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Found 15 results

  1. Okay, I am going to keep this brief. Boring, I know. I just don't have time to flesh out the post right now. Q1: Lift 3x per week, sprint 1x per week Q2: Minimum 3500 cal with a minimum 250 g protein Q3: Drink 1-2 gal of water per day SQ: Doll house, work on it at least once per week and post pics.
  2. This is going to be my most ambitious challenge yet. I am probably doomed to fail, but as long as we learn from our failures they aren't really failures are they? First, I am rolling my exercise quests from last challenge into one: Exercise 4x per week, ideally 3 lift, 1 sprint. But because I am going into my busy season at work I might have to sacrifice my normal workout time and will be forced to improvise. So any workout counts. Second, stepping up my diet goal again, 2500 cal max, 180g protein min, every day, with the exception of June 2-5, my birthday weekend.
  3. Well spring is here and the sun is shining. Unfortunately, the sunshine isn't bringing me the energy it should. Long hours at work, restless nights, and stress at home (did I mention I have 3 kids under 4?) are taking their toll. Last week was crap for my goals. Ate too much junk, slept too little, and didn't exercise. This was also following a less than stellar challenge. So, now I am trying to get some momentum back and get back into things before summer comes and the shit really hits the fan. Willpower has always been an issue for me especially late in the challenges. I
  4. Last challenge was sort of a warm up as it was my first challenge in about a year. Now I am ready to dive in to the next one....well almost. I am going to be switching up my lifting routine a little, adding overhead press and switching to 4 sets of 5 with increasing weights instead of 3x6 with fixed weights. Lifting schedule remains the same M,T,TH. This time, though I am adding some sprints in on Wednesday. I am not formally restricting my diet any more than the last challenge, though, as I decided last challenge, I am going to try to stop eating for the day once I hit my pro
  5. I have been away from the rebellion for a while and, if I'm being honest, my time away hasn't done me much good. Over the past year, due mainly to stress at work and the birth and care of my twin sons, I have managed to put on about 20 lbs! Not the good kind either, I'm up to 28% body fat from 23% about a year ago. Mid spring last year I started relaxing a little and by summer I had completely lost the will to do anything for my body... and then the boys came along. Anyway, enough of the excuses. I have been back at it since the start of the year, with a few slip ups here and
  6. I wrote a really long, funny and interesting post, but lost it, so here is another post: I'm 37 years old and it feels like my body is falling apart. Up until my middle teenage years, I would at least do several sports in parallel. We like sports in Sweden and if you live in the middle of nowhere, what else are you going to do? Then I met my first love, computers. We had a great relationship that lead me to work for a while in Stockholm and finally moving to California, which is where in the end the last bit of magic wore off a bit and I woke up with this ... fragile, loose-ish bod
  7. I have been cutting for far too long, it's time to regain my size and strength. So what better theme than the Mightiest of the Avengers, the Strength of Asgard, the Odinson: Thor! The Strength of Thor: Lift thrice weekly: On the Moon's day, Tyr's day and Thor's Day Feasting with the Frost Giants: Consume calories of the count of Three Thousand Four Hundred daily. Say nay to grains and sweet cakes when possible. The Chariot of Thor: Threaten the dwarves into forging a helm worthy of the Son of Odin. Then ride mine chariot to and from Midgard twice weekly: on Odin's day and Frigg
  8. Way back in days of old there was a legend told about a hero known as Galvant. Square jaw and perfect hair, Cajones out to there, There was no hero quite like Galavant! Tough, plus every other manly value Mess with him he'll disembowel you! Yea, he ruled in every way, a fairytale cliché, an people called him Gaaalaaavaaaaant! Yep that's my theme this challenge. If you don't know what Galavant is, it is a comedy on ABC featuring a lot of singing and set in a medieval fairytale setting. So pretty much everything I ever wanted in a show. Anyway, I have been away for a while doing my o
  9. Yeah, so I love knights... and shiny armor.... and weapons.... thus the theme this time around. The goal for this challenge is to lose ten pounds over the course of six weeks and increase my fitness capabilities. Time to slim down so I can fit in my armor. I'll expand this section with a bit more info about me sometime in the next few days. 1. Train for the Joust - Foundational Fitness I've begun going to the local 24-hour fitness with my younger brother and am looking forward to many gym days to come. Since I have no idea what I'm doing with most of the machines, I've been shad
  10. So my challenge was somewhat themed on the Battle of Helm's Deep, hence the title. Motivation started wavering about week 2 then in week 3 I had to make preparations for a trip to visit the in-laws. That's what really did me in, I had a lot to do leading up to the trip which prevented me from getting my workouts in and then, on the trip itself, no workouts or diet tracking whatsoever. I ate a lot of things I shouldn't have and didn't eat a lot of things I should. After I got back, the motivation just wasn't there I have been sitting around and eating for the past week and a half. It doe
  11. At the beginning of last challenge I was inspired to create a series of challenges based on major battles of Middle Earth. Right now these challenges only contain the exercise aspect of the challenge so I will be adding other goals as well. I decided to skip over the first couple as they are more geared to beginners or at least people who are where I was a few challenges ago. If you are interested in using, viewing, or helping me construct these challenges there is the Link. If you look at the challenges I posted in the other thread you will see that I made some changes to parts of Helm's
  12. Greetings, Rangers! I am Thalianost, Knight Banaret of the Order of the Gules Oak. I have been training and feasting with the warriors for most of the winter but now that spring is just around the corner, as is swordplay season, it is time I start getting more active and putting my strength to use. This challenge my plan is to ease out of weight training mode and into combat mode. The Plan: Main Quest: Increase mobility while maintaining strength. Q1: Workouts Since I don't want to loose all my hard earned strength between now and next fall, I am going to keep lifting but only 2
  13. I kinda ran out of steam with the last challange, I kept up with my workouts and eating but stopped keeping track of everything midway through. Anyway, I have reached a point where I have a reasonable amount of muscle mass so I am going to focus on trimming the fat. That's right warriors, against everything we stand for I am going to attempt to loose weight. The reason I am still posting here is that I am going to be taking a warrior's approach. My excersize is going to be exclusively lifting and my diet will be hight protein, low carb. Main Quest: Build muscle, loose fat, look like a
  14. Back again after a less than successful previous challenge. I am hoping to make up for lost time, with the help of a little renewed enthusiasm. I am starting a little cold this challenge. I couldn't work out for the past couple weeks due to some home improvements I have been working on. But now that my bench as been cleared I am good to go. Let's get to it! Main Quest: Build muscle, loose fat, look like a superhero. 3 Quests: Lift at least 4 times a week Eat at least 260g protein per day Attain an additional 6 lbs. lean body weight (weight - (% body fat x weight) = lean body weigh
  15. Thalianost is back with the Level 1's. I started to late in the last challenge to advance so let us try this again! I am trying to build upon my previous challenge, similar quests but amped up a little. Main Quest: Build muscle, loose fat, look like a superhero. 3 Quests: Lift at least 4 times a week Eat at least 3600 calories a day including 200g protein Attain 192 lbs lean body weight. (weight - (% body fat x weight) = lean body weight) Currently: ~186 Side quest: Complete my chainmaile coif. Motivation: My dad and my grampa were big guys and I have seen the health issues t
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