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  1. After being a Ranger for nearly a year, I have realized that lifting is my workout passion. So, I am making the change that I have contemplated for a couple of challenges. Hi Warriors!!! Glad to be here. Now to really get the tonnage moving and become a meat tank. Diet and Fitness Goals 1. Pay the Iron Price. +5STR 2. Be Three-Finger Hobb. +2CON; +1WIS 3. Become a water dancer. +3DEX Life Goal 4. Become the Master of Coin. +3WIS; +1CHA How will I accomplish these Martin-esque tasks? 1. Add 75# to my total. Continue on my current strength routine, with a focus on moving more weight each week. My current total is 685# (230# Squat, 170# Bench, and 285# DL). I have wanted a 700# total for a while, but started doing the math and realized that is just adding 5# to each lift, and I am pretty sure I could do that right now, except maybe on bench. I will also be focusing on bench over OHP. Still gonna OHP, just not as much. Goal total by challenge end is 760#. 760+ = A, 745-759=B, 730-744=C, <730=FAIL. 2. Experiment with a new recipe/exotic ingredient each week. Research recipes on my favorite blogs, watch old episodes of Bizarre Foods, and branch out beyond my 5 or 6 go to meals. I will research this weekend and post probable recipes/ingredients. 6=A, 5=B, 4=C, <3=FAIL. 3. Work my balance. Slackline at least once a week. Do 10 minutes of balance poses 3 times a week. Slackline sessions: 6=A, 5=B, 4=C, <3=FAIL. Balance pose work: 18=A, 15=B, 12=C, <12=FAIL. 4. Fix my money issues. I have a small notebook to carry in my pocket. I will write down every single purchase I make, what is was, and how much it was for. I will then record this in a Google Docs spreadsheet so I can see just why I run out of money each month. The spreadsheet will be viewable by everyone so you all can say "Hey, stop spending money on bull crap. You gotta computer to build. Save some frackin' money!" Grading will be based on how well I track. Every week I will check my online bank account versus my pocket ledger. For each item that appears online and not in the notebook, I get a mark. <7=A, 7-12=B, 13-18=C, 18+=FAIL.
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