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  1. Kiwi’s 4th challenge: Kiwi hits the road. Looks like life is going to be busy and I’m once again off to find gold in obscure parts of the world! Also I want to get back into road running (beep beep) as I’m heading far far away from my beloved beach, so that means that this kiwi is hitting the road. This is going to be interesting as I will not have complete control on the things I usually do (food and time to exercise), so this is going to be a good challenging challenge. Goals #1: Scout Quest STA 2 DEX 2 3 runs a week (total 18) on sealed roads, working on building my road running back up and not irritating old injuries. Usual kiwi grading system. Aim is to complete 3 runs (even if small) as need to build up slowly. #2 Abs Quest STR 4 There is a competition at the gym at the moment for prone holds, I’m currently in 4th spot after a 5 min 30 sec hold (the leader is on 12 mins!) but this got me thinking, I want to be able to do an 8 min prone hold. So A=8mins+ B=7.5+ C=7+ etc #3 Food Quest CON 3 Track track track! Yip it’s writing down everything time. Not sure how much control I will have over my food on the road but if I report on it, I will feel accountable and not eat crap if it is available. So that’s 42 days of food tracking goodness. Going to be a bit generous on the grading since I’m not sure on my Internet access. A= 35+ days logged B= 30-34 C=25-29 etc. Note – I have no intention of tracking calories or anything like that, Im going to try and stay as Paleo as possible as loving the progress I made here last challenge. #4 Level up: Stop procrastinating! WIS 1 CHA 3 Um not quite sure how to attack this, and make it an achievable goal (will think of that later – kidding!) um I guess somehow making a prioritised to do list and rate myself each week on if I achieved things but more importantly if I put things off and if I did fun things (like running) over important things. Could really used some help here on making this goal better and gradable. Perhaps something to do with achieving a number of goals off my bonus extras list. Bonus Extras Complete as many of the following (some of these come under goal 4 for things I have been putting off!) · Work 2 hours a week on my novel (aim: 12 hours total) · Work 2 hours a week on my thesis (aim: 12 hours total) · Continue Stronglifts program 3 x week until I depart NZ and loose gym access · Submit work invoices every 2 weeks · Sort my work visa out · Do my physio for ITB each week – including rolling it out if have access to foam roller. · Make my bed everyday · Take a multi-vitamin everyday · Pay total $3000 off debt · Dress nicely once a week · Eat enough protein Here goes! Also randomly yesterday I felt like a change and went from light blonde hair to very dark red! hehehe its strange everyone is doing double takes - and most people are shaking their heads at me going - what have you done?!?
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