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Found 6 results

  1. I really, REALLY, want to be able to do gymnastics and parkour. A little backstory, I used to be in gymnastics but it was only for two years. I really loved it though and wished I could've stayed longer. That was when I was 12 and now I'm 27 and a mother. I know I need to lose a lot of weight and train in body weight exercises as well as bring my flexibility back up. But my worry is, I completely fractured my ankle when I was 18. I jumped from a tree because I was stuck and couldn't get down. I ended up getting surgery and now have two plates and six screws in my left
  2. Hi! I'm new and still sifting through the forums - if this has been asked, please direct me to where other threads are! So, my knees are LOUD. Like, popcorn-in-the-microwave loud when I move, especially up steps. Sometimes, they're painful, but not always. It's definitely obnoxious to sound like I'm cracking glo-sticks with every step. I suspect there's some PF inflammation, as I've had physical therapy for it several years back, but the last time I went to a specialist, the guy couldn't get left from right figured out and I never went back. (Medical visits are expensive en
  3. Specifically wrists and ankles. I've got several hypermobile joints, but the ones that are causing the most problems are my wrists and ankles. My ankles collapse inwards so that it looks like I have flat feet - I control this most of the time with special insoles but I'm currently training six hours a week for a show barefoot (shoes are not an option for this) and they're not happy. A lot of the conditioning involves jumping and my ankles have started buckling. We're working pretty hard, and the more tired I get the harder it is for me to stabilise them. My wrists are most affe
  4. Hello everyone, as a new member to the community, this is my first post. I am looking for some help or suggestions. I am a bigger guy, 282lbs, and have started the past four months with the paleo diet and Steve's basic bodyweight programs. I have started running as well, doing a number of races in that time (My farthest has been a 10k, which I was psyched to have finished this past Saturday!!). Anyway, I want to start Steve's Dumbell Division strength program, and I have been looking at the guide pretty closely. The only real change I'll have to make is the negative pull ups, as I still
  5. So about a month ago, something weird happened to me. I started to get really stiff and super sore after a particularly intense circuit first thing in the morning. Initially I thought it was post exercise soreness, but instead of abating it got considerably worse. One day I could only swing my legs, not bend them, the next day my arms felt beaten up. Anyway, comes to the weekend about 3 days later, and I clean my parents' house (need the cash) and I can barely drive home afterwards. I jumped in the bath thinking that would help. BIG mistake - I had trouble even getting out. So my partner com
  6. For the longest time, every time I work out everything pops. Pushups? Shoulders crack. Squats? Knees sound like popcorn. Stretching cracks my back like somebody playing the xylophone. It doesn't usually hurt, and my back always feels heavenly after stretching. Does anybody else have that too?
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