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Found 20 results

  1. Heyo! Decided to revamp my challenge on the 28th, a little more indepth if you read the original post in spoiler. But working on finding a Practicum/Job to finish my degree. Trying to make good choices along with it, and now if I follow through I'll reward myself with the Nintendo Switch and Ring Fit Adventure! Quest for the RING CHALLENGE Feb 28 - Week 3 Day 1 (just using normal challenge timeline now) 1. YNAB Reset - 0/0 2. Applications 0/1 3. Savings: 12% 4. Taxes: Federal done, State to be finished 5. Calorie Tracking: 1/1 Did the math f
  2. Greetings fellow Rebels, this is Rebel Pure, transmitting from a secret Rebel base in Perth, Western Australia. It is a strange and wondrous thing to think that at the end of this challenge I will finally be able to return to university. Before that happens I need to get myself back on track though. Comparing my Mood Tracker for the last few weeks compared to how it was at the start of the year times have felt average when before they were productive and joyous. How can I get those times to return to me? Midway through this challenge I will be attempting an adventure -
  3. Hello friends... my name is Katrin [cut-reen]. I go by Morag around here, and Katrin Morag almost everywhere else. I have been around these forums since April 2016 (2015?). Last challenge was the first challenge in all that time that I missed entirely. I am a 35 year old mother of two lovely boys, ages 8 and 15. We live in Kiel, Northern Germany. I weigh in at 97kg, which is a problem, but it's currently so far down the list of priorities, that I don't even have time to worry about it. My husband of 16 years is in the process of moving out. Actually he is almost entirely move
  4. Forgot to post this earlier! The following Home, Health, and Financial sections will be the foundation for all my goals and challenges for 2019. Below is just the same text from the first challenge that will pretty much follow me throughout the whole year. If you are new, you can start with the spoiler. Also forgot February is a short month...some Feb. goals may bleed into March. FEBRUARY GOALS HOME: MK Cloth: Make room/spot for all items in one room, go through each category below and separate into items that spark joy, items that need to be discarded, and items
  5. The second half of 2018 was all kind of crazy for me, good crazy though. I tried to keep up with simple challenges but that didn’t work. Between frustrations at work, making the decision to look for another job, interviewing, getting a new job, learning the new job, getting promoted and learning another new job, I was emotionally exhausted. I barely kept myself functioning. While I still have an incredibly hard upcoming 2019, I think I might be at a point where I can focus on myself outside of work. Also as a note, I did a pretty fantastic job keeping my weight down and not eating my emotions
  6. All around us, it was as if the universe were holding its breath . . . waiting. All of life can be broken down into moments of transition or moments of revelation. This had the feeling of both. G'Quon wrote, "There is a greater darkness than the one we fight. It is the darkness of the soul that has lost its way. The war we fight is not against powers and principalities – it is against chaos and despair. Greater than the death of flesh is the death of hope, the death of dreams. Against this peril we can never surrender." The future is all around us, waiting
  7. I recently followed someone else's lead and made a plan for 2016. These are the goals I want to accomplish during the year. They are intentionally not SMART goals. All of my challenges in 2016 will be aiming for the goals laid out here by setting smaller SMART goals along the way. This will serve as a dedicated place to keep track of my progress. So here are my goals for 2016 Or you can jump right into 2017 1. Get weight under 200, even better 180, or bf under 25% a. Stabilize meals. I've gotten into the habit again of weekly variances. Th
  8. In the past, NF challenges have been great for me. But the last 2 years, since I had my second child, I have been neglecting myself, and the challenges didn’t work for me. Than lately, I was desperatly trying to regain my previous routines, from when I had only one kid, with no succes and much frustration. Until I realised that my general situation changed, and that probably what worked in the past wouldn’t work anymore. That maybe I had to switch things up completely and figure it out again. Since then, I have been way more relaxed about this, and let the flow of the days guide my g
  9. Hey Rangers! My brain is not braining enough to make a snazzy introduction, so apologies for what you're about to see. I'm Pureleeawesome. 26 this year. I just bought my first home and am moving out from my parents house in the next two months My Level 50 version of myself involves cooking delicious natural foods, having an anti-fragile mind and body, writing, having a family, good friends, smiling and laughing a hell of a lot more than I do currently. Though I do laugh a lot. Mostly at myself. I'm funny. Current Challenge: Continu
  10. I am really, really bad at remembering to set up my challenge for these new, shorter challenges. I'm interested to see what comes of the surveys! Hopefully I'll be able to clean this up a little on Thursday. Sparks joy. (Again.) My goal is to get the boxes of things I plan to donate OUT of my house at the end of this challenge, so every category that might result in donations has to be sorted through and boxed up. I want my yoga room back! Use the KonMari method... electronics [5]cats and garden [4]games and toys [4]photography [4]yoga/fitness [3]Schedule a donation pick-up. [5] Builds
