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  1. When we last left our hero.... he had written this entire thing and then the page reloaded and he lost it all. This is a prime example to how my life has been over the last several weeks, and probably why I am such a mess of self loathing, anxiety, and stress right now. Bear with me, this is now going to be the cliff notes version of the very long post I just wrote up. 1) The Shrine of ressurection I'm a mess. I'm a ball of stress and anxiety, and a large amount is self-inflicted by how I schedule things in my life. I tend to try and fill up every nook and cranny with things, and as of late that's been murder to me. I need to strip a whole lot away and focus on being in a better place mentally. So this first goal is less an weekly one, and more a "get things settled in the first week" one. I need to get some relaxation in, and I need to take a whole week to accomplish it. Goal: Self-care via removal. Sleep. Self-care. Unwind. Watch the diet. Tell people to piss off No for social things. I'm going to spend the first week sleeping in (relatively), having a nice and laid back morning routine, try to keep work to a 40ish hour work week, and ditch pretty much all my physical activities. Yes, you read that right. My morning activities make me get up at 5:30 and rush to wake up. Aikido makes me not get home until 8 or 9PM and then rush around to prep for the morning/eat before trying to get to sleep at a reasonable hour. I need to free up some time just to get myself to unwind a bit. I love aikido, lifting, and November Project, but right now I don't want to force myself to adhere to anyone else's schedule but my own. I have been running around like crazy the last few weeks (months?), and I have definitely shirked selfcare more than I should have. 2) The Cooking Pot My diet has been creeping up in the carb category lately, and I'm not a fan. I've been feeling bloated and gassy and gross the last couple of weeks, and I'm starting to wonder if it's that carb macro creeping up. Less from the carbs themselves, more from their sources. Work has (not shockingly) a lot of free carby snacks available. So I want to try and limit those. Goal: Reduce carb intake. Only have 1 granola bar from work a day. Bring fat and protein heavy snacks to work. Walk to long way back to my desk to avoid the junk food box. Hopefully I can feel somewhat better by eating less junk. Nothing I have been eating is inherently bad, but I think the quantity is getting to me. Also if it comes with losing half an inch or so around my gut, so much the better. 3) Sheikah Slate Update So a large chunk of my stress comes from this: I'm over half way through my contract period at work. And while my boss has flat out said that she intends to fight to get me a job full time after the contract ends, the fact of the matter is that statement is a far cry from "You have a full time job after this." So I need to make sure I have irons in the fire to cover myself, because at the moment I can't see a very good argument for her to present besides "We like him and he works hard." Good things to say, for sure, but not great when the workload isn't going to be the same once the person I'm covering for comes back and when we just had a former intern return on a part-time basis to cover smaller tasks. Goal: Update my resume, start looking twice a week for positions. Spend 1-2 hours on Saturdays applying to potential positions. Interestingly, this will be the first time I am applying to places while employed AND enjoy what I'm doing. I suspect that'll add to the demotivation factor, so I'll need to combat that somehow. No idea how, so if people have suggestions, that would be great. 4) The Adulting Adventure Log Just the general list of Adulting Tasks: Spend a day to clean the bathroom (yes, it is that gross and requires that much of my attention to actually do the damn thing). Then clean 10 minutes a week. Take out AC unit from bedroom window. Register for Fenway Spartan Sprint Figure out if I can help a friend cover his booth at King Richard's Faire Help prepare dojo for the annual seminar (Oct 13-15) I'm sure I have more than few other adulting things. I just need to not die in a puddled ball of stress in the next week to remember them.
