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  1. Sasquatch Kungfu Since 1985 until.1993 i trained a How Chuen Monkey Kungfu system in the Netherlands under a teacher which name is Fred Decramer. It was a standing tall Monkey system of the Sasquatch or Bigfoot. I did it until a brown belt level and i recently taped things i still knew and remember from that time. Here is the link to the video trailer.of the Sasquatch system: How Chuen Sasquatch Kungfu Video by Douwe Geluk What do you think? I do not know if it is a legit martial art, but Chinese martial arts are many times based on m
  2. I'll lead off with the good news: I have a baby girl on the way, due in mid-November Wife & I are super excited, and also, you know, terrified. The not-so-good news is that I have several projects around my home that I've been putting off for (ahem), you know, six years or so. It's nothing too time- or labor-intensive, but they are things that need to get done before my daughter arrives! That is a weird sentence. I've got a couple of goals for this challenge. I'll be keeping it simple since I've got plenty to worry about in the rest of my life.
  3. Hung Gar (Hung Ga, Hung Kuen) is the southern branch of Shaolin martial arts, or kung fu. Descended from the lineages of the lost Southern Shaolin Temple, whose existence was long thought to be legendary but was acknowledged by the Chinese government several years ago, Hung Gar traces its lineage to the Hung family tradition in the villages of Southern China. Wong Fei Hung, a Chinese folk hero and historical figure, is widely considered to be the modern 'grandfather' of the style. A multitude of films have been made about the life of Wong Fei Hung, including the Once Upon a Time In China ser
  4. This is kind of an oxymoron theme for a challenge, buuuuut... allow me to explain. I have determined over the past couple of months that I am badly overextended in my day-to-day life. My work responsibilities keep growing (as they say, the reward for good work is more work), I have the potential to attend a Kung Fu or Tai Chi class 4 out of 5 nights per week, I have a weekly game night on my only off-day from the kwoon, and I've recently managed to pack in at least one online gaming session on both Saturday and Sunday, and sometimes more. Add that to the time I want to spend with m
  5. Ahh, most illustrious Lordseeker. Or should I say, Lord-Slayer? Fine kindling for the thrones , is it not, each soul truly worthy of Lordship. And all slain by thy hand. To bind them them to their thrones, even in death. -Ludleth of Courland I'm sticking with the Dark Souls theme, because I'm obsessed! =) I beat Dark Souls 3 for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and I really love the game. In fact, I love it so much that I've started my first "challenge run". One of the genre's introductory challenges is to play through without leveling up your character. It's optio
  6. I've decide to start this log, as I feel it to be a good way to get feedback as well as accountability in my nutrition/fitness. Although I'm starting this today, I'm going to back fill to start it Monday, since that's when I'm considering my week to start, and I'm a fan of symmetry. My I'm on a pretty heavy calorie deficit, as I'm trying to drop quite a bit of weight, and would like to do it quickly (without becoming malnourished obviously), so on a given day I'm aiming for about 1500-1700 calories, and thanks to my meal prepping I tend to stay below 1600. As for my meal preppin
  7. To be honest, gang, I'm feeling a bit Hollow. 2017, now that it has left us, officially goes on the books as one of my worst years ever. Like, top 3 worst-ever. It was full of stresses, destruction of property, financial catastrophies, the works. That's not to say there weren't a few points of light, but overall, it SUCKED. I am not at all sad to see it die. And, naturally, I woke up sick this morning to start off 2018 just the right way. Not a good showing, '18. Not at all. I really considered making this a very complex challenge, using HP to track how well
  8. 太極拳 -------------------------------------------------------------------- After the disaster that was the last challenge, I'm going to be working on my meditation and sanity again. I need to bring myself back inward; I've been stretched too thin for too long, and it's impacting every aspect of my life. 2017 is almost over, and it's a really weird feeling. Parts of it seem immensely long (we adopted the dog in August, and it feels like he's been with us for years!) and other parts seem impossibly short. On the bright side, I'm looking forward to quite a few t
