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Found 11 results

  1. I liked The Last Jedi. Sure some parts were clunky, but to me it was both Star Wars and a good Movie. Rose's line may not be universally loved, but it works for me. How does this apply to my challenge? Let's start with the last one. I had the fewest workouts during that challenge of any I have done on NF. In fact, you'd have to go back to the time when I wasn't on NF to find months with fewer workouts. However, in the last week I had some good headspace developments, and I realized I'm going to be positive in how I construct this challenge. I don't hate myself, I love myself. I don't hate my body, I love my body. Fearing the consequences of obesity and inactivity will never be enough to motivate me to work out. All that will help is focusing on how much I love myself, and doing healthy things because they are good for me. For that reason, I'm still going to track workouts, but not set a number ahead of time. I'm still going to pay attention to the principles of intuitive eating, because it's the only thing that will help me get my waistline back in order. I'm going to be okay with slow progress, because every time I've had fast progress with weight loss, I've ended up gaining more later. So my goals: Yoga: Do it. Kettle Bell Workout: Do it. Beginner Body Weight Workout: Do it. Walks: Optional. I've realized I can get good cardio from the KBs or the BW stuff provided I do them fast enough to get my heartrate up. As such, walking is a lower priority. I want to leave more space for yoga. Intuitive Eating: Stick with it.
  2. Hi all a long time ago I used to be on here under another name. I learned a lot from other people but otherwise achieved little, classic case of collecting underpants. Now I feel like a bit of different person so thought I would come back under a new name and embrace my knightly inner self. from the middle of England, surrounded by castles and history It is hard to not feel a bit like a knight. I reckon knights are the ultimate hero they are strong, tough and dedicated, and also kind and with a good moral compass - not a bad thing to strive for on to the challenge Goal 1 - Eat Like a Knight A little bit like going paleo or 'only eating food your grandma would recognise', But keeping it on theme. sure knights didn't eat perfectly what with beer and cheese but they didn't eat junk food, crisps and cola so for a first step that's good enough. i will eat like a knight every week day with 1 non knightly thing a day (trying to make small changes and not shel, shock myself) Goal 2 - Pull them Home Best way to travel in winter when you have a heavy pack is by sled. Saxon must pull his kit through the blizzard to the nearest town so that he can get warm and rest. In the gym sled push 5 times a session, two sessions a week. Goal 3 - Fight the Darkness been struggling for the longest time to find exercise I enjoy, way back when I used to do western martial arts and really enjoyed it so I'm thinking something similar could be a great way to lose some weight and get active. it isn't really close but there is a kendo group the next town over that I keep thinking of going to and keep bottling out of. Challenge here is to go to a class and give it a try. Goal 4 - Scale the Fortress back in university I used to live rock climbing, now I keep hitting a strange mental block in that I don't want to go back climbing because I know I won't be as good as when I used to go regularly. logically that makes perfect sense - of course I will be rusty. Illogically though my brain doesn't want to handle going back and starting over again. but I need to get past this block to try and fall back in love with something I used to enjoy. Challenge is to go climbing 4 times over the challenge
  3. Welcome welcome this is my ... 14th .. er 15th challenge so I'm just saying I might be out of ideas ... here have a laugh Alright enough of that, let's get to it! QUEST 1 - Refocus! Of late I've gotten seriously off track on food'ing and boozing! Time to clean the diet back up and talk with the wife about adjusting all the things we've gone wild on. A - 5 bad meals a week - this includes boozing and eat out B - 6 bad meals a week F - 7+ bad meals a week QUEST 2 - What am I doing here? Feeling sort of lost around here ... so I'm going to try and be active on Scout threads and posts as much as I can! A - 3/week talk in 3 scout threads! F - less than that QUEST 3 - Kettle bells a kicking So I've got kettlebells ranging from 10 to 60lbs my Tuesday/Thursday workouts are mine to plan... so I need to make kbs a priority. A 8 KB workouts B 6-7 KB workouts F less than 5 KB workouts LIFE QUEST - Read More I'm seriously behind on my reading ... both for fun and professionally. Before this challenge is up I want to finish the book I'm currently reading - Kill Switch (Joe Ledger #8) by Jonathan Maberry - and start the next book in my queue - Priest (Ratcatchers Book 1) by Matthew Colville. A Finish book and start new F ... obvious.
