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  1. This month I’m some kind of crazy space assassin? Like, an assassin, but on a spaceship though. Look, there’s not gonna be much world-building with the theme this month. Just go with it and I’ll post some Mass Effect pictures and Bowie videos and stuff. Storage on a starship is at a premium, so I’m bringing nothing with me unless it’s essential. I was starting to stress myself out with how much I was tracking, and feeling like I had to up the ante and tack on something new each month. This challenge is an experiment in simplification, to see if I can keep the good habits going without as much record-keeping. Strength workout of some kind 3x/week. Anything that includes push/pull/legs/core counts. Kickboxing class totally counts. I really want to work on my upper body strength and be able to do more and better pull-ups, so solo workouts are going to go heavier on push/pull. Run once a week. Hopefully it’ll cool off enough to do more outdoor running during this challenge. If not, I’ll keep it going on treadmill or track or maybe substitute rowing once in a while. Climb once a week. I've hardly done this all summer and I miss it. I can probably do some run/climb days. Play guitar once a week. Five minutes counts. One song counts. Dorking around with Rocksmith on the Xbox counts. Just pick up the damn thing, tune it up, and play it at least once a week. Attempt an NFA quest once a week. This has been fun. A few quests on the radar right now: Box jumps stuff Wall handstand 25 squats in 2 minutes Beat the level 3 workout boss Writing 3 hrs/week. Gotta keep this one going. Trying to get the book turned in this fall. It's easier when I can take a day to write at home, but I can't do that every week. One thing I haven't included is a diet challenge this time -- I'm just having trouble coming up with a change that I want to make that I think I can do right now, and that I can quantify and track. Bonus points* Work out while on vacation this weekend Work out during Dragoncon, Labor Day weekend Build more on the backyard gym as soon as it's not hot as balls out In the spirit of last month’s threat to do an all-Bowie challenge, we’ll kick it off with one of my all-time favorite workout tunes. *there are no points
  2. LET'S KICK SOME ASS!!! It has been a fun return so far! Returning to working out and Muay Thai has been great. Tracking is...well it's tracking and I do need to figure out tweaks to my diet, but having that habit again is great! Also doing art again! My muse has returned!! The last challenge just kicked so much ass so I wanted to make sure I kept the awesome train going! As most of you may remembered, I first sought out my NerdFitness training about...one over a year and half ago and brought myself to this gym in my introductory From Lurker to (Newb) Rebel! thread before moving onwards in detailing more of my training for various boughts and challenges I would do in BlackTezca's Daily Battle Towards Feline Greatness. In there I have logged my many victories over my honorable challenges (as well as one crushing defeating) include my comeback fight with my latest challenge BlackTezca's 12(.5)th Trial: An Artsy Geeky Amazon Must Choose Between Mercy...or GENOCIDE!. And now it's time to face my NEXT CHALLENGER!!! For this challenge I have chosen a long running anime for my theme. A boxing anime called Hajime no Ippo that seems well suited to my chosen martial art (we went over Boxing Techniques and movement Wednesday) and a very awesome character study. Though gifs maybe hard to come by, I'll do my best to show this show off with this challenge! Not only does this show match up with my main goal, but so do my quests! My quest to get my strength back, my Muay Thai and kickboxing going, my artistic muse kicking, and also to honor those who may have returned from the battlefront but did not fully come back home...this quest is... My Main Quest to be as POWERFUL and BATTLE READY as Wonder Woman Lets' move onward to the quests! This is gonna be a bit of a hard challenge than last time, mostly cause I'm trying to set stricter ground rules on what I had built up before. Gonna be a bit of a pain, but hey...a challenge isn't suppose to be easy! It's suppose to LEVEL ME UP! Ichiro Miyata has the technique and the diligence but needs to work on that glass jaw! Details: Miyata is an awesome boxer with great technique on footwork and famous for his counters, however he is not the strongest puncher (thus why he utilizes his opponents strength against them through counters) and is infamous for his glaw jaw. A trait inherited from his dad. I myself need to get stronger like he does and thus will be doing strength training 3 times a week. This could be a leg day and arm day then a combo, or combo all three times (squats, deadlifts, benchpress, overhead press for at least 2 sets of 8). We'll see. Contingencies: Sickness and travel pretty much. However considering the flexibility here, I should be able to do something! Walking, yoga, etc! Tracking: I'll be tracking the workouts using MyFitnessPal ( username BlackTezca ) and this lovely thread will be updated as well. Grading: A for strength training 3 times a week - 25 pts ( 2 Sta 2 Str ) B for strength training 2 times a week - 20 pts ( 1 Sta 2 Str ) C for strength training 1 times a week - 15 pts ( 1 Str ) F for all else Ippo Makunouchi keeps up his passion and training for boxing! Details: Let's up the ante and train more like Ippo! Twice a week for kickboxing and/or Muay Thai! I have an Shirt Promotion ceremony Sunday which will help dictate which classes I can go to (all of them should be the answer. Except for sparring and NOT because of the shirt but for...other reasons). Contingencies: Sickness, vacation and any nausea from clone habitat building. Should be all right though now that the first trimester is over! We'll see! Tracking: I'll be tracking the workouts using MyFitnessPal ( username BlackTezca ) and this lovely thread will be updated as well. Grading: A for Kickboxing/Muay Thai twice a week! - 15 pt ( 1 Sta 1 Dex) B for Kickboxing/Muay Thai once a week! - 10 pt ( 1 Dex) F for all else Masaru Aoki is a great chef who makes great food which I need to eat! Details: So Aoki is an...interesting boxer, but a very good cook who also makes delicious food. While I don't make delicious foods, I eat a lot of delicious foods and now I need to go back to getting my protein game on! So hoping to eat over 100 grams of protein again for the added strength training! Contingencies: Phone does like my myfitnesspal anymore. However, I can still track with a tablet and my computer. As well trust my trust memory!Tracking: I'll be tracking the workouts using MyFitnessPal ( username BlackTezca ) and this lovely thread will be updated as well (with total calories and some food descriptions. Good and bad).Grading: A > 100 grams of protein goodness 6 to 7 days a week - 20 exp ( 1 Cha 2 Con )B > 100 grams of protein goodness 4 to 5 days a week - 15 exp ( 1 Cha 1 Con ) C > 100 grams of protein goodness 2 to 3 days a week - 10 exp ( 1 Cha ) F for all else Masahiko Umezawa is finding his own identity and making art his dream! Details: Umezawa grew up A LOT since his high school days; going from bullying Ippo to being his biggest fan, to his best friend, and finally finding his own dream of being a manga artist. I need to keep my own art up and it's almost NaNoWriMo, so I need to get back to working on my story! Expect not just art but also more character descriptions coming up too! Contingencies: Busy weeks and weekends and friends visiting during labor day. However I have been making time for both model painting and my drawing so this should not be an issue :D.Tracking: I have an art Tumblr and I also have DeviantArt (WATCH ME FOR ACCOUNTABILITY). I shall use those and this thread to keep track. Grading: A for at least 30 minutes 4 to 5 days a week - 20 exp ( 2 Wis 1 Cha )B for at least 30 minutes 2 to 3 days a week - 15 exp ( 1 Wis 1 Cha) F for all else Ryo Mashiba has the longest arms in Japan and has grown up too hard and too fast... Details: One of my friends nominated me for the 22 push ups for 22 days challenge. This challenge is known as 22Kill and is to honor our veterans and raise awareness of veteran suicide. I am a proud military brat and my father, brother, uncles, and grandfather are all veterans and each one has had their challenges from the wars they each served in. Sadly our veterans don't get the support they need once they return home; some of them come home with demons that they sometimes don't escape from and battles they don't win against. I'm doing this challenge not just for my family who I am grateful to still have in my life, but for those families who have lost their loved ones and honoring those who still serve in hopes they finally can get the support they need and that they deserve. I'm not gonna 'tag' or challenge anyone for this, but if someone else wanted to join in, that would be awesome :D. Contingencies: Need to remember to do this. 22 push ups is not a lot, but ugh pregnancy brain and tiredness. Also illness. Hope not to get sick.Tracking: Tracking to be done here mostly as well as MyFitnessPal ( username BlackTezca ) under individual exercise reps!Grading: A for 22 push ups 20 to 22 days of challenge - 20 exp ( 1 Wis 2 Str )B for 22 push ups 18 to 19 days of challenge - 15 exp ( 2 Str ) C for 22 push ups 15 to 17 days of challenge - 10 exp ( 1 Str ) F for all else The challenge is set up and I'm ready to go SMASH MY FIST INTO IT! Below is a 'fitness' photo; though some things are getting a bit bigger, I like to point out my arms are one of those things :D. <Photo TBD> Got a photo up and I'm planning on making it slideshow...in fact I may post it as a slideshow gif once I have the preferred photo. It show my state as I get into the ring with this challenge. I'm quite excited to still be here and get my ass into gear and beating this challenge will definitely show that I am here to stay...for now. Until later in the third trimester maybe. Until then, lets' fight on!!
