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Found 5 results

  1. Rejuvenation, because I'm stressed as fuck (again) and everything is blah. The only thing I find joy in right now is frigging around with Worbla, which is somewhat productive because a lot of cosplay things require Worbla. The last challenge was an epic failure on paper, probably because the grading system I was using was a bit...unforgiving. Some positive things that were accomplished include: - Defending thesis (stress level down!) - Breaking tumblr addiction (time management, lvlup!) - Mostly recovering from surgery without any injuries or scar stretching Current goal: FINISH THESIS C
  2. I'm ready and raring for my first challenge! I want to be tip top for this summer, and to do that I need to buckle down. So here are my goals: Main Quest: Drop 10 lbs whilst gaining muscle mass! Side Quests: 1. Follow CouchTo5K 2. Complete the first set of Bodyweight exercises in regime 3. Follow daily diet plan including juicing and high protein content, eliminating processed foods wherever possible Life Goal: Finish my exams and papers! Don't let the stress of it all get to me.
  3. I know I know drinking juice is bad. Even the "healthy" stuff like Bolthouse and Naked Juice that are supposed to be good for you are loaded with sugar and you don't get the fiber like you would if you just ate the berries and apples etc....HOWEVER, what if I say threw a handful or two of berries and a slash of almond milk or water? Would that be just as bad or would I reap the benefits? Thanks!
  4. My name is Tory, Disco_Inferno, and this is my first challenge. I have always been active, I am a ski instructor for a living and love being outside. I am looking to keep active consistently during this challenge because I tend to go through phases of activity and inactivity based on where I am and my access to sports or gyms. So my overall goal is consistency. Goal 1: Diet Folow my ALCAT (food sensitivity blood test results) list of foods closely. This includes a primarily Paleo diet with no gluten or dairy. Although it has more specifics as well that include a range of other seemingly rand
  5. I've been reading it's all kinds of good for you, and having dealt with two colds this year already, I'm liking how much B12 is in it. Still, it's faddish (I hate fads), and frankly, not cheap. So, does anybody have experience adding wheatgrass/shots to your morning routine? Is it everything it's cracked up to be? Is growing/making your own a big pain in the rear end? Help!
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