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Found 10 results

  1. A collection of tips and tools.
  2. Hey Friends, I knocked off a large item on my EQ! I finished 75 books this year! And, since I still have a few weeks to go, I'm going to make a push to hit 100!! Here's my list if you want to see it. https://www.librarything.com/topic/210984#5823330
  3. Happy New Year! This year is going to be AWESOME! Now on to the challenge... Complete my morning and night time routine at least 5x a week I am experimenting with a new morning and night routine. I have always had healthy teeth and I generally have good brushing habits, but I have been noticing that my teeth have not been looking so great. I have been doing a lot of research lately about natural oral hygiene and want to give some of it a try. Every morning: Oil pulling, relax with kitty while waking up, workout (strength, yoga, elliptical, etc depending on the day), brush with homemade t
  4. WARNING: the following post contains pictures of a culinary and violent nature. "The Devil is in the details." Having not partaken in the last couple of challenges to better look after my recently born daughter, I’ve decided that I should probably make a return before it becomes too late and I forget all about these challenges. Previously, my most favourite have been themed so, since the second series was recently released on Blu-ray, I’ve made the morally questionable choice of doing a ‘Hannibal’ challenge. Goal 1: Nourriture “It’s a… protein scramble.†The food on Hannibal i
  5. This challenge in some ways follows on from my previous ones but also has a couple of tiny changes. Once again I'm basing my workouts around the progressions in Convict Conditioning- they worked for me so far so I don't feel the need to mess with the formula. I'm also carrying on with the daily handstand practice although I have to admit that I've missed a lot of days between the end of the last challenge and this one but not anymore. I'm also adding in a few more daily tasks as I've found that practicing skills daily really works wonders. Enough rambling, here are my goals: GOAL ONE: Work out
  6. I am going to properly fill this in when I have a bit more time so this is more of a placeholder as I want to at least get my goals set down seeing as the challenge has now started. Goal 1: get back into the routine if doing bodyweight exercises 3 times a week and for this six weeks I'm going to focus on upping my endurance so high number of reps for smaller number of sets. My targets will be for 2 sets of 20 push-ups, 2sets of 20 assisted one leg squats, 2 sets of 20 assisted pull ups and 2sets of 15 hanging knee raises. Of course, if I hit those targets before 6 weeks, I will move on to har
  7. The main thing I took away from my first challenge was the absolute importance of knowledge as a facilitator of progression. I set out my goals but as the days and weeks progressed I came to understand that first and foremost you really have to know what you are doing and what you are aiming for, if you want to achieve your goals. I wasn't 100% clear on what I wanted to do or how was best for me to do it, so I fell a little short. This time around, rather than working towards a specific life goal, my plan is to build some foundations with my overall goal to be to increase my general knowledge
  8. The New England Region of the World Tang Soo Do Association is hosting our second annual 5k run and 2 mile walk. This is a fund raise for a scholarship fund to help students achieve their higher education goals, since mental growth is just as important in the martial arts as physical. Last year was a fun event and this year looks to be as well. The race starts and end in Mixville park in Cheshire Ct. That atmosphere is very friendly and informal, the emphasis for the event is fun and completing personal challenges. I will be out there this year looking to beat my time of last year. If y
  9. So, since the start of the last challenge, I’ve: left the military, moved home, got into college, applied for jobs, and started attending church again. I’m doing work where I can find it while I wait for calls for interviews. I hope that by the end of this challenge, I’ll be much less stressed and prepared for school in August. Well anyways, this should be a fun challenge. Goals 1. There is no emotion, there is peace. Meditate, do you even? I’ve been wanting to try meditation since I read so many others put it in their challenges. It’ll be interesting to see how it affects m
  10. Sorry I’m getting a tad bit of a late start, but I’ve been out of town to visit friends and family in South Carolina. I have mentally had my goals set since last week, I just never had a good change to sit down and bang them out in a thread. A little less than a year ago, I lost my job. It wasn’t the worst thing that could’ve happened to me because I was a contractor and had the job for a year longer than my first contract was supposed to last. Also, the commute was unbearably long and the job was not ideal for what I want to be doing long term. I saved enough money to get by with
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