  3. And I'm back! Late for the challenge, but I'm here. And that is the important thing. Life got complicated and busy and I've not been here for a while....... I'm not going to make this a massively complicated challenge - and I'm allowed some wriggle room. After being complicated and busy, I then ended up feeling quite bleugh - tired and not right and a bit post viral (of course after being crazy busy I got sick, cause thats how it works) and generally faded. Not how I like to be. So I've tried to remember to do stuff that makes me feel good, and I've started cleaning up my diet , and all of this has helped. Feels like I'm heading in the right direction...... Goals: 1) MOVE - ideally 6 days a week, the big movements are a selection of martial arts (jujitsu and kickboxing), running, biking and yoga. The little movements are going to be back care exercises, feet care exercises, and stretches (focussing on shoulders, hips and lower back rotation). Monday is most likely to be my don't move much day, aka rest day. 2) Play that bass - ideally 7 days a week, but 6 or 5 is ok, less than that and I never thrive...... Who knew music was addictive? 3) Look after me - if I need more rest, take it. Block out time for baking (I do better on home made gf bread, gf crispbreads and my own muesli, so make them!) and cooking (having a pot of something in the fridge for quick meals works for me). 4) Play time - two strands to this, carving out a good amount of time to spend with my lovely man (who I thought I had an abbreviation for, but it didn't look right here, possibly HP cause he'll hate that almost as much as the bailed from abbreviation), and cat therapy - cause that makes both me and them happy. Walks with the cats definitely come under play time rather than movement, cause yes I'm not sitting down during it, but its on the leisurely side of vertical. Bonus: my next kickboxing grading is approaching (I don't have a date, and the coach is much keener than I am for me to do it, I suspect that she'll win, so I need to get my head around this) and it involves a couple of my own combinations and a 10 opponent kata that I need to work out. Each week I'm planning on sorting out 2 opponent worths of kata. They don't have to be perfect, they just need to be a starting point for further tweaking. They also have to be simple as I suspect I'll have to do the kata at least 20 times in the grading. Knew there were reasons for putting this off........ Phew. Lets do this thing.
  4. I awaken face down in dirty straw. The light is dim, and there’s a dank, unpleasant smell. Stone floor. Torchlight. … Iron bars. That’s probably not good. I remember that I didn’t like the way the bartender was looking at me back at that inn. What was in that last drink? Before my head even stops spinning, I reflexively check for my blades and tools -- all missing -- and then massive hands grab me on both sides and haul me efficiently to my feet. I’m dragged from my cell, down a long hallway, and shoved through a gate … into a wide arena with a sandy floor surrounded by a smooth wall too high to scale. I hear the gate slam down behind me, but most of my attention is on the identical gate grinding open on the opposite wall. Something big and quadrupedal is coming out of the shadowed corridor into the arena. And toward me. Do wolves usually have red eyes? And scales? A raucous cheer erupts above me, but I can’t make out faces, just figures gathered all around the top of the top of the wall and crowded in the stands above. As the not-wolf gathers itself to spring, I hear one voice rise above the crowd in a loud rumble: “There’s only one way out, thief. Fight and survive.” ---- I thought I’d commemorate starting kickboxing class with a gladiator/arena thing this month. Maybe my captors are after last month’s treasure? Or maybe they're pissed off about it. Fitness Strength 2x/week. Proper warmup and cooldown or it doesn’t count. Run/cardio 1x/week Kickboxing 1x/week Substitutions permitted for all of the above. I’ll have to miss one kickboxing class due to travel this month. I’m adjusting my workout schedule to a) accommodate weekly class, which is intense, and b ) give myself a little more time for climbing and other “free play” fitness activities. I’ll see how the adjustment's working and re-adjust if needed. Attempt one NFA quest per week I’ve got a short list of stuff I want to try to knock out this challenge. I want to work on the Assassin path stuff in particular, but some others too. Diet Make 2 dishes per week with fresh vegetables Life 2 hrs/week on long-term work projects Meditation daily Write 3 hrs/week Gotta get that momentum going on the book again. Doing well, but it needs a lot of work and I want to finish before the end of the year. Quests and achievements NFA quests -- some of these I know I can do but just haven't tried, some I keep forgetting to do so I can check them off, and some I want to work on this month. Anyway, I want to keep these on my radar. Level 3 workout boss fight 10-second wall handstand 10 elevated push-ups 25 consecutive squats Full pull-up 10-day meditation - July 14 if I keep my current streak going 30-day meditation - August 4 if ditto Other Jungle gym: build bench for box jumps Jungle gym: build tire heavy bag Hang indoor pull-up bar
  5. Oh hai guys. I am back. I sort of took off into the abyss and made like an invisible person. Contain yourself. I know this return thrills you. @Ceasefire came back this go, so I am, too. I am going to try at least. I have another half marathon in October, so here we go with training again. Four simple goals: Earth: Earth is a grounding force. I need to keep my core and cardio training up, so once a week I will complete a 30 minute Les Mills BodyCombat track to further my half marathon training. I will also lift heavy things with Les Mills BodyPump once a week. Strength training, ftw. Water: Is flexible and understanding. I live by the 80/20 rule with food. Be your best 80% of the time and the 20% you aren't doesn't matter as much. It's not an excuse to slack, it's the reality of being someone who lieks to go out to eat with friends and who really likes beer. I will food journal on YouFood daily to track this goal. Fire: Is full of energy - it destroys as well as heals. I will run 3x per week. Sounds easy, right? But these low mileage early weeks can get boring. I hope that keeping up here will help me focus and not find excuses to not run. Air: Is peaceful and patient. I need to be nicer to myself. So each check in, I will have to come here and write something nice about myself. Something I accomplished, something I like about me... Anything positive. We're going light and easy on the return.
  6. I'm BACK BITCHES! I had to take a bit of a break. See a lot of stuff was going on with work has I have whined about before and as some of you may know, I have been hit with major fatigue and continuous low-level nausea due to the success of the cloning project! The experiment was a success!! Which presented itself with its' own challenges. Now that I am adjusted I am also ready to go on my own adventure! I started out from humble roots in my introduction From Lurker to (Newb) Rebel!, did a few side quests and explored some back alleys in BlackTezca's Daily Battle Towards Feline Greatness and have completed one major quest in BlackTezca's 11th Trial: An Artsy Geeky Amazon becomes a Badass Retro Agent of the SSR! only to get lost in a sprawling dungeon during BlackTezca's 12th Trial: An Artsy Geeky Amazon Brings Destruction to the Silver Millennium so it can be Reborn Anew. That just means it's time to come back stronger than ever. Especially now that there is another person residing inside me! Hopefully not like that! Though I have been going through a lot changes, especially physically, my goals have not changed. I want to get back into the swing of things in order aim for my main quest as well as be a good role model for the future clone! This challenge is not only to help me come back and respawning back into my usual awesome crazy self that will be responsible for raising someone even more AWESOME than me! This challenge is to help me onward to my main quest...and we all know which quest that is... My Main Quest to be as POWERFUL and BATTLE READY as Wonder Woman Now lets' introduce ourselves to the inspiration for this month! I'm sure some of you have heard of undertale and also heard of the awesome story, characters in the game! What else is awesome is the FANTASTIC music which you will be hearing a lot of this month! I may even have the weekly summaries and start and end on an awesome song! Before we get into that, I did mention some awesome characters so here they are!! Undyne is on a strict regime of suplexing boulders. Details: Undyne is a badass. She is strong, buff, a good fighter and hilarious. Essentially is the ultimate anime hero. I'd like to be more like her and while I'm no where near suplexing boulder levels and I'm taking it easier than usually do, I still need to keep up a good habit of working out! Maybe not as much as previously, but enough to get buff and strong like my awesome Undyne!! Contingencies: Sickness and travel pretty much. However considering the flexibility here, I should be able to do something! Walking, yoga, etc! Tracking: I'll be tracking the workouts using MyFitnessPal ( username BlackTezca ) and this lovely thread will be updated as well. Grading: A for Working out for at least 30 minutes 3 to 4 days a week ( 25 pt - 2 Sta 2 Str 1 Dex) B for Working out for at least 30 minutes 2 days a week( 20 pts - 1 Sta 2 Str 1 Dex) F for all else Papyrus wants to become a member of the Royal Guard! Details: Simple quest with a simple goal: get my ass back to Easton. Been gone out of there for too long. I'd like to go there at least once a week. Hopefully more. Problem is that they have cancelled morning classes...Still should be able to make kickboxing in the afternoons and Muay Thai sometime! Contingencies: Sickness, vacation and any nausea from clone habitat building. Should be all right though! We'll see! Tracking: I'll be tracking the workouts using MyFitnessPal ( username BlackTezca ) and this lovely thread will be updated as well. Grading: A for Kickboxing/Muay Thai once a week! ( 10 pt - 1 Dex) F for all else Alphys is keep strict records of her success...and her failures Details: Hey you know what I have not been doing as well? Tracking. I have not been tracking my food intake. At all. Lets' get back into the habit. Seriously. I'm not gonna be too hard on what I eat, but I know if I track it'll also help me make healthier decisions since I have been admittedly giving no fucks with food. So...I need to give a few more fucks. I shall find the fucks I need to give. Contingencies: Phone does like my myfitnesspal anymore. However, I can still track with a tablet and my computer. As well trust my trust memory!Tracking: I'll be tracking the workouts using MyFitnessPal ( username BlackTezca ) and this lovely thread will be updated as well (with total calories and some food descriptions. Good and bad).Grading: A tracking 25 to 28 days - 25 exp ( 2 Wis 1 Con )B tracking 22 to 24 days - 20 exp ( 1 Wis 1 Con ) C tracking 20 to 22 days - 15 exp ( 1 Wis ) F for all else Sans maybe lazy, but if you're on the wrong path you're gonna have a bad time... Details: SLEEP CHALLENGE! AND WAKE UP CHALLENGE!!! I need to make sure I get plenty of sleepy ( at least 7 hours) and I also need to get up when my alarm tells me too! Contingencies: Mostly caring about weekdays and non vacation days here.Tracking: Fitbit keeps me honest and I shall track here!Grading: A for good sleep and waking up 15 to 17 days of challenge - 20 exp ( 1 Wis 2 Con )B for good sleep and waking up 13 to 14 days of challenge - 15 exp ( 2 Con ) C for good sleep and waking up 12 days of challenge - 10 exp ( 1 Con ) F for all else Mettaton EX is gonna bring back some GLAMOR into my life! Details: Mettaton is fabulous. My art is also...well...I guess decent enough! I need to get back into drawing! Sketching, model painting, coloring, etc counts here! Just need to keep up my habit again! Contingencies: Busy weeks and weekends and vacation need week. However I have been making time for both model painting and my drawing so this should not be an issue :D.Tracking: I have an art Tumblr and I also have DeviantArt (WATCH ME FOR ACCOUNTABILITY). I shall use those and this thread to keep track. Grading: A for at least 30 minutes 4 to 5 days a week - 20 exp ( 2 Wis 1 Cha )B for at least 30 minutes 2 to 3 days a week - 15 exp ( 1 Wis 1 Cha) F for all else Now my challenge is all set! Usually I do measurements but...uhmmm that won't be realistic for long. However, I will keep taking fitness photos, mostly gauge the return of DEM GAINZ but also to see how the habitat is progressing. It's a silly thing yeah but hey at least it keeps up the photo measuring habit. As you can see there is a small progression already! I won't be shirtless for long but I kinda like the idea of comparing myself challenge to challenge, even during this time. In any case... The stage is set! The challenge is ready! My sleepy goober face is up there! We are ready to go!!! LET'S DO THIS!!! Shall I show mercy...? Or shall I...FIGHT?!! Told you the music is awesome!!!
