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  1. My last challenge did not go well. I didn't care about half of my goals. I think this will go better. Maintenance goals: Judo twice per week as much as possible Stick to budget, track expenditures Walk 70k + steps per week Talk a day/evening off per week to spend at home Get out once/month - probably the tournament in Dieppe on the 24th. Guitar - three times per week if possible Sleep Renew my inhaler prescription and ask for either a third Flovent inhaler or a higher dose. Get to bed by midnight on work nights and 1 am on weekend nights. Read or meditate before bed if possible. Increasing my inhaler use is letting me sleep the night through and I'm generally feeling better. That isn't always the issue but it's working right now. Stupid spring. Do things outside of Work/Judo/Cleaning Book time off for ECCE, after the Titan Challenge/for my birthday, and a week of visiting family or a staycation. Whatever works out. Register a team for the Titan Challenge and hassle the interested to commit. I'm the worst for committing so this should be fine. Registered for ECCE - consider a cosplay. It would make Nax very happy. Additional training session per week - whatever is fun and will prep me for the challenge. Possibly running. Finish some manga/read some books/watch something. Fiction, non-fiction, frivolous, deep. Whatever. Maintain apartment Do dishes every night except Fridays. Tidy each night after dishes. Wash the &%$#ing windows - I even found some tips on making this easier. The landlords are admittedly not doing a great job of providing notification of viewings. There is supposed to be 24 hours of notice. There was 75 min notice once this week, though it was cancelled. Possibly because one of the neighbours said no. No idea. The landlords have taken steps to improve this, the realtor managing the whole thing can now just contact us directly. Still, I'm working on the assumption that people could pop in and view the place at any time. Besides, having the dishes done daily is nice.
  2. Update: 28.02.16 Tomorrow I am restarting, using the current challenge as my baseline for my quests. I have deleted most of this original post & edited it with more relevant information, as it was getting a little cluttered. My aims: Reach a body-weight of 200 lb (from 170 lb) 200 lb is approximately 90 kg, my new weight class I will be fighting in for Judo. I will aim to have reached 200 lb by the end of this year. Decrease my body-fat I will continue with this aim for now. Using my restart to remove the fat I have put on in the past couple months. Move towards a paleo lifestyle This aim stays in place too. Mostly it is cleaning up my diet and removing the rubbish I have been taking over the past couple of months. Progress Pictures: I will update progress pictures in the following days.
  3. Well, not gonna make a big deal of it, but things kind of fell apart last challenge. A lot of the things that I wanted to do... they just didn't get done. The biggest problem, really, was one of schedule, and of not paying my dues daily. So. Gotta set this up differently than I did it before. Goal 1: Apply to One Gig Daily I refuse to call it job hunting. The days of the job are dead, at least until I level up. But to go from one gig to the next? Okay. I can do that. Goal 2: One Codecademy Lesson Daily Last time was too big. Need to learn from this. Go smaller. Goal 3: Writing Daily To the tune of my standards. I have set up minimal, nominal, and maximal goals for me to hit. It's worked before, but I've been slacking. Need to get back to doing this because I love it and I am poorer without it. Goal 4: Pray Daily For better or for worse, it's the Lenten season. So, since we're in the spiritual training season so to speak, I figure it's appropriate to make a thing of it. I haven't missed so far, but I'm feeling paranoid, so I'm going to make this a part of the challenge going forward. I beg y'all's pardon if I sound terse. I promise, it hides nothing. Just... really excited to get to work on getting everything put back together again. So. Let's go to work.
  4. This may be giffed up later, or not. Maintenance goals: Judo twice per week as much as possible Stick to budget, track expenditures Walk 70k + steps per week Talk a day/evening off per week to spend at home Incremental goals: Stop being late to bed, and therefore late to work - in bed by midnight at latest every work night. Hand stand practice - every day, however brief Pullup practice - every day, even if only one Guitar practice - 3x per week? Minimum 15 minutes. Bonus: Get out more. Judo tournament this Saturday - if others are going. Plus another thing this month. Will expand later, but that's the core of it.
  5. So instead of starting up new goals, I'm largely sticking to previous ones as they're all still important and I want to focus on basics: Judo, scheduling, paying down debt. I'm still sorting out the last one. Either sleep, clothing or guitar. I'm using a Noragami theme as it is my current addiction. Train like Bishamon - Do not miss oportunities for Randori - Train last two sets of Nage No Kata - Start learning Goshin Jutsu (or another one if interesting?) - Work on a high belt technique with the others at least once per week Obey Tenjin's advice to spend more time in the real world While work and my social commitments are the real world, I also need to make more time for myself and I hope that this will allow me to do so without leaving any of my activities. - Try cycling one day off of an activity each week. That way I have another night off without leaving any activity. - Take a long weekend (at minimum) each month, longer when possible. I have 2.5 weeks of vacation time left from last year and this year's accumulating vacation time. Use it this year. Paying down the Goddess of Poverty (student loan/LOC) - Plan to cut down half of remaining debt this year - Check feasibility, calculate interest/month and amount to principle - restart budget (complete) - Add clothing budget category Goal 4: Step up my wardrobe game - Nicer outfit once per week - dress pants, a dress/skirt, shirt, something like that. - post a picture - Try to incorporate pieces I knit - Haircut - past due! - Clean out my current wardrobe of things that fit poorly or I never wear. Again. - Obtain an iron and ironing board.
