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Found 2 results

  1. ♪♫‘Cause therealkat is STRONG AS HELL.♪♫ BASIC GOALS - keep shit up to get faster and stronger! And now it’s time to lay down the rules! HEALTHY EATING! 21 Day Fix meal plan. I just… want to reclaim my ownership of food. Husband cooks nearly all the meals and I miss making things. It makes me feel like I have no desire to eat. MENTAL EXERCISE! Duolingo 15 minutes a day. Practicing German has made me happy lately. So I am going to make it a goal to try to keep it up because do more of what makes you happy right? PHYSICAL EXERCISE! Continue the run/walk streak. Also working on 21 Day Fix again. FITNESS SIDE QUEST!! Reach 200,000 Steps during this challenge. LIFE SIDE QUEST: Prevent Bunker Madness The house is driving me effing nuts. So here is to making a cleaning routine and doing something about it. Get that shit cleaned up and get things off to donation. Week 0 - Bathrooms (up and downstairs) Week 1 - Kitchen Week 2 - Bedroom Week 3 - Living Room Week 4 - Laundry Room LET’S DO THIS! This is, uh, gonna be a, uh, fascinating transition. ♪DAMNIT!♫
  2. I’m pretty much going to cut mandated workouts out of my challenges. I feel like that is a habit that’s fairly ingrained now, and I don’t find myself benefiting from it all too much. [see my straight A’s in this last challenge.] For this challenge I’m going to focus more on eating/mindfulness. I need to figure out a caloric range that works for me, and maybe some macros to hit. When I get busy and stressed, I will and have eaten pasta for every meal just because it’s easy and fast. If I have a protein goal though, I know that doesn’t work out. Quest 1: Track everything in MFP. No minimums, no maximums for now. I may readjust as needed. [i’m probably going to subconsciously try to keep with my fruit or veggie with every meal or one paleo meal per day thing. But I won’t be tracking it] Track ALL the food for 5/7 days= A [+3 STA] Track ALL the food for 4/7 days= B [+2 STA] Track ALL the food for 3/7 days= C [+1 STA] Track ALL the food for 2/7= D [+0.5 STA] Track NONE of the food = F Quest 2: Journal and meditate(or do mobility work) each night before bed. The hard part with this will be my desire to sleep overcoming my desire to journal/meditate/mobilize. Requirements include - Journal must discuss one thing I learned that day - Journal must include how I felt as an AVERAGE that day (this will be a number from 0-10. 0=death, 10=lifted/kicked ass in ALL the things). Also, did I get super hungry? Did I feel like I didn’t have enough energy? Did I feel AWESOME? - Meditation/mobility must be at least 5 minutes Completed 5/7: A [+3 DEX] Completed 4/7: B [+2 DEX] Completed 3/7: C [+1 DEX] Completed 2/7: D [+0.5 DEX] Completed <2/7: F Also, at the end of each week I will take the raw data from MFP and manually put it into excel. It is SO lame that you can’t just export into CSV. But details. Data will include Calories, fat, carbs, protein, and my numbers from Quest 2. Quest 3: Electronics OFF by 8:30 every night, in bed with lights off by 9:30. One exception is allowed per week. But the exception must still let me sleep for 8 hours from the time I turn lights off. (so basically it has to be a Friday or Saturday night) Completed 7/7: A [+3 CHA] Completed 6/7: B [+2 CHA] Completed 5/7: C [+1 CHA] Completed 4/7: D [+0.5 CHA] Completed <4/7: F Quest 4: Adulting: Do 5 minutes of something to clean apartment every day. This can be done in the hour between 8:30 and 9:30. Completed 5/7: A [+3 WIS] Completed 4/7: B [+2 WIS] Completed 3/7: C [+1 WIS] Completed 2/7: D [+0.5 WIS] Completed <2/7: F Quest 5: I haven’t (typically) had issues with self image, but lately for some reason it’s becoming a problem. Like, I know I went up a pants size because my quads are becoming more awesome, but…. the number on the scale kinda hurts. Combined with the pants size thing. So I’m stealing Alanna’s Love Your Body challenge from her last challenge. Well I guess technically it’s Molly Galbraith’s challenge. Details. Will be doing this in a Google Doc. Edit: Adding Little Green Dot's 'How to become a morning person' challenge. It's the same # of days as the LYB challenge, so I'm just going to split the scoring of the points between then. [ALL THE POINTS!] Completed 28/28: A [+3 STR] Completed 21/28: B [+2 STR] Completed 14/28: C [+1 STR] Completed 7/28: D [+0.5 STR] Completed 0/28: F Life Quests: Improve deadlift (must… reach… wookie….) Attend 4 Toastmaster’s sessions over the 7 weeks. I always seem to want to wimp out, but I have fun and learn a lot while I’m there. This is to keep me accountable. Work on Thesis for 15 hours a week. I have been slacking on this SO much. I want to get it over with, but not enough to actually… do it. No scoring for these. But they do get a gif...
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