that next to my parkouring (weird word) i've gone into full Bruce Lee mode. So for this Challenge, the goals will be as follows: 1- Drink my after workout shakes: I've been meaning to get me some after workout protein and now that the exams are over I'll go get that bag as soon as I have the chance to do so. Seeing as i'm training nearly every day i'll have to take one every day, but i'll allow myself a pass on parkour days because they're more cardio like. But no excuses for Spartacus Workout days! 2- Practice my Wing Chun form It doesn't have to be long. At least do the form a few times in the day and ideally once while balancing on one leg (for each leg). The form isn't that hard but a certain part is required to be done super slowly and thus it takes some time ^^ 3- Practice my Iron Bone I'm very excited about this one, I've been doing it for a small week now. On every Spartacus Workout day i'll do my Iron Bone training which consists of striking my forearms (both sides to get both bones) and shins against a post to develop harder bones. After that, the Iron palm bag (filled with rice) to make my hands stronger. This last one is so that if I strengthen my bones as well as my muscles i'll be less prone to injury when parkouring. BONUS: Practice the other kata's and stuff I learned from Sifu Jake Mace if I have the time ^^ wouldn't want it to go to waste :)7 I'm not sure about the point system yet, i'll figure it out on the go. But this first week was a good start with parkour yesterday: I can now do 5 different kinds of vaults, my precision jumps are better and my cat leaps also ^^ And today's SW wasn't bad (push ups were a bit lacking) and the Iron Bone training to finish was a pleasure. My hands are pleasurably tingling right now because of striking the rice bag during 5 minutes (each hand). Now to catch up on everyone because i've been gone a while
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