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  1. THE THREADS ARE UP ALREADY?! Dang it! That means it's time to get to work-Oh wait this doesn’t start until June 8th…Oh well! I’m posting this anyways! Ya’ll probably know who I am already. If not WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! I'm BlackTezca, a generally loud, gif addicted, game addicted, movie addicted, anime-addicted, whatever addicted big old NERD. I already have my fourth challenge ready to go, though thanks to the longer break, I have some time to think on this challenge and tweak it before it starts. However, pretty sure this is how it’ll go! Just in case some of you are crazy enough to forget about me; I have several lovely links of my exploits, including my introductory From Lurker to (Newb) Rebel!, the interim and still awesome BlackTezca's Daily Battle Towards Feline Greatness, and of course the latest platinum selling hit BlackTezcas' 3rd Trial: An Artsy, Geeky Amazon Must FIGHT...In STYLE! Of course, all of these challenge are just working up to the final goal. The award that is nearing ever so closer to me, the glowing light at the end of the tunnel… My Main Quest is to be as POWERFUL and BATTLE READY as Wonder Woman So now that have that out of the way, let’s get down to business and check out my planned Side Quests!! This time I’m getting creative with names . You know...actually using my theme instead of having an excuse for more gifs! Fight Like Kamui: Do a kickboxing workout twice a week, preferably with Easton. Details: It’s time to get a bit more serious about kickboxing! Since I have a school, I need to utilize it as well as practice what I learn! Now, just in case something happens (class is CANCELLED for instance, basement renovation takes over EVERYTHING, etc), I will also do kickboxing workout at home to make up for it. I do aim for two classes a week, but I’ll keep myself sane and flexible for this instead. Contingencies: No Contigencies: Since I am counting the kickboxing workouts I do at home, this gives me a little more flexibility if I miss one of the two days I want to give myself for kickboxing in class. I should be able to make at least one class per week as well. Tracking: I'll be tracking the workouts using MyFitnessPal ( username BlackTezca ) and this lovely thread will be updated as well. Grading: A for Kickboxing Workouts twice a week (one must be a class) ( 3 Dex 2 Str ) B for Kickboxing Workouts once a week (must be a class) ( 2 Dex 1 Str ) F for all else Don’t Eat like Gintoki: Don’t binge! Don’t eat a crap ton of sweets! CHEAT LESS! Details: Ugh…so… I guess it’s’ time to be mindful ALL days of the week. I have been a bit more lenient on myself last challenge since I didn’t have a food quest, but that has slowed down progress and since I already workout 5 to 6 times a week, an hour each workout (or more) and I now do kickboxing, that means watching my fooding and drinking. Both of which I love but need to be kept in check. Using a combo of MFP and this handy calculator with this IIFYM calculator, I have calculated that I need to eat about 1467 (aggressive weight loss) to 1834 (maintaining) calories a day to lose a pound of week as someone in between moderately active to very active. That is quite doable. Throwing more from IIFYM, I need to eat 148 - 239 carb grams, 103 protein grams, 52 fat grams, and 26 - 32 fiber grams a day. I'll keep those values in mind while I’ll again aim for eating below the carb and sugar limit on MFP (ESPECIALLY YOU SUGAR) while not caring if I go above my fat (even the 52 fat limit) and protein limit (which I hardly do, thus I need more protein). The hard part is…I will aim to do this EVERY DAY OF THIS CHALLENGE, giving myself a few days where realistically I may bingecheat (Top Taco Denver Festival. Tacos. Tequila. I’m screwed that day). Contingencies: This always has contingencies. I need to be flexible in how much calories I allow. To maintain, I calculated that I need about 1936 calories a day as a moderate to very active short woman, which is a fair amount of calories. If I eat to that amount or slightly over (2100) and I’m not like crazy over my sugar, I shouldn’t be too hard on myself. However, I know I tend to eat sweets and drink more during the ‘cheat’ days I give myself and thus I go WAY over that. Therefore, I need to be quite mindful when I’m out and about. A lot more than I have been. Tracking: I'll be tracking the food and cheats using MyFitnessPal ( username BlackTezca ) and this lovely thread will be updated with my diet changes and plans. Grading: A for <= 6 Cheat days this challenge ( 2 Con 1 Wis) B for <= 8 Cheat days this challenge ( 1 Con 1 Wis) C for <= 10 Cheat days this challenge ( 1 Con ) F for all else Sleep like Sogo: ENFORCE THE SLEEP POLICY Details: So a while back, I enforced a sleep policy: My alarm for the morning starts at 6 am. If I’m not in bed by 11:15 pm, the alarm is set to 6:15 am. If I am still not in bed by 11:30 pm, the alarm is set to 6:30 am, etc. For each 15 minute chunk I am not in bed, the alarm is moved later to the morning by a 15 minutes. Thus I have a moving, flexible sleep policy which is working better than trying to enforce a bedtime. I still want to get up earlier, but this is flexible and thus better than a bedtime. Contingencies: No contingencies. I need the bloody sleep. It must be enforced. Tracking: This thread only. Not sure how to track it elsewhere for accountability Grading: A for 28 to 31 days of enforcement ( 2 Con 1 Cha) B for 25 to 27 days of enforcement ( 2 Con ) C for 22 to 24 days of enforcement ( 1 Con ) F for all else Don’t be like Housen: GO OUTSIDE! SMELL THE ROSES! Details: Housen is not a fun of the sun, being a Yato, and is kinda dick for it. I work out a lot inside and I don’t really do a ton of outdoor activities. I’m not taking about just fitness, but even fun stuff like check out festivals, or explore a park, take a hike, etc. So I’m making this my life quest for the challenge. I would like to do some kind of activity (short walk, visit an outdoor event, etc) at least three times a week in the outdoors. Contingencies: THE WEATHER! If it’s down pouring every day of the week, of course I won’t go outside cause I won’t have the sun. This is unfortunate and out of my control. I hope that I have most days that are beautiful to really enjoy this life quest. Tracking: I'll be tracking the outdoor activities using MyFitnessPal ( username BlackTezca ) and this lovely thread! Grading: A for 3 days a week of SUNSHINE ( 1 Con 1 Sta ) B for 2 days a week of SUNSHINE ( 1 Sta ) F for all else Practice like Shinpachi: Shinpachi practices his sword art (sometimes. He’s still a weak fighter) and I need to practice on some artsy stuff! Identify five items to improve upon when it comes to art. Practice (sketch, full painting, etc) on those items! Details: There are a few things I noticed in my art that need some work. HANDS! I HATE HANDS! I HATE EM! But I need to work on them Poses! Sometime I use the same boring static poses. I want to work on dynamism in my characters. Perspective. Ugh…this sucks. I need to work on this though. Along with adding dynamism in poses, I need to practice some perspective in backgrounds and sizes, and etc. Varying character designs. I have a lot of SAME face going on in my work. Need to work on this. Speed. I’m slow. I simply take too long with some of my pieces. I need to speed up on my work. So this would be a good time to do some 15 to 30 minute prompt work.Contingencies: Well this time I’ll be practicing on some of my weaknesses, so I’ll be doing more sketching work than actual painting which should take up less time. This will be more than just weekly practice depending on the topic of the week. Hopefully nothing blocks me or brings me down so I can keep at it. Tracking: I have an art Tumblr and I also have a DeviantArt (WATCH ME FOR ACCOUNTABILITY). I'll use those for tracking and on a weekly basis...like a weekly update or something, I'll post art on this thread. Though for this challenge, considering it’s sketch work, maybe more often than weekly. Grading: A for 5 items practiced, denoted by at least 1 sketch piece per item ( 2 Wis, 1 Cha ) B for 4 items practiced, denoted by at least 1 sketch piece per item ( 2 Wis ) C for 3 items practiced, denoted by at least 1 sketch piece per item ( 1 Wis ) F for all else Here are my beginning measurements for this challenge! This may change by June 8th, but hey, that might a mean a bigger loss in some inches or partial inches! I’m down for that! Starting Measurements: Date: 05/23/2015 @ 11am Weight: 130.6 ***Body Fat***: 24.91 Waist: 23.5 Waist @ Navel: 24 Hips: 35.5 Neck: 12 Chest: 33 Left Bicep: 10 Right Thigh: 16.5 Wrist: 6 Forearm: 9 This is a jam packed challenge! I’m back to five side quests! The art challenge is a little lighter this time around, which is good, cause once again that was one of the tougher quests! However despite how ‘easy’ the art quest seems, I make up for it in that food quest…UGH!! I must fight back everyday against my urges to binge on sugar and decrease the cheat days. That will be quite hard considering several factors (Top Taco Denver, MIL’s birthday along that same week), but as long I can be mindful of my eating, I should be fine). I’m a little bit scared though. Just a tad. … WISH ME LUCK!!!!