  7. My work week is Thursday-Monday. So that's how I am gonna run this challenge. Thursday the 12th will be day 1 for me. 1. Restore My Honor like Zuko (+2WIS +2STA +1CHA) (1x 1pt/day) Ok. So. My main goal for this round will be to actually finish the challenge. For the last few months, I have gotten halfway, two-thirds, a week. I need to stay here.. Post to thread every day even if it is a short post. Stay engaged. Stay on target. Level to 5 damnit. HONOR. 2. Handstands Like Ty Lee (+2STR +1DEX +1STA) (2x 2pts/Week) I finally went to the handstands class at the Philadelphia Circus School yesterday that I was trying to go to all last challenge but got knocked off my course by a cat bite to the hand that swelled up like a balloon. So I've learned some new things I can do to help with my handstands. The whole routine takes about 45 minutes - 1 hour. Handstand routine: Warm up Inchworm + Pushup: 2x length of room (or at least to 10) Handstand T Drills: Alternating legs 2x length of room Handstand Switch kicks:This Main leg only 2x length of room Handstand holds: Hold as long as possible free handstand, step forward 2x length of room Handstand hold + Roll: Only if i have a mat. Hold handstand as long as possible, roll out. Facing the wall handstand: Hold for up to 1 minute 2x. Hips against wall, ribs off wall. shoulders as shrugged as possible. Hallow body hold progression: from last thread. Work up to 1 minute each progression Pike up straddle down: Lay on back, arms up legs straight, bring feet over head with straight legs, touch the floor behind you with toes, sink down a bit into pike then open legs slowly to straddle while controlled rolling back to starting position. Straddle work: Lay on back, pike legs, open to a straddle slowly, close fast to pike. Legs remain at 90 degrees from floor/body Yoga Ball Pike up: This 2sets 5 reps. Hanstsand Pike-Straddle Jumps: Stand in forward bend with hands on floor, arms straight, feet together, Jump into low pike. When feet are off the ground, butt is high and back is straight, open to small straddle, return to pike before feet hit the ground. DO NOT ARCH ( I am very archy). Plank shrugs: 10 reps Plank wrist circles; 10 rep each direction Hanging leg raises: 10 reps 3. Split like Mai's Detachment (+2DEX) (2x 1 pt/week) Okay, I know this pun is a stretch. Give me a break. Work on splits twice a week for 15 minutes. From this image. Splits routine: Warm up Front: True lunge Low Lunge Single leg hamstring "reverse lunge" Pike stretch Hip Flexor lunge Split Middle split Butterfly Frog Side Straddle Hamstring Straddle Straddle split 4. Kicks like Azula (+2STR) (1x 2pts/week) I have kickboxing classes I paid for but didn't use. We're gonna start using them. Tuesdays (except today because I am way sore from handstands class) 5. Teatime like Iroh. (+2CON) (+1points for every successful swap day or avoidance) I've eaten a lot of cookies recently. too many cookies and too much alcohol. I am gonna do some swaps. Cookie/sweets cravings for a yogurt. Alcohol limit of 2 per week. Then tea or coffee. LG. Find a 2nd source of income. I am broke and its terrible. I signed up to be a driver for amazon flex, but its not started here yet. So. I really need to find some interim money. It is very stressful. Scoring (15/88) - 17% 1. 5/28 - 17.9% 2. 4/16 - 25%% 3. 1/8 - 12.5% 4. 0/8 - 5. 5/28 - 17.9% LG. No Progress
  8. This is a placeholder cause I'm not doing any challenge this week (probably)..... So its going to be a three week challenge. Definitely a recovery and rebuilding challenge because of influenza. I don't like influenza....... apparently it likes me enough to have visited and stayed..... Great. So week 1 = get healthy again = sleep loads, eat sensible and DO NOT DO ALL OF THE THINGS sounds rubbish to me. off to bed for me. Night night.
  9. IT'S DOCTOR WHO TIME! The Doctor is a Time Lord. He is able to travel in time and space and, along the way he helps people in need. Well, I’m in need of a reset and I’m hoping the good Doctor can help me with it. Let’s go back in time and start from scratch. Strength to do what is right (STR +3) I used to be really diligent about weight lifting but I have strayed. It is time to get back to being a badass. Big muscles won’t grow themselves. Challenge: Lift 3 times a week (Mon, Wed, Fri) 12 days = STR +3 9 days = STR +2 6 days = STR +1 I don’t need a sword! (DEX +3) Instead, I have arms and legs to do my bidding. Unfortunately, I’ve neglected their conditioning and now I have to catch up. A lot. Since I am grossly out of shape I now have to make sure I participate in as many kickboxing classes as I can. Challenge: Kickboxing 3 times a week (Tue, Thur, Sat) DEX +3 = 12 days DEX +2 = 9 days DEX +1 = 6 days Bonus, if I do at least 12 days a month, I get $20 from my insurance I’m down with extra money! I like bananas. Bananas are good. (CON +3) In order to lose the pudge I’ve gained over the past 3 months I have to really clean up my diet. No more crappy food, we’re going full on clean eating. Primal diet, here we go. Challenge: Keep strict Primal for the entirety of this challenge CON +3 = 4 cheat days or less CON +2 = 6 cheat days or less CON +1 = 8 cheat days or less I am accounting for the fact that I have a cheesecake challenge going on this year and I don’t plan on taking a break from it. Let’s hope a tiny slice a week doesn’t derail change If you see water on Mars, run. (CON +3) I have an incredibly hard time drinking enough water every day. I live in an arid state so I still dehydrate myself on regular basis. It’s time for a reset. Let's hope this reset will help make this better. Challenge: Drink a minimum of 90oz of water per day CON +3 = within 90% of the goal CON +2 = within 80% of the goal CON +1 = within 70% of the goal This will require some detailed tracking. I am hoping it will help get me in gear. Why do dreams have to fade so quickly? (CON +3) This is always the most difficult one to accomplish for me because I am super addicted to watching things. Once I get on YouTube, it’s at least an hour that gets wasted and I get easily addicted. Let’s hope I can make a change. Challenge: Go to bed by 10:30 on work night and by 11:30 on off night. CON +3 = 6 days/week or more CON +2 = 5 days/week or more CON +1 = 4 days/week or more Hello Sweetie! (Extra Credit) Cheesecake challenge continues! I have religiously (almost) made a cheesecake a week for the past 8 weeks and I’ve made some really interesting recipes. This trend will continue here. As a note, this isn’t a part of my challenge, but it will be a good place to keep things in order. I’ll be making the following: Cookie Dough Cheesecake Mint Oreo Cheesecake Cheesecake Brownie Swirl Low Carb Coconut Cheesecake
  10. Just like last month its several days into the challenge and I'm finally starting..... But this month I'm slightly less vague about what I'm doing. Mostly because I'm recycling last month's challenge. Problem 1 = I did something not good to my back in november...... Mostly very much better, but still needs care. Compulsory challenge component = back care exercises every morning plus arm stretches (because arm locks at the moment are rather too easy for opponents to apply). Building up components: a) yoga 1-2 times a week b ) run some = parkrun every saturday (this saturday is my parkrun number 49, so I'm only two away from a free teeshirt (celebrates 50 parkruns!), build up to another run each week (not sure if this will fit in my 4 weeks, or belong to march). c) martial arts = 1 x kickboxing, 2 x jujitsu (but allowing for life clashes - only 2 kickboxing classes in february, oops) d) double bass playing -loads of music to learn and a paltry tally of reward stickers in January, this month is going to be better..... PLAY THAT BASS!!!! e) get to work early enough to justify vanishing for lunchtime yoga. f) late february, GET ON YOUR BIKE - its going to be chaos, the road from where I live to work (and bass teaching, and park run, and thursday late night jazz, and thursday jujitsu) is shut for something ridiculous like 8 weeks. This transport hell starts in late february. As far as I can tell, cycling is going to be the quickest, least stressful way of getting to work. So, weather permitting, and double bass transport permitting, cycling is the way forwards. All activities are dependent on back health..... Only one of them absolutely has to happen - yep, morning back care. Plus, I'm going to try to log in here a little more. Last month exercising went fairly well, logging in here, hmmmmmm, nope. This time, I'll try to play nicely with others........
