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Found 2 results

  1. Last year, Man Uncivilized founder Traver Boehm shared that instead of the typical New Year's Resolutions that many people make (and often fail), he names his year. For me, 2021 was the year of Purpose and Power. In spite of the year's challenges, I did indeed tap into my purpose and power as a father, as a husband, as a leader, as as educator, and (most importantly) as a man. After some meditating and deep contemplation, I have chosen to name 2022 The Year of Connection: connection to my self (my truest self), to my body, to my loved ones, and to the universe. This challenge is step one of that connection: Elevation. (side note: I also binge-watched the Jack Ryan series, so if that influence trickles into this challenge, don't be surprised; and of course, expect some poetry along the way). Elevate Your Body: 40 push-ups upon waking two-a-day workouts: one cardio (running, brisk walking, hiking, elliptical, stairs, etc.) and one strength (weights, machines, bodyweight, kettlebells, cinderblocks, etc.); aim for 30-60 minutes each, but don't stress if this is not possible fast intermittently when practical and eat whole foods when possible cold shower daily drink at least 93 ounces of water daily Elevate Your Brain: at least 15 minutes daily using Duolingo at least 15 minutes daily using Elevate read at least 10 pages daily of any book (I am participating in the Read Harder Challenge for 2022) stay informed via NPR One app & podcasts (with one caveat: do not exceed 15 minutes of news consumption) limit social media Elevate Your Mind/Soul: 0415 wakeup daily meditation/prayer daily scripture/devotional reading daily breath exercises daily spend focused and present distraction-free time with wife and kids evening reflective journaling
  2. Rebel For Life! I wanted to stop collecting 'underpants' and dig my heels in on a challenge. The 'squirrel' kept telling me it was mid-challenge, and that i should collect more 'underpants.' A while ago, Steve's book, Level Up Your Life, was on sale, through audible/amazon. I decided it was some good, cheap 'underpants.' In good rebel fashion, i have been listening to the book while biking or jogging. (which is a vast improvement from my sedentary computer wrangling lifestyle.) I've been a bit discouraged about challenges becuse i struggle to feel supported. Steve's occasional references to the rules of the rebellion highlighted in my mind rebel for life. It sunk in how real this can be. As I've been reading the book, he keeps talking about envisioning your level 50 character. I was struggling to figure out how to wear those underpants because most of his examples did not relate to me. I'm afraid of heights, i have no intent to jump out of a airplane. and feel like that's ridiculous. I was failing to connect with what he was trying to say. As i was working out and listening, i was trying to identify what things i got excited for, but nothing was even close to quest worthy. In chapter 6 or 7 today, as he was outlining the 10 or so categories that quests should come from, i started to realize there were some things in life worth looking forward to. this challenge is about the 'reset.' For those of you who are familiar with tom Clancy's writing, you'll recognize the character reference. In symbolic homage, about all i know about jack ryan is that he shows up in each of tom's books. The academic quests of this challenge will be reading or listening to a tom Clancy novel. pulling from druids or monks, will be discovery of what my inner yearnings want my character to become. The ranger of this challenge, will be developing an idea and anti-pattern for physical activity. my level 50 character will have aspects of my core values. Happy Father Mormon Ranger of the month Monk - up early Business - extra hour "at" work Fitness - physical activity during that hour, jogging, biking, body weight, or moov training. Fun - either impressive accomplishment in computer game, or develop networking within streaming. Nerd Fitness - Build out nerd fitness character and quests. Community - a group of people doing something
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