  2. Into every generation a slayer is born: one girl in all the world, a chosen one. She alone will wield the strength and skill to fight the vampires, demons, and the forces of darkness; to stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their number. She is the Slayer. I am starting this battle log after reading an article that is really hitting home for me right now. It’s called The After Myth and as I approach my goal weight, I now fully understand… there is no after. There is… No after. None. At 146 pounds I am still unhappy with my body most days. I don’t like what I see. The days I do like myself are starting to grow, which is good… but I had this idea in my head 30 pounds ago that a number would spontaneously make me start loving myself again. Nope. There is still so much more to work on. A number is just a thing. It isn’t value or self-acceptance. It isn’t going to get me a job or make me win or lose friends. It isn’t going to tell anyone any more about me than a fleeting glance would. What I need to work on now is ME. I am cookie dough, hear me roar. With the tools I have gained in the last year, it’s time to work on becoming cookies.
  3. There is a ladies' kickboxing class near me at a smaller gym and I am thinking about giving it a try. What should a newbie kickboxer look for in a class? Do newbies spar right off the bat? I could use some advice on how to evaluate the class. Thanks.
  4. WHAT IS UP YOU PIGS IN HUMAN CLOTH- I mean MY NERD FITNESS PEEPS!!! GUESS WHO'S BACK!!! ALREADY!!! Man! Already new challenge forums?! You guys don't mess around! But enough bitching and SHIT! let's get this party started! As some of you may know, I'm BlackTezca, a generally loud, gif addicted, game addicted, movie addicted, etc-addicted big old NERD, who decided to join up here and revamp my health a bit with the help of YOU GUYS!! Just in case you forgot (like I'll let you), you'll also remember me from such topics like From Lurker to (Newb) Rebel!, BlackTezca's Daily Battle Towards Feline Greatness, and my latest hit BlackTezcas' 2nd Trial: An Artsy, Geeky Amazon Must be Strong and with no Back Pain! All of these topics are to lead to one thing...my one main quest... My Main Quest is to be as POWERFUL and BATTLE READY as Wonder Woman (Wonder Woman is here to stay...) Despite some burnout on my last challenge, and a ski trip that I was not super careful with my vegetables on, I managed to push through and Ace it! I will admit, I am a little lost in this challenge...because..uhmm...I haven't put much thought into my quests... But have no fear! I understand that while challenges are meant to push us, they are also meant to be modified and evolve as life changes! So I do have some side quests planned out, especially one that is meant to finally, finally push me to find a Martial Art studio to sign up and participate! So expect some edits as I figure things out, but without further ado...HERE ARE MY QUESTS!!! Side Quest 1:Once a week, do a SUPER EPIC WORKOUT! Details: FitnessBlender has what they call '1000 Calorie workouts'. They don't burn 1000 calories for me generally, so I call them EPIC workouts since they contain at least 25 minutes of cardio (mostly HIIT and something else fast paced), a shorter ab/core component, and strength training and conditioning as well. The shortest one (the one I linked) is 64 minutes...the rest go more than 80 minutes. Well chumps...I'm gonna kick this quest in the ass!!! Contingencies: There shouldn't be any contingencies! I should be able to fit in this workout, especially over the weekend. Tracking: I'll be tracking using MyFitnessPal ( username BlackTezca ) and this lovely thread will be updated. Grading: A for 5 to 6 SUPER EPIC WORKOUTS ( 3 Str 2 Sta ) B for 3 to 4 SUPER EPIC WORKOUTS ( 2 Str 1 Sta ) C for 2 SUPER EPIC WORKOUTS ( 2 Str ) F for all else Side Quest 2: Try out a martial art once a week until one is found by the end of this challenge. If one is found before the end of the challenge, do this martial art class at least once a week. Details: Well...I'm kinda in the monks...and I've been eyeing that Krav Maga gym for a little while now. So I'm gonna check it out and hope it's reasonable in price as well as fun and practical to learn! If not, then I'll keep looking and I'll use this challenge to do so! Contingencies: $$$ is the only contingency my friends. I gave myself a B for the grade if I don't find a class by the end of this challenge, because I'm not gonna ding myself much over monetary concerns with several other things coming up during the summer. So hopefully I find something reasonable! Tracking: I'll be tracking the workout from the class using MyFitnessPal ( username BlackTezca ) and this lovely thread will be updating this thread with the classes I tried. Grading: A for 6 classes attended/tried, Martial Art chosen ( 3 Dex 1 Wis) B for 5 classes tried/ No Martial Art chosen ( 2 Dex 1 Wis) C for 4 classes tried No Martial Art chosen ( 2 Dex ) F for all else Life Quest: (Thank you StillSkies)- Once a week, post a photo or link to at least item to add to a spring/summer wardrobe. Details: I need some cuter clothes that fit me for spring. I have plenty of winter stuff and flannel and all, but nothing cute and adorable for spring. This will force me to get some ideas. Note that I will count shopping trips for this (including if I find something at the Spring Flea event coming up next week) so yay! Contingencies: Other than money, nothing really. This should be easy and I'm pretty thrifty with clothes. Tracking: This thread only. I have a pinterest account, but I only use it really to browse. Grading: A for 5 to 6 shopping weeks of cuteness ( 2 Cha 1 Wis) B for 3 to 4 shopping weeks of cuteness ( 2 Cha ) C for 1 to 2 shopping weeks of cuteness ( 1 Cha ) F for all else Art Quest: REQUEST TIME!!! Have five requests from NerdFitness friends and draw (sketch, full painting, etc) that request! Details: I decided to take requests for this challenge! For those of you who have watched my threads as well as the accountability thread, you have some idea of my preferred subjects and capability. So send me a request (if I have questions I will PM you)! The first five (well four, starsapart requested something from me before ) who post their request in this very thread will have an art done for them, in that order! Fang and Vanille for starsapart Sailor Mars being badass (either Senshi or Miko) for shaarawy Guyver 3 for Strickland5 Anna from Frozen for stillskies Grey Jedi for KishiSo send some of those requests in people!! Contingencies: Hopefully I won't be burnt out. I'm only doing four quests this time, and no life quest, because the last time I had five with the art quest, I got really stressed out trying to finish art and keep track of things. My hope is that my making a smaller challenge this time, I can avoid burn out. If not, then I apologize for the art I make for you all being terrible Tracking: I have an art Tumblr and I also have a DeviantArt (WATCH ME FOR ACCOUNTABILITY). I'll use those for tracking and on a weekly basis...like a weekly update or something, I'll post art on this thread. Grading: A for 5 requests drawn ( 2 Wis + 1 Cha ) B for 4 requests drawn ( 2 Wis ) C for 3 requests drawn ( 1 Wis ) F for all else All right so since this was JUST posted after I finished my last challenge, I'm just gonna copy and past my starting measurements from yesterday's post: Starting Measurements: Date: 04/02/2015 @ 9am Weight: 133.6 ***Body Fat***: 25.1 Waist: 23.5 Waist @ Navel: 25.5 Hips: 35.5 Neck: 12 Chest: 33 Left Bicep: 10.5 Right Thigh: 16.5 Wrist: 6 Forearm: 9 Yup, I'm ahead a game with this . All right so other than the third side quest I'm thinking about, this is turning out to be a decent challenge! Not to much with tracking things everyday (though I probably will to keep ya'll up to dates on workouts and good stuff), but still, I'm hoping that this will be a bit less stressful than last one and hopefully fruitful with the martial arts as well! We'll see . I'm optimistic. Let's do this rebels! Let's make sure to DON'T LOSE OUR WAY!!!!!!!
