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Found 3 results

  1. Thanks to Tank, this challenge has a loose theme built around moving and changing. And Madagascar, though I've never *gasp* actually seen the whole movie. I have, however, seen the song referenced I'm sure there will be more of these. Ok. So ... since I'm moving in 20 days, this challenge is going to be all about change. Again. I feel like change is all I ever freaking do lately (or at least for the past year - first blowing up my life to take a coding bootcamp, then the fallout of that, and now I'm moving boroughs - life has not been status-quo for quite awhile now). And with this change, knowing myself, I need to focus on a few things: 1. Be nice to myself. Change freaks me out. 2. Be nice, but not *too* nice lest we subsist off of pizza & hoagies for weeks in the new place. 3. Allow myself to not freak out about shit during this move. It's okay. It's all for fun. Life is long and all that. Goals this cycle are a rollover from last - shoving new things into the mix now when life is getting ready to be flipped upside down yet again is a recipe for disaster. As a refresher: Goal 1: Work Out However this happens, it happens. I'm still aiming for an hour-long yoga class 2x a week - 1 hot; 1 not. As it's been, Wednesday is not-hot yoga - Friday is hot yoga. My not-hot yoga instructor is leaving any day to have a human, so this may or may not throw an additional monkey wrench into my plans. Also: move week I'm not forcing myself to find a class if I can't handle life. Goal 2: Macros I've been mostly keto for the past few months, and am sticking to that. It's working well for me. I need to remember during move week that I feel like absolute shit if I go off the rails (especially if I then eat way too much). This is going to be tricky to remember in the face of new delivery options. Goal 3: Job Stuff The ultimate goal is to find a full-time one. In the meantime ... Continue teaching 2x a week (and figure out if I'll have the opportunity to continue in future classes - plus when those will be). Continue my 5x a week CSS coding exercises until that challenge ends. Pick my Daily JavaScript challenge thing back up when CSS ends. Dedicate 5 - 10 hours a week (aim for 10) to writing copy for my old boss. Continue to do a nominal amount of work for the free company until we launch and/or start making money. Ideally, start on the Version 2 revamp. Continue to submit 10 applications a week and go on any interviews that garners. Attempt to add some weeknight networking meetups in place of Wednesday night yoga (and move Wednesday night yoga to another time) after teacher has bounced. Goal 4: Minimize Move day is the 27th. Until then, pack and minimize. Minimize and pack. When in doubt, throw it out.
  2. Hello all! I'm back! I missed not having my insane assassins around for December, and I kinda failed at keeping a battle log, partially due to moving stuff meaning less exercise happened and partially due to not having the full-on guild camaraderie. And I love me some mini challenges! So I'm getting back to basics with this challenge, and bringing back some quests from past challenges. Also going with a classic theme: Liz Lemon gifs. 1. Some form of exercise 3 days a week, plus 1 day of additional stretching: Ever since moving, I don't have a gym membership and it's cold outside, so I've had excuses to not get up and move. With not having a job, I have tons of time during the day, so I just need to use it well. The exercise sessions should be at least 25min+5min stretching, and the stretching should be 15min. This week I have a friend who I haven't seen in years visiting, so I'm allowing myself to lower it to 2 total sessions this week. 2. Only 7 servings of alcohol a week: Moving again got me into bad habits. Last time I made this goal it was a great reset, so I'm doing it again. I can't think of any exceptions for this month, so I'm being strict with myself. 3. Pushups: These are just so hard for me! I've been working on them for a while, but I lost a lot of gains in the move. But, I did gain a staircase, so I'm using it to get back into it. It will be super easy. Every day I'll do 5 pushups (1 day off a week allowed, just in case I forget). The first week I'll do the pushups with my hands on the 3rd stair, the second week will be the 2nd stair, until the end, when I'm hopefully doing them on the floor! (Subject to change depending on progress.) ^It's sad because it's true. My last push-up was last year. 4. Get a job: No real specific goals on this one, I just need to keep applying. I've had one interview and am working on scheduling another, but I need to not just sit around and wait for results on those. Tracking: Quest 1: 0/3, 0/3, 0/3, 0/3 Quest 1.5: 0/1, 0/1, 0/1, 0/1 Quest 2: 0/7, 0/7, 0/7, 0/7 Quest 3: 0/6, 0/6, 0/6, 0/6 Rewards and scoring to come later, I just wanted to get this up so I didn't miss the start of challenge, since my friend is arriving tomorrow. Happy 2016 everyone! Bring it on!
  3. Goals 1. Gentle exercise (DEX +1 STA +1 STR +1) while I can, aim for two gym sessions per weekafter that, aim for an average of 3 to 4km of walking per day but only if possible!! 2. Stand up straight (STA +1 CHA +2) keep noticing my posture, correct when astraydo pec stretches every day 2. Help the body (CON +4) take the medstake the damn vitamin tabletsdrink water & stay hydratedeat nourishing and healthy food 3. Get a new job by following the Plan of Ultimateness: (WIS +3 CHA +2) update CVwrite adaptable cover letterget quality recommendations on linkedin & personal referencesread books on negotiating (partially through one)apply for jobs (ongoing)identify areas to prepare for interviewmake lists of questions for each areaget info from friends with specialist knowledge in areas of interestobtain answers for these questionslearn and rehearse relevant answersidentify/obtain suitable interview clothesgo to interviews & be amazing Because I'm completely overloaded at the moment, for the first few weeks I expect I'll only be able to pop on here briefly to update my thread. This upsets me as I Iove posting on everybody's threads and cheering you on as you take a step closer to Achieving Awesomeness. If things go well, I will be back and involved again towards the end of the challenge, and hopefully have time to update the ongoing storyline!
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