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Found 9 results

  1. Well, One millionth may be a bit of hyperbole­čśë I don't know what number I'm at, and I couldn't theme, so here we are. I've struggled with making smart food choices during The Uncertainty. I feel like my teenage brain totally takes over. There are so many rules in life now (wear a mask, stand here, don't stand here, keep your distance, etc) that when it comes to any food rules I was following, my brain just says, NOPE. I realized that usually in the spring is when I lose a few of those winter pounds, and instead I added to them. So, part of me want to lose weight. But t
  2. So the last few years wasn't that great but strangely enough the objectively small misfortune of my gym moving to the other side of town, had one of the biggest negative effects on me both mentally and physically. While I had planed to work out at home and stick to my diet (which btw. helped me to drop 21 kg of fat in just a few months), it didn't feel right and painfully enough was the realization that the last thing I enjoyed in life was in fact going to the gym. Worse than losing muscle and gaining most of the fat back again, was that my brain drifted back into old habits about which I don'
  3. At the end of week 1, my job will be moving up to London, and I've decided to follow my job which is going to be a big change in my life. I'll be going from a short drive to work to over an hour on the train each way, I'll be working in a new office with new people I don't know, the work itself will likely be changing (although I've got no idea on the plan or timescales for that). It's going to be a busy month, but I want to keep a challenge running to keep me from going off the rails, and also to give me more excuse to keep up with you wonderful people. Going to try and keep it simple and jus
  4. So, I am doing knee raises on my gymnastic rings. The progression program I'm using suggests I start doing leg raises in the pike or l-sit position. Well, I am not strong enough for that so I need to find a move that will bridge the gap. Shoudl I just continue to do knee raises but add more reps or is there something else I can try?
  5. Hi all, first post, im looking into starting calisthenics/bodyweight strength training, ive read every piece of literature I can find, all al kavadlos books as well as overcoming gravity, convict conditioning, you are your own gym etc. Im thinking of using either a full body (m/w/f) or a upper/lower (m/tu/th/f) split, one issue I am having is when to train "skills"? Im thinking full body workout (m/w/f) skill days (tu/th) and weekends resting? This seem like a good idea? "Skill days" would include progressions for: Front lever Back lever Elbow lever L-Sit Planche Human flag Handstand Im torn
  6. Ryuu1011 Trains with the Avatar Challenge #3: April 13- May 25, 2015 Learn to Fire Bend and Burn the Fat Away Goal One: Loose 6lbs and 2% Body Fat (+1 Con +2 Cha) Got my diet and exercise pretty dialed in at the moment now its just a matter of keeping that fire burning. Decided to put the points in charisma for this challenge because if I'm being honest this goal is really about the abs... Starting Weight: 156.8lbs ---> Goal: 150lbs Starting Body Fat %: 17.2% ---> Goal: 15% Learn to Earth Bend and Build a Rock Solid Balance Goal Two: - Hold a 15s freestanding Handstand, a 15s Tuck
  7. I could use some advice on my L-sit. I've finally started to learn how to brace my upper body for this hold, and push my hips forward through my hands. However, I'm still doing it with my knees tucked up as high as I can. I really don't have the strength in my hip flexors and quads to fight against my tight hamstrings enough to get an L-sit that looks any kind of okay. Even trying to extend just one leg at a time is difficult. I have to keep the knee bent on the "straight" leg, or my hamstring pulls tight and brings my foot down. To improve my hip flexors, I'm thinking of weighted knee
  8. Guys, it's that time again! I recently recorded myself giving the L-sit my damnedest. My goal is to do this on the floor, but haven't tested it in a while -- when I first started I was having trouble elevating myself enough on my palms. How's my form look? Particularly in the shoulders? Anything wonky?
  9. Swing, brother, swing! Don't stop to dilly-dally. Last challenge ended with a whimper, but I don't wanna stop to dilly-dally. Back to work. GOAL 1 - Practice L-Sit Progression from GMB (http://goldmedalbodies.com/how-to-do-an-l-sit/) L-sit has been on my goal list for a while, and I've decided this is a skill I want to work on this go-round. It's a progression, so I'm not going to grade on a successful L-sit by the end of the challenge. I may need more time, but I will have success if I practice three times weekly. GOAL 2 - Dance. I'm a swing dancer, and have enjoyed past ch
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