  5. Hi fellows! One hour ago I got kicked out of my study path. I had repeated one year of my own volition and now I didn't pass one subject so they had to kick me out. The examiners were really nice. They said they couldn't understand that, because my grades look good and promising and they are very sorry to tell me that it was just not enough. I struggled with my life since the moment university started, what can be also seen on all the challenges I messed up in here. The topics were awesome, I loved to learn about it, but there were too many things going wrong unfortunately. Now I am trying to find a job as project manager in the automation industry because I am 100% sure this is what I am made for. The question is, if there are companies which take someone who failed. I hope there's a good reason that this happened and I am ready to push my life forward, ready for being more awesome than I have ever been before. Going with you Monks this time, because I finally want to start kickboxing and get powerful. As in the previous challenges, I stick to my role as a shield maiden. I cannot afford the kickboxing course yet and I hope that I am not running out of money until I found a new job. Money problems made our life difficult since always, luckily I got a side job at least. I want to continue studying besides due to entering a study path in the third semester in October. Gotta find out if that is possible. Challenge Part 1) Go for a 5 km walk 6 days a week. I had got used to it once, then it wasn't part of the next challenge anymore and the habit faded. Challenge Part 2) Do this training 3 times a week. I've tried that some time ago and I loved it, high time to do this again! Challenge Part 3) Have one real meal a day. This is a huge problem for me. I am miserable at cooking and hardly ever now what to cook. I'd welcome any suggestions! Life Challenge: from Monday to Friday 1 hour studying project management books1 hour preparing for job interviewswrite 5 applications 1 hour repeating useful subjects from university Time to start living
  6. Goals: 1) Stay healthy 2) Play more music 3) get fitter/faster/stronger So, goal 1 = food and handwashing. I've had this one for a few challenges - but I'm keeping it, cause if I eat any gluten, then that is pretty much me gone for 6 weeks. No gluten containing food, read labels, don't take food risks. Wash my hands whenever I'm in doubt about what I've recently touched. All of this is starting to feel more like routine behaviour, but I want to consolidate it. To make this more fun I'm also going to try new recipes - not as fixed this time as a compulsory recipe a week, but I still have a huge list of recipes I want to try pinned to the side of the fridge. Yum! Goal 2: Play more music. Yep, do what it says on the tin. My double bass playing lapsed in December - I'd been practising towards some gigs, and after the gigs I stopped. My bad. So, get going again. My sticker reward calendar system is on the go again. Everytime I practise = a sticker on the calendar = happiness. Play at least 5/7 days. That way, one day off is not a failure, simply a rest day. Again, build this back into a routine. Especially because it makes me feel like me. Goal 3: Exercise...... This is where my goals are a bit muddy. I've signed up for edinburgh 1/2 marathon in late may (sodding peer pressure). So, its time to build a running base - this is going to be a mixture of outdoors and treadmill. My current thinking is: saturday = 5k parkrun, sunday = long run, wed and friday treadmill work, one day intervals or hill intervals and the other a steady run. Looking at this, I don't like having runs friday, sat, sun, but my running workouts are slotted in around martial arts training and bass practise (tues and thurs are evening martial arts classes, so my only double bass playing is before work). I'll have to see how this goes. I'm currently planning monday as my rest day (day after long run and rehearsal in the evening). I also want to do some bodyweight strength work - based around the academy BW workouts, somewhere level 3/4 ish. This is looking like only being 2x a week (wed and friday) but maybe also on saturday after parkrun. But I'm here not because of running or strength training, I'm here because my favourite exercise sessions are all martial arts training! I have classes to go to: sunday night, tuesday and thursday. So yep, I'll go to them. But...... ideally I want to do at home work to build on my technique..... especially as I might be doing my 3rd Dan kickboxing (our club fits under a sports karate banner) grading later this year. Soooooo, make it to training and somehow, at currently unscheduled times of the week fit in 2 or more at home training sessions. Ahhhhh rubbish, this doesn't look like building a routine, it looks like Lou does all of the things............. But I like doing all of the things......... and I've not even mentioned lunchtime yoga! That doesn't need to be a goal cause I love it very much indeed.
  7. I spent the last day of vacation watching Spamalot on youtube. Main goal for 2015 is weight loss. Plain and simple. Goal 1: Boxing: 3 days per week. Boxing or kickboxing. Try to hit classes with different trainers since they each bring something different. Focus on form and improving shoulder mobility. 3x = A, 2x = B, 1x = C, 0 = F Goal 2: Food: Finally got the info! I don't think she realizes it but it is straight up Zone diet using the ubiquitous CrossFit Journal Issue #21 block charts. I still need to muddle through how I'm going to grade this but a big thing is going to be sending my food journal to Raini every week. Goal 3: Life goal: I want to work on journaling. I want to write something down every day. It may be as simple as a work journal entry or it may be a long rambly feeling my feelings journal entry. Work journal really should happen every day I work. 5/7 = A, 4/7 = B, 3/7 = C, less than 3 = F. I'm going to put in my starting measurements for the challenge at the gym. Weight 307 lbs (YIKES!!) Waist 51 inches Bicep 19 inches Thigh 29.75 inches Body fat 46.4% by the little handheld device. The challenge at the gym runs for 3 months. My non-goal is to be down to 42% BF while maintaining or gaining muscle. That would be around 20 pounds of fat loss. When I was 30 I shed 4.5 pounds a week for 6 months on a super restrictive diet and lots of exercise. Somehow I doubt if I can maintain that at 40.
