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  1. Kishi

    Kishi Says Relax

    Oh right these things start on Sunday now So! Hello again everyone. Hope things have been awesome. I spent the past couple weeks just chilling and not making a topic because I didn't really know what I wanted to do. Or, I knew, but I didn't know how to articulate it. Mostly, I've just been watching myself and seeing what works and what doesn't, what is right and what is wrong, and simply striving see things w/o any sense of judgment. I've made the terrible but necessary decision to suspend TGUs for a while because I can't find a way to do th
  2. Kishi

    Kishi Says Empty

    The struggle is real. The struggle is real, and it continues. But what is life without it? So the theme of this challenge is something @Kyellan said, about emptying the cup of oneself that one approaches an art with. During that time, I could feel a lot of ego trying to come up in me, and that's something that's come up in me before, to my detriment. I need to throw that away and be willing to learn, because I'm beginning to think that good movement is good movement and that really the arts are just ways to bridge the various places where one moves. From strike to clash
  3. Kishi

    Kishi Says Balance

    Still reeling from my Feelings on this game. So, that's the theme music. Deal with it. So, basically, I've been struggling with balance. Sleep and food and weights and martial arts. It's a lot of fun, but the truth is, I want to skew more toward martial arts. And, looking down the line, one other thing that I'm going to want to do is to get into flexibility training. Right now, there's no way that the current schedule is going to let that happen. Also, I'm about as heavy as I was back in high school, and it's not muscle that's making the difference. I want to fix that.
  4. Kishi

    Kishi Says Clean

    It's fun to do music in my challenges again. I missed it. So, gonna keep this short and simple because I've started parts of it and I'm on a short amount of time. Yes, time. I was staring at my schedule - all the things that I wanted to do and want to do still - and it finally occurred to me: life would just be easier with more daytime in it. And the way that happens is to go to bed earlier. But it's not just about going to bed earlier. The truth is, a lot of my life is messy. I'm thinking about that a lot I guess because, well, my bro and I are looking at moving out of
  5. Kishi

    Kishi Says Run

    Hi guys! So, it happened like clockwork, just like I said it would - the fat loss stalled out on 02/11. That was kind of weird. Knowing my body as well as I do, being able to have it down to the day. Wasn't quite prepared for that. So now I need to figure out what to do next. I could lower the calories, but the yield on that is going to be comparatively small at this point. I don't have a lot of reason to do something like that. But I still want to cut. The temptation is to attempt recomp, but everything I've ever seen about that assumes a specific training modality to
  6. So, the idea after last challenge was to celebrate New Years and come on strong here in the new year. I had every reason to believe I would. The training was fun, molding itself around what I wanted it to be, and I was pushing hard and everything was great. And then last Monday I got a scratchiness in my throat. It spread from there and it's only now really on its way out. I've followed Sickness Protocols, which means no training if it makes your symptoms worse. Well, shock and awe, training did. Even yoga did, although that might have been a case of the wrong yoga for the situatio
  7. wulf56

    Wulf56 Round 2

    A little late to posting my round 2 challenge, but ive atleast been keeping up the training and eating so. This challenge will be based on mixing it up. I have a nasty habit of doing the same workout over and over until i become stagnant and plateau. Last challenge i did good with my diet and training regularly but now its time to go to the next level. Ive been on a dragon ball kick here lately so ill theme this around dragon ball super to keep me motivated. Diet Eat a vegetable with one meal every day keeping cheat food to only one cheat meal a week. Fitness
  8. "But Kishi, aren't you doing themed challenges?" Well, I'm still working through the WOT, but like I said, theming it was getting pretty thin. And since I'm still working my way through book 6, well, I didn't think it made a lot of sense to worry too much. I suspect that going forward, I'm going to have to let that sink into the background of things. Anyway. I'll have to post some Righteous Santa Justice or something once I'm at a computer that lets me do that. So. I went to give blood on Monday. Giving blood is a good thing to do - it burns calories, regula
  9. wulf56

