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Found 3 results

  1. yo dudes, I am gaining weight again. I mean, I'm still down from my start weight! but, over the last two months I definitely gained a bit. But that's ok, because I am UNSTOPPABLE in the sense that I literally perhaps do not know how to stop. So I am going to UNSTOPPABLY STOP this weight gain. I BELIEVE! MAIN QUEST LOSE FAT. This could be signified by either losing weight, or using fancy schmancy tracking tools (wifi scale, skulpt device, measurements, photos) to double check. In an effort to be more scientific-like, I went back to where my weight dropped again -- last July I tracked a bunch of actual data, and then the August Challenge I tried to put it into effect, with an outcome of some loss. SO what did I do right in August 2016, and how can I keep it up? Well, upon review, I learned that I didn't actually identify any challenge goals in August 2016. I ate less, and I ran a BUNCH. After reviewing July's challenge, I have a hypothesis that I didn't exercise as much as I should for my food intake over the last couple of months, which is contributing to GAINING. I had data for this hypothesis in July, and the hypothesis mildly substantiated with no actual data because literally I did not exercise at all in November and December. SIDEBAR you guys did you know I have a stack of paper notes from many of my old challenges? I'm missing some from the beginning, like, 11/2013-11/2014, but it's cool to have them around - even though they don't have much usable information noted. /SIDEBAR ENOUGH ABOUT THE PAST LET'S TALK ABOUT THE FUTURE. Goal 1: Exercise More / Don't Break The Chain I need to do something every day. Running, TKD, going to the gym and doing weights, SOMETHING. If I can't do a formal thing exercise for at least 30 minutes (20 if it's running, plus a cool down at the end), these are my options for not breaking the chain: * do at least 5 sets of 100 jumping jacks * go for a real 30 minute walk. Poke-walking counts. just WALK. * hula hoop practice for at least 15 minutes. * other things that are like these things that will be good for me. Track this in my new #hobobujo planner. Show you photos. (HEY trying to do some kind of bullet journal planner is ALSO a thing that I am experimenting with and I DO NOT FEAR FAILURE) Goal 2: Eat Less / Eat Better STICK WITH THE PLAN, STAN. my loseit plan is still set at losing 1 lb a week, which is a 500 calorie / day deficit over where it thinks I actually am. ALSO I am going to start logging half and half in coffee / milk in tea. DIRTY SECRET I never logged that. I did decrease my budget by 75 cal to accommodate but the more coffees I drink in a day, the less close I am to that being reality. "LUCKILY," I am also embarking on a version of "no spend january" this month. My husband is going back to school full time and I am the only breadwinner right now. Funds are tight - we have an expensive mortgage. So, I gave myself a few passes for eating out, but mostly, I will be bringing my lunches to work. which means I can EAT BETTER with no problems. Other considerations: DO NOT eat back exercise calories unless I've burned like 1000 exercise calories (i.e., dojo sat.) Goal 3: Put the NERD back in NERD FITNESS. Use the tools! Track food, daily weigh, dust off my nutty excel spreadsheet and fill in the last few challenges. ALSO weekly photos weekly measurements weekly or MORE skulpt readings. it's annoying but the more I do it, the faster I am at doing it. and most importantly! USE THIS TOOL! the forums are like my A+ Number 1 tool for success, USE THEM. DUDE. Check in every day. Say hi. update log. YOU CAN DO IT.
  2. Good Afternoon Fellow Assassins, Welcome to yet another wonderful challenge. May I first apologize for my lateness in posting my challenge and also for my complete disappearance in the last challenge. I was sick for a large part of March and way super stressed the whole month so I just didn't do a challenge. There are other things but we'll get to that shortly. Anyway, the Respawn Assassin is back again because that's how a Respawn Assassin do but this time I won't be writing any stories. Do not fret, however, as my story will be written at some point just not this month. Anyways, onward to this challenge! The Problem: I am simultaneous super ambitious and super lazy. This frequently results in periods of high productivity and energy followed immediately by periods of nothing but sitting around and wallowing in my own self-pity. This needs to stop. Seriously. This is what happened in February and March. Furthermore, I need to stop doing Nerd Fitness Challenges in such a way that I either try to break myself or torture myself until I dislike doing these at all. Not good either. The Solution: My answer to this problem is to use this challenge to interject several habits into my life that I call "Too Easy To Fail." By that I mean that these habits are so easy that it would be harder for me to convince myself to not do them than to just do them. I've also chosen not to keep working on the story I was composing in my last challenge due to the fact that having to keep adding on to it put a greater deal of stress on me than I would have liked and led me to not updating my challenge as much. Though I plan on eventually continuing that story, I'm putting it off for now. ...Gets Managed So this challenge is highly based on a quote that I really like which goes: "What Gets Measured, Gets Managed." This basically means that if you want to change or improve something, you should keep track of what needs to be changed. My goals for this challenge are all keeping track of various things that I want to change. These goals are: 1. Keep a Food Journal - Write down everything I eat and drink 2. Record Stair / Elevator Usage - Keep a tally of when I use the elevator and when I use the stairs 3. 5 Jumping Jacks every morning - Make a red X on a calendar everyday that I do them 4L. Record Study hours - Keep a tally of the number of hours spent studying each day The important thing about each of these goals is that, with the exception of the jumping jacks, all I have to do is keep track of things. I don't have to eat healthy, I just have to keep track of what I eat. I don't have to always use the stairs, I just have to keep track of when I do or don't. Even the five jumping jacks is way too easy to not do. The thing is, however, keeping track of these things, as the quote suggests, will lead to their improvement. By keeping a food journal, I will be more likely eat healthy because I'm thinking about it more. So yeah, this is my challenge. Super simple, super easy. So yeah, here we go.
  3. During the course of this six week challenge my body's odometer will turn over 18,262 days (i.e., 50 years) --- yay..... So it seems fitting that I should have a 50-ish theme this time around. Main goal: Lose 50 lbs. Nah, let's move the decimal point over and make it 5 lbs. I'm not going to commit to that over six week's, but who knows?! How to get there: #1: 50 jumping jacks/day #2: 50 pushups/day #3: 50 squats/day Resolution: If I slip a day, the requirements will rollover. In the past, I've made my goals too complicated, so by simplifying the challenge I hope to actually notch a victory. Can I do this? Yes! Onward, Assassins!
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