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Found 2 results

  1. Right then. My subscription to amazon prime tv is about to run out and rather than re-investing in the many wasted hours of last year I am going to use the time more wisely. The aim of this challenge is to have SIX active days a week. Activities may include: Skill - Kitesurfing - As often as it's windy. Goal- 3 per Week Strength - GMB's Floor 1- When not kitesurfing. - 3 per Week Strength/Skill - Handle Pass Training - As often as possible. - 6 per Week Daily Goals. Fitness/Cardio - 5k Run - 6 per Week Wellbeing - Mobility Wod (12mins) - 6 per Week Diet - No Alcohol - 7 per Week (I don't really want to give this up but beer = cigarettes and I definitely have had enough of smoking) OK, so loads to get on with. I can see myself either succeeding 100% or failing miserably on day two. Only time will tell. Fingers Crossed.
  2. OK I admit it, I was one of those over-eager people who didn't read the rules and posted straight into a guild even though it was my first challenge. Anyway here I am, re-posting in the proper place and i'm proud to be a Recruit! I'm currently working on a few things but mainly to do with endurance strength and flexibility. I am a Kitesurfer and injured myself about 8 months ago, so for me this is about getting back to a level where I can Kitesurf frequently without injuring myself again. Quest 1: Get Stronger and Fitter Part 1: I am following Convict Conditioning. I am currently on: Push Ups - Step 2 Squats - Step 6 Pull Ups - Step 2 Leg Raises - Step 3 My Goal is to get a step further on each of these. I will do one workout every three days. These workouts are intense and put a lot of strain on my recovering wrist, so it is good to have a lot of rest inbetween. Part 2: On my non workout days i'm going to do at least one active thing during the day, swimming, cyclying kitesurfing etc. My aims are to Swim 2-3 times a week for 30-40 mins each session. Cycling to and from work. Kitesurfing when it's windy. Quest 2: Gain mad Skills I'm going to train toward getting the handstand. This will include wrist conditioning the hollow body and finally the handstand, ill be following the GMB progressions. On alternating days I will do Wrist mobility and Bodyline Excercises. Quest 3: Gain the flexibility of a mutant. I'm going to follow Erin Motz 30 day yoga challenge. With the aim of touching my toes comfortably by the end of the challenge. Life Quest: No booze in the house. I'm not cutting out booze all together but i'm not going to keep any in the house which will stop me from drinking after work etc. Hopefully this will stop my little belly from getting any bigger. Points: If I complete everything on the list there is a total of 28 Points up for grabs each week. I'm going to average out the scores over the four ( I started late) weeks and see how I do. 0-3 Total Fail 4-11 More Effort Needed 12-19 Solid Effort 20-27 Awesome 28+ Destroyer of worlds! Bonus Points will be awarded for: Moving up a Step on Convict Conditioning. Moving up a progression in Hollow Body Form Noticable gains in flexibility. Kitesurfing more than once a week. Here we go!
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