  6. Kishi


    Well, I wanted to try to continue story stuff, but the moratorium on spoilers at this point means that I can't risk it. Yet. I'll hold it until 1/18. Maybe in the meantime that'll help me figure out how to integrate storytelling with the epic quest. Basically, the epic quest this time is to spend the year more fully integrating martial arts into my life. I already do a lot of different training on a day by day basis, but I get a lot of different things from my sensei to do. And I want to take each of these challenges and just add one more piece to the puzzle to complete my training. Why? Reasons. I like the training that I do now and its ability to prepare me in general for a lot of different things. And I hate the feeling of being behind where I want to be in my training. I want to move farther along, and instead of flipping out and feeling like I'm stalled out, I'd rather be able to further. Since the best I know to do is to keep touching base, the most realistic way to improve is to give myself more things to practice daily. Yeah, it'll never get me a six pack or in the octagon, but the events of the past year have made such ideas seem small and unimportant. I have bigger fish to fry. So, starting point. While I was away, I managed to get to the point where I hit the Simple part of Simple and Sinister - full routine at 53 pounds. And I managed to lose 13 pounds of excess tissue last year by letting my training be my training and letting my diet be my diet and work in conjunction with it. The folks did their best to make me gain it back (Kishi, we don't think you have the weight to lose!) and they made a pretty valiant effort at it... but I still finished 7 pounds down. Measurements indicate it's a net loss of excess tissue, and not the lean stuff that makes me stronger and better. Very good. So, let's keep this simple. Continue GPP Training I don't do well training for fat loss or flashy, look-good-naked type goals. I do well looking to develop skills and attributes. GPP for me means continuing to work with the kettlebell I have until I can get a heavier one - crazy expensive, unfortunately, but that's what you get when you have to ship 70 pounds of metal. The other two parts of it are greasing the groove with pull ups and push ups, and working toward freestanding handstands and pistol squats. This isn't necessarily easy, but as a matter of practice it is pretty easy to do and keep up with day by day. Non-Write One Page Per Day Defined as 250 words per day. Pretty self-explanatory. But at the same time, I can't always write. I want to still do at least one thing per day to keep in contact with the manuscript and keep that thing going. Work Shadowboxing Back In to Rotation So when I was practicing with the kettlebell, it was easy for me to work shadowboxing into the routine. I kept myself fresh and if I got tired, I shadowboxed as a means to refresh myself. That's no longer necessary from a GPP perspective, though - I go from lift to lift super-easily. So the real trick is to figure out how to work this in elsewhere, which I mean to have figured out and running by the end of the challenge. 64 Fluid Ounces of Water Per Day Pretty self-explanatory. This is on top of everything else I drink in a day. Just to keep it simple. Okay guys. Let's get to work.
  7. Teirin

    Teirin shows up

    The last few weeks haven't gone particularly well. Some previously long-standing habits have been dropped and need to resume and others need to be broken. Sleep and work goals are fixed, the others are subject to change if a better plan occurs to me. Sleep Sleep trumps everything else. Try to be calm and ready to sleep by 11:30 pm on week nights. Preferably weekends too. Continue melatonin experiment. SaraKingdom mentioned Valerian as well. If all else really fails, see someone about mild sleeping pills. I can't operate on the sleep I've been getting lately. Meditate/Introspection Even if only for a few minutes per day. Go with guided if it's working. Try mornings? Try to sort out what, if anything, is bothering me beyond lack of sleep and overtime. Work Limit overtime to 8 hours/week, flexible if prior week is lighter. Delegate when possible. I have some additional help this year and they can take care of a number of tasks. Take a day off when possible. Try to end this year with less than 3 weeks of accumulated vacation pay. Exercise Make it to Judo at least once per week, preferably Thursday so I'm there for the kids class. Help Kata partner prep for grading December 12th - find all supplementary techniques! He decided to grade earlier than June. Try to do something physical beyond my daily walking twice per week minimum, even if it's brief or low intensity. Judo counts. Resume stretching daily.
  8. Events: IPF World Open - 10/11/2015 (live streamed on goodlift for those that are interested) Edinburgh BJJ Open - 21/11/2015 Southend No Gi Open - 29/10/2015 Newcastle BJJ Open - 6/12/2015 Goals: Competition: IPF Worlds - Top Ten STR - 3, Top 5 STR - 5, Podium (lol yeah right) STR - 7 Edinburgh - Gold CON - 1, DEX - 2, SIlver CON - 1, DEX - 1, Bronze DEX - 1 Southend - Gold CON - 1, DEX - 2, SIlver CON - 1, DEX - 1, DEX - 1 Newcastle - Gold CON - 1, DEX - 2, Silver CON - 1, DEX - 1, DEX - 1 Life Goals: Be more social Do at least one thing a week which isn't training related, even if it is with training partners. CHA - 2 Keep on top of all social media. CHA - 1 Helping others Be timely with my online coaching input instead of hitting it all at 23:00 every night. WIS - 2 So the name of the thread explains itself really. It's a month of competition. I think an obligatory "Pls b safe" is required here.
