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Found 4 results

  1. I had a hard time choosing what to focus on this challenge. I feel like I am still recovering from moving house the last 2 months and then half my family catching covid these past weeks.... and now we're moving into a very busy time of year! with all the birthdays, events and holidays in november and then.. december, need I say more? Then there are the homeschool meetings that I promised to help organise, my SIL's theater show and my nephews band performance I promised to attend, the museum theme's I really want to see, the three Christmas dinners I really want to plan to cook... and then I also really really really would like to get back to more serious training sessions. So..... Goal 1: plan and organise all the things Here is a list of everything that's going on and what I need/want to do for it. Goal 2: make some training progress I'm really happy that I learned to do all or something instead of all or nothing these last two years and it has helped me maintain even during rough life-patches, but I want to see if my brain can handle making a certain volume and intensity of training non-negotiable. Making it a serious priority. Which probably means making more sleep a serious priority (help). > turning off all electronics by ~10pm, except book things > 4 days a week a combination of lifting weights and kettlebell sport, 2 days a week of running, all the commuting by bike. > 5 week block of a simple lineair progression, see program below WEEK 1 WEEK 2 WEEK 3 WEEK 4 WEEK 5 -> small deload
  2. Last challenge was surprisingly successful and I think it was useful for my long term writing goals, so.. Let's do it again Main goal; writing habit 5 days a week sit down to write something, preferably right after I've gotten the kids to sleep and cleaned up a bit- to anchor the habit. It doesn't really matter what I write exactly, so I'll tell you guys some more random stories behind a spoiler tag. It can be about anything that pops into my head, but expect a lot of gym / coaching / kids related things. Once a week I need to work for 30 minutes on one of my tentative plans for future writing and report it here. Subgoal 1; honour my forum name We're coming up on the anniversary of my youngest same time living outside my body as inside (41.4 weeks!) so it is time to get back into my sport. - at least twice a week jerk and/or snatch some kettlebells - write myself a come back program i can start in January Subgoal 2; play Santa I absolutely love Christmas and I want to pass this on to my daughters. Emma is four now so she can really participate. - get/make good gifts for my family - help Emma make gifts for whomever she wants - get the gym's volunteers and interns something - bonus points for every other person I do something for AND I SHALL STOP THERE BECAUSE I AM NOT A RANGER and I will yell that at myself as often as I need to. (but I really really want to add goals about not drinking so many calories and earning points for household chores and declutter goals and sitting on the floor goals and other lifting/cardio goals and reading goals and a planning for 2021 goal and bujo goals and art goals and fancy cooking goals and chess goals and and and ... ) Behind this pretty spoiler tag is the introduction I wrote last time, slightly edited.
  3. Last challenge I respawned after almost a year of absence (my little girl will turn one year old at the end of this challenge!), so this challenge can be really challenging, right?! As a coach (sports and nutrition) I often tell people to focus on process goals..... but I don't generally listen well to advice Main goal: Break those 100 reps on the one-arm longcycle (aka clean & jerk) with a 20kg kettlebell. I've got a big competition coming up in England in november, unless something unexpected happens, I'll do the 100+ there. (and a little spoiler; I want to make Master of Sport rank before the end of the year, and I'll need 120 reps for that! (according to the dutch ranking tables)) Sub goal: Ok, ok, let's talk some process... - practice my clean, focus on it at least twice a week (I've discovered a technical error there that's holding me back) - train grip once a week (lost it on my right arm so had to slow down a bit, probably due to that technical error, but doesn't hurt to stack my deck) - do 10 sets of posterior chain (my weakest link) activating exercises a week, I'll be doing ring rows and other ideas are welcome! What's longcycle you ask? This video was a competition in Germany in september, it was my last one with 16kg. (I'm on the far right)
  4. Not a very imaginative challenge title.... but that's certainly what this challenge is going to be all about. It'll be terribly boring, i'll whine about my diet (still need to lose 3kg), i'll whine about my hands hurting, i'll whine about my imposter syndrome and I'll likely whine about having to do cardio-ish training..... But all of that hopefully in good spirits, while talking coaching stuff and having the time of my life o/ Main-quest; be all sorts of awesome at kettlebellsport (as an athlete, coach and nerd) Main-sub-quest (lol); be awesome in general (strong, skilled and mobile!) Current chapter: World Championship 25th-29th November - weigh in on competition day @67.9kg - try not to come in last (aka do 60-70 snatch reps with the 24kg kettlebell) - coach my athletes as best I can (that's the ladies in my weightclass at last years worlds) Two more competitions: - december 6th: annual gym weightlifting competition (pick 3 and max: snatch, c&j + deadlift (currently 45kg, 57kg and 112,5kg) - december 13th: SAP-Cup kettlebell competition with 4 min snatch and 4 min double longcycle Lifegoals; - launch the website for our gym (yes, we've actually gone 5 years without a website, it's insane) - prepare and promote the next course for wannabe-kettlebell trainers - my baby sister is moving out on the first day of the challenge (looong story, but she lived with me+bf for 2 years) so we're turning the extra room back into an office, so the goal is to make it the most wickedly useful office in the history of ever
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