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  1. Klaybae's New Groove: The Outtening I AM RETURNED. Goal the First: Follow the first half of GMB's Elements according to the scheduled do / rest days. Goal the Second: Row 10 minutes a day. Let's just get that habit rolling again. Goal the Third: Get back to keto eating M-F with primal carbs on weekends. Goal the Fourth: Complete the first half of my MBSR course. Hello, why am I sticking to these goals? THE BIG OL HWHY. Hi there, it's ya boi Klaybae fka Klaymates here. About a month ago, I reached out to my GP about starting the process for FtM (female to male) transitioning. Among other things, testosterone therapy can cause weight gain and impact mental wellness, and I just want this transition to help me be the h e a l t h i e s t me possible. And right now, I don't feel like my healthiest self. Would you believe how completely and utterly shattered/off balance/stressed/exhausted I am processing all these EMOTIONS and shrugging off the uninformed/hateful/not-my-business opinions of others throughout this process? My GP included? It's hard stuff y'all. Aside from all the distress and other nasty feels I've carried around in my little gender dysphoria feelings bag, I've also constantly felt like a fraud or impostor or liar or fake for living without full authenticity. But hopefully, I can be approved for gender affirming treatments. WHOOOWEEE NOW THAT WE'VE GOTTEN THAT OUT OF THE WAY. Even so. This is the most fulfilling and most terrifying thing I've ever done in my life! My whole, big, great, grand, wacky, wonderful life! On the first day of this challenge I'll see my GP again, hopefully for a referral to an appropriate psychiatrist who specialises in gender therapies and can give me a nice little letter to take to an endocrinologist so that I can begin T. And get my titties lopped off. She asked for some weeks to try to figure out how to deal with all of this, after saying some really stupid, unprofessional, and hurtful things. I am secretly terrified she is going to try to block this process here, by refusing to refer me onwards just because she doesn't believe it's a real thing that's impacted my entire life. I guess I'll figure out how to cross that chasm if it happens. But anyway, in the meantime I've quit smoking, I'm shedding weight, I'm improving my fitness, I'm improving my mindfulness, I'm reconnecting to the things I love about myself, I'm hoping, and I'm going to breathe deeply and maybe have a nice cuppa. Also this will probably accidentally turn into a journal space about transitioning, so if you really don't want to read about that stuff...well there's your heads up. Thanks!
  2. #RETURNZ #HALFORCASSASSIN #KLAYMATES #challenge #epicwins #omglolwutdis #hashtag #llw #zombieapocalypse #survivelikebeyonce #bestmeever #stromf #bodyweightbrigade #thighsofsteel Complete 15 bwb workouts PLUS daily handstand work and fasted cardio (+5 STR)-----Week One: Bodyweight Brigade (Lvl 1 Weeks 3-4 A B A)-----Week Two: Bodyweight Brigade (Lvl 1 Weeks 3-4 B A -----Week Three: Bodyweight Brigade (Lvl 1 Weeks 5-6 A B A)-----Week Four: Bodyweight Brigade (Lvl 1 Weeks 5-6 B A -----Week Five: Bodyweight Brigade (Lvl 2 Weeks 1-2 A B A)-----Week Six: Bodyweight Brigade (Lvl 2 Weeks 1-2 B A #badasspoints: Complete 18 workouts (150 points!) #supplelikeacow #backrehab #foamrollerdungeon Begin Diesel back rehab protocol (+3 DEX +1 CON)-----Week One: Pt A, 4 sets of :30-----Week Two: Pt A, 4 sets of :45-----Week Three: Pt A 4 sets of :60, Pt B 4 sets of 10-----Week Four: Pt A 4 sets of :75, Pt B 4 sets of 15-----Week Five: Pt A 4 sets of :90, Pt B 4 sets of 20, Pt C 4 sets of 10 -----Week Six: Pt A 4 sets of :120, Pt B 4 sets of 25, Pt C 4 sets of 15#badasspoints: Complete Diesel back rehab protocol (50 points!) #nomorecravings #dinnerandone #dontdodat Clean up diet and be fucking awesome* (+1 WIS +2 CHA)-----Week One: No eating after dinner-----Week Two: No gluten-----Week Three: No refined sugars-----Week Four: No dairy-----Week Five: No legumes (scratch-made lentils and frozen green peas allowed as protein options 1x/week)-----Week Six: Whole7 to close out the challenge on a high note#badasspoints: Close 42/42 days without eating after dinner (100 points!) #journalthatshit #writedemfeels #lifequestin Write daily (+1 CON +1 WIS +1 CHA)-----Journal to track mental wellness-----Must write 10 minutes for day to count#badasspoints: Journal every day (100 points!) #waittheresmore #sidequest #consistencyrules Take meds at regularly scheduled time 42/42 days -----Seroquel XR between 1700 and 1800 Uhr-----Seroquel 25mg between 2100 and 2200 Uhr #whogotyobackson #accountabilibuddies #rewards NFA accountability team PLUS StarGazer, Hammi, WickedPixie = my Jedi council (oh hai guys, you're my Jedi council nao)Hashtag partner Littlewings!Daily Check ListB or higher grade nets me a new top of my choosing #metricsobsession #infosheetz #knowledgeispower MyFitnessPall food logWorkout spreadsheetHandstand PVP threadBodychanges spreadsheetProgress pics album (pw teamgirlcrush) #dailychecklist #creaturereport #geterdone Y / N Did I complete today's fasted cardio? Y / N Did I complete today's handstand work? Y / N Did I write for at least 10 minutes today? Y / N Did I hit my diet goal for today? Y / N If it's MWF, did I complete my BWB for today? Y / N If it's TThS, did I complete my back rehab for today? Y / N Did I take all my medications on time today? Y / N If it's TTh, did I run with StarGazer?** from my "Orc Look Like A Lady" challenge....yep it still exists!! *food exceptions for Thanksgiving 28 Nov (if we even do anything for it) and my birthday 15 Dec **unofficial challenge goal: run 4-6k on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for spiritrun with StarGazer