  4. ***UNDER CONSTRUCTION**** MAIN QUEST Strengthen the Body, Mind and Soul Start to get stuff in order and become a proper adult Hobbit. "Slow down, Short One. Take a deep breath and relax. Too hasty, young hobbit." Treebeard laughed a deep belly laugh. Kay knew he was right though. She had been training so hard and working so long, she had stressed herself out to the point of collapse. Wrangling 2 little hobbits could be work enough! She was also training for her epic adventure and still working to put food on the table and keep house. All of these had suffered recently and she knew she needed to get back on track. It didn't help that the innkeeper where they lived hounded her night and day! She and her husband liked to call her Smaug behind her back. Smaug was obsessed with money and was constantly harassing them about the rent due and food. Every time Kay went home from training she felt like she had to put on armour for a battle with the dragon. Anger and frustration coursed through her veins and she was hating it. SIDE QUESTS *Meditate/Yoga/Spell work - Do at least 1 of these once a day* (18 out of 28) After a long walk with the ancient Ent, they decided that to calm her soul and temper she should focus her energy daily toward grounding herself. Plant roots in the rich soil of the earth and release all of that pent up negativity. She would meditate daily with the Ent and focus her energies toward the positive changes she wished to make in her life. Kay will work to increase the amount of time she is able to focus and meditate, slowly building on the previous day. She will also work to complete a yoga session at least once a week. Lastly she would work spells to assist her in completing her goals, helping to focus positive energy in increasing her income, getting a better job where she is happy, and toward eliminating her debts. *Strength Train or Bodyweight Train - Do at least 3 times a week.* (3 out of 12) "Broom rah! It would not hurt to get stronger and get out the negativity by lifting and continue to work towards your strength goals. " The Ent knew what he was talking about, so Kay agreed that she would strength train 3 times a week and use those times as an outlet for her anger and aggression. She would through heavy medicine balls, swings kettle bells, and all the time imagine slamming the weights down on her enemies. *Walk 25 Miles a week - Mostly outside* ( 76 out of 100)(25+25+26+0) "Walking also cleanses the soul, Short One. I suggest that you walk more than you did last month. Try to walk at least 25 miles a week and breath in the fresh air with your kids. You have a carriage and I believe that they should enjoy nature as well. They might even meet an Ent on the way!" So it was decided that Kay would walk more this month and try to get most of those miles in while spending time with the little ones. They loved taking in the beautiful sights and watching the other Men who wandered the neighborhood. *Domestic Rangering - Complete as Follows Kids Bedtime Routine (21 out of 28) Vacuum (3 out of 4) Laundry (10 out of 12) Litter Change (2 out of 8) Dishes (16 of out 28) Home Cooked Meals (17 out of 20) "You must not continue to neglect your household duties either, Short One. Make a list and mark them off each week as you complete them. The kids need a set routine at night-stick to it every night to make your life easier. Vacuum, sweep and do laundry at least three times a week. The cat area always smells so bad! Clean out the cat litter at least twice a week. And don't let the dishes pile up! Clean those every day before the kids go to sleep. Don't want to wake them! And lastly they really need a good home cooked meal at least 5 nights a week. Set up a system that works so you can make sure they are eating properly and so are YOU!" Treebeard folded his arms and looked patiently at Kay, who grumbled knowing that he was right but hating it all the same. She hated chores with a loathing passion! But she was an adult hobbit and needed to act like it. What sort of hobbit can't cook? She needed to fix that. *Pay off $2k in debt by the end of the challenge* ($2600 out of $2000) "It does not do to allow others to hold debts on you. It's time you buckle down and start paying off those debt, Short One. Free yourself from the stress and worry of owing money to others." With the help of the Ent and her husband Bjorn, Kay knew that she would work hard to meet her goals. Stronger and Wiser, like the old Ent. That was her quest and she would not let him down.
