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  1. Hello Adventurers! I'm back for a second go at the 6 week challenge. I am once again pretty excited about continuing on my route to healthier living and excited to be part of this group. MOTIVATION: LOVE THYSELF. My motivation is to love myself. That encompasses being able to genuinely and lovingly celebrate my successes, embrace my faults and not give up on the person that has been there 100% of the time along the way: Me. My self-esteem is in the dumps due to a lot of things and I'm done feeling so poorly about myself. This is for me. This quest, the desire to be better, stronger, healthier, lovelier; it's for me. My Main Quest: I would like to continue to lose weight. I have a goal of reaching 170lbs by July 4th, 2014. In order to reach that goal, I will need to lose about 46lbs in about 11 months. I believe it is a very attainable goal. The Missions: Mission 1: EAT IT!In the last three months, I have had great success eating a cleaner diet. During the last challenge I was able to drop 14#'s. Here is my progression: I lean more towards Paleo than any other diet, but I still have my weekly day off. My biggest nemesis is beer. I live in the Pacific Northwest and we love our brew. I can't see myself ever cutting beer out completely from my diet. I actually don't like cutting things out at all. I have learned about myself that once I cut something out, it becomes the source of obsession for me. I like having the option to eat whatever I want and make better choices instead. That feels powerful. My Getting Clean mission will be to continue developing my healthy eating habits. Mission Rules: One day "off" per week= A Two days "off" per week= B Three days "off" per week= C Four days "off" (or more) per week= D Mission 2: MOVE IT!​Aside of diet, the best way to lose weight is by being active. Last challenge I learned that I can get a little bit over-zealous when it comes to goal-making, so this time around I am KISS'ing this mission. Eligible activities will include anything worth more than 100 points on Fitocracy. Mission Rules: Being active 5 days during the week= A Being active 4 days during the week= B Being active 3 days during the week= C Being active 2 days (or less) during the week= D Mission 3: LOG IT! I think that the biggest reason I joined NerdFitness and the challenges is for accountability. I like having to share what I am up to. During the last challenge (and through my journey to lose weight), I have learned that I get better results when I log/jot/write/scribble down what I am up to, especially those times when I don't want to be accountable. My mission is to update my comings and goings weekly on my challenge thread. Mission Rules: 6 Weekly Updates= A 5 Weekly Updates= B 4 Weekly Updates= C 3 Weekly Updates (or less)= D Life Mission: SAVE IT!​In December 2012, I got in a car accident and totaled my car. Since then, I have been riding public transportation, which is pretty awesome here in the Portland Metro area, however it is usually a lengthy commute to and from work. I am currently trying to save money in order to buy a new-to-me car. Realistically I know I will probably not be able to save more than about $120 in six weeks, but here is to hoping that it is more, after all, this is a challenge. Mission Rules: $120 or more saved= A $90-$119 saved= B $60-$89 saved= C <$59 saved= D
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