    Wulf56 Debut

    First time on here. Looking for some extra motivation. Ive been training martial arts for over 4 years and strength training for longer. I keep falling in and out of motivation to keep it all up. My goal is to lose atleast 5 lbs this month, Move up to the next stage in my current strength training program, and be better about keeping up with my diet all so i can greatly improve my skills as a martial artist. Kind of a simple post but i dont usually do the whole forum thing. I appreciate any and all motivation. Thanks everyone! Diet (pick two) Eat a vegetable with one me
  10. The lions sing and the hills take flight. The moon by day, and the sun by night. Blind woman, deaf man, jackdaw fool. Let the Lord of Chaos rule. Aiyaa. I must hate myself. There's 47 different POV characters in this book, and the prologue is 30K words. But, lots of cool things happen here. Can't deny that. Anyway, the month's work is cut out for me. NaNoWriMo is up in about a week, and I got a GoRuck to perform. We're coming down to the wire in terms of how prepared we're going to be for that (and by we, I mean me. I'm sure @RisenPhoenix has this in hand).
  11. With his coming are the dread fires born again. The hills burn, and the land turns sere. The tides of men run out, and the hours dwindle. The wall is pierced, and the veil of parting raised. Storms rumble beyond the horizon, and the fires of heaven purge the earth. There is no salvation without destruction, no hope this side of death. It's such a happy story. Did I mention that? Just, this amazing, joyous thing. You'll want to dance after you read this. Anyway, things are not getting any easier for our heroes. Rand, having survived and been marked by his time in the Was
  12. Hey there, guys. Remember that last challenge? I do. It was great. I didn't show up to put a proper end to it, but the gist is that I kept up my training, ate well, passed the test, kept the job, got to double digits on pull ups, fixed my knee, and botched my writing goal in the process. And, as if that wasn't enough fun, one morning, I woke up, got out of bed and got a real bad case of dizziness for my trouble, which didn't go away until I ate something. I think that's a sign that I've burned the candle down even farther than I thought, and that's not ideal. We got to
  13. The Dragon Reborn—the leader long prophesied who will save the world, but in the saving destroy it; the savior who will run mad and kill all those dearest to him—is on the run from his destiny. Two guesses as to whether he succeeds or not. I sorta dropped off the face of the earth last challenge. I didn't mean to, but... yeah. The job isn't really brutal, but the hours are, and I haven't been good about getting around to you all like I wish I had. Still, things are being adjusted. I unfortunately find myself in a place between talking about the c
  14. The Wheel of Time turns and Ages come and pass. What was, what will be, and what is, may yet fall under the Shadow. For centuries, gleemen have told of The Great Hunt of the Horn. Now the Horn itself is found: the Horn of Valere long thought only legend, the Horn which will raise the dead heroes of the ages. And it is stolen. And so we begin. Book II. In which a powerful relic is lost, and a powerful enemy is found. The last challenge went really well. A lot of things that I didn't expect to go right went... well, right. It's a series of facts and such th
  15. This is working for me right now so I'm going to continue with most of it. Maintenance goals: Judo twice per week as much as possible Stick to budget, track expenditures Walk 70k + steps per week Talk a day/evening off per week to spend at home Get out once/month - ECCE later this month. Guitar - three times per week if possible Sleep Get to bed by midnight on work nights and 1 am on weekend nights. Read or meditate before bed if possible. Relax Read/study/play video games. Enjoy ECCE on the 20th and
  16. ...Except for the tan because I'll look like a lobster Sugar Glider Mode: Pull-ups and dips every evening, 3xF I'm going to need lats and triceps where I'm going this year. Strength +5 #WomensPhysique: Oh god, this every challenge, stop being so fat Tanky. So aim for 135g of protein a day and calories at 1,800. STA + 2.5, CON + 2.5 (because eating good makes you feel good) Voce fala portuguease?: So I can ask for coffee, cake, steak and chicken, but I can't ask for directions, know which day it is or talk about lifting. Keep up with daily duo lingo practice. Post hilariously wrong
  17. My biggest problem isn't that I don't know what I'm doing. It's that I know too much, and in so knowing, forget how little I know. I have a bunch of different programs that all want to work together. But I haven't really done the work of putting them all together properly, and it's been to my detriment in the past. And it's trying to be now. Still, as it's been pointed out to me, I'm wise enough to know when something is working and when it isn't, and there's no shame in making adjustments on the fly. Putting a bunch of pieces together and adjusting quickly
  18. My last challenge did not go well. I didn't care about half of my goals. I think this will go better. Maintenance goals: Judo twice per week as much as possible Stick to budget, track expenditures Walk 70k + steps per week Talk a day/evening off per week to spend at home Get out once/month - probably the tournament in Dieppe on the 24th. Guitar - three times per week if possible Sleep Renew my inhaler prescription and ask for either a third Flovent inhaler or a higher dose. Get to bed by midnight on work nights and 1 am on week
  19. Update: 28.02.16 Tomorrow I am restarting, using the current challenge as my baseline for my quests. I have deleted most of this original post & edited it with more relevant information, as it was getting a little cluttered. My aims: Reach a body-weight of 200 lb (from 170 lb) 200 lb is approximately 90 kg, my new weight class I will be fighting in for Judo. I will aim to have reached 200 lb by the end of this year. Decrease my body-fat I will continue with this aim for now. Using my restart to
  20. Well, not gonna make a big deal of it, but things kind of fell apart last challenge. A lot of the things that I wanted to do... they just didn't get done. The biggest problem, really, was one of schedule, and of not paying my dues daily. So. Gotta set this up differently than I did it before. Goal 1: Apply to One Gig Daily I refuse to call it job hunting. The days of the job are dead, at least until I level up. But to go from one gig to the next? Okay. I can do that. Goal 2: One Codecademy Lesson Daily Last time was too big. Need to learn from this. Go smaller. Goal 3: Writing Daily To
  21. This may be giffed up later, or not. Maintenance goals: Judo twice per week as much as possible Stick to budget, track expenditures Walk 70k + steps per week Talk a day/evening off per week to spend at home Incremental goals: Stop being late to bed, and therefore late to work - in bed by midnight at latest every work night. Hand stand practice - every day, however brief Pullup practice - every day, even if only one Guitar practice - 3x per week? Minimum 15 minutes. Bonus: Get out more. Judo tournament this Saturday - if others are going. Plus another thing this month. Will
  22. So instead of starting up new goals, I'm largely sticking to previous ones as they're all still important and I want to focus on basics: Judo, scheduling, paying down debt. I'm still sorting out the last one. Either sleep, clothing or guitar. I'm using a Noragami theme as it is my current addiction. Train like Bishamon - Do not miss oportunities for Randori - Train last two sets of Nage No Kata - Start learning Goshin Jutsu (or another one if interesting?) - Work on a high belt technique with the others at least once per week Obey Tenjin's advice to spend more time in the
  23. Kishi


