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Found 5 results

  1. Nettis Clovenmark felt the aches in her knees as she squatted in the brush, observing the narrow animal trail leading down to the river. She had been out in the forest for days, ever since the sickness came to the village. She knew that the link must be in the meat the hunters brought back, but Nettis was no hunter. Her attempts to find the deer and geese were all ending in frustration. In order to solve the mystery Nettis would have to work on getting quiet, being still, finding calm inside herself. She would have to make her body flexible enough to fit into small spaces and remain still
  2. I am a 36 year old genderqueer person who lives in Chicago . I am a clinical psychologist who loves fantasy novels, table top role playing games, and fiber crafts. I used to be extremely active, but between schooling and working, the active hobbies have fallen by the wayside. I hope to move to commuting ot work by public transportation and walking in the spring and as such, I need to be able to walk a mile comfortably. I need to be able to move my body and do so with confidence and without hurting myself. I also miss cute clothes and having a style that better matches my gender. It is rea
  3. Behold, my adventure map! (roughly corresponding to my town) For more backstory visit my battle log. After hiking rangerously through Mt Moon I expected to emerge triumphant into the daylight but instead fell into the pit of Zero Week where family issues, comfort eating and travel got the best of me. All was not lost as I still fit in one workout and two walks and did some meal prep to get my diet back on track. This time I will be taking a tour around the Safari Zone (wildlife reserve visit/fitness goals) and looking for Mew on the docks by the S.S. Anne (v
  4. I've decided to try out this four week challenge thing. I sort of started off in NF going straight for a battle log and marathon training and didn't stop to do something shorter. I've since gained a knee injury that requires recovery and I've always flirted with the idea of doing a triathalon. See what I did there? Eh? T-R-I swimming? You'll laugh later. I am going to try and build up to swimming 3.8 km (the distance swam in Iron Man competitions). So, I’ve come up with a steady buildup to swimming the distance (link). This shouldn’t be too bad because I’ve been working th
  5. Hi Everyone! I'm so excited to jump in to the Nerd Fitness community!!! I'm 22 and moderately overweight. My initial weight loss goal is 30 lbs -- But I'd rather have a healthy body fat % and clothes that fit better than a number on a scale. My favorite forms of exercise are dancing, swimming, and walking/running. I am willing to try any type of exercise/workout! In March 2012, I fell off my bicycle and tore my PCL, which has made "explosive" or "high-impact" forms of exercise nearly impossible (the injury wasn't correctly diagnosed until July 2012). I've been in physical therapy for a
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