  8. Hi fellow rebels Sorry for the absence but I had some issues lately Tons of work, kids you know.... but I managed to keep on training kickboxing till Dec 23th. Then the Piriformis syndrome got me. Long story short... it's a pain in the ass. Probavly , in the search of the perfect head kick, I over stretched the Piriformis muscle and now I had trouble even laying in bed. Today I'm gonna check the doctor and will see if I can handle with some medications or stop training for a longer period. On the 27th of Jan I also have a minor surgery that will prevent me form any training for a 2 to 3 weeks time frame. Not the best time to take a fitness challenge? I don't think so... So I'll focus on wis and int for this challenge: Reading I have a ton of books to read. Breaking Bad had sucked up all my free free time in the past few weeks and now that I have seen it all I can go back to some good book. the goal is 4 books in the 6 weeks: a technical book ( work stuff) a martial artsr elated book ( probably A warrior Mind that is laying in my kindle since ages) a fantasy book ( Night of the hunter ) wis +2 int +1 Writing I have a lot of draft in my blog that needs to be published. The bare minimum is 3 every 2 weeks. Let's see what happen Int +2 Meditating Along with a routine that would help my piriformis to recover I wanna wake up early to meditate for 10 minutes 6 days a week Wis +2 Eating After a huge feasting during holidays me and my wife are going to embrace a (paleo) zone diet. I do not have to loose any significant weight . I choose zone diet just for balance with macro nutrients and an easy way to check I'm eating enough Con +2 Training I'll find a routine that do not stress the lower part of my body. Suggestions are welcome. Str +2 Cross your fingers fellow rebels!
  9. Hola! Former Lurker, now official noobie rebel here! It's been pretty interesting and exciting to read up on the challenges and the fitness tips here that I finally decided to take the plunge and come out of the shadows! I'm Puerto Rican, but raised a military brat, so I can't say I was raised on the island. I'm used to moving around a bit during my childhood, teenagehood,, and beginning of adulthood, before settling down in beautiful, high altitude, low oxygen, Colorado. I'm pretty short with a quick temper (prone to rages at things I read on tumblr), and while I never been heavy, I'm definitely not thin either, so I (and my husband...and my friends...and ALL my family members) consider me a dwarf. I'm a geek by interests and a geek by profession (programming FTW). I love anime, cinema (especially the superhero genre or animated films), and while I'm not a hardcore gamer, I love RPGs (Dragon Age, MMORPGs like SWTOR), action adventure games (Diablo franchise) and playing god (Sims). I'm also very curious and I like to learn about...random topics; if I hear a term or concept that is interesting, I end up reading as much as I can about it on the net (Like Warhammer 40k. No idea what it was until the hubs mentioned it, spent hours reading about). So that's all cool and all, but I haven't gotten into why I am here. I'm here cause while I've never been large, just average, I never been really fit, or seem strong. I weigh more than I am comfortable, I carry more fat than I'd like, and if I don't watch my diet, I can end up diabetic (though my nuclear family is fit, the older generation are not and it's in the genes). Sure it's not a big deal, I guess, but I want to feel strong physically and mentally. I want to feel like I can protect myself and the people I care about, and I don't really feel like that (Jesus I sound like a shounen protagonist). Towards the end of the summer I decided to work out regularly, doing a variety of HIIT, bodyweight strength training, some yoga for flexibility and to help with back pain (being a programmer does that to ya...), and finding kickboxing workouts to de-stress. Most of these work outs I do at home and have progressed from doing 30 minutes to 45 - 55 minute work outs 5 to 6 days a week. Since I get sluggish after work, I've taken to waking up early on weekdays to make time for my workouts. I've always been drawn to kickboxing and martial arts because of the stress/rage relief it provides, and from watching boxing growing up. I like punching, kicking, etc, and what I would like to do, hopefully this coming year, is find a gym to train (my face is too pretty for sparring , but I love the moves and the increase in coordination). Working out has been easy for me to pick up (it's always easy for me to go back to working out, even though I'm a code monkey), but the biggest change I'm doing, the hardest change, is my diet. I thought I could just eat less, but still what I'm used to eating (chocolate, sugar, processed bread, lattes, cocktails, fried things, the usual). However, that didn't help me LOOK fitter. I thought I could out-fight or out-HIIT the food I ate. Nope. When Nerdfitness finally spelled out what I've been so desperate to ignore, that you CAN'T out-run your food, it sunk in. Not only that, but the kind of calories I put in really did matter. So...*deep breath* I'm cleaning out my diet, cutting the carbs (especially processed ones), no more diet ginger-ale, and the hardest one, my weakness...cutting out as much sweets can I can. Ain't gonna lie, it's tough but has to be done. My goal is to, like I said, feel strong, and eating those kinds of food won't give me power or make me fit. I added a progress bar, aiming less for the numbers on the scale, and more for how much muscle I have over my body fat. I'm pretty damn late for the challenge, but I have plans for the next one coming up and I will be ready. Due to the kind of training that helps me relax the most and is the most fun, I consider myself a monk, though I wouldn't mind getting in some muscle building either . If I be more like Chun Li, or Lucia Rijker: I'll be pretty darn happy. I mean I have the hair at least. Oof that was long. Excited to be here and to work with yas. Peace!
  10. Hello, Monks. This long time Ranger is reassessing and taking on more of a martial arts goal set, so I come to you as a first timer. Pretty nifty, right? I think so. Main Goal: Complete Les Mills COMBAT and take the steps toward joining my husband at his MMA gym. MOTIVATION: Tell me more good stuff about me! Realizing that one bad day isn’t going to suddenly destroy all my progress, or that one unmotivated workout is still better than not working out at all will be key. I need to take that negative ‘you can’t do this’ mentality and kick it out of my life. Fitness and health is very much a mental game as well as a physical. I am human. I have only one life. I need to make the most of it while I am here to enjoy it. He'll join us after he wins the duel. Goal Three: Les Mills COMBAT 5 days a week. The primary reason I’ve switched to a monk class this challenge is because of COMBAT. I am loving the stress relief, the discipline in the mind and body… I am suddenly not nearly as afraid of going to Warrior’s Cove with my husband. I want to. I want to work the bags and get in there. My confidence will only grow if I keep up with the in home workouts so I don’t feel so lost in class. Plus… this program is makin’ my body look like and shiny. Who doesn’t love great legs, killer shoulders, and the start of abs? (1 point for each workout, 30 points possible) …And there's some kind of hot cheese over there. Goal One: Stay within caloric goals for 6 out of 7 days a week. This has been tough for me lately. We’ve been a bit indulgent, but the 3-Day Refresh helped me figure out meal spacing and sizing in a way I think I can maintain without feeling deprived. This challenge will test that. (1 point for each successful day, 36 points possible) Yes, sir, Cap'n Tight-Pants. Goal Two: PiYo Once a Week. Let’s unwind so those pants ain’t so tight. PiYo is a yoga, Pilates, strength, stretching hybrid type program. I love yoga and need it quite a bit to keep my muscles from being to wonky after all that punching and kicking. If I can’t get I a PiYo, I’ll accept attending my friend’s yoga class! (1 point for each workout, 6 points possible) Don't ride in anything with a Capissen 38 engine. They fall right out of the sky. Life Quest: Finish the "Craft Room" The craft room has been the bane of my existence, like I am certain the Capissen 38 is for any ship mechanic. It's just a junk room. My life quest will be to work on cleaning this room to convert it to a craft room/workout room as I had originally planned to do... when we moved in two years ago Personal Assessment Scoring Weekly Grading: 11-12 A 10 B 9 C 8 D 0-7 F Week One: 11 points (A) Week Two: 11 points (A) Overall Challenge Grade: 62-69 A 55-61 B 48-60 C 41-47 D 0-40 F
  11. Eeeeeekkkkk! New challenge, already one day over and I didn't notice - soooo..... COMPLETE PANIC! Stress stations! Total disorganisation..... But I'm due a challenge - there is gonna be some food stuff in here, there's going to be some flexibility stuff in here, some punching and kicking practise, and I need to learn my techniques for my next jujitsu grading. Hmmmmm, that looks like i'm doing all of the stuff. First week of challenge now = make realistic goals for the other 5 weeks. Get to the gym 3 x (running, BWBL3 workouts), yoga 2x, jujitsu 1x and kickboxing 1x. Must away to sleep so that I get up in time tomorrow morning.