  2. So, hi! This might come out a bit jumbled. I didn't really get much sleep last night. And while I know what I want to do this challenge, I'm having trouble putting it into words. I guess you could call me a traveling assassin, and I'm spending some time with the rangers because it felt like a good idea. For this challenge I'm drawing inspiration from the elements: fire, water, earth, air, and spirit. One of the things fire represents is change. A big change that I have to work through is finding a new job. This is something I need to do. My current job really sucks for many reasons. It's not all bad, but the bad definitely outweighs the good. However, anxiety and depression inevitably stand in my way. To give myself an extra push, I've picked my "last" day at this job, June 20th, the day before summer solstice. If I haven't actually found a job by then, I can't actually afford to quit. I don't really get any hours during the summer, so I usually rely on unemployment benefits, which I can't get if I quit. But it's never enough to cover everything (I barely make enough to cover rent with my regular hours), so the pressure will still be on to find a new job. So, I have nine weeks to get a new job (which is why this is a two part challenge). But if I throw everything I have at it, I'll burn out. I need to give myself time for fun. I need a work/play balance. Well, I did a bunch of math, because why not, and I came up with 50 hours a week dedicated towards work, 35 towards self-care, and 5 towards training (the remaining hours go toward sleep and meal breaks). So basically, I need to count up all the hours I work for the week at my current job (it varies a lot), and subtract that from 50. The rest goes toward the job hunt. I'll need to sit down and schedule specific times to work on it. I usually get my schedule for the next week on Thursday or Friday, so I need to have everything scheduled by the end of Saturday. If I miss a job hunting session, I can only make it up in the same week that I miss it. Given time, water will carve a path through stone. In this, water shows us patience. So, I need to patiently and consistently follow the steps that will help me reach my long term goals. I'm going to keep it simple and focus on working towards my "adventure" goals, which are hiking, parkour, and snowboarding. The things that I've decided to focus on improving right now are pushing, pulling, jumping, endurance, and grip. Luckily, there is a playground about a mile from me where I can work on this. And I can find ways to work on this at home if the weather is bad. I have 5 hours a week for this. I'll schedule training "slots" where I can use up to that amount of time, but if I don't end up using the full time for the slot, it won't count against me. Grounding oneself. Building a strong foundation to stand on. Self-care is a necessity. So let's give it the attention that it deserves. I have 35 hours in the week to take care of myself. I'm not going to actively schedule self care. Rather, I'll make some lists of self care activities based on how much time it takes. Probably 5 minutes, 30 minutes, and an hour+. Then when I have some spare time, and don't know what to do, instead of just sitting around doing nothing, I can pick whatever activity is the most appealing at that moment. Go where the wind takes you. Go outside. Go somewhere. Do something new. Once a week I will go on an adventure. I'm a bit limited in where I can go because I rely on public transportation. But, I have a monthly pass, so I can hop on the bus, train, or light rail any time I want. I'm also very tight on money. But, I can find things to do that don't cost anything. Obviously hiking. And I'm sure there's other stuff, especially if I get imaginative. Everything is connected. I'm going to try working on turning negative thinking into positive thinking. And accepting without judging. But the first step is to be honest about my thoughts, and learning to recognize when I'm being mean to myself. And to not jump to the defensive if someone calls me out on it. --- As far as grading this challenge, some of it is objective, and some of it is subjective. I'll need to figure this out before the start of the challenge, so tomorrow. I'm still going to use my battle log. But it'll be more for my life things that aren't challenge related.
  3. shaeon

    Shaeon Sleeps

    I had this great idea. After last month's challenge fail due to a bad cold, I was going to set a challenge specifically on sleeping. I was looking forward to all that sleep. It was going to be awesome. And then on the first day of the challenge, before I even had a chance to start my new challenge thread, I got a call from my boss. It wasn't the worst news I could have gotten. But problems at work that have been brewing for a while have finally boiled over, and I'm now under intense scrutiny at work. My job is on the line. For the past 3 days, I've spent every minute at work putting together an improvement plan to show my manager, and working to meet the demands that are being placed upon me. And I've spent every minute at home at night applying for new jobs, and putting together a plan to save money for a worst case scenario while looking for freelance opportunities. I have the opportunity at work to prove myself and keep my job, but after over 2 years of increasingly terrible management, I don't feel terribly inclined to stay at this job. One thing I haven't been doing is getting sleep. I'm meditating and doing yoga to relieve stress, but I'm not getting sleep. After 3 days of planning, I'm beginning to feel more like I've got a handle on things. So I've decided to start a monthly challenge with only two goals: Get to bed before midnight every night.Apply for at least one job every weekday.That's it. Keeping it minimalist this time around. There are a few other things I'm doing. I'm reading a book called Moving Away from Diets, which is about body acceptance, pursuing healthy eating and exercise, and doing so free from the pressure of beauty and size standards, and I'm implementing some of the strategies from the book. I'm planning to spend my Sundays both cooking ahead for the week and seeking freelance work, which I will also do on Sundays. I'm networking with people I know to see if anyone knows about any openings. But in terms of measurable goals, this is all I'm doing this challenge. Having said all that, I live in Birmingham, AL and I'm applying for writing jobs in Birmingham and Atlanta, GA. My primary experience is technical writing, although I could easily side step into a number of writing/content/information/education jobs. If I run out of things to apply for in these two cities, I will add Nashville to my list as well. If you are in the south in a decent sized city, and you know of opportunities, let me know. The same goes for telecommuting jobs.
