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Found 9 results

  1. When we last left our hero.... he had written this entire thing and then the page reloaded and he lost it all. This is a prime example to how my life has been over the last several weeks, and probably why I am such a mess of self loathing, anxiety, and stress right now. Bear with me, this is now going to be the cliff notes version of the very long post I just wrote up. 1) The Shrine of ressurection I'm a mess. I'm a ball of stress and anxiety, and a large amount is self-inflicted by how I schedule things in my life. I tend to try a
  2. So, hi! This might come out a bit jumbled. I didn't really get much sleep last night. And while I know what I want to do this challenge, I'm having trouble putting it into words. I guess you could call me a traveling assassin, and I'm spending some time with the rangers because it felt like a good idea. For this challenge I'm drawing inspiration from the elements: fire, water, earth, air, and spirit. One of the things fire represents is change. A big change that I have to work through is finding a new job. This is something I ne
  3. shaeon

    Shaeon Sleeps

    I had this great idea. After last month's challenge fail due to a bad cold, I was going to set a challenge specifically on sleeping. I was looking forward to all that sleep. It was going to be awesome. And then on the first day of the challenge, before I even had a chance to start my new challenge thread, I got a call from my boss. It wasn't the worst news I could have gotten. But problems at work that have been brewing for a while have finally boiled over, and I'm now under intense scrutiny at work. My job is on the line. For the past 3 days, I've spent every minute at work puttin
  4. Last challenge, I moved from Tokyo to Edinburgh and I actually handled it pretty well overall, all things considered. This time, I'm going to shift a few of my goals around a bit because I noticed there are some things I'd like to do that I slacked on (like running) and some other things that I've been tracking that I've done pretty well and consistently without really trying so I think they're habits by now (like getting outside and walking for a bit every day). I'm also thinking I could use to get into a bit better shape and since things are in the process of settling down, I can work on tha
  5. Continuing with the simplistic goals this challenge, i'll be focusing on sleep, exercise, and work. Sleep: Sleep is fairly self-explanatory. I want to get to bed before 11 PM. That's the latest I should be staying up. I'll do my best to avoid sticking myself in situations where I have to stay up past that. Life is ramping up--albeit slowly--and sleep is still something that I struggle with. This challenge, i'm aiming to be even more consistent with getting enough sleep. I even have a +/- habit on Habitica for getting to bed on time. Since i'm in a party now, it really motivates me not to be th
  6. I basically took August off, between being sick for the first two weeks, then having trouble getting remotivated. Now I’m getting back to exercising regularly. My main goal is running. Long term, I’d like to be able to run 12 minute miles for 2 hours, for 10 miles in 2 hours. In July, I was at 6.5 miles in 2 hours. Last weekend, I ran 3.7 miles in one hour (very hot and humid day), but I couldn’t have kept that pace up for another hour. I want to build my running time back up, and increase my speed. For strength, I’m using yoga. I enjoy it a lot more than weight exercises. I’ve
  7. Hey everyone! After lurking around Nerd Fitness for the last few months and living vicariously through my friend Priscillia I've finally decided to partake in a 6 week challenge of my own! A little about me - I'm 23 years old and currently work full time in retail. My whole life I've been on and off fad diets, losing weight and gaining weight. As an occasional gamer (not so avid anymore), I love the concept of NF... if you can spend so many hours leveling up your character in game and making it the best it can be, why can't you do that with your own life? Love the idea! I really think
  8. Okay, so maybe that's a bit dramatic. Basically, I'm continuing the simple goals from last challenge, with a bit of refinement. 1. Eat Well Hubby is doing Whole30 (voluntarily) (what?!?!?!) so I'm being supportive and doing it too. I do need to re-slay my sugar dragon anyway, since I went a bit off the rails over the course of December. I'm not going to be overly obsessive in completing a Whole30, since that way madness and self loathing lie (and I fought that pretty successfully last time), but I do see a lot of value in the program and attempting it is a good way to get back on track. So
  9. The Shogun

    Hyaku 百

    "Hyaku" -or- "How I stopped being a Hermit" by Spauracchio Since I quit my job last october, I’ve been living like a hermit: barely getting out of my cave ...ehm... room, having fewer possessions, snarling at the sun like a vampire would, etc. Even my friends started to call themselves "Hermits United" as a Doctor Who joke. If I want to move forward, I need to change that. The main theme behind this challenge, as the title suggests, is the number “Hyaku” or “Hundred”. Diet & Fitness Goals 100 Kilometers The Problem: I've got used to the comfort of my bedroom, or as I call
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