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Found 5 results

  1. I've got my girlfriend into lifting, and she loves the basic approach of Bench Press, Barbell Squat, and Deadlift. She wants to lose weight and get stronger. The problem we are seeing is that even with rigidly proper form, she experiences severe knee pain after only a few reps of her Squats. Even without weight, her knees start to give her problems. My question is what kind of alternative exercises or possibly rehabilitative movements I can suggest to her to still work similar muscle groups and hopefully get her squatting properly. Fitness Goals Exercise Preference
  2. So I just realized, that as of, I think either yesterday, I have now been doing weightlifting for a full 33 days. I have to say that, for a month of increasing weights by 5 lbs each time, I'm impressed with how fast I have been progressing. On my squats, I am about to reach 105 lbs. I WAS going to hit that mark yesterday, but for some reason, after I warmed up with body squats and was about to do a warm-up set, not only did I not feel entirely flexible enough in my legs and lower back to do a proper squat, but I began to feel a pinching pain behind m left knee. From what I've been told by on
  3. The Question: just what it says. The site: b-reddy.org. The author: a personal trainer named Brian Reddy who specializes in rehabbing people with various kinds of joint pain. A good, short sample article: 3 Common Weak Muscles. A longer one that I found fascinating: Scapular Winging Causes and Treatments. So: has anyone seen this guy before? Is he full of crap, or does he seem to know his stuff? The grounding in anatomy and physiology seems solid, but his explanations of common dysfunctions (like overhead shoulder pain or anterior pelvic tilt) are... a little unorthodox for someone w
  4. Hello all. Generally I have a pretty good grasp on fitness, but my health problems make things more challenging than I prefer. Since moving across the country, I've been off my routine for a while now which was following the c25k running plan and doing a core routine. So I'm working on getting back into it. The trouble I have is largely with my knees. I can't do squats or lunges or even sprints. The problem thankfully is in my tendons and not in the joint itself, but still the pain prevents me doing some of the most basic exercises. Does anyone have any recomendations for alternatives I could
  5. Greetings Members of the Rebellion! I'm Anna, an almost 30-something from Texas, with a few health challenges that I'm hoping I can overcome in my quest to "level up" my life. I've already participated in one challenge (as a Druid - the challenge in June/July) and I was quite successful, but I never really became part of the bigger community, so I thought I would introduce myself. I have EDS-III (Hypermobility ) in a fairly mild presentation. Basically, I am SUPER BENDY. I am extremely flexible in almost all of my joints, and several of my joints sublux fairly frequently - which is to say
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