    Well, I wanted to try to continue story stuff, but the moratorium on spoilers at this point means that I can't risk it. Yet. I'll hold it until 1/18. Maybe in the meantime that'll help me figure out how to integrate storytelling with the epic quest. Basically, the epic quest this time is to spend the year more fully integrating martial arts into my life. I already do a lot of different training on a day by day basis, but I get a lot of different things from my sensei to do. And I want to take each of these challenges and just add one more piece to the puzzle to complete my training. Why?
  24. Teirin

    Teirin shows up

    The last few weeks haven't gone particularly well. Some previously long-standing habits have been dropped and need to resume and others need to be broken. Sleep and work goals are fixed, the others are subject to change if a better plan occurs to me. Sleep Sleep trumps everything else. Try to be calm and ready to sleep by 11:30 pm on week nights. Preferably weekends too. Continue melatonin experiment. SaraKingdom mentioned Valerian as well. If all else really fails, see someone about mild sleeping pills. I can't operate on the sleep I've been getting lately. Meditate/Introspection E
  25. Events: IPF World Open - 10/11/2015 (live streamed on goodlift for those that are interested) Edinburgh BJJ Open - 21/11/2015 Southend No Gi Open - 29/10/2015 Newcastle BJJ Open - 6/12/2015 Goals: Competition: IPF Worlds - Top Ten STR - 3, Top 5 STR - 5, Podium (lol yeah right) STR - 7 Edinburgh - Gold CON - 1, DEX - 2, SIlver CON - 1, DEX - 1, Bronze DEX - 1 Southend - Gold CON - 1, DEX - 2, SIlver CON - 1, DEX - 1, DEX - 1 Newcastle - Gold CON - 1, DEX - 2, Silver CON - 1, DEX - 1, DEX - 1 Life Goals: Be more social Do at least one thing a week which isn't training related, even if i
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