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Found 7 results

  1. (tl:dr for those of just joining: I shoot really big bows and have a newly diagnosed connective tissue disorder) The last challenge had me exploring my CON stat, which is at least at -1, and boy, was it a challenge! It turned out that I blew my knees out weightlifting in my previous STR-focused challenged, and I've had to quit my gym and go into PT. Gym offered to rehab me, but after showing my PT the workouts they had planned, they recommended that I ... don't do them. B/c they're way too hard. After quitting and 10 days of PT, my knees have been feeling a ton better.
  2. Hi, Monks! I have missed this place. Here's the deal: since we've last spoken, I got diagnosed with a connective tissue disorder, and have been instructed to avoid hitting, running, jumping, or anything that involves joint manipulation. I have had to regroup and figure out what I CAN do these days. So far: 1. My primary practice of kyudo is fine! Yay! 2. Aikido is out, so are pretty much all contact sports and arts. Taiji is fine. 3. Weights are the best thing that I can do and I should do them a lot. 4. Cardio has been super confusing. Now that I'm listenin
  3. 6.16 Heat and cold, the wind and rain, Sickness, prison, beatings— I’ll not fret about such things. To do so only aggravates my trouble. --Śantideva, The Way of the Bodhisattva Hi! During the last challenge, having come back to aikido, I ran into some issues with my joints. I'm looking into it, but meanwhile, I'm going to follow the sage's advice, keep calm, and do physical therapy exercises every work day at 3 pm. We have a group that meets and does bodyweight circuits at the office, so it'll be nice to have consistency and company.
  4. So, I'm going to Stockholm for the first week of March, and I need to learn the entirety of Swedish. No new exercise programs here! INT is stat of the month. The challenge is to complete a skill on Duolingo every day. If any of you folks are on Duolingo, please let me know and I will connect with you there. Status report: STR * there is a group of people at work who meets at 3 pm every day to do a 15-minute bodyweight circuit, which is pretty difficult, not gonna lie. I try to join them every day, unless I have meetings scheduled at that time CON * the weath
  5. Spoiler: it IS just sitting (insert Firefly gif here). Instead of a resolution, I am picking a theme for the 2018 Earth Dog Year, and it is contentment. To be honest, I have no idea what that word means. I've been raised to believe that if I am happy where I am, I will never be a good person; that striving is actually what makes you a good person. The teachings, however, state the opposite. Overachieving is a hard habit to break, but I will dedicate myself to the practice of contentment this year. Therefore, the challenge is simple: spend 1 hour, 5 days a week medi
  6. The title of the thread is a reference to The Six Root Verses of the Six Bardos, specifically: At this time, when the bardo of dream appears to you, Abandon the heedlessness of the delusory sleep of a corpse. Enter into the nature of mindfulness and nonwandering. Recognizing dreams, practice transformation and luminosity. Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche. Mind Beyond Death. I'm not planning on doing any dream yoga or lucid dreaming: friends, I'd just like to fricken sleep through the night. Br
  7. Hi! Just finished my first challenge, and I am now joining the Monks. I do kyudo, a.k.a. Zen archery. My first martial art was aikido, which I practiced both as a teenager (got injured and stopped for about seven years), and as an adult (got sick and stopped for about four years). I keep telling myself that I will go back to it one day, but I also accidentally developed a lot of injury-related hangups around aikido, so I'm gonna have to go ahead and work through those. I usually try to keep my endeavors well-rounded across the stat spectrum; I'm not a min-maxer by any means. M
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