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Found 12 results

  1. I am trying to lose some of my spare tire so I am trying ketosis, intermittent fasting and bulletproof coffee. I guess there are different "definitions" of fasting but in the context of dieting, I am wondering if I'm really fasting if I'm getting calories from bulletproof coffee. My original attempt at intermittent fasting was to go water-only fasting (and black coffee, not even sweetener) until dinner time. Today I struggled, my arms were shaking and I was feeling lightheaded, even after bulletproof coffee about 2 hrs earlier so I "broke down" and had some cheese and an avocado fo
  2. This challenge will build on my previous one. In the last challenge, my goal was to stabilize my emotional and physical state. Check! Now, we get down to business. Under a doctor's supervision, I'm going to start a 2-3 month keto-adaptive boot camp. I have already ordered the blood-testing kit and keto strips. I wanted to start last week, but the doc has some extra steps he wants me to take before I go full bore. He was worried I didn't have sufficient ketones built up to withstand the initial diet. I take my first blood test Tues-Weds when the kit arrives, and I also have bl
  3. Last Edit: 4-Feb-2015 After starting this thread, I was informed that what I am doing is known as a Protein Sparing Modified Fast (PSMF). I am constantly consulting The Oracle (Google) to find out more about this subject and modify the diet plan as approriate. As of right now here is how I am planning on executing the diet: I am still learning more about it as the days go on. Based off of what I have learned so far, I will be trying the following diet/exercise plan: Every day my goal will be to consume 140 G of protein. I will cycle 2 days of nothing but protein shakes and fiber powder
  4. Bullet Points: -I am officially 30 (and a couple days) but someone said something about a "bone doctor" today and I snickered, so I fully admit age can be a very relative construct in some cases. -I officially told my job about moving to Colorado. They were surprisingly supportive and happy for me and appreciative of my work here. No timeline is set, I told them that I'm flexible and willing to extend my notice quite a bit and that I don't have anything lined up yet in CO, that I still intend on leaving the position in good shape despite being horrendously in the weeds on a lot of
  5. Hi Nerds, I just spent some time listening to Tim Ferriss's interview with Dom D'Agostino. Here's what Dom researches: "The primary focus of Dom’s laboratory is developing and testing metabolic therapies, including ketogenic diets, ketone esters and ketone supplements to induce nutritional/therapeutic ketosis. D’Agostino’s laboratory uses in vivo and in vitro techniques to understand the physiological, cellular and molecular mechanism of metabolic therapies and nutritional strategies for peak performance and resilience." I don't have cancer or epilepsy, but I'm curious about keto di
  6. AWESOME!!! Well, it wasn't ben and jerry's, but it was really good. Better than many regular grocery store brands I've had, and better than ALL grocery store low-carb offerings. When I woke up I was at the same level of ketosis as when I went to bed. When I weighed myself the next morning I still lost my usual quarter pound for the day. We made 2; one from Kimmy Moore's keto cookbook, and one from the ice cream maker's recipe catalog with erythritol substitution.I made the keto cookbook recipe with the base of eggs and butter (can do coconut cream for paleo) and my wife made the other wi
  7. The Mission: UNLOCK DIETARY BEAST MODE. What would it be like to eat food and not worry about getting sick? What would it be like if I had a diet that contributed to a healthy weight but didn't make me sick when I eat? I aim to find out. I'm Melissa. Hi! In addition to the challenge things I am working on below, here's what I'm like. I'm a 37 year old living in the intermountain west. Things I like to do include being outside (mainly hiking, camping, backpacking, canyoneering, and rafting), reading, cooking (currently getting into fermentation and sausage making), baking, board games (word, o
  8. Aaaand I'm back. Well, I was always around, lurking/creepin' on the forums and dutifully reading my biweekly NF emails, so let's say I'm back and actively participating. So, let's get down to business, shall we? Main Quest: To lose 10 pounds and/or 5% bodyfat. Bikini season is soon upon us, ya'll. SUMMER IS COMING! Current stats: 142 lbs, 28% body fat, 5'5", single white female (j/k j/k). How to do it? 1) Ketosis. Can I get an "Amen"? I'm pretty much in love with the ketogenic diet. After going full paleo since the beginning of the year, I started playing with ketosis for a month now and
  9. Hi everybody! I'm new to the forum and was a little confused about how my Paleo diet wasn't sending me into ketosis. I have ALOT of weight to lose (100 would be ultimate) and have been eating Paleo since the 7th of January of this year. It's been surprisingly easy and I have already lost at least 10lbs.! But I was very interested in getting into a ketogenic state, mostly to see how I feel and how much fat will come off of me. Now I have read that Keto can occur once you are consuming <50g of carbs a day. Now, some Keto diet sites state that you should subtract your fiber count from the to
  10. Third Challenge [ November 11th – December 22th ] Endangered Initiation Part II Actually started this on on Monday, November 4th. So, this challenge will last 7 weeks for me, with the first (unofficial week) being known as Week 0. Where I came from... Where I went after this... BACKGROUND STORY The two old Jedi stood on the high gallery and looked down on the training younglings in the great hall. “He has made some respectable progress, I give you that, Grand Master! But there are still weaknesses in him, that will prevent him from passing the Initiate Trialsâ€, the Jedi
  11. I participated in my first challenge last time, and now I'm back for more! Goals: 1. Do a pull up! This is a continuation from last challenge since I didn't quite make it. However, now I'm working with a powerlifting club on campus, and they have me doing lots of stuff to strengthen my back, so I think this will help. I'm going to try to really focus on this one. 2. Drop body fat As the title suggests, I'm experimenting with a ketogenic diet. I'm not being super crazy about this, but I am giving up fruit except for one day a week. I'm not going to monitor myself really closely on
  12. This week I cut 90% of my grain intake. I have already cut sugar and artificial-sweeteners earlier in this challenge. People keep saying things like "where will you get your energy from without those complex carbs?" and "why would you cut out grains? Do you have some kind of health problem where you need to avoid them?" Tonight I got asked by a friend if I was trying to put my body into ketosis and how long I planned on doing it because her nutrionist friend told her that it is bad for the body to keep it in ketosis for long periods. I really didn't know what to say. Aren't the paleo and prima
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