  9. There is neither darkness, nor light; there is only the Force. Zane Kahn did not know if he had been fighting for three hours or for three days. Once, long ago, it had mattered to him. Back when he had been young, nothing more than a Genin with something to prove, he would have secretly stolen glances at the clock to see how long was left. Time, however, had revealed itself to him - a mirage in the face of the eternal reality of the Force. There is passion, yet peace. Serenity, yet emotion. He met the gaze of his opponents - five other Gray Jedi. Their faces were unreadable behind their masks. They were masters, all in their own ways, one from each of the fighting orders and a fifth to speak for the Grays as a whole. Zane brought his lightsaber up to neutral guard. He wanted to laugh. He wanted His breath was slow, steady, even. His awareness floated in the Cloud, in the gray nothing between darkness and light. The fatigue of his muscles was contrasted with the Force stinging in his veins. He wanted to laugh, and he wanted to roar his defiance, and he wanted nothing at all. And then, he felt it. It was time. Chaos, yet order. He was one with the Force, and though there was a distance between he and they, Zane was on them in a single step. It would have been suicide to approach it that way for anyone else. Any advantage in coordination he would have had as a lone operator against multiple opponents was negated by the Force. The same thing that let him feel the incoming blows before they happened was telling them much the same thing. But to hell with it. So there wasn't a weak link in the chain. So any link was as good to hit as any other. He channeled the aggression into heavy, hammering blows against the smaller master of Wind. She tried to flow away, to take the flying leap backward. Zane had overextended himself, and there was no way to recover back in time to form a proper defense. So he didn't even bother. Instead, he gathered all his joyous fury into the palm of his off hand and pushed with the Force. It caught her square and sent her flying a good deal further than she'd meant to go. In the space of an instant, he reversed the push, cutting the roar of energy down to a single thread. He looped it around her lightsaber and yanked. It worked - the lightsaber released from her hand and landed in his. It would have been a waste of time to try to catch four different sabers at once, so he didn't bother. Instead, as he flicked the new one to life, Zane whirled like a dervish, catching their strikes in the patterns of his blades. He spun away. Four. They stayed on him, though, a wall of heat and light. Playing this game would end poorly, but the flash of fear happened on the outside. It did not pierce the Cloud. So Zane didn't miss feeling the opening in the defense, a slowness on the part of the Fire master. Zane could see the space in the down swing, and flicked his saber up and into the guard, catching his opponent's blade at the hilt and severing it in a flash of heat. The Fire master disengaged. Wise man. Three. The Earth master must have sensed the shift in the momentum. She stretched out her hand, and Zane felt a heaviness in his limbs. As if great chains had been looped about his wrists and his ankles. Deep breath in, and he roared this time, pushing his will out through his arms. The chains were still there, still heavy, but he could fight through them. He slashed at her head and she pulled back. He spun to catch the other two combatants before lifting his leg and stomping backward. The Force flowed through him and he felt his heel catch her square in the ribs. She flew and flew, and he knew that she wouldn't get back up again when the weight lifted off his limbs. The last two - Water and the Gray - paused in their assault. Zane stopped. He could feel it like an oncoming wave, something, something... and then they raised their arms. He could smell the burning in the air and cleared his mind. Lightning crackled in the air toward him. Zane let his blades fall to the ground and raised his hands. He felt the electricity slam into him, a hammer against his palms that tried to worm its way into him, to cripple him in agony as it lit up his nerves. But Zane had learned the truth of the lightning - that it wasn't just electricity, but intention. A last attempt to dominate him. He held the lightning, held the gaze, held the raw purposeful aggression. Time ceased. And then, it was over. They lowered their arms. Zane drew the electricity down, down, down into a ball that he clenched in each fist, down into nothing. He let his arms hang loose and permitted a half grin. The moment stretched. And then the other Masters extinguished their lightsabers and clipped them to their belts. The cloud parted, and it all came crashing in. It hadn't been three days, only most of one. And it had been enough. But even as he let the Force go, Zane found himself wrapped in a blanket of pure sound. By the Shadow, he thought, staring at the students cheering around him. The whole damned academy must have come out to watch. That's right. He remembered that sense of nervous excitement before his world had shrank to the arena and the five people trying to sort-of kill him. And it was over. It was blessedly over. He heaved one breath, and then another, and then another. He was Kage now. He was a shadow unto himself. He knew it would be regarded as a tacky, hamfisted thing to do, but to hell with it. Sometimes, you just had to live it up. Zane felt his lips curling into a wide smile as he lifted his hands wide. He gathered the Force into his belly, letting it roar up and out of him, his voice booming deeper than anything he would have managed alone. "I am the shadow cast by the sun! I am the candle burning in the night! AND THE FORCE ALONE SHALL GUIDE ME!"
  10. After some contemplation last challenge and some solid advice from Mistr, I've decided to work on some life goals this challenge. I'll still post Judo updates and whatever else I'm doing for workouts, because Monk, but no workout goals this time. Improving my budget to pay off debt and build some savings Work out better % for different categories in my YNAB budgetWeekly - stay within my budgeted amountsOptimize spending where possible, especially with my groceriesSleep Do not stay up to work on choresWork on meditation before bed, try guided as quiet is NOT working at presentIf I wake up very early and cannot get back to sleep for 30 min, try getting up and knitting/working on something for a bit. If I wake up early and cannot get back to sleep at all, go into work early. That way, I can (theoretically) leave early, get everything done, and go to bed earlierFixing my schedule Evaluate everything in my schedule and trim several things out. I cannot maintain the current schedule and the overtime is going to build up at some point.Consider online time sinks as well.DO NOT accept all volunteer requests. Judo eats most of my volunteer time and will be eating more. Consider these carefully.Try to work out better ways to handle chores and leave myself more free time, especially free time at home.Relaxing Spend at least some time each week doing things that I find calm and relaxing, even if only in bits. Preferably several of these per week. Knitting - work on my blue sweaterPractice guitarPlay video games (does not include the scheduled session on Sunday)Read/watch something interesting - Evolution book, Think101x course, documentaries, intro music theoryWatch TV/movies - probably while knittingWhatever else seems funUse some of my accumulated vacation time if I can manage it.Cat time Spend time with my cats every day, dragging toys for them, brushing them, extra concentrated snuggles. I worry that they're bored and left alone too much because of my schedule. I think that covers everything. We'll see how this works out.