  4. Last challenge, I moved from Tokyo to Edinburgh and I actually handled it pretty well overall, all things considered. This time, I'm going to shift a few of my goals around a bit because I noticed there are some things I'd like to do that I slacked on (like running) and some other things that I've been tracking that I've done pretty well and consistently without really trying so I think they're habits by now (like getting outside and walking for a bit every day). I'm also thinking I could use to get into a bit better shape and since things are in the process of settling down, I can work on that a bit more. Main Quest: Trim my waistline I don't own a scale and probably won't for a bit, but a measuring tape will measure progress here. It's been a while since I've measured so I don't know where I am right now, but I think getting down to 70 cm eventually would be good (I've been there before and I'm pretty sure I'm not there now). I'll be measuring my waist at the start of the challenge, midway through and at the end. This one will be pass/fail based on Δw = wf - wi (where wf is my final waistline measurement, wi is the initial and Δw is the change) is negative, then I pass and if not then I fail. Measurement: Pass = Δw is negative, Fail = Δw is greater or equal to 0 Statistics: +2 CHA Quest 1: Yoga I've been doing okay with doing yoga regularly, but a lot of the time I don't do it very long or don't work especially hard at it. This time, I would like to do at least four yoga sessions a week (the final week will be three) that are at least 15 minutes long for a total of 15 sessions over the challenge. I'll also aim for yoga routines that require me to work a bit harder. Measurement: A = 12+ yoga sessions, B = 9-11 yoga sessions, C = 6-10 yoga sessions Statistics: +2 CON, +2 STR Quest 2: Running In previous challenges, I was tracking my walks too, but I'm being pretty good about getting out and walking most days so I think I can go a challenge without tracking them. Instead, I will focus on running. I intend to run three days a week (two in the final week). I'm going to aim for 5 km each time, but since I've been slacking on running for the last month, I'll take it easier when necessary until I'm back into it. Measurement: A = 9+ runs, B = 7-8 runs, C = 4-6 runs Statistics: +2 STA, +2 DEX Quest 3a: Food I will aim for five servings of fruit or veggies a day. It's possible I'm already doing this, but I'm not keeping track so I don't really know. I'll be borrowing whitewineandcathair's system from last challenge and making a little (hopefully) rainbow chart to keep track because that seemed like a fun system. Measurement: A = 104+ fruits and veggies, B = 78-103 fruits and veggies, C = 52-77 fruits and veggies Statistics: +1 WIS, +1 CON Quest 3b: Drink I'm going to track my booze intake and try to keep that to one a day or seven alcoholic drinks a week. This is possibly going to be a bit harder since I tend to not really pay attention to how much I'm drinking and I think that booze is delicious. I'll add a bit of wiggle room here, allowing myself to go over by as much as 20% (or 31 drinks over the course of the challenge instead of 26) before I start being penalized. Measurement: A = 31 or fewer drinks, B = 32-36 drinks, C = 37-42 drinks, Fail = 43+ drinks Statistics: +1 WIS, +1 CON Life Quest: Work Finally, I need to find a job. I'll put in at least one application a week and I'll be hoping that employers around here are happy with emails instead of phone calls since I don't have a phone yet. I'll also try to find a bit of tutoring work to tide me over until I find a full time job. Measurement: A = 4+ job applications, B = 2-3 job applications, C = 1 job application Statistics: +1 WIS Total potential statistics gain: +2 STR, +2 DEX, +2 STA, +4 CON, +3 WIS, +2 CHA
  5. Continuing with the simplistic goals this challenge, i'll be focusing on sleep, exercise, and work. Sleep: Sleep is fairly self-explanatory. I want to get to bed before 11 PM. That's the latest I should be staying up. I'll do my best to avoid sticking myself in situations where I have to stay up past that. Life is ramping up--albeit slowly--and sleep is still something that I struggle with. This challenge, i'm aiming to be even more consistent with getting enough sleep. I even have a +/- habit on Habitica for getting to bed on time. Since i'm in a party now, it really motivates me not to be the one that damages everyone! Exercise/Food: Exercise wise, I am essentially just practicing Aam Ka Jutsu. Even with school work getting in some martial arts work every day has been working nicely. When i'm pressed for time, I can focus on one area for 10-15 minutes and be absolutely exhausted (the good kind of tired). Then, when I have more time, I can spend a good 30-45 minutes having an actual class. I thought of trying something a little crazy, but entirely doable for this challenge. I'm up for doing it, because it struck me as something that would be loads of fun. In my signature, I have this quote: "I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times." - Bruce Lee I figured, why not do 10,000 kicks (I mean side kicks)! I want to improve the speed of my kicks, my endurance, and my balance. So why not? As I was sharing this idea with family, it became clear to me that i'd essentially be cheating if I split the kicks between each leg. To remedy that, i'll set the goal to 20,000 kicks. 