  12. Hi folks I'm not gone.. I was just on holiday.. and missed the previous challenge. Although my trip to Corsica wasn't "rest" ( kids, lot of driving to explore nice beaches) I'm ready for the next chapter. In this "Firefly" themed challenge I have a serious goal: (this is my serious face) to stay fit while the gym is closed ( in August) and ready to start in September. I rent an apartment on nearby mountains for the whole month of August. Kids, parents and parents in law... There is a nice trail in the back that brings you to the top of a cliff: a nice hiking morning session opportunity! Fitness: Train 6 days a week: I have 3 more kickboxing sessions in the gym. I plan to run , skipping ropes, hiking every day and / or do my bodyweight routine.Life: Reading: I want to read as much as possible. I have a couple of fantasy books, a programming manual and other Martial arts related books to read on my kindle that have been waiting for agesMeditation: "Play it one more time, Sam" MVP: I'm working on a app and I would like to participate in a founding challenge in September. I need to build a MVP ( minimum viable product) and fill the paperwork. This is huge.Bonus: Watch the Firefly episodes I missed and then Serenity the movieComplete the Standford course on "Natural Language Processing" on Coursera.3 days of hiking with my wife: we plan to make a tour sleeping in mountain shelters Goals: Run sub 4 min/km2 minutes of high speed kickboxing combos 20 min of skipping ropes Let's the fun begin!
  13. I’m currently in the middle of Les Mills COMBAT as a sort of overview before joining a local MMA guy with my hubby. Taekwondo, Capoera, Jujitsu, boxing… lots of different things. My biggest points of weakness are uppercuts (particularly continuous ones), and roundhouse kicks. I just… can’t figure out how my body is supposed to feel while doing them. Form is SUPER important to me, so I just always want to make sure I’m capturing the move the way it should be done to prevent injury and get the most benefit from it. Anyone with any personal pointers they’d care to share?
  14. Hey guys! Since we have all been reading Steve's posts, no point in harping on about it I'm really glad to have had all your one-sided support for several months now, and want to have a more active role moving forward. Basically I've been running on <bodyweight training + minor lifting> and <legumes + dairy + fish + chicken + eggs diet> so far. Having just bought a straight bar and a few weight plates, I've started lifting 100+ pounds recently. My goal is to lose the last 5-6 pounds of body-fat while rounding up lean mass all over, gaining strength and power. I'm thinking of following a 1-2 meals per day diet with fasted workouts for max lean gains and max fat loss. Routines = HIIT + Kickboxing + Sprints + Bodyweight. Exercises = Deadlift + Squats + Inclined Press + Bent-Over Rows + Handing Leg Raises and Swings + Pull Ups + Push Ups In my experience, simple is good BUT too simple = boring. Please offer me any advice you can think of
  15. Kinda like... AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR! Or not. Here’s what’s up: I’m going to partake in the Gladiator Rock’n’Run on September 6th, 2014. I’ve gone back and forth on my commitment to this ever since I first discovered its existence a couple months ago, only to realize that I was going back and forth because I am scared. Scared that I will not do well, or that I’ll embarrass myself. Mostly scared that I’ll be competing alone though. (Anybody accessible to the Detroit area feel free to join ) Anyway, the time for scared is not today. My interest in an event like this has never wavered, only my commitment. Its time to straighten that out. Besides, what better way to get my friends and/or family to join me than by proving I am serious and just doing one?! So, I’m just gonna lay my plan out on the line, and begin rambling my explanations afterward. Goal 1: Feed the beast Calories = 1600/day [sTA 2]Protein = aim for 125g/day (I'm really aiming for 150g but 125g is acceptable) [sTA 1 CON 1]Carbs = try for less than 130g/dayGrading for each of these is going to be simply one point for each day/42 days total. Aim for lots of days. Goal 2: Sculpt the beast I have an aggressive workout plan. Here 'tis: Weekly Schedule:MONDAY – Strength workout followed by hill sprintsTUESDAY – Kickboxing sessionWEDNESDAY – Yoga with core and balance focus (like a rest day)THURSDAY – Strength workout followed by hill sprintsFRIDAY – Long runSATURDAY – Strength workout with core focusSUNDAY – Kickboxing sessionGrading is out of 42 days, point for each day I complete the scheduled workout. Aim for lots of days.Stretching and/or mobility work after each workout will get me... [DEX 1]Making gains of some sort during each strength workout will get me... [sTR 3]Progress with hill sprints will get me... [sTA 2] and increasing my long run each week will get me... [sTA 1] ... because endurance = winningEpic kickboxing sessions that include lots of technique and form practice will get me... [DEX 2]... because I hang out with the monks so I should be more monk-y Goal 3: Rest the beast Aim for 11pm bedtime – because sleep is nice. Most days 10:30pm works well for me, but too often lately I ignore the clock for no reason, which never results in a morning workout. Grading is out of 42 days, point for each day. Aim for lots of days. [CON 1] Goal 4 [Life Goal]: Entertain the beast Read all the things – this is meant to be a fun goal. I love to read. <<gross understatement. I will allow myself time to read anything and everything I want, as long as I complete my daily challenge requirements, including workout, meal prep, etc. I have fun reading to do, and also work reading to do, and I’m not going to specify how much of each to do. I’m hoping that by giving myself permission to read whatever I want whenever I want, I’ll not feel that feeling of being on a “diet†and only getting to read work stuff. There is no grading. It’s just for funsies. [WIS 1] Rambling Explanations: (because I said I would) Yes, my challenge is challenging. Here are some thoughts on that: ​I did a lot of reading (let's call it research) to prep for this challenge. I read blogs, books and articles to gather different perspectives on training, diet, motivation, etc. I always feel like I can't make up my mind on what I want to focus on for each challenge, which results in me hastily choosing a path, only to see a shiny new path appear before I've reached the end. As a result, I feel very confident with the path I've chosen this time, because I have a reason, a why, for doing each each thing.​One of the themes I've caught from some of my recent reading has been that people always want a quick fix, the best results with the least amount of effort. And while I realize that there is another end to that spectrum, of people going too hard too fast and burning out, I feel that personally, I ride to close to the "make it easy for me" line. I always have this goal and want to see that progress and want to accomplish these things, but I don't want it to be too hard. I seem to subconsciously subscribe to the view that there has got to be an easy way to do this, I just haven't figured it out yet. It's time to push myself outside of my comfort zone. It's squishy here, and I will remain squishy if I let myself remain inside my squishy comfort zone.​How will I find time for these workouts, and not burnout, if I do in fact manage to complete them all? Well, the subject of each workout is explained like so:​Strength workout follow by hill sprints = mainly the Beginner Bodyweight Workout, with slight modifications. But this will also include a specific focus on certain areas I feel will particularly help on the obstacle course. Hill sprints, because I've read numerous times that people wish they had done these before an obstacle course. So I shall. Kickboxing session = a nice long sweaty punchy/kicky fest, but also technique practice. I'll be viewing this more as a dojo visit, because I can't actually go to a dojo. I do apologize if I put off any of you Monks with formal training, but I simply cannot afford that right now, and I'd like to still do the best I can with what I've got, and improve my form and stuffs. Yoga with core and balance focus (like a rest day) = whatever I feel like my body needs, be it stretching/flexibility stuff. A take it easy kind of workout. Long run = self explanatory. Don't be mad when my long runs aren't very long. The race distance is 6k so that's what I'm working towards.Strength workout with core focus = insert core exercises in place of hill sprints. Not sure which will suck more the next day. I'll keep you posted. So stay tuned, but beware. There will be much complaining, so much soreness, very loud music, cold showers, and burpee hate. Maybe some food porn? Yes, I am a little bit crazy. To prove it, I will owe myself 20 burpees for each day I skip a workout. Shout out to the 13th letter.
