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Found 12 results

  1. I am SO DETERMINED to get both a pull up someday AND to get a solid straight legged straddle inversion in aerial so all my goals on this round are aimed specifically towards that. (I will still be squatting and push up ing and other strength training of course!) I also have a Spartan in December so running and working on jumping higher are also going to be important (that damn 9 foot wall plus my ridiculous shortness!) GOALAS (I accidentally typed it that way and I like it! Hahaha. Also I think I just accidentally found a challenge theme haha) GOALA 1
  2. I considered just taking another break from NF for this challenge, since I'm really busy and will be on vacation for the last week and a half. But, it's better for me to be present in whatever capacity that I can than it is for the whole thing to be out-of-sight, out-of-mind. The theme this time will be figuring out my priorities and sticking with them. For the last many months, a huge problem for me is that I'm not making the time to take care of things that ought to be priorities, and then all of those things just slip through the cracks. Priority 1: Taking care o
  3. So Hollywood has decided to make a blockbuster movie, a spinoff of Game of Thrones, called the Clash of Khal's. The story centers on Khal Drogo's rise to power and features many epic battles with rival Dothraki hordes. Jason Momoa told them to fuck off because they didn't offer him enough money, so now I'm playing the lead role. Of course, to play the lead in a blockbuster action movie, I have to get in shape to play the part. I'm gonna need to get ripped. I'm gonna need big showy muscles to look good on camera. I'm gonna need endurance to get through long days on set, and the coor
  4. Main Quest: Get the Lead Out Consistency in all subquests A. Annnd we're walking... Begin the journey to Mordor (at least 10,000 steps per day) B. Get my flex on 30 days To the Splits Challenge http://www.blogilates.com/blog/2015/06/28/30-days-30-stretches-to-splits-journeytosplits/ C. Jump Around, Jump Up & Get Down 100 jump reps (25/wk) of any combo of the following: *broad jumps. *box jumps *tuck jumps. *jump squats Exercise Rotation Day 1: abs. Day 4: obliques Day 2: arms. Day 5: legs/thighs Day 3: tot
  5. Who I am: Christian, bibliophile, perpetual student (I'm always learning something) Stats: Age--48, Height--5'2", Weight--134 lbs What I like: dancing, frisbee golf, tennis, Pilates, cosplaying What I watch: Star Trek, Batman, animated movies What to know more? Ask me.
  6. Hi, I'm Nymeria, and I generally suffer from do-too-much-itis. I've been rock climbing for a few years, I do a lot of yoga hand balancing and animal flow stuff, I still fool around a lot with martial arts and martial arts weapons (I'm kind of an ex practitioner. It's complicated), and I recently started taking parkour classes twice/week. This has also led to a struggle not to keep my body healthy, functioning, and keep my life in balance. For this challenge, I'm going to turn to one of my favorite anime characters and a fellow hot-headed, nerdy, often physically busted, do-too-much-er,
  7. Meesa Gets a Clean and Clear Run Up To Christmas [Level 3] So my first two challenges have been pretty interrupted; by injury and by shitty life things. I’ve had a really bad run the last few months. Speaking of runs; I still have two left from my last challenge - although running; especially not distance won’t be a focus of this challenge/ 16th November City2Sea - 15km 23rd November Health.com.au Spring into Shape 3 - 10km Main Quest To have a pre pre-season before the soccer club pre-season starts and the Australian summer gets too hot. To be working on the power and abilities that
  8. The sun burned orange through her eyelids. Devyn groaned and rolled over, burying her face in the warm sand. Sand? She pushed herself up, though she was blistered and sore. The bright light shone upon the white sand, blinding her for a moment. All she could see through her tears was an ocean of white contrasting with an ocean of blue. Ocean? She rubbed her eyes and tried to slowly get used to her blinding world. The sun was hot and she felt as if she had been the subject of its fury for a while. A bird screeched through the jungle. Jungle? A sudden and worrisome thought stabbed at her brain
  9. In my challenges so far the focus has been on trying to master a narrow choice of skills - handstands, backflips and Spanish. I've had some good progress, but there seem to be a few dangers with focusing too narrowly: even the most well-intentioned training can fail to produce success on a specific skillthere's a risk of overtraining (haha maybe not with Spanish, but seriously I can feel I've stressed out my sternum with excessive handstands this year)adding more variety to a narrow choice of hobbies makes it all extra funTherefore, the theme for this challenge will be variety! My motivation w
  10. Hi! Kinda new to this place so bare (Engrush gewd yah??) with me but umm, yeah! I need an accountability buddy who'd help me reach my goals. Accountibility buddy? Isn't it a very odd term, no? How about a friend/buddy in general? Yeah! Well, about myself first: I am turning 19 tomorrow (yippee!) and very much would like to shed some pounds (10 of them for starters)I love running and I'd love advices and tips from any person also I would love some diet tips as well because, as I said, I am a child when it comes to "clean eating" (what's that??) ! DONT FRET! We'd talk about other stuff too! H
  11. Mic testing! 1..2..3.. Okay~ Hi, My name's Haniya (Hun-nee-yah) but you can call me Hans or Hun; whatever. I am from a place called Pakistan, aspiring to be so many things! But Maxillofacial surgeon is something I shall narrow it down to for now (yup, I am a dentist but don't be fooled because monotony is a word not existing in my brain. Yeah, I have so many dreams and wish lists that sometimes everything gets jumbled up into one big confusing story of my life, to say the least).. MOVING ON TO THE BIG PICTURE! My life story is a bit long but summarising it: I wasn't obese to begin with but wh
  12. Sorry I'm late to the party. We just returned from vacation This challenge is dedicated to my Mario-obsessed 5 year-old, who, along with her younger brother, will be underfoot all summer. Since I didn't want to just stick them in the gym daycare every day or feel annoyed when they interfere with my workout, we're going to try a Mario-based, pretend play fitness adventure. 1. (fitness) Mario can jump, and so will we. We will pick our Mario characters (meaning, my daughter will decide that she's Princess Peach and will dictate to me and my 3 year-old what roles we're playing), and then w
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