10,000 each leg! If I do the maths... (20,000 kicks) / [(6 weeks) * (3 challenges) * (5 days a week)] = ~111 kicks per leg each day. Granted that I can do 111 kicks per day, i'll have done 10,000 kicks each side 18 weeks from now. I haven't yet done that many kicks at once, I can do 120 total without too much trouble. However, that is perfectly fine. I'll work up to it. After class today, I did 60 side kicks each side, so that'll be my starting point. I'll add 10 to that tomorrow and work on up to 110-120. As a little discipline exercise, i've been ending my workouts by standing in ready stance and working on my breathing. I'm going to keep that up, I think. Okay so this challenge's goal with exercise is going to be doing some form of Aam Ka Jutsu 5 days a week. That will include doing a set of side kicks each day. Food wise, i'll just keep up what i've been doing. Now that i'm not lifting, i've reduced my servings slightly, and i'm not eating when i'm not hungry. I feel that my body's been responding fairly well to the changes. I've been noticeably better at having less-healthy meals intermittently while sticking with the healthier homemade foods. Work/Job Hunt: I'm finishing up at my local college and i'll be transferring in the fall of 2016, hopefully. The issue is going to be money. The solution is to get a job. So i'm making that part of my challenge. Every week i'm going to aim for apply to at least two places. It doesn't matter if its a retail job or a web development position. Part of getting a job where I want to, in the web development industry, is going to be showing that i'm actively improving my skills. Therefore, i'll also make a goal to work on a project, regardless of what it is for at least an hour a day. Not Being A Hermit: I'm not awesome at being social, but i'm going to try making a habit out of talking to at least one person a week. ------------------------ TL;DRbed before 11 PM, get up at 6 AM weekdaysget martial arts work in 5 days a week; work up to 220-240 kicks a day; practice resting in ready stancecontinue to eat healthy and drink enough waterfind at least two jobs a week and apply to them; work on projects to show that you know your shiztalk to other hoomans each week If you actually read all that...wow. I'm impressed. You might be shocked to learn that my walls of text have actually gotten shorter over the years. 0.o Regardless, you're awesomesauce. Grab yourself a refreshing bottle of water and get some sleep. Or if you're starting your day, the picture below is for you, have a fantastic day! To be continued...
  6. I basically took August off, between being sick for the first two weeks, then having trouble getting remotivated. Now I’m getting back to exercising regularly. My main goal is running. Long term, I’d like to be able to run 12 minute miles for 2 hours, for 10 miles in 2 hours. In July, I was at 6.5 miles in 2 hours. Last weekend, I ran 3.7 miles in one hour (very hot and humid day), but I couldn’t have kept that pace up for another hour. I want to build my running time back up, and increase my speed. For strength, I’m using yoga. I enjoy it a lot more than weight exercises. I’ve been attending a weekly class, but I don’t make it every week. I want to get better about that, and start doing more yoga at home. I want to be doing at least 2 hours a week of yoga. I’m doing the DoYouYoga 30 day challenge. It’s got 30 short workouts. I’m going for at least 5 per week, plus the hour long class. Diet: I’ve been between 155 and 160 since spring. I’d like to get down to 140-145. This is the hardest goal for me, because I’m only slightly unhappy with my current weight, so my motivation to lose more is low. I need to reliably record everything unhealthy I eat. Otherwise, it disappears from my mind, but shows up on my belly. I may record everything for a few days if I need to, but that’s hard to keep up. Life: I’m not happy about a lot of stuff in my life right now. My job, my social life, my mood everything has just been overall very, very Bleh. I think I’m going to tackle the job first. Goals: Running: 2 Days running fast during the week. Maybe do intervals, maybe just take a strenuously fast pace for 30 minutes.Long run on the weekend. I’m not sure exactly where I stand on this, but the goal is to increase my distance by 0.5 miles per week until I’m running for 2 hours, then focus on running further in the same time.Optional 4th easy running day, if I feel like it. Strength: Attend weekly yoga class. If I miss it, do an hour long video within one day of the missed class.DoYouYoga 30 day challenge 5-7 days per week.Optional do a second hour long day, if I feel like it.Recovery: This is here mostly as a reminder that it’s just as important as activity.Have 2 days per week where I’m not doing anything strenuous. Activities on these days can include walking and a 10-20 minute easy to moderate yoga video. A 5-10 mile hike does not belong on a recovery day. It can swap out for a run instead.Take off every fourth week from running. The same week, take it easy on the yoga: Keep workouts on the relaxing side.Diet: Eat healthy and moderately. Record all unhealthy foods eaten so that they get remembered.If needed, record all food eaten for a few days to establish a baseline. Life: Week 1: My brother is getting married on Saturday, and I’ve got lots of baking to do, plus other miscellaneous chores. Other life projects are on hold.Upgrade skills: Spend 30 min- 1 hour a day on learning javascript and CSS. By the end of the challenge, I should have created at least 1 good web site. This will start week 2. Job search: Update my resume and online profiles.Talk to professional contacts, see if anyone is hiring.