  5. Quest 1 Kettle bells (+3 Str, +2 Con) 626 is still in full swing so I'm going to keep after it. My goal is to push all my weights to +5lbs than their current level. Weight goals Swing 55lbPress 45lbTGU 45lb Quest 2 Running (+2 Dex, +2 Sta) I've a trail half marathon during this challenge (2/20) so I'm hoping to run it strong (beat my previous time of 2:31:56) Going to keep running - Saturday runs shall be 7 miles/8 miles/13.1miles/7 miles over the next few weeks. Quest 3 Wild card (+2 Wis, +1 Dex) Each day I'm going to roll a d6 and do an activity involving the result roll again - double activity number (do only once) 10 pushups 10 body weight squats 10 tricep dips 30 second plank 30 second side plank - alternating sidesLife Quest Travel planning (+2 Wis, +2Chr) The wife and I have booked tickets to go to Italy! We now need to start planning and probably learn some basic Italian. plan 3 activities/todos (+1 Wis, +1 Chr)learn six Italian phrases (+1 Wis, +1 Chr)
  6. "After all these years, I finally get to meet you. After all this time... You have always been there, you know, in the back on my heart. I love you.... Mom." Tehshort1 was raised by a kind human family who took her in when she was a baby hobbit. As she grew up she knew she was different. Her family towered over her slight hobbit stature. After years of searching, Tehshort1 finally found her birth family and will soon engage of the greatest quest of her life - adventuring across the country to meet her long lost family. Nervous, excited, and full of the pull for adventures, Tehshort1 makes the last of her preparations for the quest that will take her hundreds of miles from her small little Hobbit Hole. So my very first full challenge also coincides with a week long trip to Nevada (20th to 27th) to visit long lost relatives. So here is my last push to lose 10# asap! I hope I did this right. If not, any advice is appreciated! Main Quest: Lose 5 # during this challenge. (5xp each 1.25#) Side Quests 1) SKIP THE SECOND BREAKFAST! Stay WITHIN my calorie limits and LOG everything! Based on Weekly average. (Using FitBit and MyFitnessPal to adjust for calories earned through exercise) In green zone or under (5xp each week completed) 2) Train your muscles to be able to shoulder all the gear you will need as you traverse the country. Strength and/or body weight train (gym or home) at least 4 times a week. Minimum! Using NF beginner bodyweight workout, etc. 4+ times a week (5xp each week completed) 3) Increase your endurance so that you can make it! Walk at least 3 miles a day. Average for the week. 21+ miles (5xp each week completed) Life Quest: Save $200 for my trip. Put spare money in pockets in jar every day. Saved $200! (20xp)
  7. Quest 1 Run every week No distance goals here just keep moving. I'm going to keep my long runs happening with some mid week runs added to keep my feet going. 4 weeks = 4 runs! 4+ runs A +3 Sta,+2 Con 3 runs B +2 Sta,+2 Con <3 run F Quest 2 Keep swinging Kettle bells I've signed up for the next session of 626 (Six weeks To a Six Pack) which is a heavy kettle bell program with my boot camp BUT it doesn't start till mid-challenge so I'll be doing my best to keep swinging my bells till then. 1 KB + TRX workout / week 8 workouts A +3 Str 6-7 workouts B +2 Str <6 workouts F Quest 3 Eat clean(er)! I'm going to kick the boozing out of my diet. I had been pretty good about this till the holiday when I let loose a bit So I'll be restricting myself to 2 drinks a week - save for my birthday which I'll allow myself a few more Grading 2 drinks per week for 4 weeks equals 8 drinks 0-8 A! + 2 Con, +2 Wis 8+ F Life Quest Reconnect with friends 4 weeks = 4 friends! 4+ A +2 Chr, +1 Wis 3 B +1 Chr, +1 Wis <3 F
