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Found 11 results

  1. I liked The Last Jedi. Sure some parts were clunky, but to me it was both Star Wars and a good Movie. Rose's line may not be universally loved, but it works for me. How does this apply to my challenge? Let's start with the last one. I had the fewest workouts during that challenge of any I have done on NF. In fact, you'd have to go back to the time when I wasn't on NF to find months with fewer workouts. However, in the last week I had some good headspace developments, and I realized I'm going to be positive in how I construct this challenge. I don't hate myself, I love myself. I don't hate my b
  2. Hi all a long time ago I used to be on here under another name. I learned a lot from other people but otherwise achieved little, classic case of collecting underpants. Now I feel like a bit of different person so thought I would come back under a new name and embrace my knightly inner self. from the middle of England, surrounded by castles and history It is hard to not feel a bit like a knight. I reckon knights are the ultimate hero they are strong, tough and dedicated, and also kind and with a good moral compass - not a bad thing to strive for on to the cha
  3. Welcome welcome this is my ... 14th .. er 15th challenge so I'm just saying I might be out of ideas ... here have a laugh Alright enough of that, let's get to it! QUEST 1 - Refocus! Of late I've gotten seriously off track on food'ing and boozing! Time to clean the diet back up and talk with the wife about adjusting all the things we've gone wild on. A - 5 bad meals a week - this includes boozing and eat out B - 6 bad meals a week F - 7+ bad meals a week QUEST 2 - What am I doing here?
  4. ***UNDER CONSTRUCTION**** MAIN QUEST Strengthen the Body, Mind and Soul Start to get stuff in order and become a proper adult Hobbit. "Slow down, Short One. Take a deep breath and relax. Too hasty, young hobbit." Treebeard laughed a deep belly laugh. Kay knew he was right though. She had been training so hard and working so long, she had stressed herself out to the point of collapse. Wrangling 2 little hobbits could be work enough! She was also training for her epic adventure and still working to put food on the table and keep house. All of these had suffered recently and she knew she need
  5. Quest 1 Kettle bells (+3 Str, +2 Con) 626 is still in full swing so I'm going to keep after it. My goal is to push all my weights to +5lbs than their current level. Weight goals Swing 55lbPress 45lbTGU 45lb Quest 2 Running (+2 Dex, +2 Sta) I've a trail half marathon during this challenge (2/20) so I'm hoping to run it strong (beat my previous time of 2:31:56) Going to keep running - Saturday runs shall be 7 miles/8 miles/13.1miles/7 miles over the next few weeks. Quest 3 Wild card (+2 Wis, +1 Dex) Each day I'm going to roll a d6 and do an activity involving the result roll again - doub
  6. "After all these years, I finally get to meet you. After all this time... You have always been there, you know, in the back on my heart. I love you.... Mom." Tehshort1 was raised by a kind human family who took her in when she was a baby hobbit. As she grew up she knew she was different. Her family towered over her slight hobbit stature. After years of searching, Tehshort1 finally found her birth family and will soon engage of the greatest quest of her life - adventuring across the country to meet her long lost family. Nervous, excited, and full of the pull for adventures, Tehshort1 makes the
  7. Quest 1 Run every week No distance goals here just keep moving. I'm going to keep my long runs happening with some mid week runs added to keep my feet going. 4 weeks = 4 runs! 4+ runs A +3 Sta,+2 Con 3 runs B +2 Sta,+2 Con <3 run F Quest 2 Keep swinging Kettle bells I've signed up for the next session of 626 (Six weeks To a Six Pack) which is a heavy kettle bell program with my boot camp BUT it doesn't start till mid-challenge so I'll be doing my best to keep swinging my bells till then. 1 KB + TRX workout / week 8 workouts A +3 Str 6-7 workouts B +2 Str <6 workouts F Ques
  8. Morning Rangers! I'm Strickland5 a friendly scout leader type who's coming over to y'alls sandbox for his tenth challenge. I'm over here for this challenge as I'm taking part in a six week kettle bell and TRX series with my boot camp as well as run a half-marathon on challenge week 2 (11/14). With that in mind figured I'd come over here and play I'll be filling in the details of this challenge over the next week ... so please stay tuned! Quest 1 : 626 Training (Str+3, Con+2) So the program is called 626 (or six weeks to a six pack) while I know I'm NOT going to get a six pack in si
  9. Here's a little back story: So, after a little over a year of paying attention (paleo diet, exercise, etc), I have gone from 198 lbs, to 133 lbs. However, I have had many recent changes in my life, and my personal goals have fallen to the wayside. I still stay active, do my "best" to make healthy choices, and log my food every day. I have also put my health to the back burner, and have been more lax with my diet. A recent bout of depression and the fact that I ended up losing my workout partner have simply compounded this. I had been eating bread (gasps), and have recently started breaki
  10. Hello guys, As you may or may not have guessed, I am a noob. First, a bit about myself, and what I want to achieve. I am a 19 year old, Dutch, typical hard-gainer and first year medical student. I weigh in at roughly 70 Kg (about 154 lbs, provided Google works it magic correctly) and measure about 1,90 meters (roughly 6 feet and 3 inches). I can eat ridiculous amounts of food without getting a lot of fat added to my body (although I can live through the day persisting on a small amount of sustenance, so let's hear it for metabolic adaptability). I am an elf, according to one of the blogs, an
  11. Hi everyone! Just really got started on my journey, and I've seen a lot of love/hate out there with kettle bells. I considered buying some for home, but wondered: Are they worth the investment? Are they dangerous?? Any recommendations for brand or "stay away from that brand"? Thanks, Katie PS - See? I'm a total N00b. I even spelled it wrong.
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