  7. Hey everyone! After lurking around Nerd Fitness for the last few months and living vicariously through my friend Priscillia I've finally decided to partake in a 6 week challenge of my own! A little about me - I'm 23 years old and currently work full time in retail. My whole life I've been on and off fad diets, losing weight and gaining weight. As an occasional gamer (not so avid anymore), I love the concept of NF... if you can spend so many hours leveling up your character in game and making it the best it can be, why can't you do that with your own life? Love the idea! I really think (and hope!) it'll work for me I'd say my biggest problem would be motivation and prioritizing. The sad part is, I've taken anatomy classes in university and college and I know pretty much all the 'rules' when it comes to what the body actually needs nutrition-wise in order to flourish... I just never seem motivated enough to make it a priority in my life. I've always said that everyone's got their vices- I don't drink, I don't smoke and I don't do drugs... I eat! That's my drug. But I think it's finally time for me to have a healthier relationship with food and to experiment with different forms of exercise to find something that I like that I can stick with! Last year I moved away to Winnipeg, Canada where I lived on my own for 4 months. When I came back home I realized that all my pants were loose and no longer fitting me properly. After stepping on the scale, I realized I had lost 20 lbs while I was away without even trying! All I did was buy more fresh produce vs processed, prioritized making my own meals and limiting my fast food/take out intake to once per week as a treat. It was then that I realized that it is possible to lose weight without following a specific diet just by choosing healthier options... And it doesn't need to be soul-crushingly difficult! Haha. Anyway, enough about me! Here goes nothing... Main Quest Lose 10 lbs in this 6-week challenge. Form lasting positive habits in order to fulfill my long term goal of losing 50-60 lbs by this time next year (September 2015). Quest 1 +2 STR, +3 STA Work out for 1 hour 3 times per week (combination of jogging, swimming, weights or yoga class) Grading : A : 3 days/week B : 2 days/week C : 1 day/week F : none Quest 2 + 3 CON Log all food intake and try to eat between 1750-2000 calories/day, preferably the former. Grading : A: Logged 6-7 days/week B: Logged 5 days/week C: Logged 3-4 days/week D: Logged 2 days/week F: Logged once or none per week. Quest 3 + 1 CON Cut out fast food and eating out to a maximum of once per week. Grading : A: 0-1 time/week B: 2 times/week C: 3 times/week D: 4 times/week F: 5+ times/week Life Quest + 5 WIS Job hunt and research online part-time school programs. (I'm currently working full time in a low paying job... I love it, but it order to move along with my life and become more independent I need to make a better income. I'm also thinking about going back to school to broaden my work opportunities). Motivation Weight gain and physical activity has been a lifetime struggle for me... My main motivation is to be able to live a healthier lifestyle, to avoid disease in the future, and to feel more confident and body-positive. Mini Quests : Adventurer Mini Quest 1 = complete ✔ + 1 WIS
  8. Okay, so maybe that's a bit dramatic. Basically, I'm continuing the simple goals from last challenge, with a bit of refinement. 1. Eat Well Hubby is doing Whole30 (voluntarily) (what?!?!?!) so I'm being supportive and doing it too. I do need to re-slay my sugar dragon anyway, since I went a bit off the rails over the course of December. I'm not going to be overly obsessive in completing a Whole30, since that way madness and self loathing lie (and I fought that pretty successfully last time), but I do see a lot of value in the program and attempting it is a good way to get back on track. So meal planning, no counting, no macros, just intuitive eating of only the good stuff. 