  11. There is neither darkness, nor light; There is only the Force. There is passion, yet peace. Serenity, yet emotion. Chaos, yet order. I am the shadow cast by the sun, I am the candle burning in the night, And the Force alone shall guide me. I began the journey this year as someone who wanted to understand himself better. I wanted to know why I was the way I was, and I wanted to iron out what I considered to be some inconsistencies in who I was. I can't say that I finished it... because it's not the kind of work that is ever finished. It's an endless act of refinement, a constant struggle that can't be entered into with the idea of ever really being finished. I will say, however, that it's been a worthwhile struggle. I'm more peaceful than I was, and even when I get angry or sad, I usually can tell why now and I have an easier time returning to baseline. This has been tested hard this year. Between a busted computer, my father's heart attack, and the realization that my prospects are not what I thought they were, it's been a rough ride. But at the same time it feels like waking up from a nightmare - where I would have before hung my head and accepted it as my fate, I'm instead... quiet. Angry, in a cold way that makes me want to act and fix things rather than rail against the heavens. I want to say that it's time to finish this quest and become a whole and integrated person, but sadly I've found it doesn't work that way. Nevertheless. It is time to embrace the shadows, the slip and slide of darkness and light. What were the marks of a Master of the Gray Order? Feats Impossible to the Light or the Dark Sides of the Force Gray Masters were known for their ability to mix and match their feats from either side of the Force. Gray Masters could turn Force Lightning into a force for healing (though not sure how that would work... whoever came up with that bit of fanon should have thought that one out a bit more). What does this mean? Mixing and matching - strength and conditioning and yoga with the idea of getting to Boston in one piece, stronger and faster and ready for anything. However, instead of worrying about hitting specific numbers, my goal here is just to log on and track what I've done. My training habit is strong enough that I know I won't break anything if I miss a day here or there. And plus, it's an excuse for me to be here with you. The Combination of Forms to Create Unwinnable Situations There is no form of the Lightsaber that is perfect. All have their gaps, flaws in their concepts that can be exploited. So, naturally, you find the hole, and then you work to fill it with another form. What does this mean? I have Karate, and I have Judo to fill the gaps therein. I must train them both. And when I get my sticks back, I will have to begin to work what little Kali I've seen into the training again. Again, a thing to be logged daily. Cleansing Excessive Light and Dark Side Contamination from Worlds through Meditation I have a new thing to study in my meditations - relaxation. So the first practice was mindfulness, and the second was to concentrate through mental noise. The third is to learn the difference between tension and looseness - to induce both in a state of mindfulness and to become aware of the difference in a controlled setting. Once per day. Life Goal: Material Balance So, my landlord is working with me to get me out of the lease. He's asked that I clean out my room at the old apartment. This is more than fair. Which means I need to kick my efforts there up into high gear. I've been given a list of things I need to do. The goal is to have them done before the Challenge is over; ideally, I'll have them done before the end of the month. And with that, we wait...
  12. So after almost two years of no serious competition (TBH the Scottish Judo Open was more an experiment in seeing if I could still cut weight like a pro) I'm returning to competition. My first will most likely be a judo grading as the London IBJJF Open is a bit out of my league, bearing in mind I have to fight at blue belt. "Gentle means tired" was a favourite phrase used during competition preparation at the judo club, and right now I'm gentle very often. Sport Specific Activity: I'm already at classes regularly but I shy away a bit during rolling, people are gentle and won't hurt me. I can get in on this. Goal: Rolling and Randori - aim for only sitting out one round max. ( STA - 2) Conditioning: I have a conditioning program in place that will help me with power output in competition. I just have to actually do it three times a week. I will also keep up the drills from my previous challenge and shift the focus on inversion and DLR/ Spider guard drills. Goal: conditioning program 3xpw (STA - 3) Goal: Morning drills 4xpw (DEX - 5) Healthy Eating: This is where IIFYM goes back to "if it fits your macros" and not "if it fits your mouth" Goal: Keep avg calories below 1900 (as I'm still needing to lose extra bulk weight ;_; ) (CON - 2) Respecting the Men Folk: To put it bluntly, I'm good at respecting them in a sporting sense but not in a relationship sense. Over the past six months I have upset many of the men folk by really just not caring. The worst part was calling out another black belt (who I really should have respected as being the same level) purely because of the dating scenario presented. Worked out OK and mutual respect developed. This incident made me realise I'd gone a bit weird. I just haven't got round to do anything about it till not. Goal: Keep trolling, teasing and "Fite me bro" to a level that doesn't cause angry texts and getting ignored. (CHA - 3)
  13. In judo, we have a laugh during unilateral work where we say "warriors don't wobble." Which is really appropriate here since I'm probably more of a warrior branching back into monk stuff for something that'll become official later in the year. A couple of years ago grappling took a step back so I could get to grips with equipped lifting, but It's something I have a lot of fun doing and I'm getting my conditioning back up and looking to compete properly again. Drills Recent training has highlighted that while I have good instincts and a good base from TKD and Judo I really need to understand and being able to drill some basic movements other than shrimp and arm bar (it got a a 1st dan in Judo but it's gonna take more in BJJ.) Goals: By the end of week one, have a program for movement drills to be done in the morning and do these drills for the six week challenge. Gym I needed a new gym, I just didn't get on board with the philosophy at my last gym. I got some good advice at the weekend about gym loyalty and the fact that I was gaining so much from my adventures in visiting lots of new gyms and learning from different perspectives. Lets face it, cross training is why I took up BJJ in the first place. Goals: Find a new gym/ gyms and train there consistently during the challenge. At least one fundamentals per week and one rolling. Sleep I will need at least eight hours a day if I'm working morning sessions back in. Goals: 8 hours a day and up at 7am for morning drills. More Fruit Bulking out my macros with micro rich food seems to work well for my body composition. And without coming across as big headed I'm starting to tread into a territory where that extra 5% in performance is going to matter. My micros and macros need to fit now. Goals: aim for at least 5 a day with two being fruit portions. Some pretty pictures to make it interesting.