  16. Hello rebeles! I'm checking in late but I ALREADY started the challenge! I'm going to make a challenge similar to my previous one: Kickboxing Body weight training ( the workout from startbodyweight.com) Running: 3 thimes a week with a slight variation: no Tuesday I'll do hill sprints instead of track running round and round. I started doing it past Tuesday and my legs still hurts! But what a view! My fitness goals are: Been consistent with this training program Been consistent with previous goals ( drinking 1lt off meals and eating 2500 healthy cal a day). I'm gonna go scientific on this one this time! I'm also going to cut sugars and eat more fruits To this I want to add a couple for Life goals: Meditation: I 'll try until succeed Been consistent in blogging: I had a huge feedback last month: it will be hard to produce quality content. Booking holidays: Do you believe that booking holidays is one of the most stressful activities of the year? And the grand final: Make a decent performance at the Interclub contest May 18th. I'm already nervous. The challenge here is to keep the nerves down. I'm in good shape. I train consistently. I'm not going to put any result on the challenge: it would be stupid. Last time my weight category has been suppressed And I found myself with dude 10 / 15 lbs heavier than me and 15 yrs younger and even more experienced! But I'm going to do everything I could to make my gym mates proud.
  17. When I grow up I want to be a monk - gotta kick butt at this challenge first. Back story = 43 year old female, day job = science, play job = music (double bass), already love martial arts - I'm a 2nd Dan black belt in kickboxing/sport karate, and an orange belt in jujitsu, but my training is slightly more sporadic than I like and I have a life goal which is a bigee for me for this challenge. I've been hiding out in the nerdfitness academy for a while, and it now feels like time for a challenge. Big goal = get fighting fit What is fighting fit? 1) healthy I have coeliac disease (yippee!) so I have to completely avoid all gluten, this means a lot of food preparation and a lot of care when I eat food that I haven't prepared, and when I get it wrong I'm ill for about a fortnight, then ropey for longer, so I absolutely must avoid all of the gluten. And when I've made bad poor choices then the range of food that i can stomach drastically reduces. I want to feel that cooking healthy food is a tasty and delicious choice, and to help it feel like fun I have a food goal of trying one new recipe a week. Two grades for this as staying healthy is a huge goal at the moment: Gluten - complete avoidence = A, any consumption = Fail 6 new recipes = A, 5=B, 4=C ,<4=Fail 2) Fit Trained in martial arts i Kickboxing class is on a sunday ii Jujitsu classes are tuesday and thursday (hopefully there will be a grading in the next 6 weeks - if there is then my jujitsu goal is to pass my grading from orange to green belt) I will get to these classes and ideally have one or two consolidation sessions each week at home. Plus, I will cross train to improve my fitness, my flexibiltiy and my strength The cross training is: i yoga twice a week ii Body weight training three times a week (currently in a slightly modified level 2 of the Academy BW, in the 6 weeks, get to level 4) iii Running for CV fitness (treadmill running on the same days as the BW training, and a longer outdoor run in the weekend) Complicating getting fighting fit is that in the last 5 weeks I ended up eating gluten twice (oh the joys of cross contamination and bad food labelling) - so I'm feeling convalescent. I'll have to build up to a full load of exercise gently. Sliding scale for exercise (reflecting recovery from convalescence) week1) 40% of goal exercise = A week 2) 50 of goal exercise = A week 3) 2/3 of goal exercise = A weeks 4,5,6) I get a C grade for doing 1/2 of the exercise listed here, a B for 2/3 and an A for anything over 3/4. 3) Life goals Yep, that is plural, I'm aiming for two - the first I've been good at since november, the second I've been avoiding for years...... 1) Play that bass - can't have the play job without practise. Specifics = practise for more than 30 minutes, it can be jazz, it can be classical, it can be extended technique, it just has to happen. Fail = playing less than 50% of the days, C= 50% of days, B = 2/3, A > 3/4, amazing = every day. 2) Write that paper..... Evil paper for naisty ex-boss. The work almost broke me, then last time I worked on the paper coincided with a bad break up which involved emergency services (such a soap opera!), so I have a few issues with managing to finish this work. But I have to do it. So, I promise as part of my challenge to work on the paper three times a week (usually wednesday, saturday and sunday), each of these sessions has to be a minimum of an hours work. An A grade = getting a draft of the paper to naisty ex-boss. A B-grade = working on it three times a week and getting it close to passing on to n-e-b. A C-grade = managing most of the working on it sessions. I want to set up a couple of get out of jail free cards: 1)If I get a gig this takes over from all other goals - including training the morning after - so if I have a rehearsal, then next morning is a rest morning, and I get a pass slip wrt missing evening training, but not paper writing - the paper writing then needs to transfer to another day. 2) Gluten - worst case scenario is that I eat gluten during the challenge....... if this happens I'll have to do a complete re-boot. Usually the best I can do is no exercise in week 1, 3 very easy sessions (a 10 min out door walk, or 30 min v light yoga) in week 2 and then increase from there - so if I gluten, then I can still get a c- to c grade for the challenge if i get back into some exercise from 7 days after gluten. Wowser, I am going to need a complicated reward chart for this lot. But I already do most of it when I'm healthy - just not the paper writing in the evenings........... Any account-a-buddies out there for paper writing?