2. Be Active Goal is 2 lifting sessions, 1 running session, 1 yoga session, and assorted mobility. I've been feeling just generally uncomfortable, and I really think its a combination of slouching, inactivity, and zero mobility for a few months has taken its toll. I feel like body comp is going in the right direction, despite eating all the (terribly unhealthy) things, so keeping active and varied with an emphasis on good solid lifting session is all I need for now. 3. Be Nice to PrincessHeather I'm about to start my final semester of my MPA, so I get to do a crazy big research project. I have the nonprofit picked out and the blessing of their executive director, and my project will center around gathering survey data of their clients (people with varying levels of developmental disability, from ages 6 months to elderly), and I will need to have a full prospectus of how I will proceed by the end of January. So the first part of "be nice to Heather" is to just hold it together, not panic, and get the first major chunk of this thing done. Part two of "be nice to Heather" is to continue job hunting. My work is making me nuts, it's a company wide systemic problem that we don't hold managers accountable for anything so turnover is attrocious and I just hate the merry-go-round feeling of being the poor HR schlub who tries to stop the revolving door. I've also become really convicted that my calling in life is to help the disadvantaged, and want a career that helps me focus that feeling into action. I've put in approximately 10 job applications at nonprofits around town and got my first interview call today, so I'm off to a good start I think. It's out of my control to a certain extent, but I would love to have a new job by the end of this challenge. Starting Stats Weight: Waist (natural/belly button): 30/34 Hips: 40 Thighs: 23 each/37 around Calves:15 Biceps:10
  9. The Shogun

    Hyaku 百

    "Hyaku" -or- "How I stopped being a Hermit" by Spauracchio Since I quit my job last october, I’ve been living like a hermit: barely getting out of my cave ...ehm... room, having fewer possessions, snarling at the sun like a vampire would, etc. Even my friends started to call themselves "Hermits United" as a Doctor Who joke. If I want to move forward, I need to change that. The main theme behind this challenge, as the title suggests, is the number “Hyaku” or “Hundred”. Diet & Fitness Goals 100 Kilometers The Problem: I've got used to the comfort of my bedroom, or as I call it: “My Happy Place”, my place to make the world disappear and recharge batteries (I’m a INTJ if you know what I mean…). That has affected my level of physical activity, since I used to walk a lot, and my level of comfort being outside doing things. The Solution: To get out of my comfort zone and get used to the routes around home and progressively workout outside more. The Plan: to go out and walk at least 3 km per day, three times a week. 100 Repetitions The Problem: No money, no schools fees, no lessons. I gotta train on my own. And sometimes in the midst of my training sessions I over indulge myself with rests or early breaks. The Solution: In the spirit of the famous quote “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” I’d practice 100 repetitions of several movements during my martial arts training and only stop after they’re done. I’m including both martial arts in this lists: Wing Chun and Ninjutsu techniques. The Plan: Three times a week: heavy bag drills and katas. Wing Tzun’s Chain Punch Pak Dar, Tan Dar,… (both sides). Ninjutsu’s Sanshin no Kata Ninjutsu’s Kihon Happo Koshi Sanpo Waza. 100 Recipes The Problem: I haven’t got any money to buy groceries, I need a job for that (see bottom). But when I do, I don’t want to lose any time planning meals or looking up for stupid simple recipes or meal ideas. So I’m doing what I can right now to eat healthy. (I keep doing my usual habits of drinking water, tea, no added sugar, fasting, etc… but I didn't want to focus any challenge energy on them… again.). The Solution: Put together a cookbook (hello, evernote food!) of stupid, simple, cheap, fast, healthy, recipes with the ingredients on a side to make meal planning easier. The Plan: 6 weeks, 100 recipes, posted online, saved on evernote and/or dropbox folder. Life Goal Stop being a Hermit: Find a Job. The Problem: No Job, no money, no nothing, niente, nada, zero, kaput. The Solution: Use my superpower (languages) to my benefit and look up for jobs in companies that need multilingual staff. (Airlines, hotels, etc). I could stick to education… but that’d make no difference to my problem stated above. I could explain this more but it’s a very sad a depressing story, so I’ll just wave my hand and say: wibbly wobbly “developing country” wimey. The Plan: Open my address book. Collect some debts and favors. Call some friends. Update resume. Sell my ninja skills to the highest paying shogun. Do whatever it takes to find a job before this challenge ends. Ready or not, Here I come!
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