  8. Morning Rangers! I'm Strickland5 a friendly scout leader type who's coming over to y'alls sandbox for his tenth challenge. I'm over here for this challenge as I'm taking part in a six week kettle bell and TRX series with my boot camp as well as run a half-marathon on challenge week 2 (11/14). With that in mind figured I'd come over here and play I'll be filling in the details of this challenge over the next week ... so please stay tuned! Quest 1 : 626 Training (Str+3, Con+2) So the program is called 626 (or six weeks to a six pack) while I know I'm NOT going to get a six pack in six weeks as my current body fat percentage is ~30%, I do want to drop the fat which will help me become a faster runner! I've signed up for the program and will be doing two days of kettle bells and a day of TRX PLUS our regular boot camp. I'd liked to drop the body fat so that'll be my goal after I talk to my instructor to see what should be a good % to drop! A : lose 10% of body fat B : lose 9-5% of body fat F : lose 4% or less of body fat Quest 2 : 626 Diet (Sta +1, Wis +2) 626 follows a fairly stick no gluten and no dairy format of fooding. I've done this before and will strive to do it again. I'm going to allow myself 2 of either a week as cause yogurt is my jam! Plus I'd like to have a beer from time to time There is ONE major exception to this. I bought tickets to Strong Beerfest before deciding to do 626 and I LOVE that festival. So I will NOT be counting all the strong beer tastings against this goal. A : 2 or less gluten/dairy items a week B : 3 gluten/dairy items a week F : 4 gluten/dairy items a week Quest 3 : Keep Running (Sta+2,Con+2) I'm a scout and have a half marathon in week 2 of this challenge so running is going to keep happening! Outside of camp I want to do 6 runs - probably going to be on Saturday as that's my "free" day but I need to keep my feet moving. A : 6 runs B : 5 runs F : 4 or less runs Life Quest : Have a little fun! (Chr +1,Wis+2) I'm finding that I'm not getting much in the way of personal time to recharge my batteries. SO to help once a week I want to take some much needed me time - this could be playing D&D with friends, taking some time to do some non-work reading, or even just going for a walk. A : 6 fun thing B : 5 fun things F : 4 or less fun things
  9. Here's a little back story: So, after a little over a year of paying attention (paleo diet, exercise, etc), I have gone from 198 lbs, to 133 lbs. However, I have had many recent changes in my life, and my personal goals have fallen to the wayside. I still stay active, do my "best" to make healthy choices, and log my food every day. I have also put my health to the back burner, and have been more lax with my diet. A recent bout of depression and the fact that I ended up losing my workout partner have simply compounded this. I had been eating bread (gasps), and have recently started breaking out into a rash/hives, and feeling generally crumby. I know that I have lost a decent amount of muscle tone, and I want to work on this, as well as being more loving to my body than I am lazy. I have figured out how to stay "thin" without trying to hard. It's time for that to stop. I do best when I challenge myself. I also know that the last time that I participated in one of these challenges, I simply set too many goals. Even though I championed most, I fell behind in a few others and beat myself up about it pretty horribly. All that in mind, I am going to set a few reasonable goals to get myself back on track. I have decided to go with a points based system, logging each day, and updating this at least once a week to keep on track. I will also measure once every two weeks to see my progress, and weigh at the beginning and end of the challenge. Food Nom-worthy Gluten free, and at very least an 80/20 ratio of healthy to nonsense - 10pts/wk Keep within 200 calories of food goal a day (I have a tendency to go too far under) - 10pts/wk Keep logging food like a champ - 10pts/wk _____________________ Exercise Goal 1 - Build muscle tone (100 push ups/day by end of