  9. After three years of doing challenges, I've decided that my long-run escapades might fit a bit better in a battle-log format. My plan is to keep doing light challenges, but the truth is there's a lot of stuff that I've done over these years that has kind of gotten lost in those old challenge threads: victories and failures, obstacles overcome and challenges that overwhelmed me. So, I'm Kyellan and I've been here at NerdFitness for a little over 3 years. About two months after I joined here, with intentions of practicing German Longsword HEMA stuff via the original texts (mostly on
  10. Obvious joke out of the way first: Joking aside, all I really want out of the next four weeks is a recovery of my inner equilibrium. I've been firing on full burn since July, and despite my repeated efforts to slow things down, it just hasn't been happening. Mostly because, as I'm well aware, I haven't been doing enough to MAKE it happen. It's time to shed the excuses and bring my mind back into harmony. We all have busy lives, and yet I'm pretty sure most people have a higher sanity level than I do right now. I need to remember that I'm an introvert
  11. After reading some of the other challenges (especially Treva's) I feel like my challenge needed a revamp. For those who have followed my challenges in the past, things tend to get a little crazy. Currently working about 50 hours a week, taking a class online, going through physical therapy.... and work just got a lot crazier starting today (i'll add more later about this, still processing everything) Physical fitness: Level 1 Stretch 5-10 mins Level 2 Do All of the PT exercises Level 3 Do All of the PT exercises, adding core or upper body training Bonu
  12. \ "Pardon me, miss Cyllene--don't mean anything by it, but we need to hide under your skirts for a bit." - Alex Kamal, The Expanse (S02E09) So, hey. Turns out the main 4-week challenge link still goes to the old forum, and I've been to busy to notice that the new forums went up in the background even though the main link still goes to the old one. If you can't tell, the wife & I are watching The Expanse. I've now read all the main-sequence books available, and await Book 7 with honestly more anticipation than I have for The Winds of Winter at this point.
  13. Hey everybody =) I'm working up new themes these past few challenges. Last time was Dresden Files, and this time is another of my favorite worlds! I'm going to be spending most of this challenge focused on gathering data to figure out how I work best. That's going to include tracking calories, hours of sleep, energy levels, and more. I need to get to know myself the way Garrus knows Normandy. So, if anyone is looking for me this challenge... Yeah. Garrus is easily the best character in all 3 Mass Effect games (what do you mean
  14. What do you mean I haven't done a Dresden Files-themed challenge yet?! This must be remedied immediately! Harry Dresden is one of my favorite fictional protagonists--and probably many of yours as well. For me, he's right up there with Cordelia Naismith-Vorkosigan (and of course her son Miles), William T. Riker, Wesley Wyndham-"Badass"-Price, and a couple others. So, let's look at the theme for this challenge: FORZARE! After I (hopefully) remove the car blockade from my brainpower this week, I plan on beginning to train up this summer. I want to push t
  15. Hi friends =) (Disclaimer: Upon review, this post might be the nerdiest thing I have ever written. Enter at your own risk.) We weathered the storm and have come out the other side. Basically, my wife had to have a surgical procedure done, and so we've spent the last two weeks helping her recover. The weeks preceding it were full of whirlwind trips to far-away hospitals and general extreme stress levels. It has calmed down now that everything is well and she's already feeling leagues better. So far, so good. So hey! I'm alive again. The world is no longer qui
  16. Dearest friends, This time in quiet solitude has done me well. I have brought myself back from what felt like the brink of madness, and found some measure of peace again. My habits had become unsustainable, my discipline lax, and my focus had begun to waver. I feel as though the tide is changing; and I, like the legendary Da Yu, direct the flow of water to make my life habitable. However, my time here cannot yet come to an end. There is a torrential storm waiting for me, lurking on the horizon, and it blocks my path back home. I can see it approaching with the inevitabi