  11. LET'S DO THIS CHUMS! It's time for another challenge this year coming right atcha with a flash step! As you all may know, BlackTezca, returning once more to make all of your browsers crash with another gif crazy thread! Ya'll also might remember me from the beginning of this insanely nerdy and awesome journey From Lurker to (Newb) Rebel!, got spoilers and news and another silliness in BlackTezca's Daily Battle Towards Feline Greatness and just like it was yesterday, I have conquered and ONE PUNCHED my latest foe known as BlackTezca's 8th Trial: An Artsy Geeky Amazons Becomes The Ultimate Hero. This time around, I'm here to battle against the idea of curses and that there is no such thing as hope! I'm here to fight the good fight against witches and despair and to repeat my battle against my worst nemesis! Not only that, but with this next challenge, I shall transform into the ultimate fighting being! The greatest example of prime warrior the world, any world has ever known! I shall become...a Mahou Shoujo! Fuck you and die. Not only shall I fight the good fight towards better sleep (again), I shall also continue my story that is bristling with inspiration, heal my sore wounds from my battles and sparring matches (and skiing), as well as continue my training! Not only that, but by becoming a magical girl, I shall be bringing myself closer and closer to my main quest! We all know what this quest is, but what is my challenge without, once again, announcing my greatest goals of all greatest goals...!! My Main Quest is to be as POWERFUL and BATTLE READY as Wonder Woman I do have my character profile up as well! However, it has not really changed how my challenges go (other than the experience points). Last challenge was nice and short and has given me some ideas on how to approach this new format. This time with total day counts and higher flexibility with what counts towards a side quest success (as you all know, I do use 'exact' words and such with that ). Having gotten most of January under my belt, lets move onwards! Towards my quests and my allies to help me become a greater warrior! Homura - The Sleep Policy Repeats Details: If in bed by 11:00 am, set alarm to 6:00. If in bed by 11:16, set alarm to 6:15 am. If in bed by 11:31, set alarm to 6:30, so on, so forth. This is mostly for work days. Contingencies: No Contingencies. Sleep is sleep. Also, sleep policy does not apply on weekends nor holidays. Tracking: Use Fitbit for tracking and update this thread with the total time of sleep as well as when I fell asleep official compared to when I went to bed. Grading: A for 14 to 15 days of enforcement ( 20 pts - 2 Con ) B for 12 to 13 days of enforcement ( 15 pts - 1 Con ) F for all else Sayaka - Keep Fighting Details: Go to Kickboxing or Muay Thai at Easton twice a week. Aim for Muay Thai but count Kickboxing as well. Contingencies: Steamboat Springs trip may hamper this. For that week only, do a separate kickboxing work + go to an Easton class. Tracking: I'll be tracking the workouts using MyFitnessPal ( username BlackTezca ) and this lovely thread will be updated as well. Grading: A for Kickboxing/Muay Thai Workouts twice a week ( 20 pt - 2 Sta 1 Str ) B for Kickboxing/Muay Thai Workouts once a week ( 15 pts - 2 Sta ) F for all else Madoka - Do not Suffer; Stretch, Bathe, and Roll the Pain Away Details: Do at least five minutes of stretching and foam rolling after works out and when feeling sore. Also count taking hot salt baths to help with soreness. Contingencies: Steamboat Springs trip may not have the foam roller. But I can still stretch. So no real blockers here. Tracking: I'll be tracking the stretching and foam rolling under 'yoga' via MyFitnessPal ( username BlackTezca ) and this lovely thread will be updated as well. Grading: A for Stretching and Foam Rolling 4 to 5 times a week ( 20 pt - 1 Dex 2 Con ) B for Stretching and Foam Rolling 2 to 3 a week ( 15 pts - 2 Con ) C for Stretching and Foam Rolling once a week ( 10 pts - 1 Con ) F for all else Kyoko - Strengthen My Story and Create My World Details: Continue with story planning and focus on Character Portraits. Hopefully most character summaries are done and we have moved on from Step 3 and maybe even finished Step 4. Contingencies: Steamboat Springs trip will also hamper this. I should have my laptop charger so I can work on the story planning at least. Tracking: I have an art Tumblr and I also have a DeviantArt (WATCH ME FOR ACCOUNTABILITY). I shall use those and this thread to keep track. I shall also post up WIPs of my work on this thread and I will also count ideas and brainstorming I come up with during my daily status. So ya'll will be here to listen to my ramblings! Grading: A for at least 30 minutes 4 to 5 days a week - 25 exp ( 2 Wis 2 Cha ) B for at least 30 minutes 2 to 3 days a week - 15 exp ( 1 Wis 1 Cha ) F for all else Mami - Gain Skiing Experience. Details: Another ski quest! This time hoping to ski a bit more (Steamboat trip coming up soon) Contingencies: I have rented the places, booked hotels, but sickness is always a possibility. Tracking: I'll be tracking the skiing funtimes using MyFitnessPal ( username BlackTezca ) with the workout listed as 'Downhill Skiing' for this thread. I'll also, of course, be updating this thread with details of my adventures! Grading: A for Skiing at least two days this challenge! ( 15 exp - 2 Dex 1 Sta ) B for Skiing one day days this challenge! ( 10 exp - 1 Dex ) F for all else Looks like a full complete challenge! Really excited to get this started! The fitbit has proven to be very useful for tracking sleep and I have a solid plan for my art! With my new kickboxing body, I'll definitely be able to keep up with my routine and the only new thing will be looking for exercises with my foam roller! Let's get some starting measurements: Starting Measurements: Date: 01/26/2016 @ 6:15 am Weight: 127.2 ***Body Fat***: 20% Waist: 23 Waist @ Navel: 23.5 Hips: 33.5 Neck: 12 Chest: 32 Left Bicep: 11 Right Thigh: 16 Wrist: 5.5 Forearm: 8.5 Everyone! Always believe! Never lose hope! Keep on fighting towards our ultimate goals! We're monks! Fighting is what we learn and what we do! So keep on hoping, keep on living! KEEP ON KICKING ASS! That's what Madoka would do in order to keep hope alive and allow us to reach our finest accomplishments! Let's get this next challenge started strong!
  12. Challenge #1 - 2016 Going from Princess to Queen For the last 24 years of being a mom, I have let life, kids and outside influences direct the course of my life. Staring this year, I am taking back the control I have given others & social media (mostly for good things, but still distractions to my life) and setting course to grow myself in three main areas based on my 2016 roadmap here. My life quest is to be a queen! That classy not quite middle aged woman that knows how to carry herself with dignity in every situation. Always having the right thing to say that not only honors the one it is said to, but shows maturity and love in the delivery. I want to physically look the part and dress in pretty clothes that fit well. Seeking ways to gain wisdom that grow me spiritually and mentally. Serving others through specific volunteer opportunities and not just because I can’t say no. Ultimately, I want to be a beacon of light into others’ lives, encouraging and showing them the love of Jesus through my actions towards them and others. I have found over the past NF challenges, I don’t do well setting goals for the entire challenge and need to have flexibility each week so I’m going to create weekly goals under my mini quest categories. These will all be attainable within a week if I plan ahead the day before and stick to the plan! I have no excuse to not succeed. All of my quests will be graded on pass/fail. 100% - weekly prize 90% & under – nothing Each week I will also have a motivating song & scripture to go back to if I feel myself slipping into old patterns of too much time on Pinterest, Facebook, etc.
  13. Ah yes, several days into the challenge and I'm finally starting..... And I'm still vague on what I'm doing. Oops. Problem 1 = I did something not good to my back in november...... Mostly much better, but still needs care. Compulsory challenge component = back care exercises every morning (remarkably I have done this mon, tues, wed, thurs, PHEW) Building up components: a) restart yoga (did this yesterday, back was happy about it despite me being scared in places, took it slightly gently, think I'll keep doing that for a while) b ) run some (started back at parkrun on christmas day - there was secret santa and fancy dress so how could I stay away?), since then have run another 2 parkruns and 1x 5k on a treadmill (today), seems ok c) restart martial arts, but do it gently!!!! Opted for no jujitsu this week, aiming for kickboxing on sunday. d) restart double bass playing - its the carrying of it that is more of a problem than playing it, but I've got a monstrous mental block going on with this right now...... I need to get this year's sticker reward calendar going. So far this year have only earnt 1 sticker for bass playing. PLAY THAT BASS!!!! All activities are dependent on back health..... Only one of them absolutely has to happen - yep, morning back care.
