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Found 2 results

  1. Back with the adventurers! I've been with the druids for the last challenges while I worked on a mindset shift that has changed many things about how I live my life. The process is still going on, but now that I've grasped the main points, I'm back to focus on movement. There is still a mindset shift goal, but movement retakes its place of honor. Goal 1: Move all day long Workouts are great, but sitting in a chair for hours and hours is not. So while I'll keep my regular exercise routines, I'll try to spend less and less time sitting and move in short spans along the day. If I'm going to be sitting for a long while, set the timer and stand up every half hour. Use mini-movements during these breaks: Feldenkrais, stretching, trigger points, going upstairs and downstairs, going to drink some water, 5 minutes of decluttering, going on a short errand... “Big” movement at least 5 times a week: self-defense, IS workout, walks. Goal 2: Outdoors Spring is here for sure. So time to get out of the house, as much as possible. Go out there and D-vitaminize yourself! Reading and desk work to be done in the patio. Workouts too if it is not too hot. Go outside everyday (going to work doesn't count). Discover at least 2 new places during the challenge. Goal 3: Mindset shift Meditation. Maintain those 15 minutes 5-7 times a week. Try to reach 20 minutes. Apply describing instead of judging. Allow space for feelings and sensations to be felt. Do not fight them or deny them. Anxiety is included here: anxiety is a part of myself and a part of life, so learn from it instead of fighting, ignoring or feeding it. That's it. No miniquests, side quests, life quests... Just moving, going out and being aware.
  2. As many of you know, I'm in the middle of a mindset shift, and my last challenges have been all about changing my perspective. This work has had great rewards, and I think there's yet more to be done, so this challenge I will focus on developing more self-awareness and self-acceptance. MINDSET SHIFT GOAL Weeks 0 and 1 These weeks will be entirely focused on the "my why" goal. I've been trying to work on this these last 2 challenges but somehow it didn't work. I'll retake some affirmations I wrote in my willpower thread, and, maybe after re-writing them or polishing them a bit, will take the effort of copying them everyday. It sounds silly but I know it works. I will copy them, by hand, and I will repeat them to myself in loud voice to help ingrain them. Weeks 2 to 4 Self-awareness. I have a meditation routine now, and I would like to go up from 10 to 15 then 20 minutes a day. To help with physical awareness, will also work with Feldenkrais exercises which work pretty well for me. Self-acceptance: inner acceptance leads to outer control of our actions. I'll focus on describing what I need, or feel I need, instead of criticizing myself; I'll examine and accept my feelings, thoughts, emotions and wishes; I'll keep my exercises for anxious thoughts and cravings. WELCOME SPRING GOAL Look at those sunny days! Swifts will come soon, and cold nights will be over: it's time to get out of the house. So, big YES to outside activities: do you want to read? Go to the park and read on a bench. Do you want to do some push-ups? Do them in the country while you're on a walk. Are you going to do an IS workout? Try it in the patio! SIDE MINI-GOALS · Willpower developing activity: 15 minutes of cleaning/decluttering everyday. · Track what I eat. Something is happening with my diet and I'd like to fix it before it is too late. Extra points if I manage to prepare a fermented vegetable each week. · I'll try to "forget" my wallet at home when going to work to avoid temptations in the evening. Points Mindset shift goal WIS 3 points (my why 1, self-awareness 1, acceptance 1) Welcome spring goal STR 2 point DEX 1 point STA 2 point Side goals CON 1 point (track eating) CHA 1 point (cleaning)
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