  17. Quest 1: Something with Food. Not sure how the food one is going to shape up as of yet, but need to do something with it. Might be tracking at least a few days a week. Might be trying to add/avoid certain things. will update before the challenge starts Quest 2: Go to Kung Fu Class twice a week, and practice Kung Fu at least 1 night a week outside of class Vampires slayed (0/12) I know it doesn't seem like much, but it's more than I'm doing now. Focusing on forms, and writing out animal techniques in my notebook. Quest 3: S
  18. Determination, Grit, Purpose Quest 1: Keep on track Use bullet journal daily, and prioritize to do list (what is the one thing that needs to be done first) Quest 2: Keep in contact with the cause Log into rising heros daily to look at missions and mark complete Quest 3: Help the cause Set time aside daily to do missions, if there is not a mission for the day spend at least 10 mins working on specialization (handwriting/calligraphy/pen work)
  19. Quest 1: Spend 20 mins a day on Kung Fu, 3 days a week outside of class I would love this to become a 7 days a week thing, but for now I'm going to keep it at 3 days a week not including classes. I also just got a very big book so all my notes can live in one place. I know eventually I'll outgrow even that book but it's going to be awhile. This means 5-6 days a week I will be working on martial arts. This can include (but is not limited to): Working on Forms, animal techniques, Hapkido (anything in the testing packet) Working on filling in my notebook Stu
  20. Been struggling with some mental stuff lately. Want to just have a simple challenge to try and get back into things. Didn't end up doing much with last challenge, and just need a win at the challenges right now. Need to figure out some more Kung Fu practice since I have a test next month, going to do at least 1 private lesson, but we'll see if that gets added. Kind of depends on how week 0 goes Quest 1: Do at least 5 mins of working out 6 days a week min Can be yoga, free weights, body weight, band work, core work. Some 5 minute workout ideas here here here here and here Quest 2
  21. Hey gang. So, I got a little derailed last month. I got a nasty sinus infection which was first cousin to the one that knocked me on my arse back in May/June, and it basically dropped me to zero for the back half of the last challenge. I still managed to bring my lunch to work most days, but I actually missed two weeks' worth of classes, and constant coughing made meditation all-but-impossible. I'm also finding that the challenge format just isn't doing for me what it used to. I've got my base habits down pretty good at this point, to the point where even wh
  22. I cant believe I've not done a doctor who challenge yet! Going back to a point system. Worked well in previous ones. I'l figure out what my goal for a week is during the first few days of 0 week. Quest 0 Drink (uninfected) water! Water: Ideally I will be around 85 oz a day, but minimum 64 The easiest quest I ever do, and yet when it's not one I just don't get the water intake needed. it's why its quest 0 instead of actually being one of my 3. More here for accountability, not for Quest 1: Food stuff. This is st
  23. 'Elendil fell, and Narsil broke beneath him; but Sauron himself was overthrown, and Isildur cut the Ring from his hand with the hilt-shard of his father's sword, and took it for his own.' -------------------------------------------------------- Hey gang--I'm back! And, six days after I dragged my sorry butt off a plane and through the ridiculousness of US CBP, I'm sort of feeling maybe a little human again. The tales woven during my adventures could literally take me all day to recount via text, so I'm not going to try. Here's the highlight reel:
  24. A path will be placed before you. The choice is yours alone. Do what you think you cannot do. It will be a hard life but you will find out who you are - Qui-Gon Jinn Picking up a theme I haven't done in a few challenges. Excited what it's going to bring. Quest #1 Practice Daily Practice 6 days a week, 7 would be preferred, but allowing myself a little leeway. This would mean 3-4 days outside of class. Going to class counts as practice Crunches or Planks every day practice is done. 1 set of Vitamins 5 times each of either a long fo
  25. Honestly, I'm not really sure about doing a challenge this time. The challenges just seems to have lost some of the spark it once had to me. Also just in general, motivation/moods/adulting has become pretty hard. Part of this challenge is just getting through it, some of it will be trying to find that spark again. Since I stopped doing mud runs, my motivation for working out has been lacking, and not sure where I want to go from here, but I need to find it. (although Pokemon Go has helped the last 2 days) Also a goal of posting on NF every day, either an update on mine, or a post on someone el
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