  14. Judo 1. Prepare for the potential grading. The Kata clinic/grading is still on for June 27th. My partner is in question and I'm not completely sure it will happen but I will be ready for it if it does. practice Nage no Kata as much as I can managego through all of the throws, however many chokes, armbars, and holds as wellSort out the partner issue as soon as possibleFinalize paperwork, submit by June 6th (pre-challenge)slightly shrink new gi so it fits better2. Go to the kata clinic regardless of grading. It'll be good AND it's in town. It's even free if you aren't grading. 3. Arrange with clubmates for unofficial training as often as possible. Classes end June 4th. After that, the seniors can work out if we can drag multiple people in on Tuesday or Thursday nights. A few more people are interested this year. Maybe visit the other local club if not? Re-joining Facebook will help with this. Get Outside We do actually have summer here and it's nice out. Enjoy it and do some active things. Do a minimum of one of these at least once per week: Run or do sprints (Note: requires new sneakers)Drag one of the guys out to play frisbee or train in the parkGo to a real yoga class - found a nice looking place that welcomes people cross-training!Long walk or hike with someoneSomething else outside or in an unfamiliar place Take some time off (all of the below) Spend an evening/large chunk of a weekend day doing whatever I feel like. (1/week)Take a day off work and spend it relaxing. NO CHORES. No work interruptions either. Guitar Play Rocksmith at least once per week or work on the lessonsPost cool guitar/bass videosCheck out the places in town that sell used instrumentsWill try to be around more this challenge. Sorry all, was quite distracted the last few.
  15. Last challenge went pretty well and I mostly need to continue what I was doing and expand on it a bit. This time with Avatar: TLA and Legend of Korra gifs. Yawara is actually about Judo but I enjoy these two series far more. Possibly heresy, whatever. I also do not guarantee that gifs will be particularly relevant. Not feeling so fussed about gradings on these. It's just what I want to work on for the next while. Kata: We're switching to me as Tori in prep for my grading. Try and work on picking up Danny in Kata Guruma at least once each class and run through the kata at least once per week when possible. Randori: We don't always do Tachi Waza Randori but do not turn down an opportunity when we do. Bonus - Review videos and material on fighting larger opponents. Check out Machete's last challenge for some of his resources. Daily Training: Burpees worked out well last challenge, as did adding a few minutes of handstands. Keep doing that. Add one other thing in per day: Lunges, dips, planks, whatever. Bonus for multiple. Reading: I'm reading more regularly after last challenge but I'd like to continue it. Finish Thinking, Fast and Slow, The Miracle of Mindfulness, and read something fun, even if short. Guitar practice: Try and get to 60 chord switches/minute by the end of the challenge. I'm currently at 24 to 30. Bonus - set up a budget item and start saving to buy one. My friend is fine with my current use of his guitar but I should work on getting one. Less money going to my power bill will help with this. Stupid winter. Will be around to check on all of you soon :-) I had to use it. I love this gif.
  16. This really should have been a theme for my last challenge, but whatever. Yawara! A Fashionable Judo Girl was a very long running manga series in Japan from 1986 to 1993. It was also adapted into an anime. I've read the first 20ish issues (~3 volumes) of the manga and it's funny. I should finish the rest (see below). Compete in the Kata Competition This one is pass/fail, though if for whatever reason my partner ends up bowing out and I can't go with anyone else, I will void the goal. He's pretty motivated so that shouldn't be a problem. I am wary of goals that depend on someone else. The tournament is in March so we're spending March break working on kata until we dream about it. Try to do some randori with someone significantly stronger/larger than me at least once per week x/5 I'm excepting March Break from this. There are no formal classes over March Break and we'll be working on Kata only. This one perhaps requires explanation. I tend to either work with the younger ones closer to my size or shy away from working with the big guys in Randori. I'll go in for ne waza with the big guys anytime but I really don't work with the bigger guys in Randori. People bigger than me force me to use technique instead of muscling them around like I can with some of the people closer to my size. Burpee Challenge with the Judo Guys (x/2015) 4 of them have signed on so far :-) Read at least 3 times per week (x/18) The last challenge has demonstrated that I really do not make the time to read anymore. I'm not even putting a time limit on this. Suggested reading: Kodokan Judo, Mind Over Muscle, Yawara Manga for something lighter. Bonus goal: Practice Guitar 4x/week for 15 min. Decide whether to continue and look into getting my own. The course I'm taking recommends this for beginners. Had to borrow Yui from K-On! For this one.
