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Found 2 results

  1. Hey folks! New to NF and fitness in general - trying my luck as a Ranger. Most of my goals for this challenge are fairly basic but I need to establish some sort of routine to stick to so I can kick-off my new healthy lifestyle. Starting small on my journey to greatness. Starting Stats: Race: Human (very skinny human with very little muscle mass) Weight: 52.6kg Height: 171.5cm (Roughly 5'8") Class: Lvl 1 Ranger STR 1 | DEX 1 | STA 2 | CON 5 | WIS 3 | CHA 3 Goals: Diet/Fitness Goals Goal 1: Increase strength by doing 'Beginner Body Weight Workout' 3 times a week (STR +5) Goal 2: Walk/Run at least 5k or do interval training - 3 times a week [off days] (STA +3) Goal 3: Go on a 100% Paleo Diet (CON +5) Life Goal Goal 4: Quit Smoking cold turkey (CON +2) Not sure if I'm on the right track with the goals and still figuring out how everything works so any advice, constructive criticism and/or encouragement would be greatly appreciated! Cheers, Jimmy.
  2. Hey folks! Having a bit of a woot moment! Just got the official word that I'm starting my new job on Monday! I'll now be a regular Monday to Friday desk jockey like everyone else in the world Can't wait to have a desk! (I was previously working in a high-end cocktail bar which was nice and all but hey, who wants to be getting home at 5am after being on their feet all day) Not sure what to expect as I've never worked for a company this big before so I'm a little nervous but still super excited! Oh and it's a bank I'm working for... I don't think most of you would know it but it's ANZ (you Aussie rebels will know it). Anyways, woot! Jimmy
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