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Found 3 results

  1. ..... Just like with the Second Right of Ascension, you have to have your spirit and your mind in the right place, or you will fail. My motivation hasn't been lacking even though I've been doing challenges (last two notably). Due to injury setbacks, I've lost my focus and my motivation, my head isn't in the game and I need to get my passion back. This has to stop before I dig myself a hole and undo all the hard work I've managed to accomplish. Okay, so maybe my challenge won't be THAT intense, but it DOES involve WHOLE30, which, to some people, might be more painful than the ritual of 20 painstiks Main Quest: To do a single pull-up. This has been derailed due to a shoulder injury, but I'm working through rehab and I WILL GET THAT PULL-UP DONE. This is my long-term goal, so it isn't going to change no matter what I'm going through currently. Mission 1: - WHOLE 30 After a much needed "Water Shed Moment"/"Come to Jesus Meeting" I have decided to join Darkfoxx & Fonzico in doing Whole30 to clean up my diet. Specifics: 1. Take a week to read, understand, and prep for Whole30. (Week 1) 2. Do Whole30 with no relapses or excuses starting Jan. 13th - Feb. 11th (Week 2 - Week 6) 3. Share all food/drink consumption with my accountability group, aka take a picture before consuming to be truthful and focused. Be open for criticism and encouragement, be willing to make changes. (Week 1) 3. Track with a spreadsheet Week 1 Mini-challenge revision Mission 2 - Rehab Gotta continue shoulder rehab Specifics: 1. Shoulder rehab 2x a day, NO EXCUSES, NO SLACKING. - Last time I slacked, rehab doesn't work if you don't stick to it exactly like the doc expects. (Start Week 1) 2. Track in spreadsheet Week 1 Mini-challenge revision Mission 3 - Strength & Cardio Fitness I'm in the middle of doing the Zombies 5k, so I should keep this up. I don't like "rapidly moving through space" but with the Z5K, it is fun and rewarding. Also I need to set-up a workout regimen, likely consisting of bodyweight exercises. I've recruited Surge_Supra to give me some direction with where I should go here. I believe (if my health returns tomorrow), that I'll be doing a benchmark workout tomorrow or Wednesday and then we'll proceed from there. Specifics: 1. Perform any combination of Zombies 5K and bodyweight exercises 3x a week. If more is done, great, but this is the bare minimum. 2. Track with a spreadsheet. Mission 4 - Family Fitness I am a good dad. I have been making time for my kiddos, but I need to get back to including my daughter in my fitness. That got derailed when I injured my shoulder, but need to get back on track. Specifics: 1. Make it a point to do something other than sitting around the house with the kids 2x a week. I realize this will be though during these winter months, but I should be able to figure something out. (Start Week 1) 2. (you guessed it) track with spreadsheet. BONUS: Mission 5 - Gratitude A big part of getting my head back in the game is to get my focus back on what matters. My passion will return and remain when I start showing gratitude instead of stink'n think'n. This doesn't just need to be acknowledging something I should be thankful for, but this should be "gratitude that changes a person". Specifics: 1. Carve out time each day to meditate and really thank God for something in my life. Shooting for 42 days here, no skipping, just like with Whole30, skipping resets the whole process. 2. Track with spreadsheet. I'll come back later to do grading scores perhaps, but for now, time for bed! G'night NF!
  2. I've always liked Star Trek's Klingons.Their warrior culture and strict honor code always make me feel at home. I myself am the product of a warrior culture: I am an Army Veteran, my father was federal Law Enforcement, and my grandfather and his brother served in WWII and Korea. And it seems to make more sense than trying to decide whether or not the Prime Directive applies to a given situation. So this challenge will be Klingon themed! While I'll never fully recover from the injuries I sustained in the military and may never again be the warrior I once was, I am not now the leader that I could be. A leader should be physically and mentally prepared to overcome any obstacle or hardship. My Quest Be mentally and physically prepared to lead my family into the ever-changing future My Goals Design and implement a sustainable plyometric workout Do 6 Rocky Push-Ups Design and implement a weekly meal planner (instead of just eating whatever I find first) Life Quest Organize the family finances My Motivation
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