challenge): Push up goals Week 1 - Do 25 , 2X/day @ least 5 days/wk - 25 points Week 2 - Do 30, 2X/day, @ least 5 days/wk - 30 points Week 3 - Do 35, 2X/day, @ least 5 days/wk- 35 points Point of no return (more than I have ever done before Week 4 - Do 40,2X/day, @ least 5 days/wk - 40 points Week 5 - Do 45,2X/day, @ least 5 days/wk - 45 points Week 5 - Do 50,2X/day, @ least 5 days/wk - 100 points_____________________ Goal 2 - Strengthen Core: Core Goals Week 1 - Plank 1X/day and post time - 15pts15 situps with 10 lb kettle bell - 15pts Week 2 - Plank 2X/day and post time - 15pts20 situps with 10 lb kettle bell - 15pts Week 3 - Plank 3X/day and time - post best time - 15pts25 situps with 10 lb kettle bell - 15pts Week 4 - Plank 4X/day - post best time - 15pts30 situps with 10 lb kettle bell - 15pts Week 5 - Plank 5X/day and time - post best time - 15pts35 situps with 10 lb kettle bell - 15pts Week 6 - Plank 6X/day and time - post best time - 15pts40 situps with 10 lb kettle bell - 15pts_____________________ Mind Goal 3 - Self Love:Flexibility Try a new yoga pose for meditation every week and post - 20 pts/wk _____________________ Rest Get at least 6 hours of sleep a night - + 5 bonus pts/day (this might be my biggest weakness, so I'm going to give myself more leniency, and chances for points... I get up crazy early, and am terrible about going to bed)_____________________ Scoring: 390 pts & Up- CELEBRATE YOUR BADASSEDNESS320-380 pts - CHAMPION250-310 pts - APPRENTICE>250 pts - QUITTER So after the first week, it would appear that I need to make some changes to my goals, as I am much more weak, and more out of shape than I would like to admit. I am modifying my goals to do this routine 5 days/wk instead of 6, as I need more time for my puny muscles to recover. I also need to modify the ammt of pushups I will be doing, as it appears I am farther behind on this than I would like to be. Make no mistake, I am still going to push towards 100/day by the end of this challenge, but initially, I am going to have to baby step this >_< Let's start off with my progress to date: ​​Week 1 YOGA POSE FOR THE WEEK: BRIDGE POSE DAY 1 (MON PM)2X 25 PU Tot PU= 502X 15 SU W KB39 SEC PLANK1X 15 LR, 1X 12LR1X 10 SQ, 1X 2 SQ W KBPOST HR = 98Pro: 104 cal under, 14% CarbsCon: Smoked 1 cig, 16 oz Coke Zero DAY 2 (TUES - PM)1X 14 PU, 1X 6 PU, 1X 5 PU1X 15 PU, 1X 6 PU, 1X 3 PU (To failure) Tot PU: 491X 16 SU, 1X 21 SU W KB30 SEC PLANK1X 15 LR, 1X 9 LR2X 15 SQ W KBPost HR: 98Pro: 116 cal under, 20% CarbsCon: 20 oz Diet Sunkist DAY 3 (WEDS)1X 15 PU, 3X 10 PU, 1X 5 PU(To failure) Tot PU: 502X 16 SU W KB53 SEC PLANK2X 10 LR2X 12 SQ W KBPost HR = 112(No pauses during circuits)Pro: 42 cal under, 14% CarbsCon: Smoked 2 cigs, 12 oz Coke ZeroBonus: Found allergen free low carb cookies for work munchies... Woot! DAY 4 (THURS)Day off to prevent injury (listen to your mother)Resting HR = 74Pro: 94 cal under, 17% carbsCon: 6ish oz Coke Zero, Fatigued​​ DAY 5 (FRI)Day off... SickResting HR = 85​​Pro: 16% carbsCon: Smoked 3 cigarettes, Sick (UTI) DAY 6 (SAT) - REST - FEVER33 SEC PLANK DAY 7 (SUN) - REST - FEVER30 SEC PLANK WEEK 2 DAY 8 (MON PM)2X 25 PU Tot PU= 502X 25 SU W KB39 SEC PLANK1X 20 LR, 1X 12LR2X 20 S W KBPOST HR = 128Pro: 96cal under, 20% CarbsCon: Smoked 2 cigs, 20 oz Monster Blue This week's score: (I am also giving myself 15 pts for pushups and sit-ups, as I did my very best and listened to my fitness obsessed mom and resting when I was really sick to avoid injury and allow myself to get better) Exercise = 30 pts Yoga = 20pts Sleep = 20 pts (Tues, Thurs, Sat, Sun) This week's score = 70points I have decided that my emphasis is going to be consitency, and not how much I can do. I know at this point that the hardest part for me is getting started. While I did need to take at least two days off this past week in order to get better from a UTI and to let my muscles heal, I didn't necessarily