  18. Hi rebels. Been a tall and ( still) skinny guy my favourite weapon has always been kicks. I had one of my sparring session filmed few months ago. My friend with the camera kept on screaming " high kicks, Sam! Kick him high! You so tall! " ( clean version of the actual comments :-) ) So I decide to focus on flexibility and legs training. I have this crazy schedule for this quest. Monday: Flexibility training (HFS)Tuesday:Morining Bare Foot Running (BFR) and HFSEvening: Body Weight Brigade (BWB)Wednesday:Morning HFSEvening: KickboxingThursday : HFS and BWBFriday:Morning: BFREvening: KickboxingSaturday: HFS OR KickboxingSunday:Morning: BFREvening HFS BWBYeah it's a bit busy schedule. But I want to aim high ( my every means). I bought this "Hips flexibility system" since it was at a discounted price, it is designed for martial arts and Kishi already tried it with good resoults. It's a 10 weeks program so It will be part of my next challenge too. I'm starting with a bit of handicap: my pinkie is not 100%: I fear I had dislocated and occasionally hurts like hell. I had to heve it chacked but life is so crazy I hadn't the time. I have torn my right arm deltoid: nothing serius. It just stings a bit but since I will focus on legs it should be no problem. Last I have been sick yesterday. I crawl form the sofa to the bed with stomach upside down all day. Now I'm fine but not 100%. My fitness goals are: Been consistent with this training programBeen consistent with previous goals ( drinking 1lt off meals and eating 2500 healthy cal a day)Perform 4 high kicks (1,85 mt / 5,6 ft) in sequence and good formPerform 5 pull ups in a row with good formTo this I want to add a couple for Life goals: Meditation: I failed on this in my previous challenge but I'm gonna try harder this timeBeen consistent in blogging and ask for some designer tips to some friends ( your suggestions are really welcome). Buy the first class domain.Do something awesome for my family once a week: they deserve it.Sell stuff I do not need and engulf my garage. This include cradle, scooter, old bike. The only thing I can't really let go is my air-soft sniper kit. It's so bad ass and I will get very little money :-( I will add points per goal later. Good luck monks and rebels!
  19. When I grow up I want to be a monk - gotta kick butt at this challenge first. Big goal = get fighting fit What is fighting fit? 1) healthy I have coeliac disease (yippee!) so I have to completely avoid all gluten, this means a lot of food preparation and a lot of care when I eat food that I haven't prepared, and when I get it wrong (crosscontamination eating out - grrrrr), I'm ill for about a fortnight, then ropey for longer, so I absolutely must avoid all of the gluten. To help me do this I have a food goal of trying one new recipe a week. 2) Fit I will get do cross training to improve my fitness and my flexibiltiy and my strength The cross training is: i yoga twice a week ii Body weight training three times a week (currently in a slightly modified level 2 of the Academy BW, in the 6 weeks, get to level 4) iii Running for CV fitness (treadmill running on the same days as the BW training, and a longer outdoor run in the weekend) 3) Trained in martial arts i Kickboxing class is on a sunday (I'm a 2nd Dan in kickboxing/sport karate) ii Jujitsu classes are tuesday and thursday (hopefully there will be a grading in the next 6 weeks - if there is then my jujitsu goal is to pass my grading from orange to green belt) I will get to these classes and ideally have one or two consolidation sessions each week at home. Complicating getting fighting fit is that 3 weeks ago I ate out, and there was some gluten somewhere in the food (they sounded so much like they knew what they were doing) - so I'm still recovering from the gluten. I'm back to yoga, kickboxing and jujitsu, but my gym workouts and running haven't happened for three weeks - I'll have to build these back in a little gently. I get a C grade for doing 1/2 of the exercise listed here, a B for 2/3 and an A for anything over 3/4. Life goals Yep, that is plural, i'm sneaking a second one in..... 1) Play that bass - my day job is in science, my play job is music, can't have the play job without practise. Fail = playing less than 50% of the days, C= 50% of days, B = 2/3, A > 3/4, amazing = every day. 2) Write that paper..... Evil paper for naisty ex-boss. The work almost broke me, then last time I worked on the paper coincided with a bad break up which involved emergency services (such a soap opera!), so I have a few issues with managing to finish this work. But I have to do it. So, I promise as part of my challenge to work on the paper three times a week (wednesday, saturday and sunday), each of these sessions has to be a minimum of an hours work. An A grade = getting a draft of the paper to naisty ex-boss. A B-grade = working on it three times a week and getting it close to passing on to ne-b. A C-grade = managing most of the working on it sessions. If I get play job work (like the chance to play my bass outside my house), then this takes over from all other goals - including training the morning after - so if I have a rehearsal, then next morning is a rest morning, and I get a pass slip wrt missing evening training, but not paper writing - the paper writing then needs to transfer to another day. Wowser, this looks shockingly horrid. But I already do most of it - just not the paper writing in the evenings........... Any account-a-buddies out there for paper writing?
  20. Wooh Wooh!! First challenge as a Monk and second overall. Time to get to it then: http://youtu.be/bQAULthTBvA I've been too sedentary, this time around I'm determined to get moving. BBWW, walking to Morodor and KickBoxing are what I have on my plate for this challenge. I also need to eat more like a Saiyan; veggies and meat are the way to go! I also need to use this time to gauge my center, so it's on with the Yoga and meditation. I really need to learn consistency, so I will offer myself bonus points if I can keep on track. On to my goals! #1: Gohan's Wilderness Training: No more messing around! M-W-F are my Beginner Body Weight Circuit days and T-Th will be my KickBoxing/Yoga days. Bonus points for not skipping more than 2 workouts a week. +2 STR BONUS: +3 CON #2: 10x Earth Gravity Training: Keep up with my 100 Pushup Challenge every day and hopefully be up to the big 1-0-0 by the time this challenge ends. Bonus Points for not skipping more than one workout a week. +1 STR +2 STA BONUS: +2 DEX #3: Eat Like Goku I need to explore my options as far as paleo goes. I've found that I'm in love with veggies (broccoli in particular) and I'm sure there's room for more. I also need to mix up the menu a little more. Add in seafood when finances allow and get down with some spare ribs since they're apparently super cheap at the Latin Market down the street. Bonus Points for eating one new veggie a week till the end of the challenge. +2 WIS BONUS: +1 DEX Side Goal: Gohan's Study Regiment: Collection of ze informacion. I need to keep up with my new Coursera classes, and read more. I'm also trying to learn spanish with Duolingo, so far so good, and I need to make using the app a habitual thing. +2 CHA So There it is. I don't have a way to get exact stats but my weight as of the moment is around 220 and my waist size is "36. I want to be around 200 and a 34" by time this challenge is over but it's more of a guideline than anything. As for my collection of information goal, I've started with Tim Ferriss' "4 Hour Chef" and I'll be reading along with the audiobook. Hopefully I'll finish it faster that way.
