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Found 4 results

  1. So why did the chicken cross the road? - to get away from the freak standing on his hands: One thing this assassin learned playing Skyrim is dont kill the chicken, but how does one scare it away instead? Ancient research shows that inverting one self will activate the chickens inner fear and run away, even if that mean to cross the magical road. Week 1 goal: a. Do 3 20min focused handstand sessions. b. Stay on my hands every day at least 5 times. What good are wings if you can't fly? An assasin can crawl in the shadows, following his foes ev
  2. This will be updated throughout the days, and will look back at this later. but here is the first draft! So in the last challenge I worked on reading everyday, however I found out that I had a good habit of reading in the train, I have 2x 45 minute in the train 5 times pr week, and im reading in most of those breaks (when I dont do this challengetext ;)) so I will try to see if I an maintain that without it being part of the next challenge. 1. I won't miss you when you're gone keyword: Minimalism Object: To own 1 less thing for every day of the cha
  3. I'm not sure if this is a thread or not, but I will start it here. So, I actually am in a Circus. I'm a Clown, Beginner-ish Juggler, Intermediate Tumbler with a focus in Slapstick and Pratfalls, a Balance Artist (Rola Bola, Acro Yoga, Walking Globe standing and balancing my body on top of the Globe) and picking up my partners for a gag. Most of the things that I have to do in the Circus involve being able to stand up for hours on end, anywhere from 3 to 8 hours, chasing after my fellow Clowns, Juggling, standing on a Globe, running after kids, picking up my partners, etc. So, the main thin
  4. Hey, everyone! I've seen lots of fun activities in this part o the forum, but I haven't found juggling yet. So, do you guys like it? What kind of jugging do you like? How often to you practice? I, personally, am still struggling with a 3 ball cascade, but I love training. It's probably my favorite activity, actually. And now I've found a group of jugglers in my college's campus, so I'll start learning other kinds of juggling. Oh, and I have a diabolo that I'm trying to figure out how to keep on the string, hehe. So, if anyone has any tips or comments on juggling, please share it here! A
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