  11. This challenge is really just a continuation of the previous challenge, a little fine tuned. Nothing fancy. Main Quest: My main quest is spelled out in my roadmap for 2016. It encompasses my goals for 2016. All my challenges for this year will be geared toward getting me closer to those goals. This challenge's goals - simple and straightforward: Bulletproof Bracelets Manage food intake. This means stay within macros - 1600 calories, carbs less than 120g, protein at least 100g. Preferably, I'd like to leave some calories at the end of the day, 100-150 but I'll just be mindful of
  12. The new schedule is going to take some getting used to. I’m used to writing up my challenges on a morning off from work… I haven’t had one since the new forums were up. Theme, pictures, and grading scale to come a little later. As I said in my last challenge, I think much of my problem with completing my challenges is that I don’t have any real fitness goals, like weight loss or a lifting/running record. That being the case, the “one fitness, two diet, and one life goal†thing was causing me to pick sort of random goals that I had no motivation to complete. After working on my
  13. Main Quest: My main quest has taken on a new form. After the end of the previous challenge, I made a roadmap for 2016. It encompasses my goals for 2016. All my challenges for this year will be geared toward getting me closer to those goals. This is the first challenge of the year and it follows a fairly undisciplined winter break. I need to get on some solid footing during this challenge. Luckily, the challenge is only 26 days long so I don't really feel like I am 'wasting' a challenge. The format for the last challenge worked really well for me. And I have found my spirit animal in
  14. It's been almost 1 year since I began my NF journey. From the very beginning I knew that my ultimate goal was to embody the ways of the Assassins. Every building can be climbed, every gap can be jumped, every obstacle can be conquered. I never really thought I could do these things, but after a year of accomplishments and healthy habits I am ready to jump in and Join the Assassin (obstacle course race) Syndicate. Age will not be an excuse, nor fear. MAIN QUEST Get my body and mind ready to complete my first Obstacle Course race. GOAL 1: Combat Upgrade To get my body ready to be
  15. Hey you guys, remember when I became the best male wrestler in history last spring/summer and continued the Undertaker's Wrestlemania win streak? That was fun, wasn't it? So this year I am trying to achieve this: Wait, no - not the healthy butt. Although of course P:BA (achieve the best ass in England not including Greater London) is still very much a goal. My quest for this year is to beat the record for holding the Divas title. The current record belongs to Nikki Bella and her reign was 301 days. (hey, if WWE can completely forget about The Fabulous Moolah's 8 year reign then so
  16. Hi, I'm Terah, and I'm going to be an Elf Druid this challenge. It's been a year since I started here on NF, this is my 8th challenge. I've tried a lot of different things, learned a lot and met a lot of awesome people. Now I know what I want, and how to get there. I've made an epic quest that will be my guide this year. After being a recuit, a druid, an assassin, a warrior, again a warrior, an adventurer, going back to the assassins, I now decided to go back to the druids. I first left them because I didn't like that they didn't have mini's. But now the doodlies have mini's and that's
  17. My main life quest is to improve my body composition. In order to achieve this, I need a solid foundation upon which to build a more balanced life. My goals for this challenge focus on improving habits, routines and creating a more healthy way of life. 1. Walk! STA+1 CON+2 I have already got into the habit of walking in the evenings (avec dog) but on weekdays I sit at a desk, looking at a computer screen for 7+ hours per day and I need to take proper breaks. I will buy a timer, bring it to work, and at some point in the day I will get up and take a 5-min walking break. So look out Mordor
  18. OK somehow I posted my new challenge to the old forum so am copying and pasting to the correct forum Posted 13 September 2015 - 05:25 PM I've been away from the challenges for a couple of months and now I'm rested and rejuvinated it's time to respawn. My goal for this challenge is simply to climb back on the NF wagon gently by making life as easy and stress-free as I can. This will involve: 1. Walk! STA+2 CON+2 CHA+1 Fairly simple to explain, I'll just strap on my pedometer, get up and walk around. A = 221k steps and over B = 211k - 220k steps C = 200k - 210k steps F = Under 200k steps
  19. I've been away from the challenges for a couple of months and now I'm rested and rejuvinated it's time to respawn. My goal for this challenge is simply to climb back on the NF wagon gently by making life as easy and stress-free as I can. This will involve: 1. Walk! STA+2 CON+2 CHA+1 Fairly simple to explain, I'll just strap on my pedometer, get up and walk around. A = 221k steps and over B = 211k - 220k steps C = 200k - 210k steps F = Under 200k steps 2. Organise! DEX+1 CON+1 WIS+2 CHA+1 Using a blend of the techniques described in Marie Kondo's book, The life changing magic of tidy
  20. Hi, I'm maigrey and I have a habit of trying to do ALL THE THINGS!! So, for this challenge, I am going to keep it ridiculously simple. The plan is to smash this challenge and instill some habits and then I can take on some other habits in the next challenge, and be at the top end of the curve: In keeping with the not doing ALL THE THINGS, I'm going to work from a balanced triangle perspective: BODY: Eat like an athlete. No Sugar: eating sugar makes me feel lethargic, headachey, and makes me want to eat more sugar. This means I'm going to suck it up and drink my coffee black. No s
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