  21. Mouse Is Gettin' Srs Biz Guise Let's lay this down straight - there's one big goal: Weigh in at <120lbs by Feb 16 UNWRAP ONE: EAT [CHA +3, STR +1, DEX +1] Charisma for the aesthetic results, Strength for dat protein, Dexterity for the increased movement thanks to less weight As per usual, I will be sticking to a ketogenic (<25g net carbs) diet at a -19% deficit (1410cal at light activity, switching to moderate starting Jan 15 for 1590cal). As for free meals, I will earn two over the course of this challenge - but only if I eat within keto for 3 weeks straight. Grading will follow on a percentage of days in keto or not: so a score on 40, essentially. UNWRAP TWO: WORKOUT [CHA +1, STR +1, DEX +1, STA +2] Charisma for the lovely muscles, Strength for the lifttttts, Dexterity for all that bobbin' and weavin', Stamina for the sustained bobbin' and weavin' I've done something stupid, gais. I've totally taken the hand wraps of moderation off. My workout schedule is kinda hectic, with Mondays being Kickboxing followed by Deadlifting, Tuesdays as Karate, Wednesdays as Bench Press plus Rock Climbing, Thursdays as Rest, Fridays as Squats and new Karate club (more intense dojo!), Saturdays as Karate and Sundays as rest. However, I will really only need a minimum of the following to count myself successful just in case I need to call it a rest on some days:M, W, F - lift in Reverse Pyramid Training style (which has so far proven lovely in results!)M - Kickboxing (1.5hrs)Grading will be by week - a possible for four points per week for a total score of 24 (A+ earned if most other workouts above minimum are also done). If I do workouts above and beyond, those will also be awarded one point, so I may have a point score over 24 by the end of the challenge. UNWRAP THREE: REST [CON +2, WIS +2, STA +1] Constitution for the obvious health and recovery benefits, Wisdom for finally learning this lesson, Stamina because I'm sure it'll increase in proportion Taking cue, finally, from my buddy Zuel, I'm going to be aiming for at least 6 hours of sleep a night. I will keep track using SleepBot on my phone. This is probably going to be the hardest goal. I will allow myself 6 mistakes, for a total possible score of of 36. UNWRAP LIFE: UNFUARK THE WARDROBE [WIS +3, CHA +1, DEX +1] Wisdom for learning to let go of things I don't need, Charisma for the inevitable increase in fashion sense, Dexterity for... a lighter on-my-feet wardrobe? I want to organize and clear out my wardrobe. I've unfuarked my built-in closet already, so I just need to do my stand up wardrobe. I have no specific structure in mind for this goal, so it'll be more or less "pass fail". FIGHTER STATS: MOUSE TO SOON-TO-BE MIGHTYWeight: 123.8lbs (may be inaccurate, as I was bloated) Neck: Bust: Arm: Stomach: Waist: Thigh: Deadlift: 95lbs Bench: 80lbs Squat: unknown (injured, previously 95lbs)
  22. I took a cardio kickboxing class in college once, and I really enjoyed it. Even if lifting is more efficient for losing weight (although I was certainly sweating buckets afterwards), I really just enjoyed the activity, and it's better than sitting around. However, I'm having trouble finding videos to go along with that I like. Most of them have pretty generic music, and I just can't stand it. I would love to find any with some modern music, pop or rock or alternative, just not the studio-track sounding stuff. It doesn't really matter what the length above 30 mins, and I think I could adjust to whatever level it was. Anyone have any good video recommendations? I would really appreciate it!
  23. Hello everyone My name is Damien and it's my first challenge here on Nerd Fitness. I guess I could introduce myself by starting with my "struggle". I've been overweight since I was about 15, you see I have growth hormone deficiency and it made it all the more difficult to stay in shape during the teen years. I was in athletics, and I gave it my all up until high school. I finally gave up, mentally and physically. I became a recluse and packed on more pounds. Just a few months ago I was diagnosed with diabetes, although I don't feel much different and I refuse to take the medicine, I saw this as a wake up call. I knew I had to start doing things the right way no matter how much it put me out. I started to "reinvent" myself about a month and a half ago and it feels great. I started walking around my college campus every night just for fun, I'm now learning how to play guitar as well as speak another language besides english. I've started to eat much, much better these days. Although I don't follow the paleo diet (I'm living the college student lifestyle, what'd you expect?) I've started eating more lean meats, fruit and lots of nuts and granola; the last thing to phase in would be more veggies. Anyways, this is my first challenge and like every anime hero I've ever gazed upon in awe, it's time to find my true potential and work towards it like there's no tomorrow. (Drum roll please) Now, for my goals! Main Quest: Unleash True Potential (Lose Weight, Get in Shape) 1. Find a workout plan/circuit to do at least three times a week. 2. To get 8-10 hrs. of sleep every night. No more, no less. 3. To eat more vegetables, starting with one serving at dinner. Side Quests: Life Quest: To be more sociable in my new environment. Would like to hang out with at least 3 new people before the end of the challenge. On another note, any "Kenichi, The Mightiest Disciple" fans on here? That show really gets me pumped! I lost 15 pounds one summer just by working out while I was watching the show. I would watch an episode while taking it easy on an elliptical then when the episode was over I'd go really intense for 10 minutes (It was the inspiration from the show, I swear) and then go back to the show and start all over again.
  24. Hi Everyone, Very late to the challenge, but I’m still want to participate. I'm training Kickboxing / Muay Thai for a year and a half. I have a nerd /geek / family man lifestyle with a lot of hrs a day spent in front of a computer screen. I would define myself skinny: 6.2 ft X 158 lbs. So I would like to build up a bit. I hit the gym twice a week and do some push-ups / sit-downs at home. Since yesterday I started a slightly modified "beginner bodyweight workout": Sammy's bodyweight workout warm-up: 3X3 min skipping rope 20 body weight squats20 push ups20 walking lunges10 dumbbell rows 60 second plank60 jab / cross with 1 kg in each hand four repetitions Main Quest Get stronger and fight better Goals Do the "Sammy's bodyweight workout" at least 3 times a weekEat paleo twice a dayAttend the "Saturday sparring" session at least twice Side quest Drink half a gallon of water outside regular mealsUpdate my “kickboxing†blog weekly Motivation: I want to compete in a inter club tournament and I want to perform well. I want to be proud of my self. Reward: If I accomplish all these goals I'm gonna buy myself a new pair of gloves / shorts to show the world my awesomeness. Maybe I have been a bit too concise. If you think I should add more details please do tell. UPDATE These are my point reward: Workout: STR +5Eat paleo : CON +2Saturday sparring: DEX +3Drink water: WIL +1Ride direboar: CON +2Blogging: CHA +2
  25. I've been taking a cardio kickboxing class and the girls there are amazing. They have differing body types: some overweight, many middle of the road, a few super skinny; but they can all whip out 30-40 real pushups, jump rope . . . forever, and beat the stuffing out of their punching bags. My goal is to be able to keep up. 1. Go to kickboxing 2 times a week 10+ times = A, 8-9 times = B, 5-7 times = C, 3-4 times = D, 2- times = F 2. Be able to do 35 pushups in a row. I have an app that is supposed to train me to do this if is use it every other day. Right now I can do 10. 30+ pushups = A, 25-30 pushups = B, 20-25 pushups = C, 15-20 pushups = D, 14- pushups = F 3. Jump rope for 10 minutes 2 times a week. 10+ times = A, 8-9 times = B, 5-7 times = C, 3-4 times = D, 2- times = F So that's it. My motivation is just to be one of the kickboxing girls. That would be AWESOME.
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