  14. GUESS WHO'S BACK! Back to the Monks for a brand new year! W00t! You awesome Martial Warriors remember me as BlackTezca and you may also remember me as a gif-crazy-make-your-browsers-crash-artistic-nutsy-code-MONKey! I have started out my journey in Nerdfitness in my introductory post From Lurker to (Newb) Rebel!, outlined last years daily struggles in BlackTezca's Daily Battle Towards Feline Greatness and had my final, most violent, uber challenge of 2015 known as BlackTezcas' 7th Trial: An Artsy, Geeky Amazon Pumps Up! Now this time I am here with a new inspiration! I want to take on this new challenge, this quicker, fast-paced challenge with the lackadaisical care and ease as the best of the best heroes. A hero who is heroic as a hobby! Which mean that things are fun while adding strength, dexterity, stamina, and all that jazz! I want to ONE PUNCH the crap out of this challenge and begin this brand new year with ultimate power! Thus the theme of this challenge shall be... Watch this show... Not only do I have a theme that is meant to decimate, I am returning to my Monk folks in order to enhance the foundation I have laid out last year and become the amazon hero I was meant to be. I have started out kickboxing which helps with my conditioning and technique and now I want to further my knowledge of Muay Thai beyond the bag and into the (light) sparring ring! I want to work with partners to learn clinching, practice footwork, and (lightly) punch them . Also, Considering it was just the holidays, I want to have my diet strengthened further, as well as get back to enhancing my core and agility. Not only that, but I also need to get my act back together for my art and even add on my novel planning for that! This is needed to enhance my mental agility as well! All this is needed in order to continue my main quest (may change when it comes to tying in Character Creation): My Main Quest is to be as POWERFUL and BATTLE READY as Wonder Woman I have worked out and lined up my quests and though the format is shorter, I am still gonna tackle my challenge format as I have had before! I really have been working on the challenge format as well through out last year and while the character creation may impact this challenge, it shouldn't impact what I have laid out here. I'm gonna be interested in how to add this as a 'quest' for the character as well as what kind of background I'll give her. Also will give me some ideas for art! Without further delay, here are the first quests of 2016!! Bang Silverfang: Muay Thai Sessions for finesse and technique application Details: I have just started going to Muay Thai classes with Easton to add with my kickboxing classes. Kickboxing is about learning techniques and conditioning, while Muay Thai is about finesse and working with partners in order to practice techniques learned in kickboxing along with gaining advanced knowledge. They also include sparring drills, which are ton of fun. I want to solidify this class as part of my full training and thus I needed to come to Muay Thai at least once a week this challenge. Contingencies: Weather may prevent me from getting to class. In this case, I need to consider and acceptable substitute. Sometimes, the coaches would change up the kickboxing class to be more of a partner/Muy Thai class, so I should be able to count those here as well. Tracking: I'll be tracking the Muay Thai sessions using MyFitnessPal ( username BlackTezca ) with the workout listed as 'Judo, Kickboxing, Martial Arts' for this thread. This thread will also be updated with details of the class. Grading: A for Muay Thai at least 4 times this challenge - 20 exp ( 2 Dex 2 Sta) B for Muay Thai at least 3 times this challenge - 15 exp ( 2 Dex 1 Sta ) C for Muay Thai at least 2 times this challenge - 10 exp ( 2 Dex ) F for all else Genos: Handstand practice for added core stability and diligence Details: I need to get back in the saddle for handstand practice since I have yet to actually reach the handstand last time! Thus time to get back into gear and make this a habit so I can finally each this goal in 2016! Contingencies: None for here. I can strengthen my wrists if I need to do that instead and this is a low impact practice. Tracking: I'll be tracking the handstand practice using MyFitnessPal ( username BlackTezca ) with the workout listed as 'Calisthenics- Light/Moderate' for this thread. This thread will also be updated with details of the practice. Grading: A for Handstand Practice at least 5 to 6 a week - 20 exp ( 1 Dex 2 Str ) B for Handstand Practice at least 3 to 4 a week - 15 exp ( 2 Str ) C for Handstand Practice at least 2 a week - 10 exp ( 1 Str ) F for all else Saitama: 100 gram of protein for an undefeatable hero! Details: I have been okay with upping my protein and have noticed that for the most part, I can hit 100 g of protein. So let's make this a challenge! Let's make sure I consistently hit that protein goal and really fuel my muscles as much as I can. Since its' still winter, I'm not limiting my carbs just yet, but that will be coming up as an idea for Spring. For now, let's EAT ALL THE MEAT!! (and eggs...and yogurt...) Contingencies: None. I should be able to stuff my face with yogurt and protein bars if I need to and while I don't want to go over my calories too much, I'm NOT cutting. Thus the daily amount should not scare me. I need the protein, I need that fuel! Tracking: I'll be tracking the stretching sessions using MyFitnessPal ( username BlackTezca ) with extra accountability done here. Grading: A for 100 g of protein 6 to 7 times a week - 25 exp ( 2 Con 1 Wis) B for 100 g of protein 4 to 5 times a week - 20 exp ( 2 Con ) C for 100 g of protein 2 to 3 times a week - 15 exp ( 1 Con ) F for all else Tastumaki aka Terrible Tornado: An Esper uses her mind for power...Empower my mind Details: So as I have planned and mentioned last challenge, I want to start a novel for next year! Though I aim for writing it during NaNoWriMo, I do want to start planning it out using the snow flake method (planning on getting to step 5 here depending). I also have character portraits to draw and will use this novel for inspiration! Here are my character portraits to do: Theresa (done but have a chibi fun image being worked on)Connor (second protagonist)Human 'cattle' escapee who like an older brother figure to the macguffinThe magcuffin character. May hold cure for 'vampirism'Extra Credit: character portraits for Starpuck and Mrs Feanor peeps.Let's hope I get far...without stressing out! Contingencies: I won't be able to keep track of this too much when I'm on ski trips. But while I'm not drawing those trips, I can brainstorm my novel and send ideas to myself through email, or save it on a google doc. Thus still adhering to this quest! Tracking: I have an art Tumblr and I also have a DeviantArt (WATCH ME FOR ACCOUNTABILITY). I shall use those and this thread to keep track. I shall also post up WIPs of my work on this thread and I will also count ideas and brainstorming I come up with during my daily status. So ya'll will be here to listen to my ramblings! Grading: A for at least 30 minutes 4 to 5 days a week - 25 exp ( 2 Wis 2 Cha ) B for at least 30 minutes 2 to 3 days a week - 15 exp ( 1 Wis 1 Cha ) F for all else Bonus Quest- Speed O Sonic: FASTER FASTER DOWN THE MOUNTAIN!!! Details: It's ski season!! W00t! Time to work on my speed, making cleaner turns, stopping more quickly, and just getting braver on the slopes! This is a seasonal quest and I want to track and reward my efforts for these excursions! Also, gives me a fun fifth quest too! Contingencies: I have rented the places, booked hotels, but sickness is always a possibility. Thus why this is a bonus! I rather be healthy enough to make it down the blue (or even black) runs, then sick and hurt myself. Tracking: I'll be tracking the skiing funtimes using MyFitnessPal ( username BlackTezca ) with the workout listed as 'Downhill Skiing' for this thread. I'll also, of course, be updating this thread with details of my adventures! Grading: A for Skiing this challenge! - 10 exp ( 1 Sta) F for all else This may look like a lot for the first challenge of the year but at the same time, considering all my quests are in chunks (except for the skiing one which is mostly for funsies) this shouldn't be too bad! Maybe not one punchable, but surely worthy of an S-class hero such as myself! Here are some starting fitness measurements: Starting Measurements: Date: 01/04/2015 @ 6:20 am Weight: 129 ***Body Fat***: 21% Waist: 23 Waist @ Navel: 23.5 Hips: 34.5 Neck: 12 Chest: 32 Left Bicep: 10.5 Right Thigh: 16 Wrist: 5.5 Forearm: 8.5 I'm really looking forward to a new year with my Nerdfitness peeps and to check out all the changes that have added to the rebellion! This may look tough, however, challenges are suppose to be tough in order to be fun and make sure we keep pushing out limits. Not everything can be so easy! Let's go my fellow Monk folks and KICK SOME ASS!!! Let's become... ULTIMATE HEROES!!! (That hopefully won't get bored by being ultimate heroes...)