even mean to take 3 off. The simple truth is, that while it may have benefited me in the long run, I recognize that this means that my routine is far from a habit. What I am going to strive for is creating this habit. I have decided to add 10 extra bonus points for each day that I get up early and work out in the morning before work. This is something that I have been "meaning to do" for a long time. However, as this means getting up at 5 when it's cold outside, I have been dragging my feet. My new goal for this week is to get up and do this in the morning, as I tend to have better workouts, and to establish this as a new habit.Whatever I cannot complete of my workout in the morning, I will be doing in the evening. Hopefully this will help me improve more quickly, and I will be better able to meet my original goals.
  10. Hello guys, As you may or may not have guessed, I am a noob. First, a bit about myself, and what I want to achieve. I am a 19 year old, Dutch, typical hard-gainer and first year medical student. I weigh in at roughly 70 Kg (about 154 lbs, provided Google works it magic correctly) and measure about 1,90 meters (roughly 6 feet and 3 inches). I can eat ridiculous amounts of food without getting a lot of fat added to my body (although I can live through the day persisting on a small amount of sustenance, so let's hear it for metabolic adaptability). I am an elf, according to one of the blogs, and I am aiming for a ranger like build. I care more about being actually fit and strong than looking the part (but if that happens as well, I won't complain). My current work-out is as follows (this is for during the week, during the weekends I travel back to my parents, most of the time, where I do a simpler version, because I do not have the same options over there): Free moving for the duration of one song (roughly 4 to 6 minutes) (this is basically wacky dancing, and functions as a sort of warm up, to get my heart pumping) 20 Pushups 10 Dips (full body weight) 20 Bodyweight squats 10 Pull ups This sequence is repeated 3 times This is usually completed fully, but sweaty and feeling pumped, although sometimes the last series of Pull ups fails, but that is more due my sweaty hands and loosing grip, which leads to me fearing to land with my ass on my stairs and breaking something I'd rather not break, than weakness. But it does not feel sore the next morning, which might be a sign to ramp things up a bit. The weekend version is basically the same, minus the Dips and Pull ups, as I can't do those at my parents home. Aside of weighing down my body with a bag full of books, I am also thinking of buying dumbbells or kettle bells, but I am not sure which weights to buy, which kind of is my first question to you guys. My second question is if you guys can come up with anymore exercises I can do at home. I would like to use these weights during my workout, as well as during my YouTube watching and game cut-scene watching, during which I will do curls or something akin to that. That will serve a double purpose, as I usually get urgings to eat (and sometimes follow through on them) during the watching. As for my other plans, after my current month of waking up at 5 a.m. and sleeping at 12 p.m. (if I try to sleep earlier I just lay there, wishing I were sleeping), I will start jogging (hopefully) 2,4-2,5 km (1,5-1,6 miles) in the morning, each morning, and start rock climbing at the local rock climbing wall multiple times each week. Many thanks in advance.
  11. Hi everyone! Just really got started on my journey, and I've seen a lot of love/hate out there with kettle bells. I considered buying some for home, but wondered: Are they worth the investment? Are they dangerous?? Any recommendations for brand or "stay away from that brand"? Thanks, Katie PS - See? I'm a total N00b. I even spelled it wrong.
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