  17. This will be another quietish challenge for me. After this, I get back to bigger things, promise! First Perspective: Judo Theory and Philosophy I have been terribly remiss in not reading cover to cover several books on Judo in my possession. As there will be two weeks in which I am barred from working out, this will be an excellent time to read them. Kodokan Judo by Jigoro Kano Mind Over Muscle: Writings From the Founder of Judo by Jigoro Kano Judo itself is not going to be a goal this challenge. I will go when permitted to do so and nothing else should be a problem. Second Perspective: Get upside down! Use the GMB guide and work on handstands and their supporting exercises at least 3x/week except when I am forbidden from working out. Third Perspective: My apartment I love the place but being away for a week showed me that it needs some deeper cleanup and maybe some rearranging. Make it sparkly and awesome again. Clean out/handle the items on the following list. Cupboardsclosetson top/inside the fridgemove knitting supplies to the trunkclean out dresser for other storagejunk drawersmove book cases and media to my bedroom?set up computer desk in living room (may not happen this challenge)swap large bookcase and dresser, see how that looksClean stairway walls, with magic eraser if neccessaryFix floor scratches left by previous occupantClean out boxes/misc crap in odd cornersfind all of the cat toys hiding under furnituremove my Grandfather's painting to a better locationreplace the broken blinds in the living roomDust the odd corners that don't usually get reachedGo through my booksTry to clean the bathroom blindsAcquire curtain rod and hang stupid curtains in my bedroom!Transfer my African Violets to a larger planterLife Goal - Improve my wardrobe Purge wardrobe of things that don't fit, I never wear, or are just in too bad shape to keepWardrobe diagnostics - look at the breakdown of what I need versus what I haveFigure out style(s) that I like - post pictures, read advice and check out what's availableIdentify minimum number of needed items to allow me to dress well for my regular activitiesBudget some money for clothing each monthBuy and hang a mirror - would be nice to not need to stand on my toes in the bathtub to see my upper body in the bathroom mirrorBuy and hang a hook for longer dresses/skirts - I have nowhere to store longer items as my closets are too lowMaybe make a nice cowl? Completed but given to my Mom since she loved it so much. Complete the second one :-)
  18. A bit late to the party for discussion on this one but it's something that may or may not become an issue to me depending on what level they decide to enforce this at. At the moment it only looks like Judo internationals are in the firing line. This article discusses a statement realeased from the IJF Scecretary from the views of the BJJ guys: http://www.bjjee.com/bjj-news/ijf-general-secretary-jean-luc-rouge-mma-fighters-are-stupid/ From my point of view there's things I've taken from BJJ, Sambo and Aikido that have improved my judo, and guys from BJJ, Sambo and MMA have taken things from my judo for use in their sport. There was mutual respect from all of us. I infact remember my first BJJ contest (entered as a Judoka) I bowed on judo style and the other girl did as a mark of respect to me, we then did the fist bump as a mark of respect to her. I understand the difficulty judo have had recently with the IOC and being criticsed for judo looking too simlair to various other sports, but the spirit of judo (and a grading criteria in the UK) is that the judoka develops their judo style from the techniques learned to suit their build and own personal strengths. If we can't learn from other sports then we can't develop our own unique and innovative style.
  19. Hi there folks. I was wondering how many other Rebels know anything about judo. I've never taken an official class or gone through the belt system. But I've been reading and training with a few friends for about ten years now. It seems to be kind of an underrated form of martial arts in America because I don't know many people who practice it. A vast majority of people who know any martial arts are more affiliated with karate and taekwondo. Some of my friends who were wrestlers in high school knew a little bit to help them, but nothing beyond the bare basics. So yeah. Anybody else out there?
  20. I'm at the stage in judo now where club practices aren't enough to get by and I need to do a bit of independent training on judo specific skills. In regular practice I find that I get most development from target driven randori. Get a throw from cross grip, foot work only, defend for 1 minute etc I have access to bands for uchi komi but I don't have a mat set up for break falls. But not to restrict this to uchi komi and to involve some useful movement drills too. Does any one have advice on how I would structure an independant session on skills?
  21. Fiscal year end is coming. Year-end is normally a very busy time at work. Everyone in my life generally gets warned that all plans are subject to cancellation if I need to work late in December. It affected my challenge to a noticeable extent last year and I should have planned for it. Doing so this year. It's set up as a two phase challenge so I can have standard goals and pursue those but the backup set of goals is there for if everything goes to pot at work. If all goes well, I will be in phase 1 for the whole challenge. It's possible but history tells me to plan for everything to get very busy at some point. Phase 1 - Business as usual Judo & Studying: x/18 overall Judo Class twice/week unless class is cancelled x/11 (No Judo on Remembrance Day) Study at least one high belt technique or aspect of Judo each week x/6 Physical Balance: x/42 overall Recent challenges have involved trying to work out a good balance of all of the aspects of exercise I consider important. It's had mixed success. Last challenge had the downside of de-valuing my Judo, since it was weighted the same as anything else but dominates my work week. So Judo is out of the balance goal and on it's own now. Here's my latest idea: split strength training and do a little each morning. Better than deciding that I just don't have the time for it. Then do a few bigger things on the weekend. Monday to Friday - Short morning BW workout (pullups, squats, pushups, bridges, HLRs) Saturday - striking practice, preferably with Chris. Sunday - yoga session In addition, I stretch before bed and walk most everywhere so I'm also getting in ~5 hours of walking per week. Keep these up. Running is out until spring unless there's a nice day with no slow on the sidewalks and I get better sneakers. Make Presents x/6 Make at least 6 small gifts with yarn knitting, maille knitting, crochet, cross-stitch or cooking. I love to make