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Found 4 results

  1. I am so tired of the up/down party my body is throwing... I don't know what I need, but maybe knowing it's not just me will help? Please share if you feel the same... Not only does my female body naturally avoid making the muscles happen, therefore using less stored fuel ("ESTROGEN!!!" read like Captain Kirk), but I also get to fight a battle with my will to go on every month when my body decides it needs to keep ALL OF THE WATER and that chocolate is the only way to avoid doing the murders to people. You could say "that is why you shouldn't focus solely on the scale", but yeah, but my body feels giant and my clothes fit tighter and my head wants to cry at ALL available times, so... those are all of the metrics I have been told to use and I can't find one thing to hold onto right now to remind myself of how far I have come and how I am capable of getting to the place I want to be... Mostly because all I can see is a pile of chips and candy bars and buffalo chicken wings... and I want them all in my face... Does anyone feel the same? Has anyone here overcome this pattern? Does anyone want to share? Men, feel free to chime in if you have a similar struggle...
  2. Hello! So I have read a lot about Paleo and IF and they both sound great. But for women, there seems to be some downsides, ESPECIALLY with IF. Does any of my fellow female rebels have experience with Paleo and IF, particularly the later? I would greatly appreciate your experience, advice, knowledge, and expertise!
  3. This is mostly directed at my fellow lady rebels out there, but if any guys have input, it will be just as appreciated! I am having THE WORST time finding a pair of good workout tights (tights, not pants or semi-fitted or whatever. tights.) that aren't see through. I feel like I've tried the "good" brands like Nike and Under Armor, and I'm still on the hunt for the perfect tight. Maybe I'm just buying the wrong kind of Nike/Under Armor? I am willing to spend some cashy money on tights, but only if I know they're going to do what I want! Which is last awhile, not be see through, and not fall down. I'm 5'8 and a muscled 220 lb (aka I have some extra junk in the trunk but I don't look my weight because I have a good amount of muscle). Anybody out there have some recommendations on solutions? THANK YE!
  4. I'm feeling awful this week - my muscles are stooopid heavy, they hurt, and I'm STARVING for junk food...or any food, but a salty sausage pizza, gum drops, and a nap would be heaven. My workouts aren't great and I'm forcing that hard hat on to make it downstairs for a pathetic 25 mins before I flop down like a fish and whine some more. Not surprisingly I'm PMSing and no doubt in a few days I'll be visited by Aunt Flo. Any advice? I've been paleo for a few weeks and I'm really loving it...so I'd hate to deviate/cheat for any reason.
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