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Found 5 results

  1. Last night I joined Nerd Fitness Academy, today I'm making my first post, tomorrow I'm committing to walking for ten minutes, and then Thursday I turn 35. My birthday gift to myself is to NOT wait until Thursday to start all of this - but rather to go into my new year already feeling healthier. Bread is a huge temptation for me... and today I specifically chose to have chicken tenders instead of a big ol' sandwich. I know, that still isn't exactly "healthy" (quotation marks? Really?) but it isn't a huge hunk of bread. And it's something. It's a conscious choice that I made, and I plan to do th
  2. Hello, my fellow nerd-ites! I've been contemplating my challenge goals recently and crafted some good ones. I'll continue to craft this today to get it fine tuned with points and such. (I just want to get the basic info down now so I have it documented.) As the title hints at, I've had an attack of the groans lately. After this holiday eating fest, I'm groaning at some of the bad habits I've re-picked up over the month. So, what do you do when you have a case of the groans? You do something about it... even if my body groans with disapproval at the impending effort to beat it and my
  3. Starting point: Age: 19 Weight: 143 lbs Height: 5'7" (ish--I don't have a good way to measure) I'm on a psychological leave from college this semester, and I'm going to use that time to change! Otherwise, I might not be able to go back in the fall. That's a pretty big motivator for me. Diet goal: Eat at least three servings of fruits or vegetables a day. I've been eating less, and normally do all right with eating few sweets, but I have a difficult time getting in fruits and veggies! CON: +2 Fitness goal: Stretch every day. I dance when I'm at school, and just because I'm not dancing a
  4. Hi everyone, My name is Ange and I'm an adventurer with some inklings to be a warrior, but as I'm an overweight and unfit full time cook who hasn't lifted weights in months if not years, I have a long way to go. I also want to be a regular runner and even have the goal of the Great Wall of China half-marathon in May to work towards, but I still need the kick in the butt that I'm hoping this six week challenge will bring. My three goals are meant to be easy as one-two-three: Eat only vegetarian stuff for one day a week. Go to the gym (either a group fitness class or a weights session) two
  5. This is the accountability team forum for Resistance Is Futile (Adventurer class) - 2013 Challenge #1
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