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Found 4 results

  1. I have procasted nerdfitness for quite some time now so now its time to take revenge. started late so this will be a 4week challenge only Fitness goals: #1 - KB Training at least 3 times pr week (have a kb certification examn at the end of september (2*12 jerk @32kg and 100 snatches @24kg so need to get moving #2 30/30 squat challenge & 7/30 hang challenge every day for the rest of the challenge (have 2 ido portal workshops in september so need to be prepared #3 Practice yoga at least 5 times pr week Lifestyle goal: #1 Post update at nerd fitness every day for the rest of the challenge sorry for the delay
  2. I took the last challenge off because I was too busy living my life to come online and participate here. Things have settled down a bit so I'm back into it! Goal 1 - Weight loss (CON 2 | CHA 1) So I don't fit into my uniform that I'm expected to wear in the last week of this challenge... My quads and hamis are too big, so I'm hoping with a bit of fat loss they will fit! * Lose 3kg * Goal: 79kg * Stretch goal: 77kg (5kg loss) Goal 2 - Running (DEX 2.5 | STA 2.5) I used to be a big runner, but after an overuse injury I threw it all in for strength training and CrossFit. I have a thing coming up in 3 months where I'll be expected to do HEAPS of running and I don't feel like I'm mentally or physically ready for it. Sure, my fitness is there but I really hate running these days! So... Back to the grind. * Run 3 long runs per week * Run 1-2 sprint sessions per week * Track speeds with Polar HRM (GPS) * Goal: 2.4km in 13 minutes Goal 3 - Oly Lifting (STR 4) I have hit a wall with my lifting recently. Partly because I'm not fueling my body like I used to so that I can lose some weight, but also because my upper body strength isn't where it needs to be. My upper back and my catch position are a bit weak so I need to work on that. * Develop upper body strength and stability (snatch press, DB strict press, OHS, snatch balance) * Develop back strength (Pendlay rows, snatch deadlifts, pull-ups) * Goal: Snatch 50kg * Goal: 3 extra strength sessions per week Goal 4 - Clean up (WIS 3) I will be moving in 3 months so it's time to get rid of all this crap I have around the house! Seriously, it is beyond ridiculous how much ONE person can own! I think I need to have a garage sale. * Goal: Pack all unwanted stuff into boxes * Consider garage sale
  3. I should start by saying that I'm a Ranger. Well, a Warrior trying to disguise herself as a Ranger! But really, my strengths are in lifting and I really feel like focusing on what I love this challenge - Olympic lifting! Main Quest: To get body weight Olympic lifts! (Obviously this is a work in progress!!) Current body weight: 86.6kg/191lbs (14/9/13) Height: 183cm (6'0) of freaky femurs and positive ape index! (Being all limbs makes lifting a rather interesting adventure!) Current PRs: Clean & Jerk: 60kg/132lbs Clean: 65kg/143lbs Jerk: 65kg/143lbs Snatch: 45kg/99lbs Bench press: 50kg/110lbs Deadlift: 102.5kg/226lbs Back squat: 77kg/170lbs Front squat: 65kg/143lbs Goal 1: Get Rid of the Dead Weight! (CON 2 | CHA 1) I have been eating Paleo for a long time now, but have let a few not-so-favourable things back into my diet. Nothing too horrid in the scheme of things, but my nutrition hasn't been optimal (read: full of sugarrrrrrr) and all it has been doing is supporting the extra body fat that I have. So, I'm going back to basics this challenge! It's Whole30 time again! So that means - * Whole30 for the entire challenge* Attend Whole9 seminar * Read the following books - - It Starts With Food - The Paleo Solution - In Defense of Food - Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It* Drink 2L water per day* Log all food End of Challenge Goal:* Drop 3kg Goal 2: Olympic Liftinggggggggggg! (STR 2 | DEX 2) I LOVE Oly lifts. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. It's true... I have the t-shirt! * 3 Oly lifting sessions per week - 2 individual coaching sessions, 1 extra (self-driven or WOD) * Focus on The Outlaw Way lifting drills End of Challenge Goals: * Snatch 50kg/110lbs* C&J 70kg/154lbs (may perform as individual lifts) Goal 3: Shut Up and Squat! (STR 3.5 | STA 0.5) The major thing holding me back with my cleans is my front squat and my back squat is pretty crap for my size as well. I had a knee injury earlier this year, so I wasn't able to squat for quite a while but things are back on track now so I'm gradually building my strength and technique. I am currently half-way through the Hatch squat program and will hopefully finish with enough downtime to re-test my back and front squats before the end of the challenge. * Complete Hatch squat program End of Challenge Goals: * Back squat 80kg (though a body weight squat would be amazing!) * Front squat 70kg Fitness Side Quest: Sleeeeeeeeeeeeep! (CON 2)Nice and simple, but oh so important! * Sleep >=8 hours per night. End of Challenge Goal: I'll allow 2 nights of <8 hours sleep. Life Side Quest: Get Your Stuff Together! (WIS 2) There is so much paperwork lying around in my study, it is beyond ridiculous! So this challenge I am going to file it all away and get into a habit of filing things as they come in. I also think it's about time I went through my old paperwork and got rid of the stuff I don't need anymore. Okay, so it's not quite that bad...!!! * Organise paperwork and receipts into folders* Sort old receipts and paperwork and discard if not required* Submit tax! ugh! End of Challenge Goal: * To have all paperwork nicely filed away and sorted * Tax submitted Alright, let's do this!
  4. So help me out here guys... I'm a lady and I've been using the free-weights section of my gym for maybe about 2 months now. It was intimidating at first, but I'm pretty comfortable with it now and I always see the same guys when I go. I'm even on a 'head-nod hello' basis with a few of them. Then there's this one guy. It started with him asking me if I was done with which ever machine I had just come off of. I wipe things down and take my weights off the bar when I'm done but I figured he was just being polite and making sure I really was done with the equipment. Fair enough. But yesterday he came over to ask me how many sets I had left when I was on the incline bench press! Let me note that he asked when I was resting, not lifiting. I don't rest for long and I didn't have my phone or MP3 player out or anything that would indicate I was dawdaling. The gym was surprisingly empty so I felt there were plenty of other things he could have been working on. Is this OK in the free-weights section? Am I being a little sensitive here or was he being a jerk? My last set felt rushed because I knew he was waiting for my equipment! The fact that I'm wearing earbuds says "I'm not here for chit-chat" doesn't it? Help me out here! Do I need to tell this guy to back off or let this slide because it's normal in the free weights area?
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