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  1. Nettis Clovenmark felt the aches in her knees as she squatted in the brush, observing the narrow animal trail leading down to the river. She had been out in the forest for days, ever since the sickness came to the village. She knew that the link must be in the meat the hunters brought back, but Nettis was no hunter. Her attempts to find the deer and geese were all ending in frustration. In order to solve the mystery Nettis would have to work on getting quiet, being still, finding calm inside herself. She would have to make her body flexible enough to fit into small spaces and remain still while the animals approached her. Nettis stood and stretched, shaking her head and making her ear tips flap and chasing off the gnats. A deer snorted and dashed off through the underbrush, startled by her loudness. She sighed in frustration. This was going to take some work. --,--'-@ @-,--'-- Coming into this spring and this year with two injured knees and limited mobility made it a bit challenging to figure out how to move forward into a new challenge following my reboot. I have decided to continue some goals from last month focusing on meditation and yoga in order to keep working on being comfortable in my body. As well, I am working to attain NFA diet level 3 this challenge. In terms of leveling up my life, I plan to focus on creative space and enrichment in my life. GOAL1: Nutrition. I am going to be working the NF Academy 10 level system in order to move towards level 7 as a long term stopping point. This month I am shooting for level 3. I will track my calories and macros on MyFitnessPal 7/7 days with the goal being to have at least 1 vegetable in every meal and limited liquid calories 12/14 days. The challenge gives me 2-ish tries to get it right. GOAL 2: Meditation. I used to have a robust daily meditation practice and I miss the mental clarity and the ritual of it. I will meditate at least 10 minutes daily, 7 ays a week. GOAl 3: Movement. Due to the knees I am keeping low-to-no impact until I lose 50 lbs. My movement goal will be yoga for 10 minutes 5 days a week. LEVEL UP MY LIFE: Creativity I neglect my creative development all the time. I am a fiber artist and a writer. Both of these passions are things that I want to grow, but that I never seem to find the time to do properly. I have finally been given my own office at work and I want to put some of my weaving up. I also have several writing projects including a YA novel, a DnD campaign and 2 professional CEU trainings to work on. As such, I will plan to spend 5 hours on each of these passions weekly.
  2. I am a 36 year old genderqueer person who lives in Chicago . I am a clinical psychologist who loves fantasy novels, table top role playing games, and fiber crafts. I used to be extremely active, but between schooling and working, the active hobbies have fallen by the wayside. I hope to move to commuting ot work by public transportation and walking in the spring and as such, I need to be able to walk a mile comfortably. I need to be able to move my body and do so with confidence and without hurting myself. I also miss cute clothes and having a style that better matches my gender. It is really hard to find stylish clothing when you are fat that is not hyper feminine. So yeah, that's me, taking a crack at being accountable. I am back here at NF to get some support and accountability and community GOAL1: Nutrition. I am going to be working the NF Academy 10 level system in order to move towards level 7 as a long term stopping point. I will track my calories and macros on MyFitnessPal. GOAL 2: Meditation. I used to have a robust daily meditation practice and I miss the mental clarity and the ritual of it. I am going to start with 5 minutes daily, using this singing bowl track. GOAl 3: Movement. I am recovering from a knee in jury and I am afraid to rush into things, so I am keeping low-to-no impact until I lose 50 lbs. My first movement goal will be yoga for 10 minutes 5 days a week. LEVEL UP MY LIFE: Training. I want to advance professionally and keep myself growing clinically. As such, I need to keep accessing training and keep growing my clinical tool box. I will work this month to make a training schedule for this year including a budget plan for travel and expenses. I finally have enough income to do this stuff, I should plan it or it will never happen!