  3. You see this awesomeness? It's called dancewalking. I love it. I do it around the house. I do it in parking garages. I've even done it coming home from a run to Gangnam Style for some middle schoolers. Now, I want to raise money with it. For every British pound raised for Rethink.org (check them out, super spiffy site they have!) I will dancewalk 10 meters around Biel. Now Biel isn't a huge city, but it's pretty big. And it's super pedestrian-y. And loads of people will see me doing it. Which is exactly what I want. I'll be repping Rethink Mental Illness with a spiffy t-shirt they are giving me while I dance, with Scurry plodding along behind me to record my major debut for your sole enjoyment. I'm even working out how to live stream! My goal is to raise 500 poundaroonies. If I reach this goal by the end of the challenge, that means I will be dancewalking a 5k. How cool is that! Wouldn't you love to see how many random Swiss folk I can get to join along in my 5k dancewalk through beautiful Biel? Yes. The answer is yes. Have I gone nutters?? No doubt. But it's going to be so fun! So come on, dig in for me--pack a brown bag and skip lunch at the cafeteria or give up your morning frappecrappewhatacino and donate to my fundraiser. Please!? It's a challenge goal! You can even do it more than once! IMAGINE! But for all seriousness and real-feels...this is a very important cause to me. Any little donation will probably send me over the rainbow. Check my siggy for the link! Thanks for reading!
  4. Chapter Two: A Tribute to Survival! They say I am just a few weeks away from taking on full-time Runner duties, but I feel like I still have so far to go. Finish this D: It's never finishing is it??? Challenge Theme Song: Movitvation: Mission Goal #1: Zombie Preparedness Training (+ 5 STA) Tribute: Grizzy, Runner5, Scurry, and all the other Rebel Runner 5’s I met last challenge out to save Abel Township I'm not quite able to run a full supply mission on my own yet, so I must continue my endurance training with Sam and the doctor. Complete week eight of Zombies, Run! 5k training app Continue with 3 runs/week for remainder of challenge Bonus Quest! 100 badass points: Run the “exercise trail†in Orphund and try each station. Completed! 100 badass points awarded Mission Goal #2: Bodyweight conditioning for better evasive maneuvers (+ 3 STR + 2 DEX) Tribute: Syren, bgvanbur, BarefoodDawsy, and all other Scouts who made a point to add strength training during the last challenge to improve their focus My running has improved, but running alone isn't enough to secure survival against a zom. Full body conditioning will assist me in headkicks, fence jumping, or pulling myself into a tree. Begin Convict Conditioning, 2 x 3 exercises a week Day 1--Pullup, bridge, handstand Day 2--Squat, leg raise, push up Bonus Quest! 100 badass points: Perform a freestanding head- or handstand by end of challenge. Completed! 100 badass points awarded Mission Goal #3: Reconnect with things that remind me I’m human, not zom! (+ 1 CON + 2 WIS) Tribute: MissMormie, Quentin, MirGSS, and all other Rebels who improved a fun skill, found something good, or did something fun last challenge Going out with Runner 4 reminded me that it's important to keep ahold of my humanity. Many of the other survivors at the base rekindled an interest or found time to be grateful in the past several weeks, and I should aim to do the same. Knit something: A new cowl for me Read a book: A Short History of Nearly Everything Bonus Quest! 50 badass points: Dancewalk on Hauptstrasse for 60 full seconds. Diet Side Quest: Slay the chocolate dragon! Max of one chocolate bar (or ice cream lollie) a week). Life Quest: Champion a cause for the survivors of Abel Tribute: Hammlin, 18ck, LorenWade, and all other rebels who make charity work an important part of Self Even with the runners going on daily missions, there is a lot to be wanted at the base. I will find a way to raise awareness and bring in more supplies for an important cause. (+ 2 CHA) Organize a donation drive for a charity meaningful to me. Bonus Quest! 250 badass points: Raise $500 USD for my cause Metrics and Pics! I'm still tracking my body changes on this spreadsheet. The link should take you to the Google doc. I'll try to take better quality pics this time around! Will have them up in the next day or so. Front... Back... Left Side... Right Side...
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