people gifts and they seem to like them. Priority: Dad's Socks! Edit: decided that the life balance one is crap this time of year any way and changed it to making Christmas gifts :-) Life Balance - Version 2: x/30 overall Each item is pass or fail/week. It lets me keep an eye on life in general and how well I'm handling things. It also reminds me to prioritize sleep and meditation. SleepMeditationFoodChoresWork Supply Chain Management Course: Complete/Not Complete This course is teaching me great things and will definitely help at work. It's eating 6 to 10 hours per week but that's what it takes to get the material. The course is finished on December the 16th and I'm keeping up so far. If at all possible, complete this course. Additional Long Term Life Goal - Improve my wardrobe (probably will not be finished this challenge) I tried doing this before but I went about it in some inefficient ways. I bought dresses that I like but don't really have anywhere to wear. As much as I like them and they may be useful in the future, they were not practical. Do it right this time. Purge wardrobe of things that don't fit, I never wear, or are just in too bad shape to keepWardrobe diagnostics - look at the breakdown of what I need versus what I haveFigure out style(s) that I like - post pictures, read advice and check out what's availableIdentify minimum number of needed items to allow me to dress well for my regular activitiesBudget some money for clothing each monthBuy and hang a mirror - would be nice to not need to stand on my toes in the bathtub to see my upper body in the bathroom mirrorBuy and hang a hook for longer dresses/skirts - I have nowhere to store longer items as my closets are too lowMaybe knit a nice cowl? Would be a good relaxing Christmas break project. Phase 2 - Don't Panic Phase 2 kicks in if work gets very busy and I'm doing a lot of overtime. Admittedly, my version of a lot of overtime is about 16 extra hours per week. 56ish hours/week at work overall. I know a lot of people work more than that, but it's a lot for me. These goals sub in for the ones above. Goal 1 - Do whatever is most important right now Remember Essentialism and try to keep a handle on everything by focusing on one task at a time. Not a SMART goal, true, but it will be the best thing I can do. Goal 2 - Take 30 min before bed to calm down and relax. Meditation, reading, whatever. It will pay off in improved sleep. Goal 3 - Get up from my desk every hour and do something. During the standard work day I can go and check for mail or packages. After hours I can do whatever if nobody else is there. Stretch, work on one of the striking techniques or Judo turn-ins, pushups/whatever else. The little bits of exercise will let me feel better and be more focused the rest of the time. Goal 4 - Still try and finish the Supply Chain Course
  22. I’ve noticed a consistent problem with balance in workouts in particular and a bit in general life. I’m looking at the general aspects of my life and breaking them down into components that I need to work on. Edit: having joked about it in Cheechoe's thread, I have now realized that my challenge needs Ponies. I will now giggle as you all cringe in horror. Physical Components - defense, strength, flexibility, endurance, body control, speed Find a training balance that allows me to work on all of those to some extent. I’m not going to be awesome at all of them, but I’d like to be generally competent. Grading is going to be x/5 each week with a point for each different activity. JudoStriking practiceYoga/mobility work (will include general mobility exercises in here)Strength trainingRunning/sprints Other - bonus point Mental/Spiritual Components - Philosophy, meditation, sleep, chores, relaxation. Grading x/5 per week with a pass/fail assessment on each of the below items Meditate daily Prioritize sleep ahead of finishing that chore. Read up on systems of philosophy and figure out what I likeDo chores in smaller chunks instead of one big whirlwindRelax/Read/watch stuff/play video games Intellectual Component - Learn things to keep my brain from getting stagnant and discuss these things with friends (if they’re interested). Study at least an hour per week on whatever topic is interesting at the moment. Grading x/6 List provided for inspiration: astronomy, math (triple integrals in particular), poetry, archaeology, psychology, thermodynamics refresher, history, anatomy, operations management. Be a better Judo instructor for the kids Try to ensure that they leave smiling each week. Grading x/9 Read the LTAD materialsReview the coaching class materialsWatch the 101 Judo Games DVD and take notes on some good gamesHave a plan for each session (6)
  23. I'm not great at themed challenges and pretty much all of this is going to be a stretch. Especially since I'm going to focus on martial arts and Kaylee is pretty averse to violence, unless it gets in the way of her and Simon :-) She's my favourite character so I'm going with her regardless of personality test results (usually I get Simon). It's all about the mechanics Kaylee understands mechanics and engines. I need to understand my Judo and striking practice the same way and that comes through practice and study. Judo and Striking - Work on turn-ins and footwork, learn basic striking and practice 3/weekly. Judo (should it actually happen) counts. Grading: x/18 Bend and stretch Judging by a few scenes where she's climbing on things to reach switches or access panels, she needs to be flexible and able to climb. I'll address climbing later but yoga is something I like to practice. It helps keep my irritable shoulders happier and helps with flexibility. 2 yoga sessions/week. Prasara yoga is my usual focus but if I feel like doing another kind for a change, I'll go with that. Grading: x/12 Quiet time in the engine room This is what Kaylee does to calm down and relax after Mal pisses her off. I handle stress somewhat poorly and meditation would help with retaining my calm in general. Meditate for 5 min per day to start, probably using the Calm.com app on my iPad . Also read Three Deep Breaths, as recommended by my Dad. Grading: x/43 42 for the meditation and 1 for reading the book. It's short. I like to meet new people, they've all got stories! In this sense, I'd to meet some new fictional people. Spend some time each week reading, or watching TV/Anime. Most notably, this is time to relax by myself and NOT spend doing chores, cooking, etc. I was recently reminded of the difference between recreation and relaxation. Relaxation does need to be scheduled or it doesn’t happen. Pass or fail each week. Besides, maybe if I spend some time watching more anime I’ll recognize more at the Anime convention next year and I haven't re-watched Firefly in a bit :-) Eh, I warned you all that these were likely to be a stretch.