  15. I think I am finally ready to set myself some goals and stick to them. I want to feel strong and fierce, but after my most recent vacation and minor injury, I'm not where I want to be. That will change and it starts now. The only challenge I set myself here is that I endeavor to do a challenge in each camp on NF, even though I identify with Monks the most. At the end of all that, I should be ready for my ultimate goal: Spartan Sprint 2016. Here's what my standard workout schedule looks like: Monday: muay thai/combatives Tuesday: fitness kickboxing Wednesday: muay thai/combatives Thursday: fitness kickboxing/private training Friday: muay thai/combatives I sometimes will alternate, where instead of Friday I will do Saturday morning fitness kickboxing. Yes, I'm addicted to working out May the odds be ever in my favor! Ps. Don't expect daily updates. My life isn't exciting enough to do that
  16. I started taking bjj and kickboxing classes about 3 months ago and love it. But I realized recently that my initial growth will slow rapidly if I don't start training outside of class. That's where drills come into play! I'm setting up a space in my home this week to run through striking, footwork, and foundational bjj movements on a regular basis. I'm also trying to regain my focus when it comes to my writing. Currently, a lot of time gets wasted each day doing "research", i.e. searching the internet until something shiny comes along to distract me. So I'll be implementing the pomodoro technique (25 minutes on task followed by 5 minute breaks) to stay on task. My breaks need to be computer-free time, so some stretching, simple bodyweight movements, or trips downstairs for more tea are all fair game. Last, but certainly not the least challenging, is giving better care to my diet. Historically, tracking calories is obnoxious to me. I'm going to switch things up a little an give myself a daily protein goal that increases as the challenge progresses. I'll start it at 60g for the first two weeks and add 20g to the daily goal every two weeks. So week 3 & 4 will be 80g and week 5 & 6 will be 100g. My hope is that trying to reach a certain number, instead of trying to stay under a caloric one, will be the positive mindset shift I've been missing. To summarize: Challenge Goals BJJ Drills x 2 per weekKickboxing Drills x 2 per weekPomodoro Writing Sessions w/ Breaks away from the computer x 15 per weekMeet Daily Protein Goal (starting at 60g)But wait, there's more! Side Quest - Rescue the short story from certain doom! I have several promising short stories that are hanging out in the doldrums while I work on my novel. To claim victory over the side quest I must pick one of these stories and get it submission worthy by the end of the challenge. So, I think that's everything. I plan to assign points/grading at some point, but really that feels like more than I can handle this evening. Any suggestions for a not-elaborate method of counting are welcome!
  17. Hmm, New place new opportunities right? Well, first off, HI! I am smf, and uhh, I haven't been around in the forums much lately and when I was my 6 week challenges were with the warriors, things have changed so I am going to spend my next 6 weeks here. The reason I am here now is because I started going to a Kickboxing/muay thai class last week, It's not a aerobic Kick boxing thing, it's at a martial arts school with a trainer etc. I am enjoying it a whole hell of a lot, but I guess that makes me a bit of a monk, and so here I am. SOO lets talk about goals. My Main goal is "6pack by 30" uh, ya that's just a little under a year away. I number crunched and its achievable, but damn that will require a lot of work, restraint etc. But that may not be a bad thing, I need something to reach for. So here are the three goals for this challenge. 1. Lose weight This is simple, we are dealing with a 6 week challenge, at 1.5lbs a week, I want to lose 9lbs by the end of the challenge. How? That's the hard part, a) I will be becoming ALOT more active, between maintaining lifting, kickboxing and even trying to work in some more cardio (ZUMBA on the WII, this stuff is addicting). That means I will need more carbs, maintain protein to minimize muscle loss, really work on getting my veggies in and keep enough calories in to not lose to much weight at once. Oh, and cut back on the dang Taco bell and Pizza hut (get ready to keep 1800-crybaby on speed dial) 2. Maintain my weight lifting I am still lifting weights. It's unreasonable to think I can lose weight and keep increasing on the bar. I am low enough that my nervous system is still adjusting to though, so I do think though I can increase my working weight on my Squat and DL by 45lbs, my bench and OHP by 20lbs, Thats half of what SL would have me at by then and that seems more than fair. 3.Rock at Kickboxing This is my first time doing any sort of fighting thing, being brand new at this, of course I am learning every time. The biggest thing for me right now though is cardio, I lift, that's all I do, I haven't done much cardio or conditioning work in close to a year. I am dying in every class just doing the conditioning work before we do lessons, so I need to step up my cardio/stamina game. This may sound silly to some (especially anybody that knows me) but I think I can do some "accessorie" work doing Zumba. I picked up this game for the wii, and it's a lot of fun, easy moves and does a good job of scaling, it also has me really working up a sweat. SOOOO basically, just do more cardio. Expect MEMES... a lot of bitching... a lot of whining... and happy dance posts ... maybe food porn (i come from the warriors after all)... just awesomeness.. oh and spelling errors because
  18. Hey everyone, My names Mike Caulo, pumped to be apart of the Rebellion... So I am 28 years old, a Health and Fitness business owner and Amateur Martial Artist looking to get back to fighting in 2016. I took 2015 off after struggling through 2013-2014 with 8 herniated discs that are fight related. I originally started seriously competing in Martial Arts when I was 12 years old in TKD but after a few years of competition and realizing the future as a martial artists as a sustainable career wasn't realistic I turned to athletics and school. As an athlete i have never been anything special but when I have a passion I will busy my A$$. I have always been chubby and overweight as a kid and teen, however when I turned 16 years old I was cut from my varsity baseball team and decided enough was enough. That year I went from 230lbs at around 25% body fat and 5'11'' to 155lbs 18% body fat. I ate relatively clean with a caloric intake of 2500 calories, ran everyday and lifted. I realized very quickly however I wasn't doing the right combination of habits to reach my goals or being strong, lean and athletic. Fast forward a couple years I am 19 years old about 180 lbs 16% and was going to Stony Brook Unviersity for Athletic Training. I discovered a local bjj club off campus and immediately fell in love with martial arts again. After a year or so of dedicated training I decided that I wanted to be a pro fighter and with the support of my coaches and teammates I packed up everything, left college in my junior year and moved to Las Vegas. I spent about a year out there and trained with some of the best in the world at Xtreme Coutures, Drysdale JJ, Mark Beecher Muay Thai and Gil Martinez Boxing Club. While out in Vegas I also started blogging about my life of a fighter and BOOM I indirectly started my company The Life of a Fighter Ltd, which is now a health and fitness website. Anyways I really started getting the ball rolling in the fight world, I got picked up by Prilosec OTC as a sponsor, moved back to NY and started taking fights. I know you maybe asking why did I leave Vegas, but for me as great as the training was the lifestyle outside the gym just wasn't cutting it for me. Most people living in Vegas don't really take care of themselves... plus I am an italian home body that missed my family and friends. Honestly I also saw that even though Vegas was great we had just as good if not better training in NY. So with more connections back home, more support and a little more of a financial stable situation I came back and worked the amateur circuit. From 2010 to 2014 I had 4 sanctioned MMA fights 2-2 and 2 sanctioned muay thai fights 2-0 with some boxing and kickboxing smokers mixed in, a few grappling superfits and about a dozen or so grappling tournaments. So I was competing, growing and staying busy. Throughout it all I was taking a lot of abuse from the constant training and competing. Eventually found out I had 8 herntiations and with a focus in 2015 of rehab and treatment have gotten that down to 2 herniations. That brings us to current day, I am a full time student finishing my bachelors degree from Stony Brook in Bio, Soc and Bus since i cam not fighting currently, plus running my business and working with a hand full of clients because I just love working with dedicated people. I am always looking to join great health communities for motivation, sharing knowledge and nerding out. If there is any fellow martial artists out there, hit me up and if you can recommend a good forum thread, I'd appreciate it.
  19. Last challenge I tried to keep things fairly simple, and that went mostly ok. So I’m trying again. Simple goals. 1) Keep moving run at least 2x a week go to martial arts classes – 2x jujitsu, 1 x kickboxing cycle to work at least 2x a week (with allowances for weather because, scotland) at home technique or bag work 2x a week Dark days option – if the days get too short on me then I’ll switch from cycling to work to hitting to the gym. All depends on daylight and temperature and dampness…….. And I want a life priority music opt out….. If I get a gig, then that wins over training. Sad but true. Unfortunately I’m already missing 2 of this challenge’s kickboxing classes. All the more reason to do at home technique! 2) Food Key guidelines for me = gluten free, dairy light, mostly AIP compliant but with some rice and other gf grain. I gotta keep getting this right, cause I keep getting it wrong at least once per challenge….. Trying really hard to have no diet related illness this challenge. Funnsies = post at least 2 recipes in the monks kitchen! 3) Music Play that bass 6 days a week. Funnsies = jazz session - once a week. Bonus points = have a trio rehearsal. I am super excited about this - we're 2 gigs in and have already been asked for our CD!!! Perhaps its time to actually rehearse...... We had such a blast in those two gigs, if this could turn into something semi-regular, that would be superb. But organising jazz musicians = herding cats, so one rehearsal in 6 weeks sounds about right. Keeping track: Runs: 0/12 Cycle: 2/12 Technique practise: 0/12 Bass: 1/36
  20. Yes, this is yet another grab bad challenge. What can I say? As soon as I saw stillskies' challenge last round I knew I wanted to get in on the grab bag fun. (Also, does "grab bag fun" sound kind of wrong to anyone else?) Anyway, during the last challenge life kept throwing giant, stress-filled curve balls my way, and I kind of went into survival mode, which can work for a time but isn't anyway to operate long term. Coming out of that I'm feeling overwhelmed with life. It would be easy for me to slide into a minor depressive state right now, and the last week or two there have been days when I felt the shift happening. So the goal of this challenge is to give myself little wins everyday. Goal: Earn 600 pts. over the course of the challenge by completing items on my list. Each item is worth 5 points and falls into one of three categories. Health Take a walk (take dog for an extra 5 points)Workout (strength training, bjj, or kickboxing)Log food for the dayEat a plantAbstain from sweets for a daySchedule a long overdue doctor/dentist appt. Drink a large water bottle of water before noonPlantar Fasciitis stretchesStretching/Foam Roller SessionLights out and kindle off by 11PMLife 500 words or 1 undistracted hour writingResearch panelist @ upcoming writing conference (Anyone else attending NerdCon:Stories?)Do something nice for someone (cards, phone calls, quality time, etc.)Spend 30 minutes unpackingTry a new quality time activity with JohnUpdate my address Get dressed for the day before sitting down at computerGo on a social outingThat's it for now. I may come up with some bonus point challenges along the way depending on what's happening that week, but otherwise I'll check in every couple days to update my progress.
