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Found 14 results

  1. Hiro, hero for hire. Ruthless, intelligent, efficient. You have an impossible problem, then he's the man to call. Slim, trim, cocky grin, completely self contained and self assured. He stays in peak physical condition through training and daily activity. His body looks like it was carved out of wood, strong and capable, lean and hard, without bulk, but flexible and defined.  He has more than enough energy to run, jump, and play all day, with energy to burn, never stopping and never quitting until he is done.  ------------------------------ 
  2. Tiggs86 Zion Spark Hello all! It's been a LONG time since I've done a 4 week challenge. I recently came back from a camping trip in Zion, am all full of motivation, and figured I'd try the challenges again. Vacation Stats: Sunday: Angels Landing and Emerald pools- 12.06 miles, 92 floors Monday: Narrows- approximately 15miles, unknown floors* Tuesday: Subway- approximately 12.9 miles, unknown floors* Wednesday: Hidden Canyon, Weeping Rock, Court of the Patriarchs- 7.28 miles, 89 floors Thursday: Canyon Overlook, Paru's Trail- 8.86 miles, 16 floors Friday: O
  3. What is Absolver? Absolver puts players behind the mask of a Prospect, who has taken a sacred vow and chosen to join the Absolvers, an elite corps of combatants fighting to maintain stability in the world. Monitored by the Guides, the new rulers of the fallen Adal Empire, players will wander these forsaken lands and encounter other Prospects online in order to learn their place in this world and eventually become Absolvers. Along the way, they will learn new combat styles and attacks, and acquire better weapons, powers and armor. Battles between warriors are an intense r
  4. asa pond, a.k.a. Iron Widow, became the greatest goal- changer known to man. she then joined the avengers. this is what she does when she's not being an avenger. last issue: asa realized that she overestimates her ability to accomplish goals and set out to determine a new list of missions to complete. also, she's been captured by ninjas. it's all been very stressful.
  5. Hi All, Long time listener, first time caller and all that...I've been reading Nerd Fitness for several months now and over the past 8 months have lost a little over 50 pounds. I realized I was sick of feeling bad about myself all the time and wanted to get stronger both physically and mentally. What finally convinced me to join to boards is that I had a major setback tonight and need a place to vent. I went to my usual boxing class today, and was really excited to get a kickass workout in since it's my last day in the gym before I head to Thailand for a week. When I got to class there
  6. Captain's log, Stardate 40200.0. Five days until I embark upon my next 6 week challenge. My goals, not yet defined. They are, at present, slowly taking shape. For now, much needed sleep.
  7. Hello and welcome!!! I am not a Scout, but at the moment I am doing a Toure De Force around the realms, trying out all the guilds and improving different areas they pertain to. At heart, I am a Monk, who is currently trying to work on her conditioning. This challenge will be Flash themed, because DUH! I really do love the current TV show, but I might also borrow from the comic books when necessary. After all, that's where the most crack usually happens and I'm all about the funny stuff. One way or another, I am excited to be here! “What does it feel like when you're running down the
  8. There is neither darkness, nor light; There is only the Force. There is passion, yet peace. Serenity, yet emotion. Chaos, yet order. I am the shadow cast by the sun, I am the candle burning in the night, And the Force alone shall guide me. I have come far since the first days of my epic quest. I have learned much. I have apprehended the truths of the Force. I have found peace in the midst of my passions, and serenity in the midst of my emotions. Now I must undertake the next step in my journey - to find order in the midst of chaos. Unfortunately, the Fanon isn't terribly hel
  9. Welcome to the Hellmouth...If you haven't guessed Buffy is my inspiration for this challenge. Why?? Well..she kicks serious ass, has amazing friends, good fashion, and did I mention she kicks ass. Being a slayer requires consistent training to remain strong, agile and have the endurance needed to take on all the Hellmouth throws at her. My Slayer training will be a continuation of my exercise goals from last challenge. 1. At least 40 minutes of cardio 3-4 times per week. This challenge I would like to get 3 running days in each week. 2. Complete BW routine at least 3 times per week. I am t
  10. How many people in the NFA community jump rope? Why I ask? I've been googling through the web and I can't really find a solid answer to my dilemna. I found a new love for jump roping (for the Americans) or skipping rope (for the British). As soon as I wake up in the morning, I want to go outside and start jump roping. However, there is something I am very confused about. Do I have to warm up before jump roping? Some people jump rope as a warm up, right? So, if I jump roped as soon as I woke up, wouldn't I be warming up and working out at the same time? Or, does the intensity of my
  11. Challenge number three, take two! I bailed out halfway through my last challenge, but I don’t regret it. My mental health was not in a good place, and the challenge had become Just One More Thing. I cut out as many of those as I could, and it definitely helped. I’m in a much better place now—winter is over; I changed jobs to one that not only pays me more, and is challenging while still important, but also lets me work with friends; and we got a new dog. Not having a dog around has messed with me since our previous dog died last year. Not that these changes didn’t bring stresses of
  12. First and foremost, thank you in advance for all your help and support. I look forward to repaying you all with a little entertainment in the future (see Life Quest). Disclaimer: This may be a tad depressing, but it has a happy ending : ) Background Story: (The Beginning) When I was in high school I was a nationally competitive gymnast. Needless to say I was in fantastic shape. However, I lived in a home that had a healthy food regiment and didn't really eat out. Leaving for college, however, did a number on me. Junk food, soft drinks, and alcohol. It was a hard time balancing a small budget
  13. I've been taking a cardio kickboxing class and the girls there are amazing. They have differing body types: some overweight, many middle of the road, a few super skinny; but they can all whip out 30-40 real pushups, jump rope . . . forever, and beat the stuffing out of their punching bags. My goal is to be able to keep up. 1. Go to kickboxing 2 times a week 10+ times = A, 8-9 times = B, 5-7 times = C, 3-4 times = D, 2- times = F 2. Be able to do 35 pushups in a row. I have an app that is supposed to train me to do this if is use it every other day. Right now I can do 10. 30+ p
  14. So here's the deal: First to 60 minutes of Jump Roping (is that really a word?) wins. Please note, this is not an all at once thing. 60 minutes of constant jumping might kill a few of us. Do this in increments. I have document to keep track of your time, however, I can't upload it for some reason. I don't know enough of Google Docs (or whatever it is now...) to make this work here, but I am willing to keep track if you want to email me or send me a message here. If you want to join, please let me know and I'll add your very own tab to keep track. I will post updated totals daily for
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