  3. Behold, my adventure map! (roughly corresponding to my town) For more backstory visit my battle log. After hiking rangerously through Mt Moon I expected to emerge triumphant into the daylight but instead fell into the pit of Zero Week where family issues, comfort eating and travel got the best of me. All was not lost as I still fit in one workout and two walks and did some meal prep to get my diet back on track. This time I will be taking a tour around the Safari Zone (wildlife reserve visit/fitness goals) and looking for Mew on the docks by the S.S. Anne (visiting the coast/life goals). Fitness Goals in the Safari Zone Knee-doqueen Knee strengthening exercises every day. This is going to take a lot of discipline but I'm sick of not being able to trust my knees to be stable. I'm still refining the routine but I'm basing it off this site and some exercises from YouTube. Barefoot STOMPing One barefoot walk each day, at least to the end of the street and back but a little longer each day if my feet can take it. I used to be into barefooting but once I found thin-soled shoes I liked I gave up on conditioning and never had the patience to try again. Once I can walk to the shops and back it will be easy since my day-to-day errands will become my conditioning time. But that's a fair way off and in the meantime short walks outside will do me good. HM04 STRENGTH Continue strength training 3x a week at home but increase from one to TWO gym visits a week. I finally fixed my bike so now I don't have to worry about wasting petrol or paying parking. Life Goals on the S.S. Anne Captain's log 4-5 hours per week on Lynda.com courses, since I'm paying for a subscription and it is NOT cheap in AUD. This will allow me to complete 4 courses on vector illustration. Sightseeing Cruise Visit the wildlife reserve or a coastal area at least once a week to draw or paint. Bonus - Find Mew Under the Truck File my health insurance claims. Bonus - HM01 CUT Tidy up the lawn edges and various weedy corners.
  4. I've decided to try out this four week challenge thing. I sort of started off in NF going straight for a battle log and marathon training and didn't stop to do something shorter. I've since gained a knee injury that requires recovery and I've always flirted with the idea of doing a triathalon. See what I did there? Eh? T-R-I swimming? You'll laugh later. I am going to try and build up to swimming 3.8 km (the distance swam in Iron Man competitions). So, I’ve come up with a steady buildup to swimming the distance (link). This shouldn’t be too bad because I’ve been working the past six months to build up to marathon running condition. The only problem I see is getting my distance swims in with any accuracy. The pool at the Y is pretty crowded on Saturdays so I don’t think I’ll be able to get 76 laps in on the last day. I think my only hope will be to find some open water to swim in (link). The legality and safety of some locations is fairly questionable, but at least I’d be able to look up the distances I’m swimming. I might try to cap it off with a swim in Walden pond and a rambling post reflecting on my challenge. I also need to GAIN some weight. I’ve dropped down to almost 150 and I think I can see my heart beating. I’m going to kick up the calorie count, but I’m also going to try ramping up my fat intake. I’ve been reading Eat Fat Get Thin (link) and the portion of the book that isn’t 30 day diet dreck is well researched nutritional analysis based on studies undertaken in nutrition wards instead of population correlations and diet journals. I see a lot of avocados and trail mix in my future. My goals: Build up to swimming 3.8km. Eat 3000 calories per day. Get back under a barbell. Strengthening routines for IT band syndrome (thanks @Dilnad).
  5. Hi Everyone! I'm so excited to jump in to the Nerd Fitness community!!! I'm 22 and moderately overweight. My initial weight loss goal is 30 lbs -- But I'd rather have a healthy body fat % and clothes that fit better than a number on a scale. My favorite forms of exercise are dancing, swimming, and walking/running. I am willing to try any type of exercise/workout! In March 2012, I fell off my bicycle and tore my PCL, which has made "explosive" or "high-impact" forms of exercise nearly impossible (the injury wasn't correctly diagnosed until July 2012). I've been in physical therapy for a while and I'm working to gain strength in my quads and hips to stabilize my knee. I'm currently unable to run for more than 2 minutes due to pain, and I can't jump, either. I'm really looking forward to the day when I can do both those things again! I found Nerd Fitness because I'm really into LOTR, and came across "A Hobbit's Guide to Walking" in September. That was really the only form of exercise I could do at that time so I was looking for anything to inspire me to walk more. So, my fellow nerds - let's do this.
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