  24. Teirin’s Summer of Kata: I tried to come up with a cool Dresden Files theme for this and failed. It may be edited if I come up with something cool. Goal 1 - Work on higher level techniques and Kata at the unofficial summer Judo classes. No grading on this one. Just work on lots of techniques and kata and help my clubmates learn the same. We don't normally get to work on these during the normal classes but the unofficial summer classes are all brown belts all the time. We've made a pact to spend the single class per week working on kata and the higher level techniques. It'll be awesome. Goal 2 - Prasara Yoga continued - updated Learn and be capable of at least roughly doing one three of the series A flows from Scott Sonnon’s Prasara Yoga: Flow Beyond Thought. Updated goal is to learn Diving Dolphin, Tumbleweed, and Flock of Pigeons while working on the techniques required for Forest and Spider Monkey. If they go well, I'll work on some of the flows Tacfit has developed. Spider Monkey - admittedly not likely yet, but I will work on it! Forest - this is a bit modified but the only video I can find Diving Dolphin Tumbleweed Flock of Pigeons Goal 3 - General Training Cheerfully stealing Twilight’s point system but limiting it to workouts: Short workout - 1 point Longer workout - 2 points Sprint session - 1 point (Edit: changed to 1 point) Judo class - kata - 1 point Judo class - hard workout - 2 points Yoga session - 1 point I am aiming for 8 points/week. Grading will be a percentage. This also leaves me some flexibility to mess around with my workouts and try different things if inclined. Edit: Revision to workout/points goal: I'm changing the weekly goal from 8 to 10 points. The A level of full points should only happen when I get an ideal number of workouts in - 5 short workouts, 1 Judo class, 2 yoga sessions, and a sprint session. That would be 10 points. If I set a low bar, I'll likely meet it. See last challenge :-/ Life Goal - Sleep Redux from last challenge. Drag bedtime back to or before midnight. Preferably before. Similar grading to last time. Largely eyeballed but I will be tracking my bedtime and sleep quality. Settled by 11:30 5 out 7 nights per week = A. Settled by 12 = B, by 12:30 = C. Extra Life goal - Wear tank tops/sleeveless dresses in public. I have some acne still and a fair bit of scarring on my arms. I’m overly sensitive about it. Very few people have actually commented on my arms but the rare ones tend to be remembered more than the vast majority of people who either don’t notice or do notice and don’t care. I’ve been wearing more T-shirts lately and that’s been going well so this is just a bonus sort of thing. I am continuing to use a spreadsheet and am very happy with that. New one is linked in my sig.
  25. Preamble and The Plan Last challenge involved decluttering my life, I think I will spend the next two re-optimizing my workouts. Trying to do Judo, strength training, and learn yoga flows at the same time (while still being overly busy and stressed at work) was a bad plan. I want to work harder on strength training but am now concerned that it conflicts with Judo in terms of rest time. I will still work on all of those things but I will designate the priority order and strength training is taking a back seat this challenge. Judo will not likely be plagued by cancellations any more. The snow is melting and further storms are fairly unlikely at this point. Official classes run until the end of June and are off for the summer. An unofficial class per week ran last summer and I couldn’t make it but this summer should be fine if we have it again. So this challenge will involve working harder at Judo (when possible) and building warmup and recovery systems. The summer challenge will involve a max of one Judo class/week and I will amp up the bodyweight strength training with a kickass program and have established warmup and recovery processes in place. I also tried to make the goals a bit more SMART this time. That’s the plan anyway. My plans don’t always work out. Goal 1 - Focus on Warmup and recovery I have one body and I’m not banking on replacement parts being available anytime soon. My shoulder issues turned out to be minor and not workout related but they were still a warning shot. I need to quit slacking on these and make sure that I’m in good shape for the long term. I really like the Prasara yoga flows and feel that they will be good recovery work. I didn't make these enough of a priority last challenge and am fixing it now. Checklist for success: 5/5 = A, and so on. Be able to hold Crane pose reliably for at least a few seconds and preferably longer. Be able to reliably do the Downward Dog to Wheel transition Be able to reliably do the crouch to Upward Dog ending to Ocean (no crashing) Reasonable execution of another applicable flow - TBD Research and build a better warmup routine Workout time is not part of the grading on this, I’m just focusing on learning the skills. I should be able to work on these whenever so this will be my focus on non-Judo days. Goal 2 - Sleep, continuing from last challenge. My settling time to get to sleep is averaging around 12:30 now (Double-check with sleep monitor). This is better! It used to be that I didn’t sleep until 1:30. It still needs to improve. Morning workout is not sticking around but I will try to shift early enough that I can get enough sleep and get to work earlier. Grading: 5 out of 7 nights per week, settle by 11:30 - A, 5 out of 7 nights by 12 - B, less nights - B or C depending on the time. Will probably need to eyeball this some. Bonus: hang the stupid curtains. Goal 3 - Workout Judo or Strength Training 2/week - Judo classes should be the main focus T/Th with strength training on the weekends as a bonus or if Judo is cancelled again. Bonus: test several different pre-built bodyweight strength training systems and determine which one is most appropriate to kick my ass for the summer. Current top few: Todd Kuslikis’ Bodyweight overload (rec’d by Kishi and apparently Waldo) and Beautiful Badass by Nia Shanks. I’ll try to test out at least one or two more. Life Goal - Dress better at work and in general I own nice clothing. I KNIT nice clothing. I am very bad for not wearing nice clothing. I default to jeans, tshirt and hoodie. Sometimes I wear a nice sweater or a shirt instead of a hoodie but that’s the exception, not the norm. The jeans aren’t changing. Dress pants are impractical for what I do, and they tend to be cold and uncomfortable besides. Grading - wear a shirt or nice sweater 4 out of 5 work days. A hoodie is fine once a week, preferably fridays. Wear something nice on the weekend if I want, even if it’s just at home. Bonus: Complete my grey knit vest. Most of the body down to the start of the waist shaping is done. I only have about 6ish inches of body to go, plus the neck & armhole ribbing, and weaving in the ends. It fits me really well so far and it will look great with several of my nice shirts. Please feel free to point out holes in my logic or throw in suggestions :-)
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