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Found 14 results

  1. So, clearly I took the red pill. Let's see about that rabbit hole! Alright then...the goals: 1. Stay within the weekly calorie goals until I hit maintenance. November 28 - Dec 4 - goal: 1880 daily calories Dec 5 - Dec 11 - goal 1980 daily calories Dec 12 - Dec 18 - 2080 daily calories Dec 19 - Dec 25 - 2180 daily calories (Allowable eat like a jerk day on Christmas - track but don't include in the average.) Dec 26 - Jan 1 - probably 2280 calories, although I reserve the right to change any of these if maintenance happens sooner tha
  2. Hey there, fellow warriors! This challenge cycle is the last of my cut for a bit - even though I am not at my goal weight, I am much closer, and I think that my mind and body need a break. My plan was to make it to T-giving week, and this challenge cycle will bring me there. I have been struggling with the weights, I think because of the cut, so that is getting folded into my goals, too. So...the goals: 1. Eat within 100 calories of my daily goal each day. Zero Week (Oct 23 - Oct 29) - 1,780 daily Week 1 (Oct 30 - Nov 5) - 1,780 daily
  3. Ummm.... placeholder for an actual challenge? It is zero week and all...and I lifted today, and I have a compulsion to post about it. Deload week, in pounds: Deadlift 2 x 5 at 45 RDL 1 x 5 at 95 3 x 5 at 135 OHP (from yesterday - whoopsies) 3 x 5 at 45 power rack was occupado, so I used the incline bench, and I don't care who looked at me cock-eyed. Random comment from a regular: "I've never seen you with your hair down before." ??? peace out, biddies.
  4. That panda probably feels like he is making forward progress. Not so much. I need to stop being that Panda. This challenge takes me back to work (Thursday!), so I need to be on point. So...two sets of goals. ZERO WEEK: 1. Get up progressively earlier each day so that Thursday is not a shock (9 am today) 2. Get my professional development sessions actually finished - this is a top priority 3. Lift 4 times with hiit finishers The Challenge: 1. Lift 4 x per week with gradually more intense hiit finishers 2. Give MFP a
  5. The theme (motif?) this month: positive lifting, positive eating, positive weighing in, positively jamming out to excellent music. Goals: 1. Lift 3x per week - likely my last month of SL - make it count! 2. Solid and positive food choices, continue to send daily food log to TZ, as long as she is willing. :-) 3. weigh in each day - treat this as data - post here - not the actual weight (too much stress), but a simple up or down will suffice for now. LUYL: FUN! Music makes everything better. So I will post some of my favorite tunes on my thread. Bewa
  6. Since my last challenge was a spectacular fail, I am doing a respawn. 1. Stop eating like a jerk. Eat like a human being. 2. Mobility. Post it here. Feel free to inquire - apparently I need babysitting with this. 3. Lift. (Starting stats, pounds: 160 squat, 100 OHP, 140 Bench, 230 DL, 60 DB row) LUYL: Pick a new program. Research at least two more. LUYL non-fitness adulting goal: For every day that I am off work and not otherwise occupied, I will do the following AND POST IT HERE: Take a walk clean one room in my house to include mopping & d
  7. Tweaking goals ever so slightly this month, as I enjoyed the simplicity of the last challenge. Just working on some weak points. Goal #1: Do Stronglifts 5x5 three times a week If I'm honest with myself I'm getting a little concerned. Failed squats, OH press and deadlifts during Monday's session (failed squats and deadlifts for the first time too) and workouts are getting LONG. Add to that douchebros who (again) like standing in my personal space in an empty gym while I fail, and a period that won't start, and it's all feeding the anxiety. I agree with the trainer who wa
  8. Goal 1: Stop eating like a jerk. While it is not a measurable goal, it is by far my most challenging. To make it interesting, if I DO eat like a jerk, I will post it here. Not to be made fun of, but because I hope that the act of having to post it will keep me from eating it. For example: if the husband brings home a macro-friendly dark chocolate bar for us to split, that is not eating like a jerk. If I stop and buy a king sized Reece's cup on the way home, that IS eating like a jerk. I promise to be honest. Goal 2: Lots of folks have been
  9. Deadlifts have always been my sticking point in competition. I'll go to pull the second or third lift and it'll feel tough and I'll just give up! Third attempt deadlift (135kg) - 2 December 2016 - Commonwealth Powerlifting Championships Yesterday I did my first competition for six months. My coach took charge of my attempts. I opened at 130kg (I've done it in training whilst feeling like death, so no fear on that) and then put 140kg in for my second attempt. I was terrified. It was tough. It went up but, as many of you will be aware, there are times when you
  10. Hello Warriors! I've been waiting SO LONG to get in here. People have been telling me to lift heavy to reach my goals, but due to a chronic lack of money and space I was never able to build myself that power rack *sniff*. I tried and hated bodyweight workouts; incidentally, does anybody else here hate them? Meanwhile, over the last couple of years I read New Rules of Weightlifting for Women and dabbled in home workouts including HIIT, running, dumbbells, dance, kettlebells etc; all the while dreaming of pumping that iron. Well, the time has finally come: I somehow managed to wangle three month
  11. So, it's been a while since I've been on the site (almost two years). Got sick and then was overwhelmed with life, grad school, excuses, etc. I've lifted on and off but haven't really made any long term gains because of inconsistency. Lots of life things have happened - got my PhD, started a new job, husband started his own business, life craziness. Best part: I'm finally done with school! I want to get serious again and make some gains. This challenge is all about consistency. Without further ado: 1. Lift 3-4 times a week, Danger Method I started this
  12. Some of you may remember me. Yes, it is I of kettlebell and Hero's Journey fame. This will be my first Four week challenge...and I find them pretty weird...but I'll try? *Ahem* Moving on: Welcome to Clone Club. We don't use the "C" word For those of you who don't know Orphan Black...wow. You've been missing out. So this brit girl Sarah arrives at a train station, ostensibly on her way some where. As she gets off the train, she sees a girl who looks just like her commit suicide. Sarah, being the thrifty sort, picks up the girl's bag and steals her identi
  13. That's right, it's time to actually do abs. I had just started reliably incorporating ab work into my routine when I injured my back. Now it's even MORE important for me to do core work. So, onto the goals Zero Week Goals (will probably continue into challenge proper): -Do PT ab work every day (I got to level 2 last night! Much excitement) -Do PT stretches every day + pigeon -DO NOT OVEREXERT WITH YOGA OR LIFTING - if something hurts, twinges, feels off, feels uncomfortable, etc I am to stop immediately. I'm 'allowed' to go back to the gym for lifting tomorrow,
  14. Starting Stats: I'm a female engineer in graduate school. My weight fluctuates between 130-135#. That's kinda it. Still doing StrongLifts gotta max out those #n00bgainz No theme - just random gifs Struggling with some sleep issues, but It'll be fine. This is basically the same as my last challenge.... so For exercising purposes, since it's basically my graduating semester with a thesis defense and all, I'm going to be nice about workout goals and aim for 5 workouts a week. Ideally, this will be 3 lifting sessions and 2 yoga sessions. If it's an exhausting week or life happen
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