  21. Hi, I’m Daule (so obviously not my real name, just a contraction of my username). I’m 28, and I have two daughters - one two and a half years, the other two and a half months (yes, I gave birth barely three months ago!). I found nerd fitness years ago but was happy to set my own path back then … now that I have way less time, and more motivation, I decided to join the forums to track my progress and set out my goals here. Main quest: To be fit enough to at least defend myself basically in a street fight/attack, and in doing so reduce my body fat to 22% (from around 32%). ETA: My current bodyfat is about 30%, so I think 8% is a reasonable reduction to a healthy and achievable number. I currently weigh about 62.5kg, and my pre-pregnancy weight was 54kg. However, while I weighed less, I'd lost weight without really moderating my diet or exercising, so my guess is that my bodyfat percentage was just as high, maybe a smidge lower. Not that I'd be upset to have that body back I'm also 5'3" so on the shorter side. As much as I want to lose weight, it's the fat which is more important, which is why I don't have a weight goal. Also, just to be clear, I am in no way looking to fight people - I just want to have the confidence to defend myself if I ever need to. As a petite woman, I'm likely to be a pretty good target for attackers, so I want to make sure that I'm not a victim if I can help it. I hope that in training in strength and speed I can also build functional, practical fitness that not only helps in an attack but improves my well-being overall. Sub-quests: For this six week challenge, I’m going to continue on my current path (I'll detail that in a later post) 1. cook three different veg protein-filled clean meals for the first time (0/3)2. krav maga kickboxing class once a week, or if not, an extra personalised workout (0/6)3. the baby wearing workout or dauntless workout three times a week. my personalised workout. Given time restrictions a workout can be split across days, as long as all exercises are done it counts as one workout. I'll detail this workouts in a later post too, when my baby isn't about to cry! (0/18) Motivation (warning - it’s quite detailed ): There are a few elements, two of which inform my username. First, my (step)father died (two months after my mum unexpectedly passed away) in August, after a long battle with cancer. He was a huge role model for nearly twenty years and I admired him a lot. He used to be a boxer and was in many many street fights. From when I knew him he never picked fights but could easily take care of himself and was never afraid of anyone. He had a brilliant, laid-back attitude to life, always made me laugh, and always made me feel safe. I really want to be more like him. He used to call me the evil little dwarf, which then became little evil (I called him big evil), and it was a moniker I wore with pride. This part of my life is about saying goodbye to him as a person, and living on and carrying his self with me. The second source of inspiration is that when I look back on my life, all my role models have been women who could kick arse. Gabrielle from Xena, Buffy Somers, River Tam, Lisbeth Salander, Arya Stark and most recent, Tris Prior (from Divergent). I love that they could take care of themselves, as much as any man, and it's something I admire and aspire to. The third inspiration is my two girls, Arya and Aemilia (yes, I named my firstborn after a Game of Thrones character). I want to be a strong role model for them, and teach them to be able to look after themselves, too. It's the most recent inspiration - Tris - who kind of powered up my desire to really follow this goal again. In and of herself she's not the best role model in a literary sense, but I found the Dauntless approach to life, the training regime of going from Abnegation to Dauntless and just the idea of a group of people with the same approach to life really enjoyable. I actually was more disappointed with the second and third books, and was then looking for another book with a similar drive but just couldn’t get anything, so needed to create something that worked for me. I suppose it doesn't hurt I love black clothes, and already have several tattoos (including an image on my wrist which is a hidden tribute to my stepdad). In addition to this, my husband is very overweight due to the medication he takes for his mental illness, and I want him to be fit, healthy and strong too. I convinced him to attend a private Krav Maga training class (it took a LOT of convincing), but he actually ended up loving it and eager to go again (note: my husband has NEVER been eager to do anything physical - neither of us are “sporty†types), so that’s both a great motivator and something we can do together. So that feeds into things. Race: Deep dwarf - short, slightly stout and prefers the darkness Desired class: Monk (krav maga, boxing and street fighting/defence)
  22. I think you all remember but if not, my name is BlackTezca, known for generally insanity and clogging up your computer or mobile phone with GIFS, GIFS, AND MORE GIFS. You will also remember me from my titanic introduction From Lurker to (Newb) Rebel!, the colossal continuous war known as BlackTezca's Daily Battle Towards Feline Greatness, and the absolutely villainous and bloody previous challenge known as BlackTezcas' 5th Trial: An Artsy, Geeky Amazon Takes A Walk on the Dark Side! From that last thread, I have decided on an awesome theme for this challenge! The fantabulous anime known as Attack on Titan. I know this maybe a little late but the forums were hidden from me this time! Oh man I totally didn't find them until now! But now that I have found them it's time to party hard and start a brand new challenge! Now this anime is perfect for this new challenge as well as for my epically TITANIC main quest! A quest to become all powerful! To become larger than life! To crush down all the walls that stand before and become a truly colossal and deadly being! To fight with agility and strength despite being larger than life and to kick away any small thing that could possible think to stop me! My Main Quest is to be as POWERFUL and BATTLE READY as Wonder Woman Now this challenge is gonna be set up a little differently from the previous ones. This challenge is in a different grab bag format inspired by StillSkies previous challenge. The reason I chose this type of format is...well...because it looked fun and different and I wanted to check it out and see how it would fit! Not only that, but it allows me to have different options for each day in order to get the most points! And those points will start out pretty heavily but will be adjusted if I happen to make the total points! Here are the points I need to make for each possible grade for this challenge: REVAMPED 10/12/2015: 8500 to 7650 Pts - A 7649 to 6800 Pts - B 6799 to 5950 Pts - C 5949 to 5100 Pts - D Quite a heavy order! At least...it might be...not sure...but let's move onto the challenge side quests themselves: COLOSSAL TITAN: Representing Strength Training, the Largest Titan is the strongest titan. The Colossal titan kicks off the horror and action of the series. Details: All strength based activities are the only activities that can get me points for this side quest! Tracking: I'll be tracking using MyFitnessPal ( username BlackTezca ) this lovely thread will be updated as well with the activities that count for points Grading: up to 2 Str ARMORED TITAN: The armored titan dashed any hope of saving the outer ring by crashing through the inner gate. He is the fastest titan. Details: All cardio and stamina/endurance based activities are the only activities that can get me points for this side quest! Tracking: I'll be tracking using MyFitnessPal ( username BlackTezca ) this lovely thread will be updated as well with the activities that count for points Grading: up to 2 Sta FEMALE TITAN: The best fighter and the one more in control and seemingly the most intelligent, she is the most agile of the main titans. Details: All dexterity (martial arts, balance/yoga) based activities are the only activities that can get me points for this side quest! Tracking: I'll be tracking using MyFitnessPal ( username BlackTezca ) this lovely thread will be updated as well with the activities that count for points Grading: up to 3 Dex EREN TITAN: The Art Quest. Representing that Eren is the odd titan out and has to be creative versus the Female titan who is the far better fighter. Details: Art, gaming, and other activities meant to work my creative juices count for points here! Tracking: I have an art Tumblr and I also have a DeviantArt (WATCH ME FOR ACCOUNTABILITY). I'll use those for tracking and on a weekly basis...like a weekly update or something, I'll post art on this thread. Also! Check out Renaissance Rebels which is my accountability group! I shall post art and do some challenges there too . Grading: up to 1 Wis and 2 Cha Armin Arlert: A stabilizing force, Armin may not be the bravest, nor the strongest, but he is the heart of the main trio and often provides comfort in a very dark world. He's the puppy. Please don't hurt the puppy. Details: Cleaning, tidying and all other home stuff here! Need to keep up and happy home life Tracking: This thread will be tracked and notice I have a extra BONUS challenge in there for MEGA points! This BONUS is a minimalist type challenge to get rid of things I no longer need and it's called 30 Days to Less Stuff. I shall be tracking the stuff I get rid off in there and hopefully I made the full days! Woo! Grading: up to 2 Wis and 1 Cha Sasha Blouse: Potato Girl. Poor thing is only known as Potato Girl. She also steals food. She is all about eating a lot and eating it all well. Details: All diet, sleeping, and cooking activities belong here for points! Tracking: I'll be tracking what I make (and eat) via MyFitnessPal ( username BlackTezca ) and also this thread! MyFitnessPal will be updated with recipes too since those can save the recipe. Expect some pictures as well! Grading: up to 2 Con Of course, what challenge would it be without some starting measurements to track! I ended the last challenge pretty good and though I don't know if I can get these measurements any different, it's always awesome to see progress! Starting Measurements: Date: 09/04/2015 @ 6 am Weight: 125.6 ***Body Fat***: 23% (I haven't checked this) Waist: 23 Waist @ Navel: 24 Hips: 35 Neck: 12 Chest: 32 Left Bicep: 10 Right Thigh: 16 Wrist: 5.5 Forearm: 9 I'm gonna be interested in seeing how this grab bag format turns out! This looks like it might be one of tough challengers yet, but all of these side quests are building up on what I have done before and what I would be continuing on anyways! This encourages me to do all sorts of things and I can also be flexible with it so much so that even on rest days I can get up to so many points. The number of points I'm starting out with seems a little daunting, but if I keep up momentum, it shouldn't be too hard to accomplish! I think so anyways. That's gonna be the actual challenge. That and remember what I did and how many points I have earned. Man that's gonna be a lot to count up each day and week and MATH IS HARD YA'LL! Edited 09/11: Also I just realized that I'm not going to be in town at all during the final week. I;'m gonna be in a MAGICAL place where dreams come true So this challenge is a 5 WEEK challenge instead of 6 weeks. I know a few people are making their challenges 5 weeks for Camp so I find it very interesting that the stars aligned and I have the same issue. So this will need to be an EPIC FIVE WEEK CHALLENGE!!! Fuck it! Let's DO THIS!!! NOW! For humanity sakes onward Survey Corps! Show those snobbish, cowardly morons in the Military Police Bridage, and those merely average Garrison folks what we are made of! JUST DON'T GET KILLED (easier said than done...)
  23. Fasten your seat belts. This is going to be a bumpy ride. 1) Sunday, Tuesday & Friday progress through Zombies, Run! 5k trainer. (3 days/week) [+3 STA] (10 points per run) This is actually starting 5/26. I am skipping the first day because I've done it a million times. So we're starting today so I can finish before Otakon. 1) Go to the Gym Monday & Thursday for 30-60 minutes of strength training. (2 days/week) [+2 STR] (20pts per workout) 2) In July when the Kickboxing place opens (and If I still have my job) Monday and/or Thursday go to a Kickboxing class after work. The goal is to strength work out twice a week and hope one is kickboxing eventually 1) After runs, Sunday, Tuesday & Friday 20-30 minutes of yoga/stretching. Focusing on hips. (3days/week) [+3 DEX] (5 points per yoga) 2) Saturday, I will go to Gymnastics or Yoga depending on how my wrist feels. They are both between 9am-1pm (1day/week) [+1 DEX +1 STR] (5 pts per class) 3) Work, after running and leg day, on splits for at least 15 minutes, focusing on middle splits. (4days/week) [+1 DEX] (1pt per split per day, left, right, middle) Open Middle Split PVP with Assassin Ladies! Food. This has to change somehow. Its not meals that mess me up, its the between mealtimes, after mealtimes. I snack bad. 1) 2 paleo meals a day, been proven fairly easy over the last 6 weeks... (14meals/week) [+2 CON] (5 pts per meal) 2) No more than 3 non paleo snacks a week. This INCLUDES Winesday. Save em, make em delicious. Remember, crackers suck. (3/week max) (0 points awarded on snacks. Allow up to 3, start docking 3 points per over-snack, its basically undoing most of a good meal) Lastly, life goal. I have a feeling I am going to be fired shortly. 1) Work on 1 portfolio thing a week (1 thing/week)[+1 WIS] (3pts) 2) Apply to one new job every other week... and follow through, please.(1 app/week)[+1 CHA] (2 pts) Time to nut up or shut up! Overall Goals Lose 10 lbs by July 24th Starting Weight - 135.4 lb & 25%BF Goal Weight - 125 & 18%BF lb Goal Physique: Fit WomanMain Goal: TransformGoal Weight & Body Fat: 125 Lbs. & 18% BFTotal Body Composition Change of: 10.4 Lbs. Lost & 7% BF LostFor Bodyfat Measurements At Stake: +3 STR - +4 DEX - +4 STA - +2 CON - +1 WIS - +1 CHA Rewards:A (90-100) - Assassin can always use more Combat Pants B+C+D (152 Free shipping! +25 class)B (80-89) - This awesome workout Shirt C+D (85? +25 class)C (70-79) - I want these booty shorts a stupid amount +D (40 +25 class)D (65-60) - Intro to Arials Workshop ($25)F (64-) - $177 into savings (all reward total) Measurements: Updated 6/8 Neck: 12" Waist: 27" Hips: 35 3/4" Thigh: R: 23 3/4" L: 23 3/4" Weight: 134.0 lb BF%: 22.1%
  24. Hi, I'm Stephanie. Calling me by either my real name or username is fine! I've been trying to lose weight for a bit in the start of summer by doing cardio, which included hikes and trail runs. While I did lose a few pounds, I had no idea what those pounds were (whether they were fat, muscle or just water). I didn't want to become scrawny so I switched to strength training after a month, and did bodyweight exercises as well as experimenting with dumbbells (which belonged to my younger brother). I trained every day for a few days, but realized I needed rest days. So I started training every other day. I did dumbbell deadlifts and dumbbell squats for a week (20 lb per dumbbell). Now I've ditched free weights because I don't have anything heavier nor do I have money for monthly gym membership. My workout now consists of only bodyweight exercises. I don't have a pull up bar at home, but I can go to the playground at my old elementary school to train for pull ups and other exercises. I also do kung fu every week for four hours. It comprises of lion dance and sanshou (Chinese kickboxing). I want to get better at kung fu, and sanshou in particular. I'm not very strong and I don't want to end up as a punching bag in sparring matches so I'm taking up strength training on my own. I'm also doing a bit of flexibility exercises for my hips for mobility as they are super stiff right now. I get a lot of motivation and information from reading fitness articles on websites like Nerd Fitness and the Art of Manliness (even though I'm not a man). I also have the ebook "Convict Conditioning" by Paul Wade, which I use for exercises. This is my battle log where I will be tracking my workouts. I'm still playing around with my workout routine so each exercise I do is not set in stone yet, though it will definitely comprise of calisthenics.
  25. Here I am for another rodeo. Yeeeehaaaw! *coughcough* Sorry, my bad. After a first time that didn't go so well I am back and ready to actually accomplish some goals. Without further ado: MAIN QUEST Two weeks ago I threw out my back and couldn't move for a week. Heck, I could barely sit in one place for longer than an hour. It meant that I couldn't work out the way I usually do. Then came a week-long vacation filled with deep-fried fish and chips intermitten with other delicious but unhealthy food. Work out? What work out? In the end I put on 5lbs and lost all definition in my muscles (arms and abs in particular). GOAL: Lose 10lbs (CHA +2) Current weight: as of this morning, I am at 185lbs (ugh, I almost cried when I saw that) Goal weight: 175lbs QUEST #1: The moment I loosened up my eating habits my body immediately started feeling worse. When I tried Paleo, I felt like a goddess. I endeavor to cleanse my body and get back on the wagon. GOAL: Keep Paleo diet for 6 weeks (CON +2 STA +2) Stipulation: It is impossible for me to do kickboxing/muay thai without some extra carbs (and I hate the sweet potato) so I will be eating one regular potato before a workout each day. I will allow myself one non-Paleo meal a week. 100%-76% full marks 75%-51% (CON+1 STA +1) less than 50% no marks QUEST #2 I live in Colorado where constant hydration is key. When I add the intensity with which I exercise, I really need a lot of water to replenish my reserves and stay properly hydrated. Sadly, I'm usually severely dehydrated. GOAL: Drink 128oz of water per day (CON +2 WIS +2) Current drinking habits: about 60oz a day First 3 weeks: consistently drink 90oz/day Last 3 weeks: consistently drink 128oz/day 100%-76% full marks 75%-51% (CON+1 WIS +1) less than 50% no marks QUEST #3 I signed up for a 5K run this October and I want to run it without having to stop. GOAL: Run 3 times a week (STA +5) I will be using Couch to 5K as a guideline for my training. Schedule - Sunday morning - Tuesday afternoon - Friday evening 3 days +5 2 days +3 1 day +1 End of week 2: I have to admit that I can't do the running challenge due to a minor injury to my ankle and a bunion flare-up in my right leg. That being said, I still want to do something that will help me improve my stamina. Enter Airdyne. Goal: Do 9 minutes of HIIT on Airdyne 2 days a week (+5 STA) 3 x 3 minute sets, one (1) minute rest in-between Set: 30 seconds @ 70 RPMs 30 seconds @ 35 RPMs Most probable days: Tuesday & Thursday 2 days: full marks 1 days: +2 STA 0 days: no marks Mini-quests: Week 1: SMART goals WIS +1 (COMPLETE) - see just below Week 2: Making friends CHA+1 (COMPLETE) Week 3: The Library CHA +1 (COMPLETE) Week 5: The Cafeteria CON+1 (COMPLETE)
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